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This world, America has an abundance of problems, some inherent , some self made & many waiting in the Shadows, for their moment, to Shine, Shine, Shine ….Every Person, Idiot or Child has a role in this Cycle some call life….And yes, if you want to throw in the “Cliche” that “We’re All A Little Broken” fine & while that’s true it’s meaningless unless we keep trying to Right The Ship that’s sinking…On a personal level we look at it as, We Fall Down, We Get Up, We Dust Ourselves Off, Gather Ourselves & Move On to TRY Again….Well that’s the way it used to be….I have no Conclusive Idea where today’s Culture Stands on that topic….I’m not so sure most of the Ignorant Fools left Standing, Crawling, Slithering & Existing like Parasites know either?….They Might as well be standing in the Middle of the Freeway, Train Tracks waiting to be “Flattened Like a Rodent!”…

When we have a Problem that needs a FIX at the house, like painting, plumbing, need some glue, need nails or a hammer, we go to some place like “Home Depot or Lowe’s”….The Fix it up Stores… BUT if you listened to all the PSYCHOBABBLE put forth by the Useless Semi-Prophets in the Media & the Left Wing Liberal Communists in this “Oligarchy” controlled Messianic Government that’s full of Sniveling Spoiled BRATS from Hell, you’d think that we could just all go to the Government Version of “Home Depot”….Isn’t that in effect what LIBERAL FOOLS are selling? Think about it, your watching your Favorite Football,Baseball or Basketball Game & you hear the Commercial Screaming like a “Dying Warthog” (a long damn ways from England I might add ) that there will be a”TWO for ONE Liberal Sell” happening right now at “LIBERAL GOVERNMENT DEPOT” So we run, run, run & scurry to Fix Social Security, Healthcare, Immigration, Homosexuality, Transsexuals, Muslims, Food Stamps & they REALLY, REALLY know how to FIX Things in DC don’t they …WOW, can it possibly get any better than this? Is this Utopia or Heaven? B.S. The ANSWER: only if you took the Wrong Damn Turn in the “Snit-Fit Twilight Zone”….

‘The Bottom line is thus; you cannot FIX that which is not PERCEIVED to be BROKEN …..In other words Liberals want Communism! We’ve created a Culture with the help of “Communism’s Little Helpers” the Schools & the Media. So the Ignorant Class  is now Trained & Willing to become SERVANTS of this Government, if that’s what it is..  … Apparently in today’s World the Parasites, the People, the Fools, the Idiots & the Drugged or Drunk don’t want to THINK ever, they don’t want to even Think, they Think ….Its all they can DO or HANDLE to Breathe, Eat, Burp, Fart, Crap on Themselves, Wait for Mom or the Tranny Granny to come over & change their Fouled Diapers all the while Watching some Mindless Drivel on the T.V. Like “Stupid Liberal Pet Tricks” or Computer Porn….sorry but they NEED instructions , ignorance has no real Boundaries ….In Other Words, THE BRAIN DEAD are as HAPPY as an IDIOT can be in this Fools Paradise & sadly they VOTE & Do what they are PROGRAMMED to Do…..PS Don’t Trip over the Wires Coming out of their Ass….The Anal Probe is Important to this Classless Useless Degeneration…

Let’s be honest here, how do you Argue with much less TRAIN a PET ROCK….its not even a “One Trick Pony”…Might I add this thought by the time we’ve evolved to that point, they  or whoever s left will NEVER have to Worry about being invaded by Russians, Chinese, North Korea or Iran….Who the Hell would want this Chunk of land, that is for any other reason than Resources ….

Our Schools & Colleges don’t even RANK in the “TOP 10” in this World…We’re not in the “TOP 10” for anything unless they’re RANKING ,Corruption, Ignorance & Stupidity….Even then we seem to be SHARING that one with MUSLIMS…Once we were told EDUCATION was the answer….Well apparently, that is if one looks at the results this Government had in mind they had NO USE for Excellence….All they wanted was a new & Improved “Indentured Servants” Model. AKA SLAVE  ..It goes without saying this World, America is now FULL of useful Fools & Tools, that all the ELITES use & laugh it like Pieces on a Game Board for a new version of “Monopoly For Idiots”

Again I ask, how can we FIX a problem that the BRAINLESS can’t even Fathom, it’s Far beyond their “Comprehension”…The Fattened Calf has no Idea its only purpose is to become the “MEAL FIT FOR A KING, QUEEN or FALSE MESSIAH …If Excellence now equals Ignorance, we are 100% screwed….Yet I’m still bewildered that So-Many Accept this as the NEW-NORM….Why do we Worship what I consider to be 100% LOSERS? Their only Gift is one of chicanery! They can Lie, Steal, Con, Persuade, Bribe & Extort as well as any Criminal in the History Of The World…And in the END,what do we have? It would seem we apparently Love the Humiliation so much we ask for EXTRA HELPINGS over & Over again…Are we Stupid or What?

What would Carl Marx or Saul Alansky say about AMERICA as it is Trending Today? I think they’d say BRAVO! Job Well Done….Their Dreams are being REALIZED & we just Go along to get along….But how long will it be before they start doing away (Killing to be Blunt) those who Do Not Serve the Government MASTERS?…And don’t give me this CRAP, “Our Government Wouldn’t Do That To Us” HOGWASH ….No ,they may not do it EXACTLY the way HITLER or STALIN did…That is the JOB of Government HEALTHCARE & the PHARMACEUTICAL Industries…..Die in your Sleep & no one knows….But Worse, no one will care….

America now a land full of Narcissistic Ignorant Trained Lab Rats! Them & their Masters is all that will be left when this comes to the Final Chapter, Final Page & last Period….This was Never  Going To Cure Our Ills …If this is what you call FIXING AMERICA , its the RESULTS you wanted all along…

I’ll leave you on this note, this does not have to be another “Failed Experiment” like Rome or Greece…But the CLOCK is Ticking, TIME is not Infinite…Apathy & Self-Imposed Ignorance are winning the age old battle Good Verses evil…Waiting is the same as Surrender & Death will be the Result without “Real Tangible Action”….Are we too far gone? Ask yourself that one & Answer it honestly!


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