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There are days & moments when some of us just can’t contain ourselves anymore! You are forced to Laugh, Cry or throw a “Temper Tantrum” that even your “Anger Management Classes” could never contain….Speaking For Myself & Candidly, the “Liberalization Of America” & the Final Chapter are being Scripted, Choreographed & Plotted for a “Prime Slime Extravaganza” And if they had their way they’d offer a “Pay Per View” of the planned “Coup d’état & Civil War!” IF YOU KNOW HOW THE LIBERALS THINK & HATE you’d have to think “Cathy Griffith” would Host the Event….And of course playing in SYNC on all the CIA/SOROS Controlled MEDIA….They wouldn’t have it any other way…..

The part that Baffles me is WTH do people think they’re going to gain from this…Governments NEVER relinquish POWER after a “Coup d’état”, so what will they gain…More Freebies? More Freedoms? Ignorant Bastards…All Chaos creates is more chaos…Do you really think that George Soros would then VOID an Election & Appoint the Drug addict & acholic HILLARY CLINTON as the QUEEN OF MEAN…He’d have to have a LONG Cattle Prod stuffed up her smelly ass to control her Dysfunctional Blathering…

Isn’t it TIME for AMERICANS (IF there are any left) to honestly say, like it or not “this is what it is” nothing more nothing less…You/we kept ELECTING the Worst of the Worst, the most Corrupt, the biggest Liars, the biggest Frauds the WORLD HAS EVER SEEN Again, Again & Again…You gave the KEYS TO THE HIGHWAY to people who should be BEHIND PRISON BARS & you Blame it on ONE MAN….GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK…Actually, all they are trying to do with President TRUMP is make him the “FALL GUY”.

If you want to make him the FOOL-so be it, but you better wake up to the REALITY that EVERYTHING you’ve been taught to think, to believe in is the BIGGEST LIE this world has ever seen…We elect/select 537 people to take care of our BUSINESS & They sold you/me/we out like a JUDAS for 30 PIECES of Worthless SOROS/ROTHSCHILD Paper.

How many of you UNDERSTAND what Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Nazism or Dictatorships REALLY REALLY ARE? Well, let’s just “CUT TO THE MUSTARD” they don’t SERVE THE PEOPLE…What Do DRUG ADDICTS & Politicians have in common? Other than DRUGS that is! The LUST FOR MORE…Whatever that is..If they get off on SADISM they want to inflict MORE PAIN…With Politicians like we have today, I see most of them are THROW-BACKS to NERO &’s about HEDONISM, Pedophilia, Rape, Sadism, Narcissism, Control & Gold to the degree they see themselves as MESSIAHS, Savants or even SATAN himself…I’m not so sure of anything anymore..

The one thing people forget is that “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!” When this GOVERNMENT allowed the COMMUNISTS TO infiltrate our COLLEGES after Both World Wars, it was just a matter OF TIME…When Schools started Becoming “Behavior Modification Factories” the Drugs & Sexual Deviancy started..When you have an IGNORANT CULTURE they are much easier to CONTROL & MANIPULATE.

The Setup goes like this, use the FOOLS & TOOLS you control to ANGER & DIVIDE those you DON’T….IMO that is why we are LOOKING at another CIVIL WAR, soon I might add! The Oligarchs that Control Washington DC lust to OWN THE WORLD via what we call “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”.So Just as they did in EUROPE they PUSHED for OPEN BORDERS. they brought in MUSLIMS from War-Torn Countries…Didn’t matter if they HATED AMERICA or not, they only need a few to SPREAD the HATE….They Quit Deporting those who came here from MEXICO Illegally & they did this for TWO REASONS…#1 The Spanish aren’t lazy so they provide CHEAP LABOR & #2 you can put them ILLEGALLY on the VOTER ROLES & have Them VOTE DEMOCRAT… That sets the Stage for the “HATE & BLAME GAME” the Ignorant Liberals Play…

Regardless of what you see or think the LIBERALS “HOLD SWAY” in WASHINGTON DC…For the most Part there is but ONE POLITICAL PARTY…Prove me Wrong..yes there are a FEW…FEW is the operative Word though! The Liberal Progressive Communist Party WANTED to IMPEACH every Republican President // Reagan, both BUSH’s & now TRUMP…nothing is really new here except for TWO THINGS….THE MEDIA is now under CIA/Soros, Communist, Liberal Control & the DEEP State which has had 8 years of a SOROS Stooge Communist, Muslim & Homosexual OBAMA to put NEW WORLD ORDER Men in place…FYI it’s not like BUSH 2 was any good either…He & his FATHER were both Lousy Presidents…enough of that, I digress…

The 2016 election didn’t have the OUTCOME that they thought they had. They thought they had RIGGED it & let’s be honest here..#1 Hillary was a ROTTEN Candidate & #2 TRUMP won on an ANTI-WASHINGTON VOTE…they did not see the latter coming. Soros & the Communist Machine thought they could use TRUMPS Crudeness & Naivety against him…It didn’t work in the ELECTION but because the FAUX Republicans won’t back TRUMP at anything it’s taking a toll now…Having said that TRUMP is his own Worst Enemy, he does shoot himself in the Foot often…And I often wonder if he UNDERSTANDS the ROTHSCHILD’S “Killed Kennedy” & he is in the NWO’s Way to “World Domination”, while I am SURE he knows the NAZI BASTARD George Soros, “So What” you have to remember SOROS killed his own People in WWII…He is SATAN Reincarnated

SOROS has also stated his lifelong GOAL is to Destroy AMERICA…THINK about that a moment, SOROS comes to this Country after Breaking the “Bank Of England” there are Warrants out for him in many places/countries….PUTIN/Russia wants him DEAD & this COUNTRY & WASHINGTON DC welcomes him (MONEY) with “Open Arms” …He is now the SUGAR-DADDY to the Liberal Communist Party…Hillary Clinton calls him the WORLDS Greatest Entrepreneur….He Funds HATE GROUPS, is behind the PUSH to bring MUSLIMS to AMERICA…HELL, he’s our #1 Enemy & Washington DC loves him…HOW THE HELL DO WE WIN….

He is Paying for all of the Anarchy we see daily, this is actually “PLAN B” that the communists are using to perform their “Coup d’état”…we see it as just ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER FIRE & ANOTHER FALSE FLAG…The public is too STUPID to know or see the TRUTH…AMERICA is dying because of LIBERALISM…This has nothing to do with Fairness, Equality, Coexistence, Sexism or for that matter even MUSLIMS…the ENEMY has a WASHINGTON DC Address, it’s both Fake, Faux Political Parties.The other enemies we can or could have dealt with one at a time….COULD is the operative word, “Time Is Not On Our Side”


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