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Unless one comes from the “atheist persuasion” the “Greatest/Oldest CON the World is that we need GOVERNMENT…And WASHINGTON DC is the at the TOP or the LIST of Cons .Do we need some type of Hierarchy ? Perhaps a VERY SMALL Limited version but not one that’s Gargantuan in nature….Like every Advertisement Agency in the World this Government $pends BILLIONS of DOLLAR$ selling its Services, But this Lie, don’t Believe this or that….We can Help, We can Fix, We can Toy….If you believed the IDIOTS that are simply nothing more & probably Less than a “Three Toed Sloths Retarded Cousin” then we’d be “Walking In High Cotton” not swimming in a Septic Tank full of Muslim Turds….

The REALITY is thus; if GOVERNMENT was so WONDERFUL & GREAT they Wouldn’t have to SPEND one DIME to SELL the Propaganda Bait on Television, Radio etc…24 hours a day…Almost Every Commercial on TELEVISION is about Perpetuating some kind of BEHAVIOR….Homosexuality & Transsexuals come to mind….Race issues are another along with Religion….It seems to me For a So-Called Free Society we’re sure as hell not so FREE are we….Oh we can Chose to Disagree but the Heavy Price we pay for our OPINIONS is to use a term, “Counter-Productive”…An example is a Bakery who CHOSE not to Bake A Cake for a Homosexuality Wedding ….Well the Federal Government SHUT THEM DOWN…..Once upon a time I thought we had the RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE to anyone? Apparently not….

The New/Old versions of Liberalism (Progressives)which is just a TERM substituted for Socialism which is just another word for Communism or Totalitarian…Crap, take your pick but to use the old acronym, If It Walks, Talks & Looks like a DUCK, it may very well be a Damn Duck …The Youth today is being Taught to Demand FREE EVERYTHING…..Free Food , Free Housing, Free Medical, Free Diaper Services., Free Burping , Free Booze , Free Drugs & Free Sex….I wonder who Programmed that IDEA (Computer Chip) into the Seemingly Empty Skulls of the Liberal Lemmings…Hmm Communist Professors, a Communist Media & those Few that Program Them …

The CON is that this Government Creates & Perpetuates every Problem this WORLD has; Past, Present & Future ….As far as it Goes I Make ENOUGH Mistakes on my own, I Don’t & Never Did Need anyone to make them WORSE….Friends Like That I DON’T NEED & Never did….The True Talents of a Useless Politician lie in their ability to LIE like the Devil & Spend Someone Else’s MONEY like a WHORE, PROSTITUTE & a DRUGGED up DRUNK on a “Perpetual BINGE” Ask yourself this ; WHAT HAVE THEY DONE FOR YOU LATELY? Well for Starters we’re nearly 20 BILLION DOLLAR$ in Debt…..Everyone HATES Each other Completely….There are More PARASITES now on WELFARE than EVER….There Are FEWER people than EVER in the WORK FORCE ….That incidentally pay TAXES…..

What are e Good at anymore? Learning the BLAME GAME it seems is Curriculum now in every School Room….We Seem to Hate with a Passion…It seems we need not worry about the “Discovery Of Truth” anymore no one’s ever heard it uttered ….We need not worry about Leaders with Visions, that will not be Tolerated….Going Forward, that is if you can call it that we will do in effect , What, When & Where We’re Told to do anything….And you’ll say how will they know? This has Become the NIGHTMARE that Huxley & Orwell wrote about in heir Books….It is now a Surveillance Reinforced Police State…Yea, I know it could be worse…well hold on BUBBA, that’s a TRAIN Rolling Down The Tracks now at LIGHT SPEED ….Because of IGNORANCE that’s a Genie That Ain’t Going Back In The Bottle! At least anytime soon, if ever

Today’s PARENTS are Failures! Today’s School & Colleges are Failures! The MEDIA is NOT here to Entertain us, but to TRICK US into believe LIES are Truths….This Government is Not here to SERVE the PEOPLE as it was intended, the EXACT Opposite is TRUE….We are here to SERVE our MASTERS…Don’t believe me, then I dare you to Defy & Deny Them their Every Wish….The IRS, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA are some of the Government ARMS that are used to instill he FEAR OF GOD into your soul….AMERICA has & is becoming more of a PRISON everyday… The SOCIOPATHS in this Government see themselves a MESSIAHS….They’ve become Surrogate Parents, Teachers, Preachers , but the REALITY is they are “Disciples Do A Satanic Master….They Hate Completely, totally & its Consumed them ..They PROVE it everyday, not only in WORDS but by their ACTIONS..

It’s all about CONTROL & it always was….They can’t get enough & they’ll perhaps come a TIME when we can’t GIVE ENOUGH, to support them in their Lifestyles of DRUGS, BOOZE, WHORES & DESTRUCTION…but it will Likely be Too Damn Late…Because we gave up “CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES” a long time ago…..Do you remember when a Yes & a No were definitive , I do….But no more!


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