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What is it about he “Septic Tank” we call Washington DC that seems with almost Perfect Frequency turn Everything into Excrement, into Chaos, into Anarchy & eventually everything into DEATH ….If these damn Parasites are LEADERS, if I may ask just where in the HELL are they taking us? I would think most would at least by now “Recognize & Admit” it can’t be anywhere GOOD….

Everyday it seems is just like taking a “Laxative” we get a daily dose of “Excrement” only fit for a “Dung Beetle” & the MEDIA , with every Staging Effect, Gimmick, Trick they have with Cameras, Editing,Background Music & Computer Generated Graphics will turn it into Whatever Narrative they Need it to be….That is to Say , Promote their Cause….Lets be honest here they ARE in it “For The MONEY”…They are also in it because they are Believers in the Liberal, Progressive, Socialist,Fascist, Totalitarian, Nazi or Communist DOGMA…..They are in reality the “Dept. Of Propaganda” ….Oh how Proud “Carl Marx” would be of them & this Government being Run into the Ground by Lizards & Snakes from Hell….Oh & By The Way for the LIBERAL whose Brain is Located in the “Excrement Hole “Karl Marx” was not part the MARX BROTHERS from yesteryear’s…..

Once Upon A Time in this Fairy-tale land we called AMERICA we had what some would call the “Rule of Law” to abide & guide us all…Now it was never PERFECT….Those with “Influence” (Money ,Stature) bent the rules, however not like they seem to be Manipulated in today’s AMERICA…..The BIGGEST Problem as I see it has to do with the Insensate Badgering of our Senses with the Constant ,”Dog & Pony Shows” & staged “Political Theater” we see & hear….The Second Problem as I see it is “HOW MUCH OF THIS IS REAL” & conversely “HOW MUCH OF THIS IS STAGED?” My own opinion is thus….its mostly all STAGED with a lot of clever Hyperbole & Innuendo thrown in to give us the “SUGAR HIGH” (Diabetic Fit) they want…..

Why is it we forget tried & true Facts & Philosophies….Remember; “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” or “A Divide House Will Fall?” It’s not that “Ignorant Asses” Rule this World… The Reality is that “Evil Corrupt Bastards Rule, Control, Manipulate the Ignorant, Stupid, Uninformed, Apathetic, Pathetic , Clueless, Useless Parasite, Slave or Servant…..The MASSES in this WORLD/AMERICA have been reduces to Stupid Pieces on a Chessboard Game…For the Fodder, the Amusement of the RULING CLASS of Satanic Worshipers that Hide behind the Curtain….They Wanted it ALL & we apparently FELL for the oldest CON of all Time….The New World Order’s Vision & Version of UTOPIA ….

The Prerequisite for this “LIBERAL UTOPIA” is total 100% Surrender of EVERYTHING….You must Give-Up all Personal Possessions for the “GOOD OF ALL” …That’s your Wealth, Possessions, your Freedoms, your Thoughts, your Dreams, your Wishes, your Prayers , your Family & Yourself….Individualism will not be Tolerated EVER….Only a FEW Special Tribal Leaders will control your Duties….You will Work for the MASSES & if you don’t, your now Worthless Life (Lie) will be Terminated…FIN.

America is INTOXICATED with Ignorance, Drugs, Alcoholism, Hedonism & Narcissism & all will ever do is lead to Total Absolute FAILURE ! Why do we DENY what should be “Obvious?” As an example I had a Brother In Law recently DIE from Cancer….He did not DENY it, he accepted it & left this world in Peace….We come into this world, we live, we learn, we love, we give & when its time, we leave….Why do we try to make this experience Miserable? Why do Governments make this Land a “Living Hell?” We have enough to deal with without their Evil Devious Desires & Games ….

Once Upon A Time we were encouraged to dream & we were taught that with enough perseverance, bravado & courage coupled with the willingness to Work hard , Learn & then Apply all that knowledge we just might “Achieve our Dreams!” The Child becomes a teenager, becomes a young adult, becomes a parent & then later becomes a Grand Parent….There were Always Risks & Rewards with every step we took…If you did nothing , you Reaped Nothing…Such is or was life, but that’s no longer they way it goes….Or it isn’t in my opinion! Some are Rewarded for doing NOTHING…They come in TWO Distinct Classes, #1 the Privileged & they’ve always been around …those are the Spoiled….#2 is the Growing Parasite Class, they’re the ones on Welfare….And while there has always been those down on their luck, down trodden, impoverished the One’s I’m speaking of are TRAINED to be FOOLS & IGNORANT….

This Government fought the “Civil War” over slavery & truthfully is was far more than that….Money & BANKS were the issues that No-one was willing to talk about….but nonetheless we all know that those with Money & Banks sought more Control…SLAVERY is an integral part of it….The IDEA is thus, any man no matter what the color of his skin is can become a SLAVE to Debt….We are no exception to that rule or thought….We fell in love with the “Good Times’….We loved our Fast Cars, Nice Clothes, Brick Homes in the Suburbs, Gold & Diamond Rings, Stereos with Loud Music, Fine Wines & Parties till Midnight …BUT there was a Cost….it’s call DEBT & like a Runaway Train it caught up to all of us….That’s the POINT in time when we ALL BECAME SLAVES….

Need I remind anyone one that this was the MOMENT that the BANKSTERS of the World were waiting for….Because while we were TOO DAMN BUSY WORKING OUR ASSES OFF…this Government CHANGED Forever….Bear with me now, because the WORKING CLASS of people in America were Working to pay for their debts, they had Kids to school, Cloth & to Feed….And on the other side of the Spectrum the Colleges were getting more Radical & Radical….Drugs, Booze & Free Sex were the Themes at every Campus Party….For lack of a better word that when AMERICA’S Indoctrination into Socialism became as SERIOUS as cancer… We weren’t paying Attention to the CHANGING WORLD because quite frankly we were too damn BUSY to notice….AND that my Friend was the Intent….

Now were standing at the Crossroads where we either continue with this Path that’s been Thrust upon us or we STOP , Wake up & Gather ourselves & return to some type of Reason or Sensibility….But to the Ignorant Liberal Fools who can’t seem to look further than their next SEX CHANGE Operation, Drug Or Alcohol Fix what do you Think Tomorrow actually Holds for you or yours?….Why don’t you put your CRACK PIPE down for a moment and Look at WHO’S Controlling your life…In that moment of (God Forbid) Sobriety look into the eyes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Al Frankin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz or any other LIBERAL HYENE & tell me & yourself that you TRUST everything you Are or Hope too ever be to them….That means you’d have to give them the Keys to the Car, Keys to the Home, your Bank Accounts, your Email Passwords ….Lets use another scenario, your own a Government Boat in the ocean & they come to you & tell you, that they NEED for you to GET OFF at the next Docking at Shore & they’ll come back for you at Another Place, Point & Time,,,,If you believe that Horse Hockey you deserve a slow stupid death ….FYI I wouldn’t trust any of the So-Called Faux Fake RINO-Republicans either….

A lot of things in any life Require a Leap Of Faith….It takes more that a just a leap of faith for me to believe in these Glorified Criminals…Tell me now WHO DO YOU TRUST ? This Government , the Criminals Running it, the Liars of the Media…I personally have Few Friends & Family that I trust…While I may put my Trust in God, I have to do his will, I have to think for myself….Remember God Helps Those Who Help Themselves….not those who help themselves to my STUFF…they can all Burn in Hell….


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