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Do You remember as I do the “Spoiled Rotten Child” (He, She or It) that we all grew up with that had absolutely “No Shame or Self Discipline?” They were the one’s who did anything they wanted, when they wanted it? Classic weren’t they? They always Forced their hands, didn’t they….Something to behold & something to forget!

But if you think about it a bit, very Few of these “Privileged Punks, Skunks, Brats, Polecats & Rats” had any particular REAL TALENT….When there’s Talent in Play you can See & somewhat understand how it got out of Control…But the Majority of these “Urchins “:where created by Self-Serving Narcissistic Parents that wanted to live their Lives VICARIOUSLY through their Created Little Monsters Johnny, Joanne or The Mule that’s of neither Sex….

Often these Little Spoiled Bastards were the “Loud Mouths” in the Classroom , they were the Show offs….they were always saying in effect , look at me, look at me, look at me, I’m wonderful, I’m smarter than you, I’m Special & I’m going to Rub your noses in it ! But these “Created MONSTERS” always got worse…Sooner or later they become the “Classic Narcissus”….Their Self-Love eventually destroys everything…They go out everyday consciously or not to Prove & Reinforce their Self-Adulation…..And They Do It Well!

Those Little then & now all Grown-Up Pricks have been running out of Control, Unabated for so long Every little Grunt or Whelm becomes like an EPIPHANY & sadly by now like an Addiction & its OUT OF CONTROL….By any other definition they are Sociopaths….Many are “Paranoid Schizophrenics” & they usually Overindulge in everything to keep PROVING to Themselves Just How “Great Thou Art”….Many of them are Drug Addicts, many are Alcoholics BUT here’s the “caveat” unlike the Classic Skid Row Drunk or Addict, they have the “do re me” (Money) to support their Addictions….That keeps them from FALLING like the Common Man or Woman into Desperation…

It’s the Ego-Driven Self Adulation that gives these Delusional Bastards the Ability to Rationalize anything they do….If they Want It, Desire It & if they’ve Dreamed It all thy have to do is GRAB it by the Horns & its theirs….Almost no exception either…We all know “Money Talks & Bull Shit Walks”….They get By with it Because they Can….They Make their Own Rules…we don’t have that Right or Privilege, do we?

The Delusional Obsessions of this type of Personality is a DRIVING FORCE in their lives…But there is always a “Seed Of Doubt” (Self-Hate) implanted in that Shallow, Hollow Soul….So to keep proving themselves as WORTHY, they NEED to hear the Sound of Affirmation Constantly ….So they SEEK positions of POWER….Notably, many become “Politicians!” I think by now , most of you knew I was taking this turn… These people Seek, “Center Stage” not because of TALENT, but because of “The Lack Of Any Talent” ….They’re not Good Actors, Good Musicians, Good Lawyers or Businessmen , they are FRAUDS….They have NO REAL BELIEFS of their own…Its which ever the Way The Wind (Whelm) Blows!

Let’s also try to be honest here, they are really nothing but “Glorified Criminals” but they  did learn one thing & they learned it well, “The Art Of Manipulation” but it goes to their HEAD after awhile….Sooner or Later they’ll start seeing themselves as Messiahs …Because they SEEK POWER & have an inherent need to constantly Reinforce it , they Adapt like every other Parasite does….They Become a Chameleon like “Thing”& become Part the Problem….And again when they Win the Game, they get to BASK in the SPOILS OF WAR….They do this for the Power, the Control, the Money, the Greed that they can then use to extract all the Misery, Slavery & Sex they’ll ever want….

Because they have compulsive Addictions like Drugs & Booze many turn to the Lifestyles of Ancient Rome & go the route of Nero & Caligula & adapt the Homosexual, Bisexual Lifestyle….And the REAL PROBLEM as I See It is thus, they are FORCING that Lifestyle on US whether we agree with it or not….Remember now, It’s Always About What They Want…It’s now their Game & their Rules….What you think is Irreverent…Allow me to say this, the Justifications for their actions has NOTHING to do with any perceived “Right Or Wrong”…again its their rules….not yours ever….

Homosexuality has from the “Beginning Of Time’ been a “Deviant Behavior” & I’m not going to waste anyone’s time arguing the “Some Were Born That Way Crap” because I honestly don’t care…BUT I have a REAL PROBLEM on the its a “Learned or Choice Behavior” side of things….This Sick Society is SELLING (Recruiting) Homosexuality, Bisexuality & Transsexuals as if its a Commodity ….This LIBERAL Government Promotes it, the Media Sells it & the Schools Damn near Teach it , not to mention a Ignorant Pretentious Parent who’s just as SCREWED UP as their damn Kids….If you listen to Liberal Politicians & the Bobble Head Homo’s on the Telly you’d think the NATION was in Crisis Mode from it all….And that’s Frigging Ridiculous….Its promoted & for several reasons…..#! Because it pisses the rest of us off, #2 many in Washington just like Caligula are Gay (AC/DC), also goes the same way in the Media & Hollyweird….Haven’t we already been through the “Sodom & Gomorrah” thing…Never-mind …

Here’s my point though, this is all about Changing our Behavior to Accept things, that in the Past we never would….Its called “Behavior Modification” or maybe a different term “Brainwashing” But this is far deeper than SEX Mores or Norms….It’s corruption in every form….accepting Lies as Truths….Truths of the past as non-existent or passe….Illusions as a False Reality…Behavior as simple as taking a Pill….I saw a LIBERAL IDIOT on a video the other day ESPOUSING as if it were FACT & Now Science, that there’s no such thing as Male, Female, It (a Transsexual) also said that Blood lines, genetics , Black, White, Asian, Muslim, Indian & Spanish we no longer relevant & were a Choice just like SEX….Basically IT Said this: You can be Born a MUSLIM MALE & by choice you could become a “Spanish Female” & switch later to being a Black Male or Transsexual if you want….WTF?

It’s at this POINT I must admit I give up on this World! But AMERICA has allowed this Pervasive Mental Illness to Spread like a Wildfire around the World…..Meanwhile now all we’re arguing & doing  is about the Merits & Sexual Taboos that aren’t anymore…The Next one they going to Drop On us Like a Lead Hammer is ,”Pedophilia” ….Washington, Hollywood & all the Big Media Centers around the World are full of these Sick Bastards…This is SATANIC & It should be Obvious…Too Few Care…so we just go where the Ill Wind Blows Us…It’s ugly & we allowed it…The Villains are now Heroes , real Heroes are scorned, we don’t Read, we don’t Learn, we only seen to REACT the way were Programmed By our SATANIC MASTERS IN WASHINGTON DC…..Aren’t we a Happy Lot….

We’ve once again come to the Crossroads that are the Equivalent to; “Wake me up when it over!” Have you ever thought they just might be Lulling you to Sleep, with that as the  intent &  it just Might be the LAST thought, breath you ever take…. WASHINGTON DC is incapable of righting the Ship…It is not in their BEST Interests…You don’t go to bed STUPID & Wake-up as an Einstein ….


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