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I don’t know about all the rest of you but as for myself I’m sick & tired of the term & the insinuation that “Fake News, Fake Stories” are NEW…Crap they’re anything but new….The only thing that’s changed in Decades is the POWER that News Media has….Let’s at least try to be honest here, being Informed,enlightened or having the light or spotlight shined on anything should have NEVER been confused with TRUTH in any fashion….Crap its really nothing but “Glorified Gossip or Innuendo…Sadly most people anymore are TOO lazy to ask Questions or  to Think for themselves & if it FITS their Prejudiced Narrative they RUN with it like it was Gospel straight of their BIBLE…I guess if you are a Liberal Parasite that the “Satanic Bible” sorry I could not resist that one….

Today’s World seems to want to ACCEPT what I’d call FICTION as TRUTH….But does anybody anymore really know what TRUTH is, past, present of Future? Answer: I think not ….It would be one thing if we could all accept the Fact that we actually know very little & reserve Judgement , but we don’t do that, do we? Shakespeare got it right when he said “The Whole Worlds A Stage”….For some, that Stage is a Tiny one & others it’s a Larger Stage…And then yes we are ALL in fact ACTORS…Having said that, it by no means should imply the ACTORS on a BIG STAGE are better than the ACTORS on a SMALL STAGE….Just because one has “Notoriety” & is well known it actually has NOTHING to do whatsoever with Talent….Hype & Marketing can alter that Perception….Make the opposite seem TRUE when it’s not that at all….

In today’s World where Staging, Scripts & Acting combined with Cameras seem to tell every Story! So what’s real, is anything real.?…Humanity has been pushed aside for People Acting & Pretending to go through the motions & emotions of the Minute…It would seem the Play, the Act, the Script, the Chapter & Pages are Perpetual…And the Race (Human Race) is just handed off to one person after another like it was a Marathon Relay….And while there does seem to be a lot of “Motion or Commotion” it’s  not necessary one of SUBSTANCE….By that I mean Hollywood makes a lot of Movies, but they are not ALL good (if ever anymore) ….Writers can Turn out books but are they Worth the Trouble either….MUSIC is the same way…..Sadly its all about what’s TRENDING & Money….Not withstanding the FACT that “Political Correctness” has entered into that realm now also…

It would seem in this WORLD the term “PREJUDICES” is in fact a prejudice in and of itself….You get called a Racist if you’re a Anglo…You get called a Homophobic if you don’t embrace the LBGT lifestyle ….You’re Anti-Muslim if your a Christian & on & on it goes ….It never ends…In the end it all come down to a four letter word,”HATE!”….Liberals perpetuate it, foster it, cultivate it & plant that SEED of HATE with every breath they take….I guess it’s the ROLE (back to acting) they were Born, Bred & Raised to do…Well as they say “if the shoes fits, wear it!”

Far too many things in AMERICA today are Subjective….A story that’s “Believable” doesn’t make it Fact or True….Yet when the Cameras are Rolling & the Actors speak the lines we run with it….Shouldn’t we call it what it is? It’s Conditioning, it’s Behavior Modification or Training, it’s a slow benign type of BRAIN-WASHING….Having said all of that, what’s really going on here? Weren’t we told Government was here to HELP us solve our Problems ? It would seem that in AMERICA & also if the TRUTH were told or known WASHINGTON DC has replaced HOLLYWEIRD as the “Entertainment Capital” of the World. It’s all about Performance…Not to mention all the Gossip & Innuendo about who’s doing who, who’s got the best Drugs, Who’s throwing the Best Parties & let’s not forget the “Menage a tros”….SEX, DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL….

CORRUPTION & GOVERNMENT are a given….no exceptions , but the REALITY is this, it would not be as BAD as it is today without the Communist Liberal Media….Marketing, Advertising & Propaganda are in effect the SAME THING….The only thing that’s true or real about the STAGE we’re watching & living in is we are in fact “BEING PLAYED” for the Ignorant Fools we seem to be! It’s a STAGED PLAY that’s not only full of Bad Actors & Predictable Scripts….It’s also BANKRUPT…..Morally, Spiritually & Physically….But apparently too few care….

History tells us that with Prosperity comes Apathy, Heathenism, Hedonism & Narcissism….Everybody wants a “Cut of the Action” but they don’t want to do ANYTHING to get it….We have a Society now that has its Virtual Hand Out” for everything…..It would seem to me we’ve accepted our now ROLES in Servitude, in Slavery, as Prisoners but we’re too Ignorant to see the Chains & Restraints….There is in fact a Spider Web that Surrounds all or us….Its the Surveillance State, Police State , Ignorant State & Sad State of BLISS we think we’re in….

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if this is UTOPIA , I’ll pass….I wasn’t put on this EARTH to be the Fodder & Entertainment for the Bastards in Washington DC ….I don’t want to PLAY this STUPID GAME anymore….You Shouldn’t either… Once Upon A Time reading the books by HUXLEY, ORWELL were required in schools …..They knew POWER could not be TRUSTED, Ever. We should have known better …Yet here we are….

Nothing a Politician tells you is TRUE, it’s all a Hoax , a lie & it has an INTENT to sway…..Everything you hear from the MEDIA is a Scripted Lie, an Opinion…..Its all Lies, Drama & its FAKE…but the Misery is 100% True & Real…..There is a Method (Intent) to their Madness….to control Everything….Politicians , especially LIBERALS see themselves as MESSIAHS….I guess Divinity wears 3 piece silk suits…

Honestly now is there that many People who ACTUALLY want to be told what to say, when to say it, what to eat, when to eat it, what to think, never think for yourself, when to take a breath, when to sigh, when to cry, when if ever to laugh , when to bathe & how often, when to drive & where you can go….when to breed & who to breed with, if ever….

Why were we put on this earth? A farmer Plants a Crop for a reason or reasons….some apparent, some not-so …..Some people honestly do have more Talent than others….Some People Work their asses off to overcome their Handicaps or Failings…Some are Born into Privilege, many of those SQUANDER that opportunity…..Some people are Obsessive, some are Mean, some people are Dreamers, some are Natural Born Leaders, some People are Shy, some people have faith, some are believers, some people believe in NOTHING….

Lets look at it this way, I can give you and another friend a Book To Read…..Your take & his/hers don’t have to be the same….Yet Governments want us all to THINK Collectedly, they want us to all be the same….I don’t know about you but I still celebrate what makes you different then the next guy…..Your strength may be another persons weakness….And that’s supposed to be a good thing….Do you really want to live in a world of CLONES….This world is becoming more like an ANT Colony everyday….IMO that’s useless, boring & goes nowhere….

Do you want to live in a world where there are NO Beethoven’s, Einstein’s , Hemingway’s or children Playing, Laughing, Learning , Teaching, Showing, Drawing, Painting, Writing or Singing? I’d rather be dead that to live or rather exist in that Sterile Environment ? Why do they call the Excrement on Television “Programming?” Why is “Theater” (as a Term) used in WAR Zone Tactics? Why do we tell the young child  to Act like their mother,father, sister brother ? Aren’t “Role Models” always being shoved down our throats…..Sadly most ROLE MODELS are as FLAWED as anyone… We seem to Worship the Wrong People for All The Wrong Reasons….That’s sort of a False Idol Thing….

In a perfect World , which this is NOT, nor will it ever be, we just want each other to ACCEPT the us for WHAT we are ,not for what we’re not…..It’s that “For Better Or Worse” Thing …..Words are USELESS MINDLESS DRIVEL without any meaningful ACTION….. What has real meaning anymore, where’s the substance? When you take away all the Drama, the Pomp, the Useless Gibberish, the Bad Examples & all the CRAP that has ZERO Relevancy, what’s left? What is the Human Condition….And I’m not talking about a Stress Test either ….Only a Minority of People in this World have a CLUE about #1 Who we are & What’s our Purpose! The others haven’t a CLUE about what Going on all around them/us..& many of them could CARELESS..The World just Plays out Daily Right In Front of them, they then follow the Little Red Bouncing Ball of Detraction, they Go to bed , sleep, get up Go to work (if they have a job) go home & do it all over again, again & again! They are all Up to their ass in Debt just like everyone else is, including this Worthless Government..and the Future is BLEAK….So many of people like that, Drink themselves to Sleep, take downers (pills) to sleep & maybe something to get them going in the morning….Some call that becoming “Comfortably Numb”….I call it a Walking death….

Have we become just little “Wind Up Toys” for the Elite’s of the World to Use & Abuse …..TO BE OR NOT TO BE seems to be the question no ones asking….Perception & optics only go so far in explaining the Willing Ignorance this World Displays ….What a future….I’m sorry It’s very hard to be Optimistic when the WORLD is being Run into the Ground by an “Ever-Present Evil” & like Sheep & Cattle we are Following an EVIL SHEPARD…The “Multitudes” that follow these Soulless bastards have been turned into “Activist Anarchists” & like every other CANCER it will sooner or later consume them & Kill them…. It seems at this moment without True Leadership this Ship will just go in circles, drift & be at Mercy of the Currents & Streams…A promising thought this is not…And as far as it goes, if the question is “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” seems like we chose the Latter….

Somehow it seems like America has been given a “DEATH SENTENCE” & everyone that’s still Coherent is WAITING for a Judge to Commute the Sentence to Time Served, I’m not so sure it works that way…



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