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There are days when I wonder if I haven’t lived out my usefulness in this world! I’m sure others feel that way themselves! Nothing seems real anymore, it seems artificial, fake almost like its a game, but a game of what…Charades only describes the OPTICS,it doesn’t even touch the Substance of what I see (and others) of what’s MISSING in this Scene, View,Snapshot or Moment in time..

It seems to me we are on the “Threshold” of some sort of change, but to what? By that I mean nothing is Logical or Rational, it’s anything but! Are we waiting in “Anticipation” of a Big Event, the Hammer Falling or some kind of Other World Event? And even though WORLD WAR II was fought “Decades ago” It seems like we’ve just been through a WAR & got the HELL beat out of us & now we’ve become PRISONERS…Well we certainly are PRISONERS of FEAR, thanks to the LIBERALS that have Taken Over The World…It would be easier to UNDERSTAND if we had been INVADED by “Little Green Men From Mars”but it was the Educated IDIOT that did it to us..

Most of us that grew up as “Baby Boomers” know how COMMUNISM started coming into this country via TWO WARS & Communist Infiltration of COLLEGES 1st, PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2nd & the MEDIA & HOLLYWOOD 3rd…I won’t waste you time with that Journey…But NEEDLESS to say those Little Bastard Boys Grew Up & are Holding the Reins to our WELFARE..”We should have know better”-famous last words..

Lets “State The Obvious”- STUPID PEOPLE Elect Crooked, Corrupt & Deadly Sociopaths as Congressman & they do it over & over & over again…It’s become almost INFINITE..The Wheel Keep On Turning but we aren’t going anywhere, well anywhere that’s good..OK I throw in the “Going To Hell In A Hand-Basket Thing” I did that, now let’s move on..

What I see when I look out my Window, turn on the Television or (Nowadays) the Computer the View or Images comes across like something “Ray Bradbury” would have Written for “The Twilight Zone”.60 years ago…crap its like all of that was Prophecy..And let me add I read ALL of the Books by Huxley, Orwell & Ayn Rand in the 60’s & 70’s…Their views & fears have all come to pass as well…

I was Pretty damn good with history & as I recall Hitler’s Propaganda General GOEBBELS said something to the effect,”Whoever Controls The Media Controls Public Opinion”..And I think you get the Drift, “Tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth”…

Lets be honest here, there are EVIL MEN in this World that want to horde all of the Gold, Minerals, Water, Food to Control everything we do…They WANT to OWN/CONTROL the Whole World…They aren’t exactly WAR LORDS but the result is the same…They Create Scenarios around the World that lead to Chaos & Anarchy & Profit from it…Death, Civil War, Murder, War Crimes, they don’t care..And then one day some of the remaining Sane people wake up & say, “How they hell did all this happen….Well the answer is actually SIMPLE…While you were busy Making a Living, Working, Feeding your Family & paying off Debt, your QUIT Paying attention to what was going on ALL AROUND YOU & by then it was ‘Too Damn Late”

Well, in my opinion it is TOO LATE in Europe! Great Briton, France, Germany , Italy, Greece & most of the Netherlands are knocking on Deaths door(at this moment)..By that I mean “The Point Of No Return!” Shouldn’t we be Honest & admit “America” will not be too far behind…

As I sit here with the IDIOT TUBE Running in the next room, there is a Concerted EFFORT to Destroy Donald Trump, the Presidency, the Rule of Law, all of our History & all of our Hopes & Dreams..they will do this ANYWAY they can…IMPEACHMENT is one they talk about but What Did He Actually Do that made every LIBERAL PARASITE in the Universe Mad…WELL (drum roll) He beat HILLARY CLINTON in an Election they thought they had 100% Rigged..And let me also state this TRUMP was an OUTSIDER…he wasn’t supposed to WIN ANYTHING he made 98% of the FAUX Political Class (Less) mad to boot…

The Media is now an ESTATE of the LIBERAL COMMUNIST PARTY…So they Handle all of the PROPAGANDA WARS, hey here’s no Competition…How many of you know about “Operation Mockingbird” it was a CIA Mission started after WWII to put the NEWS AGENCIES in the hands of the Federal Government & in essence become a “Disinformation News Service”…Well don’t look now but that sounds just like CNN,MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS & to a lesser extent FOX Broadcasting…

So what we have now is Information services providing Prejudiced Propaganda & Dogma for the Communist Party AKA Liberals, Progressives or Democrat…A Duck is a duck is a duck…And that’s one way they’ve RIGGED THE GAME… They’ve also for decades been creating a WELFARE STATE…Lets be honest here as far as ETHICS & MORALS go there is NO Difference between a “DRUG PUSHER” & a member of this Elected , Selected Privileged Member of Congress…You have a PRODUCT, you Create the Need, the Addiction & you have a Supply & Demand Business…

The other thing that many people overlook is the Oligarchy AKA the Banksters, they run the show from behind the Curtain…They are the ones who WANT the point of OBSESSION…They Manipulate economies..They are the ones who Instigate all of the Class, Race & Religion Warfare….They wanted open borders in Europe & what did the Europeans get in return MUSLIMS & I might add the WORST of the WORST…In all of these countries as well as AMERICA there are also AGING Populations, School Systems are Failures so Ignorance has exploded & people who have no SKILLS…Most jobs are Poorly paying ones & therefore People are Disenchanted ”

In Europe they Brought in Muslims, in America this Government (Liberal) wanted Cheap they Brought in Illegals from Mexico & South America to fill that servant role…So you may ask, what is the ROLE of the MUSLIMS, that have been ushered into this country, well lets break that one down (SOME)…not for Cheap Labor..they won’t Work, they Don’t Pay Taxes either, they don’t Assimilate into society, they hate the American Lifestyle, they Hate Homosexuals, the treat Women like Hell, they Bitch about everything, they want everything served up to them when they want it on a silver platter, they get Free healthcare, Food stamps & Housing….The liberals also wanted them here because for those of us who WORK OUR ASS OFF, it pisses us off.(To Have Freeloaders Living Off of us)..the other reason the BIGGEST is the NWO boys want the MUSLIMS to FIGHT a Civil War for them should they need one to “Put The Finale Nail In America’s Coffin…

The LIBERALS in Washington DC are some of the sorriest Bastards that have ever walked in this world…No Soul, no Heart, no Kindness-all EVIL…Hitler would MARVEL at their slime…These Bastard s are doing all they can to make sure TRUMP doesn’t finish his term…Impeach, Assassination, Civil War they don’t care..With them the “Ends Justify The Means”…they hate everything, it has consumed them Totally!

Whether you admit or not this Country is in DECLINE, a serious one at that..And the CYNIC in me says I don’t see how we “Pull out of this Nose-Dive” The “Old Country Boy” from Texas says, “not so fast & not without a fight!” And the “New World Order” boys Soros, Rothschild’s & all the rest of the Bilderberg “Satanic Bastards” who are the SHADOWY FIGURES IN THE DARK ALLEYS will employ every Trick KNOWN to SATAN to DESTROY AMERICA, that is their Goal. These VILE & PATHETIC URCHINS that come from the BOWELS of HELL are lurking at every corner,standing behind every curtain & contaminating everything they touch…

Passive Resistance has FAILED, Turning the other Cheek is seen as a weakness, Bitching at the TV Screen isn’t heard by anyone other than the NSA that is in fact listening & Voting the BASTARDS out is either a MYTH or it’s TOO DAMN LATE…take your pick…If you/we want to SAVE AMERICA we will have to get our hands very dirty & bloody..There needs to be a REVOLUTION & it Needs to Happen NOW, not later..The Washington DC cancer has no cure, it needs to be REMOVED…PERIOD..

I know those are UGLY THOUGHTS, well look at it this way, its either US of THEM, there is no Compromise..To deny reality is the same as EMBRACING our Demise..


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