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There are many people who in our Past, Present & as well as our coming Future will have Sacrificed for the Love of Family, Country, Friendships & even those they’ve never met or never will! WELL , you can rest assured it wasn’t anyone From WASHINGTON DC….What can you say, “A Day In The Life ” for a Congressman, Senator & their Aides & Slackers is a “Tough Road To Hoe”….My goodness what kind of STAMINA t must take to get up in the Morning after “Hard Days Night”…In between , the Wine, Whisky, Cocaine, Speed, Reds, Yellows, Oxycontin, Whores (all sex’s), the Phone calls from George Soros & his Cronies, the Endless Interviews on Television, the Make-up, the Staging, the Scripts to Memorize……Life’s a BITCH…..And then they have to FIND the Time to put the “Political Graft” (Hush Money, Bribes & Extortion Fund into “SAFE HIDING”….LIFE for your Congressman is HELL….”Just Looking After You Kid”…And don’t Forget all of the “SCRIPT WRITERS” they employ , as well as Editors…

WASHINGTON DC it seems has become a “Cottage Industry” in & of itself..It takes a hell of a lot of Schemers, Muscle Men, Cons, Slackers, Hackers, Back Stabbers,Prostitutes, Drug Dealers,Bankers, Backers & Absolutely 100% Crazy SOB’s on your PAYROLL to make it through the day….Who would have ever thought the old Merle Haggard song “WHITE LINE FEVER” would have the Cocaine Innuendo it does today…..The CLINTON White House was Reputed to have had “Cocaine Party’s 24/7”

The “Rise & Fall” of every Culture, Society & Nation comes at the hand of POMPOUS FOOLS that think they have it made….They sell you the Pathetic Bigoted Lie, That we are almost “Home Free” just wait play the game & GIVE UP ALL CONTROL of you Life, your Dreams, Your Prayers & BELIEVE & TRUST that we (The Govt.) are just, “Looking After You Kid”….we’ve heard it all before, yet we APPARENTLY buy the LIE…Again & Again & Again…In all actuality its preposterous & it’s insane….But who the Hell am I to Say, I’m just a relic from the past & its not like I have any SWAY with this INSIPIDLY IGNORANT Country full of LEMMINGS ready to Jump, Hump & Spring for One Last Fling at the Whelm & Call from the Savants, Saviors , Messiahs & the WASHINGTON DC & its GAY- TRANSSEXUAL CHOIR all the while singing , “Bound For Glory……Did I hear a DRUM ROLL ?

If I didn’t know better, some of this STAGING could have been written by the WRITERS for the old TV Game Show, which was almost a Parody, “The Gong Show”….This all all ABSURD, but if your a FOOL you LAP IT UP like a Puppy Drinking MILK from a Bowl….But you know, Recycled Excrement is still Excrement, it smells BAD & Aging it doesn’t change the Makeup does it….All the LIES, in my opinion are obvious, they’re Predictable & they are all pointed & focused on ONE GOAL…The Complete Transformation into a Socialist Welfare State….But for the Ignorant Fools who’ve never Read, much less learned HISTORY…..SOCIALISM has a 100% “FAILURE RATE!” But who Reads anymore, who Learns anymore, who Teaches anymore, who Reasons anymore, therefore who UNDERSTANDS anymore? ANSWER: An AGING FEW, the Rest for the most part “Don’t Even Have A Clue”much less care!

This Country was FOUNDED by MEN that I would describe a “SELF-MADE”….They had a desire to Learn & a desire to take the Lessons, the Tools and not only build the Nation we Called AMERICA, they wanted to pass on that LEGACY …..Today’s Generation of” Ignorant Imbeciles” couldn’t fight or find their way out of a “WET PARER SACK!” They think that “JUST BECAUSE” they are, they’re Entitled to the SPOILS of Life without ever learning “One Damn Thing” ….Crap this Generation not only Doesn’t know, it Doesn’t even Care which way the Wind Blows….They have no particular Talent, do they or their STUPID Parents think that this thing we call “Intelligence” comes to us by “OSMOSIS?” True Enlightenment is Knowledge & Truth which is a byproduct of FREEDOM…..IGNORANCE is a byproduct that with holds one from the Truth or Path of Knowledge ….Ignorance is in effect a PRISON….But if one is TOO STUPID to realize what is REAL & What is Imagined , what can I say or add….This will not CURE itself….Imagination requires curiosity…Americans today aren’t even Curious, they Rarely ask questions & NEVER demand the Rightful Answers the Deserve…

Narcissism breeds contempt for anything outside your world, your domain….You can’t TEACH someone to Care or to Love that’s Incapable of it…IT DOES NOT COMPUTE to their Ignorant Programmed Brain…..The World may well be constantly Changing & Evolving, so be it….What it’s MORPHED into is UGLY, it’s DEADLY & it has NO Redeeming Qualities Whatsoever….I’d rather be DEAD than be a Servant of this Evil Government…And I’m sure there will come a TIME, sooner rather than Later, this Government will be HAPPY as Hell to rid this world of my CARCASS…It’s not like they Give a Damn, the Don’t & Never Have & Never will…

This Government can take all the Rhetorical Hyperbole as well as THE POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE & Shove it….It’s actually easier to find the Proverbial “Needle In The Haystack” then it is to find good Men or Women (or Tranny’s) in Washington DC…..The Light at the End Of The Tunnel” is either a Myth, a Mirage or a Delusion…..It’s way past the time for us to QUIT PRETENDING ….


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