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Ah, here we are another Springtime Day, trying to Relax , Drink a Cup of Coffee, Soft Drink & while I don’t drink Alcohol I’m sure that some will enjoy their favorite Beer, Glass of Wine or Shot of Brandy….Wow,… no worries, no cares that need attending to …Really now how could it EVER get better than this….Our “Loving Government” via the Liberal Progressive agenda now takes care of my/our every need….I no Longer have any real NEED to Read my Email’s, the NSA does…I don’t need to worry about Saving Money for the Future, the IRS does it for me…I don’t need to worry any longer about those old Pesky Mood Swings, Medicare gives me Happy Pills for that…We don’t have to Worry any longer about Russia or China taking us over..They have no real desire anymore, they’d have to Educate us….We don’t need to worry about RADICAL MUSLIMS anymore # 1 this government says they (Muslims) Love Us & they’ve been here for a Long long Time Anyway ..We don’t need Jobs anymore , hell we’re all on (or will soon be) Welfare…So we can Eat Government Rations forever….If we need a Bed they will give us a Bed & a Cubical…We no longer need Brains to think with The Government via the Schools & Media have Trained us to ONLY use our Bodily Functions like Belch, Fart or Pass Bodily Fluids TWICE A DAY on cue….If I didn’t know better I’d swear we were “Specimens On Display” at the ZOO….Ah , what was that line.. “Just Looking After You Kid?”

And while I realize I used a lot of “Poetic License” to lay out that “Rhetorical Spiel” I think going forward into the FUTURE (a generation or so) I don’t think the Absurdities are that Absurd….The Middle Class is all but DEAD…The Working Class is Shrinking & Dying & the Parasite Class has Grown Expeditiously & its taken over like a Cancerous Tumor ….Washington DC has been on a Feeding Frenzy For Decades as far as it pertains or reflects on ALL of our Personal Data…..Is it Paranoia, is it a Scientific Study for Behaviors, are they looking for Criminals, are they Just Looking because they can , hell is it even NEEDED…If your a Paranoid Criminal who sees something Nefarious behind every Mirror or Movement that means you JERK , That You’re the one that’s got Something to Hide….Its is in fact a JEKYLL & HYDE type of thing….

Governments start WARS for a variety of reasons, but ultimately it comes down to POWER….Power=Control= Money….HATE & FEAR are only Excuses …..Now there is a Small minority of people who just want to be Left alone, to do what they wish, BUT because they are not DRIVEN Sociopaths like our Faux, Fake & Phony Liars we call Politicians they usually get Taken Advantage of, Overrun , Threatened & eventually Murdered by Governments….

Washington DC’s pattern of Behavior is NO DIFFERENT that any Government with Recorded History…..Lets use a Modern Day Analogy called the “Peter Principle” ….it goes something like this: “We All Rise To Our Own Level Of Incompetence”….For the Ignorant Fool that means, you just might be a Great Chief but you may very well be WORST Businessman EVER, that is to say You Failed…..You can apply that to anything or anyone….it is still 100% TRUE….

Having said all of that the other side of the COIN is GREED…..Greed is actually nothing but a term or Precursor to an Addiction…The More you Get, the More You Want into infinity … applies to Drugs, Alcohol, Money & Power….The ROOT cause is the same & sadly the Result is Usually the Same….DEATH….the Question is thus; how many Lives (once innocent) were destroyed by this MADNESS, Delusion & Illness? And for what, some Sick Game?

I grew up in a time when & before Government interference & intrusion into our LIVES was far less than it is now….I was raised in a Small town in rural Texas….My First year in school was at a Rural School where the Female teacher taught Grades 1-6….There were maybe 15 of us in the whole school… And Honest men who were willing to Work in those days could actually Support his family on just his income ….Many but not all Moms in those days were Stay-At-Home-Moms as mine did….Going to Church in those days was not only common, it was enjoyed…It was not Scorned as it is today…. Charity was not a FULL TIME BUSINESS with CEO’s that make Millions a year in salaries & bonuses” to help the Homeless….The Churches & the Women did most of it ….We said Prayers at home & in school….We sang the National Anthem & caught no FLACK for doing so….We also (I did) drove to High School in my Dad’s Pickup Truck with a GUN RACK that had a GUN in it….We went out at lunch or after school to shoot Snakes, Skunks or Rabbits…not Teachers, Cops or someone we were mad it

Before I meander all over the place, telling you my BORING life story I only wanted to make the Point….it was by & Large a live & Let live America then….No Muslims Bitching & Liberals Squalling FOUL…..I remember when Eisenhower rounded up Illegals in the 50’s…Seems like it was called “Operation Wetback” & again there were no Protests in the Streets by LIBERAL CRYBABIES…

The Question that BEGS for an Answer is this; We gave up a lot of that Freedom (with some boundaries) to do as we pleased & when we pleased.. for what? Some claim we got a higher Standard of Living but did we really? Quantity is not Quality ,nor will it ever be….Charity is not me being FORCED to support the New Parasite Welfare Class…..Protecting us or me from the Russians or Iranians doesn’t mean this Government should Have The Right to Listen to my phone conversations, Watch me through the Camera on my Phone or computer, Read every Email, every Bank Statement….If you have a Smart TV they can Hear & See you do anything….What in the HELL happened to Privacy ? This to me is noting but a Glamorized version of “WINDOW PEEPER” what kind of pervert GETS off on this type of WEIRDNESS? Answer your government ….

America is & has been in decline for many reasons….#1 Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely…# 2 Apathy…#3 Self-Imposed Ignorance …# 4 Government Schools….#5 a Government run Media…. # 6 Cowardice…#7 People who know better DOING NOTHING….

Such is “A DAY IN THE LIE (not life) of what used to be a country…It is dying a SLOW UGLY DEATH now because of LIBERALISM , which is just a veiled version of “Totalitarian” ….a Police State, a Surveillance State & a Welfare State


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