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When I wake up every morning, I like everyone else have a ‘Routine” that I go through…Make a cup of coffee, take a shower & turn on either the radio or television, for news updates, weather & even a little humor to get away from the reality that “We All Live In Now!”…That being said, I find myself Asking & Wondering If I haven’t, in FACT, DIED & woke up in “NEVER NEVER LAND” or for that matter “HELL!” I don’t even recognize America anymore.Now admitting I’m no Einstein, I seem to be walking in a LAND where IGNORANCE Flourishes….And that’s from the MYTHICAL Top of this Society to the Sewers…The only thing that makes any sense is that some kind of PLAGUE has hit Planet EARTH…Was it Mushroom Spores, Green Men From Mars….Nah, couldn’t be that…Oh, hold on it was the RUSSIANS….It was a “STUPID BOMB”…hell it worked …

I guess there are just Some Things that are “STRANGER THAN FICTION”….As far as it goes I’m an “Old Man” now & I’ve made almost every MISTAKE Imaginable…I’ve been Burned, I’ve been Stung, there are People who HATE Me & there are even couple who “Almost Like Me” (I Question Why) but I have TRIED my Damnedest not to Make the Same Mistake TWICE….Isn’t that what we once CALLED the “LEARNING PROCESS?” And being a “Baby Boomer” I not only have seen America Change, I’ve seen what Wars, Greed & Starvation can do to People….Its Ugly & it’s deadly

Regardless of WHAT, everything in life is CAUSE & EFFECT, there are NO Exceptions….You do things that are Bad for your body, like Smoke Cigarettes, Do Drugs, Drink too muck Alcohol, consume too much Fat or Sugar in your Diet, you will DIE Sooner rather than Later….And that’s even with “Warning Labels” on everything… Some things like “Playing “Russian Roulette” with your Pistol shouldn’t really need one …But some things that Should be “More Than Obvious” seem to slip by today’s Semi-Conscious Semi-Humanoid …Again the only Explanation has to be IGNORANCE…

In my lifetime I have seen AMERICA drift away from its Founding Truths, all of them…Today this Government & the Oligarchy behind the Curtain promotes things & Lifestyles that are Contrary to how we were raised…Narcissism, Hedonism & Godlessness are Promoted or encouraged….The Thirst for Truths or Knowledge are SCORNED….Trying to Be The Best You Can Be is Frowned upon….The America which once stood for the Little Guy & Entrepreneurship is gone….Big is Better & One Size Fits All seems to be the Mantra….Socialism is IN, Capitalism is OUT! What we once was taught as TRUTH is now being Destroyed & replaced with LIES…

The BANKSTERS with the help of Washington DC decided to sell the CON-GAME of Keep Up With The Jones’s..that in effect made them RICH & Made all of us SLAVES to DEBT….It also Totally Destroyed what was left of the FAMILY…And that was the FIRST STEP in the Real Decline of AMERICA….That’s also when “Drug Use & Alcoholism” Started its accent….

It matters not to me Whether you believe in the “Biblical Last Days” or not, but let me remind you along with the WAR & RUMORS OF WAYS THING, it also speaks of a “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!” Isn’t that what is being Described by the Globalist vision most Call “THE NEW WORLD ORDER?” This is a Group with BILLIONAIRES who want to OWN & CONTROL This World as if they were MESSIAHS….To make this Plan WORK, you have to CREATE 1st a Welfare State…So GOVERNMENTS Created Parasites, Fools Useful Tools who only Function was to DO WHAT THEY WERE TRAINED TO DO.That means Bleed the System DRY! .They’ve become the Trained Monkey Anarchists…The Schools no longer teach anything, they’re just “Behavior Modification Factories” & The Media with its Propaganda & Brainwashing Function completes the CYCLE…..

The Sadist thing of all is that CHILDREN are being TRAINED by SICK DELUSIONAL INSANE People….Including the Faux Families who are just as SICK….For the NWO to win this WAR they had to KEEP this NATION (America) Divided…they did it too…With Hate….Class Warfare, Racism, Sexism, Homosexuality & Religion….Schools are encouraging & teaching (recruiting) these dementia’s & behaviors…When I was a Kid growing I had NEVER heard of Transgenders, now it’s a Household Conversation ….Muslims, hell there weren’t any to speak of….There were Rich & Poor People in those days, but not with all the HATE Attached to it

In my lifetime I witnessed a NATION that Legitimately Mourned the Assassination & Death of John Kennedy & Martin Luther King, we weren’t ASHAMED of our HISTORY…Good, Bad or Indifferent HISTORY was how we Learned…These days our “Founding Fathers” who built this Nation are Hated…Those who Fought in the “Civil War” are hated & the REASONS are ALL BASED on a Damn Liberal Lie…Those who Fought in WWII & WWI are hated, those who fought in Vietnam are Hated…Christians are now hated …..HATE is the Operative Word here, it is the LIBERAL OBJECTIVE, it will also be our DEATH…We have in EFFECT become our on Worst Enemy…

AS WE SLOWLY DESCEND INTO the Deep Abyss of the Apparent SUICIDE of AMERICA, I question why so many are Just Fine with that Solution?….Is our Self Hate that deep? I know I’m not the only one with this Observation, but why can we UNITE & do our own version of a “coup d’état ?” There is no reason to tolerate this

The still Liberal controlled Washington DC LOST an election they thought they had RIGGED 100%, they are Mad As Hell & they Will Not Allow this to ever happen again. They being Cowards, need the Muslims to fight their War, they themselves are Cowards…This is Far but over, prepare for the worst, pray for the best!


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