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The Requiem Of A Fool

The Requiem Of A Fool

Another day, another verse
Another moment & goal to squander
Just join in, hear the liars spin
There is just so much Pain to ponder
We find our faith, has turned to hate
As the “Black Widows” Web surrounds
I see darkened days as the Devil Plays
And happiness cannot be found

We hear a lie, no questions to why
Seems we accept & move right along
And will the knife cut through the strife
That we all know is wrong
Have we all dented our selfless pride
To become prisoners of our fears
It’s not enough to just call a bluff
In a world now seen through tears

Who is this fool who acts so cool
Who knows the answers for nothingness
What lies in wait, is ignorance our fate
Is this what fools call bliss
Are we telling tales or selling dark spells
Have we squandered our only chance
Too numb to feel what is real
The Requiem Of A Fool

If you went to the trouble to read the above, suffice to say I’m not in an “Overjoyed Celebrating Mode or Mood” ….The Worlds on Fire, I smell Gas, I see Torches, I see Fools, I the Brain Dead Zombie like Creatures that DR Frankenstein(SOROS) has TRAINED in MASS to “Burn, Pillage, Rape, Murder, Extort & Bribe in mass….What say you? I’m sorry, but it’s very hard to be Optimistic when for all practical purposes the WHOLE DAMN WORLD has Been Torched by either LIBERALISM of MUSLIMS…In my book, they are “One & The Same” …

Have we reached the LOW POINT in this seemingly “Useless Journey” where the People (LOL) are too “DAMN STUPID or IGNORANT to know better? Children once assumed to be “Innocent” are “Indoctrinated into “Sexual Perversion’s?” It’s one thing to QUESTION, but it’s entirely another thing to be “Coached, Persuaded, Encouraged, Brain-Washed & Bombarded” with “Preposterous Propaganda-BS…

How many of you KNOW that the German (Hitler) Put Fluoride in the “DRINKING WATER” because is had the effect of a “Sedative”….By that “I MEAN” it took the EDGE OFF or to use a modern term it could help make you “Comfortably Numb!” How many of you KNOW that the CIA experimented with PEOPLE mush like the German Dr. Death (JOSEF MENGELE) In the 1960’s with “LSD” do I need to spell it out…What BUSINESS is BOOMING in the “Health-Care Area?” Answer: “PHARMACEUTICALS”

LET ME say it this way….It’s one thing to be STUPID (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) but if you’re Trained like an “Organ Grinder’s Monkey” to do “Stupid Pet Tricks” and “NUMBED” via Drugs (Legal or Otherwise) what Chance in HELL do you have in being :”The Best You Can Be?” This was once a “Completive World” you lesson you ODDS at winning if you are “STONED” in one form or fashion all the time…

The POINT I’m trying to make here is that this WASHINGTON DC Government has been for DECADES trying to “RIG THE GAME” in such a way they can NEVER Be caught…What better way than to INSURE a Silent “Coup d’état” ….Unlike the JFK Assassination, Kennedy was a Media Darling. & the Deep State (Rothschilds) killed him anyway…TRUMP is HATED by the “Fat Cats of the Washington DC “Oligarchy”.It’s My Opinion the Deep State (Still Controlled by the Soros/Rothschild Satanic Bastards) figure they can KILL this President TRUMP & no one will give a damn …Hell, they CONTROL 95% MEDIA & Likely 90% of Washington DC…What do they have to FEAR?.And like Hitler, they have the MUSLIMS & The IGNORANT FOOLS doing the “Dirty Work” …Hell, how can they miss?

Ever since the JFK Assassination, this government has continually taken a STEP BACKWARDS & we ALLOWED IT!…We listened to one Outlandish lie after another & did NOTHING….We Voted for Corruption at almost Every Turn….We Knowingly Took Bribes, we allowed ourselves to be compromised so we were then Extorted until they Bankrupted what Few Damn Morals We Had Left…..We once had a Legacy that we could have been PROUD of…I Am ASHAMED of what we’ve become….We Down-Graded at every opportunity…WE HAVE BEEN PLAYING THE GAME TO LOSE & we have indeed done that

Every “Civilization” has a “Rise & Fall”…America will be no different as HISTORY Records it truthful or not! Most people have no real CLUE we are “Skating on Thin Ice Now” & Actually Most could “CARE-LESS!” STUPIDITY & NARCISSISM Killed AMERICA …This world now full of “Bottom Feeders” will soon be “Forever Prisoners” to those who “Run This Rotten Show” Will they ever “Wake-Up to the TRUTH?” I have my doubts…Most can’t even change their own “Soiled Underwear” without HELP….Some don’t even know what Sex they are (Regardless of Plumbing)…Many can’t Write, Add or Subtract, they need “Safe Rooms” to hide from the “Boogie Man”…They haven had an ORIGINAL THOUGHT in their USELESS at TITS on a BULL Lifetime….If they SURVIVE it will only be for “Entertainment Purposes” ….Instead of being “Fed to the Lyons” for Sport, they’ll be FED to the MUSLIMS to use, abuse & Eat for food…

This life can be hell & it can be heaven but let’s not call or confuse one for the other like LIBERALISM has…Liberals Love to Hate, but Hate is not Love…This is not a “Fairytale” that has a “Tear in your Eye Happy Ending!” This is a NIGHTMARE, but it’s now becoming REALITY….If this is UTOPIA…I’ll take a pass…And to those few out there that still are “Optimistic” about our Tomorrows…I will only say “Good Luck” the World does need Believers…The Realist in me says..YES this is all FIXABLE, but not likely…To FIX this SINKING SHIP will require “Sacrifice- like most are Not Even PREPARED to Pay…BLOOD & DEATH! Now if a WAR does, in fact, come & “WE” are “PREPARED” to fight (Ready) we have a shot…

Washington DC is full of Cowards, they may well destroy themselves FLEEING a WAR ZONE….That does not speak to the “Multitudes of FOOLS” out there that “Do What They’re Told” without question…They will fight, burn, destroy what they can….that is to say, what they haven’t already!… The MUSLIMS will play the ROLL as BUZZARDS eating the “Road Kill!” Sadly as in every WAR, the Innocents & those who deserved better will DIE….Personally, I’m tired of living in what’s become an “EXCREMENT HOLE” for Liberals & their ANAL brothers MUSLIMS…It’s almost like we need a PERMIT to BREATHE, let alone Speak, Live, Love, Think (not allowed) Reason (not allowed) & Die (that’s encouraged)!

What comes to your mind when I use the old line,”When Fools Rush In?” Do you see a “Cavalry of Bravado,” I think not…Maybe a “Cavalcade of Maggots” going out to eat “Road Kill” & spread “Disease!” Have we all Built “Fortresses” that have become “PRISONS?”….Seems so to me…If the Enemy doesn’t kill us, Fear will…Brilliant deduction & Rationale! HELL, it seems to me we can’t even play a game of POKER let alone one of WAR…

Think about it this way: we’ve all heard & used the “Cliche”-“It’s The Blind Leading The Blind”….What if I said that was ALL part of the CON? The Evil Bastards that HIDE behind the Curtain want & need you to believe this is just a road & ALL of these “Miscues & Mistakes” are just “Growing Pains” …That my friend is a Blatant LIE….SATAN Plays for KEEPS… This is NOT a Damn Stupid Child-like Game…this is LIFE & DEATH…of America, your Family & your Friends…If you don’t CARE, who will? If you don’t QUESTION, who will? If you don’t Believe, why would anyone else? If you won’t make a STAND, why should anyone else? Again another “Cliche-“You are either part o the Problem or you are part of the Solution!” Either one may very well get you/us Killed…But you don’t accomplish anything by “Playing The Game To Lose, Much Less Surrendering!”

It’s almost as if we are in “A Race To The Bottom!” Where are the “Best & Brightest?” Where are the “Over-Achievers & I don’t mean Messiah- want to be’s either? Are we following the INCA’S (DoDo Birds) into Extinction? Are we at that POINT that HUXLEY Describes in his Book, “Brave New World” where the Elite’s & Fools no longer Reproduce from the WOMB but “TEST TUBES,”we’re getting damn close to that IMO….Isn’t that like”Sterilizing The Whole World” to get a “DUMBED DOWN CONFORMITY? The more we try to “Play God” the more we “SCREW IT UP” good intentions or not…

While I seem to be on a rant here, we do need to look at history to see where we just may be going…I believe AMERICA in a Steep Decline & where the “End Game” takes us is a matter of Opinion & Perspective, I guess we will find out in “Due Time”…however it may well be TRUE that AMERICA -Survives all of this, but to become WHAT? Some of us know that ROME fell & we know that the Greek Civilization fell too…YET, they SURVIVE today as WHAT?–The only thing they have I COMMON with the prior Civilization (Incarnation) is the NAME ONLY….the only thing to remind them of their PAST is the RUINS left behind….Now tell me is that a “Comforting Thought? I hardly think so unless you are one of the “Liberalized Hate Filled HYENA Turds” that spend all their time Crapping, Burning, Puking while destroying everything that was HONEST & TRUTHFUL….And I ask, what the HELL do Liberals get in return for this?

AND FOR WHAT IT WORTH, The old term :”We can agree to disagree is Dead, Extinct or Passe’..take your pick…Anymore Disagreements just lead to another version of “ROAD RAGE”…Agree to live another day, disagree & Die…This thing called “Tolerance” is a MYTH at best…LIBERALISM has already KILLED Millions & there are yet Millions to go & be sacrificed in the name of the “Satanic Liberal God-lessness…

PS For what it’ worth “Anger Management Classes” ain’t going to cut it now or ever with me…And I’ll let it be KNOWN, now! “I DON’T FORGIVE MY ENEMIES” I’ll leave that to a better man or God…But I’m “Sick & Tired” of Self-Righteous Blowhards telling me How to Live my Damn Life! It takes a hell of “Audacity to tell me What to Eat, Drink, Smoke, Drive, Think, Say, Worship,Like, Dislike, Love, Respect , Friend , have as an Enemy, where to go, when to go , the reasons why, to cry, decry, , blame, shame, play the game, fart, depart, act smart, play dumb, relent, repent, time spent, waste, waste not, shelter, hide, stand, demand or even TRY to tell me “IF I CAN” you can all go to HELL & take ever Soros Owned Cock-Suckers with you….Have a good Day in Hell, you deserve it…

The Legacy of the CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments on America



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