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I’m doing my BEST to look in the “Rear View Mirror” & put the the Last 8-12 Years in the past….But that sadly it seems is a Impossibility….We had an Election, we thought we were RID of the “Divisive Rhetorical Blathering” that was the HALLMARK of the last 8 years with the” Immaculate Faggot OBAMA” at the helm…We might have WON an Election, but for WHAT? The Sociopaths of the Progressive Liberal Communist Party are still in control…Its just BUSINESS AS USUAL under a different guise or smokescreen …..The liberals it seems are Throwing a “Perpetual Temper Tantrum” & yes I’m quite aware that on any given day, minute or second that’s the LIBERALS Inherent Nature….Putting it simply they were Born, Bread & Raised to be PISSED OFF….Well Mission accomplished …..

OBAMA was picked, selected (not-elected) to become POTUS over HILLARY (I Hate everyone) Clinton because # 1 because he was part African , part White Communist, Gay & he could Read Scripts Better than the Drugged Up Alcoholic Clinton….George Soros the evil turd that Owns Washington DC & in particular the DemoRatz knew that made him an UNTOUCHABLE….By that I mean he knew that Reasonable Minded Conservatives would not really RISK a “RACE WAR” to put a STOP to the Obama Agenda…He was correct…..Oh now, we Cussed Him, called him Stupid , called him the real Racist, called him Gay but we’d NEVER challenge him the way we would any other POTUS….I mean what CHANCE did we really have? The Liberals OWN the they Control 95% of the Propaganda…No one else has a Platform much less a Podium ….

The Socialist Liberals are 100% Cowards….While they SAY they don’t want WARS, they have no Problem or Issues with STARTING them….They’ll sell anything that Promotes HATE….They will use the “ALINSKY “Rules For Radicals” methods to defame, insult & Blasphemy the Truth & then “Recruit Mercenaries” like MUSLIMS to do the Heavy lifting….They will also use their TRAINED Idiots (The Disaffected , the Ignorant in the same manner….Liberals have no Problem Sacrificing Blood, so long as its none of their own…. Gee ain’t it Great To Be King…

The LIBERALS are still MAD AS HELL they lost a “Rigged Election” & Rather than accept the BLAME which incidentally will NEVER Happen , they needed a “Scapegoat “…Enter in the RUSSIANS….The Communist Way is to Deflect & Blame someone else & ‘Ride that Pony” till it either DIES or it Returns the Results they NEED…To Promote their Communist Cause…The thing I find most disturbing is this…While I have little Doubt the RUSSIANS hacked Government Computers, servers at the State Dept , Hillary & the DNC & we should be concerned, but the Reality is THUS….I doubt seriously it changed ANYTHING  in the Election…Now Lets be CLEAR HERE, how many of you KNOW what the True Role of the CIA & the NSA really are, to affect & disrupt Elections or Politics in OTHER Governments..”Friends or Enemies” ….OBAMA did that to Israel during their Last Election…..Isn’t this just like a CHILD’S Excuse to deflect the Blame?…

The Clamor from the ALANSKY LEFT is for CHANGE….in reality that Change is to Finish-Off America….That is the DREAM of guys like George Soros….There is a very not-so-silent “Coup d’état” happening in Washington DC as we speak….Nothing has Changed, the Communist Left is STILL in charge….They only play to the win…They Bully & Abuse everyone…Question: Is the Prototype American a COWARD now? Seems Like It!….All we ever talk about is Superficial Issues….Quite candidly I cannot put dumb crap like Transsexual Rights, Gay Rights, Muslims Rights, Illegal Immigrant Rights at the TOP of the List like liberals do….its Fake, its a Fraud & its a Farce….

So what’s really going on here ? Those that Control every breath we take do nothing POSITIVE  for REAL PEOPLE…They only Play to the Cameras, they Write the Scripts, they’ve all become very bad Actors & they’re now SETTING THE STAGE FOR WHAT ? That should be Obvious! The Heart & Soul of America has been Destroyed or Sold Out & the only ones who GAINED was a “Privileged Few”….Those who conspired to Overthrow this way of life we had, starting with our Governments, Washington DC (State & Local too) the Media & the Multi-Billionaires WANT Control over Everything….They See themselves as GODS/MESSIAHS…I see them as Evil…

All we see is Chaos & Anarchy, in the Streets, From the Media & in Washington DC itself….It is not GETTING Better, its getting Ugly & its getting Worse….If you had The Dream Of A Young Child of a Peaceful Easy Feeling World, well it ain’t happening….We Need a NEW to bottom, that’s committed to the the Republic & its People, not those who Ran it into the Ground….We need to Fight “Fire With Fire” but we won’t will we? We will in effect Wait till its too late & then Reminisce or play the “IF GAME” …..

While we’re sitting here doing nothing but “Bitch” this GOVERNMENT is Stealing & then Selling everything you/we/I Own including this now Dismal Future ….we should be in the STREETS Demanding Justice, but were too damn LAZY aren’t we? That’s sad….We Surrendered without a Shot being Fired…..The LIBERALS Believe we are all cowards, I honestly Hope they Wrong….Servitude ain’t my style ….



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