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I may be from TEXAS but my family roots take me back to Missouri , so being a “Doubting Thomas Type” seems to come ” Natural!” That means you just might have to “Go out of your way” & PROVE or Convince me your right….Lets put it this way “TALK IS CHEAP” its meaningless without Substance….And I’ll be BLUNT , Song & Dance Routines, Big Productions, Staging, with Hyperbole & DRAMA, tend to make me think its all a Concocted LIE, CON or a FRAUD….

Today as I see it, we are a DYING NATION, the division is Greater than its ever been….WE have people People (that’s Questionable) are “Out In The Streets Carrying Signs Saying Hurray For Our Side” or doom to yours….We have the NATIONAL HATE CORE (the Media) And SCHOOLS that only Teach, Train IGNORANCE….Did you REALLY think an ELECTION was going to “Change Our Fortunes or Fate?”I sure as hell didn’t…..Even Trying my best to be an Optimist I still recall the old line “ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY”….And I’m honestly not trying to lay this at the FEET of “Donald Trump”….he is but ONE MAN out of 537 we ELECT….The question we should have been asking ourselves is thus: Can one Man surrounded by his “Subordinates” keep this “Bankrupt TITANIC” from Sinking?

Don’t let the Optics, the Staging , the Scripts & the EMPTY Soulless Silk Suits of the Media & Washington DC fool you…This American Government is as CORRUPT as any in this Worthless World! This American Government is as EVIL as any in the Past….The OPTICS & The Perceptions that we for the most part see this Government in is a “Controlled Environment” ….its akin to a laboratory where the “Mad Scientists” try to “Build The Perfect Beast”…What they built was two-fold….The Washington DC Monster which has gotten so large its Devouring everything in its path & its also via “Behavior Modification” produced the most Useless IGNORANT Species of Walking , Babbling Shape-Shifters this World will have ever seen….

My favorite writer/ author is MARK TWAIN, he once said this;”If Elections Made A Difference This Government Wouldn’t Allow It!”…I’m starting to believe the Animals in a Zoo are smarter than we are…Have you ever wondered what the Monkey in the Primate Section are THINKING when he/she (I don’t think they have TRANNY MONKEYS Yet)  when they sees a HUMANOID? Are they thinking there goes an Ignorant Frigging Foo who actually thinks they’re FREE….Prison Walls we may not see, but they are there in many forms, imagined or not….

The TWO-PARTY Political System in AMERICA is a Blatant Lie or Fraud….Its mostly one BIG CRIME FAMILY fighting over Territory & Spoils…Yea I know there may be a FEW good Men or Women there but FEW (hand full) is the “Operative Word” ….EVEN if TRUMP is the Perfect Outsider to Lead the Charge to take our World back, he’s fighting “Damn Near Everyone” …No one said anything in life was EASY, but we NEED to quit Kidding, Lying, Denying & Deluding ourselves that this is “Going To Get Better” it is NOT going to get better anytime in the “Foreseeable Future”….If fact its getting WORSE….If we want to stop this Suicidal Game, we need to QUIT ALLOWING this to continue…But we WON’T do that will we?

When you have a CULTURE that has no IDEA who it is, where it’s been, let alone where its GOING (to Hell) the ODDS diminish …..We don’t believe in anything anymore …It seems we relinquished that RIGHT when we started ALLOWING this SATANIC INFUSED GOVERNMENT to take 100% Control over every damn thing we do…..That doesn’t sound like Freedom to me! It sounds like a “Totalitarian State” to me….The term FREEDOM has been reduced to a meaningless Metaphor for the SOLE-Purpose of Imagery …..

Ronald Reagan had it right when he said this; “The Best & the Brightest are not working in Government” ..He also said in effect Government is not here to help you, they are the PROBLEM….Why is it we don’t understand that “Simplicity?” Is it that we PREFER the “Silver Tongued Serpents Liars, Con Crooks in Silk Suits that possess a “MASTERS DEGREE” in “Rhetorical Blathering” that has not “one syllable” of TRUTH in it , it’s just a Down Right Damn SLICK LIE….We should be ashamed at the LEVEL of IGNORANCE this Culture Displays….But we aren’t & that’s the real problem isn’t it….WE’VE BECOME TOO DAMN STUPID TO KNOW BETTER….

The UGLY TRUTH is this , like it or not; if you want Future Generations to Know what Kind of Life we Had & we Squandered, you best “TAKE A PICTURE OF IT” ….Every picture tells a story, or it used too….Because no one will BELIEVE it otherwise….Too few Care….Seems most people have SUCCUMBED to their Fears , Ignorance or Both ….We’ve become a Cowardly Nation, we may throw Hissy Sissy Prissy Fits but FIGHT for our Rights, our Principles not ever…or not likely….So we Resign ourselves to Servitude….To become a WARD of the State has a Price….Its funny we once fought “The Civil War” over Slavery (and much more) & now we seem to be WELCOMING it….What was in, is now out…What was once Cool is now Passe’….Ask yourself this before its too late to answer, WHO DICTATES & WHY?

My GRANDMOTHER came to Texas From Missouri in a COVERED WAGON…..They had the Courage to make a Decision , stick to it & Fight for an Uncertain nor Promised Future….And we can’t even be CANDID Enough to tell each other the TRUTH ….at least as we see or once saw it….those thoughts are now Forbidden….What Does that say about US……Again, DID YOU REALLY THINK IT WOULD GET BETTER.?…Life has become FUTILE & our FUTURE uncertain at best….The SLAVES outnumber those with knowledge….This is the Natural Decline that Every Damn Civilization goes through….It didn’t or doesn’t have to be this way….IGNORANCE  has won this battle….this time you can thank a LIBERAL for that ….But we allowed it….TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS before it’s gone


All the HATE we see displayed today is directed at TRUMP, but the REALITY is it is not about Trump, Clinton, Republican or Liberal Damn Liars…The Anarchy & Chaos is just a DIVERSION , masking what’s really going on….They are completing the Transformation of AMERICA from a Republic to a Socialist State….And it seems we are Dead Set on Seeing It Happen


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