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As a young child growing up in a somewhat large family of 6 (2 brothers & a sister) it was easy to get into “Mischief or Trouble” call it what you wish…And growing up on a small Rural Farm gave us more places to Explore & get into Trouble…And there is not a “One Of Us” that didn’t get into some Type of trouble from Time to Time…That is (if you will) in LIFE, it’s just how it was….Speaking for myself my “Mother” used to come across something that she knew was “askew” or “out of Place” OFTEN & one of us (ME) (was usually a “Prime Suspect” & would get “Called On The Carpet” & Interrogated about the “Matter”—She knew if we Stammered & Stuttered or TRIED to “Play Dumb” or Change the subject & Blame another who the Likely “Culprit” was…SADLY there was no ACLU present to make sure I was “Read My Rights” before I made a Statement, Plead the 5th or played the “Blame Game”…The POINT is, if I was GUILTY, “I TOOK THE FALL” no one else was going to “Do My Time”

Lets be honest here, I have no Problem with the FACT we all make MISTAKES, whether they be “Misguided, Intended or just in Error!” However, to me, one of the MOST Important aspects is the INTENT…Was HARM & DECEIT the INTENT…Maybe another word MALICE” describes it better..Hell you know what I’m inferring here! We all make MISTAKES & those who Learn the most from them are all the Better…It’s actually a “WIN, WIN THING” It’s a combination of Perspective, Truth, Knowledge that one day if we Live & Survive our TRIALS we will “REAP the BENEFITS”

This LIFE starts with a Breath & it will end with a Breath….The Part we FOCUS on is the part in between…There are RULES we have to play by & there are Roads (that we usually pick) that we Travel on…it’s in the middle of these Journeys we learn to Dream, to Wish, to Pray, to Play (our part) & with that we First LEARN, we Set Goals, we Work, we Apply ourselves & Sometimes they are Like “Tiny Seeds In A Garden” they grow up to become the Oak Tree, the Founder, the Man, the Woman, the Minstrel, the Teacher, the Pastor & ultimately the FAMILY…But we all played by the same RULES…Having said that From the Beginning of Time …there have ALWAYS been those who want to “Circumvent The Rules” …Some call it “Deviant Behavior” …Maybe that’s the “Cain & Able, Story”

CHEATERS have been with us since Creation, in fact, I think you can “Safely Say” they are the “Alternate Reality”…They are the “Polar Opposite” of RIGHT….It’s that “YIN & YANG” thing-personified! And for those who wish to make a “Light Hearted” statement, it is NOT the Simplistic “FRED SANFORD” statement-quote-line “The Devil Made Me Do It” thing ….Even though there Certainly is a “SATANIC ROLE in all of this…

Counties, Towns, Villages & Families all (for better or worse) have & reflect the same HIERARCHAL image…From the Elders to the providers to the children …Later on, in some lands the Elders became the “Chiefs” & later the “Kings, Queens, Princes & Princesses” …matters not what you call them, it’s still nonetheless a “Chain Of Command!”…Sometimes this was a “Good Thing” & sometimes it became a VERY “Bad Thing”…What if you’re VILLAGE was ruled by IDIOTS? What if NO-ONE Dared Questioned the “ROYAL FAMILY’s” Compliance? How many of you are Familiar with “Shakespeare’s-“RICHARD THE THIRD”—or the “Madness Of King George?” OK now how many have read & know the Story/Fable of “Narcissus?” For lack of a better word or description, he was the “Delusional Idiot with a ‘Messianic Complex” (he thought he was GOD) who DROWNED (Fell into the river) because he was too damn busy LOVING his IMAGE (Reflection)  ….Doesn’t any of that remind you of our PRESENT DAY “Classless Useless Evil politicians almost in-TOTAL? Does to me…Especially “Blow-Job Barry Obama”

Perhaps this is a “Structural Flaw” in Humanity that MIRRORS & REPEATS, time after time after time….Wasn’t is SUPPOSED to be the DUTY of OTHERS to Question & Keep a “Balance” of some sort here…For some Reason, maybe it’s FEAR or our own “Self-Esteem” issues…I was NEVER afraid to ASK my Parents, my Teachers, my Preacher or those “I RESPECTED” a QUESTION about Right or Wrong, be it theirs or mine? You can’t BLAME a “Patents Death on a Doctor whose CLIENT “Never told him what the Symptoms were!” COME-ON People we all know SOMETHING is VERY WRONG in WASHINGTON DC & it been Sick For DECADES…

For decades we’ve had a “Steady Stream” of “Narcissistic Messiah’s” creep like a CANCER into every part of society … People who THINK they know all of the “Answers to Life!” The reality is this, they “Don’t Know A Damn Thing” they are however EXPERTS on Human MISERY & SADISM…They’ve apparently NEVER made a “MISTAKE” in their Useless Life! They think their Every thought is “Divine” & every word they Speak, Belch or Fart is an “Epiphany” & some “Scribe” should just follow them around & Write all of their Gasps down on a “Scroll” & put away for Posterity for all to enjoy…

I hate to be the Bearer of BAD NEWS, but these BASTARDS are 100% Frauds….What is it about IGNORANCE is it the “New 21 Century Plague” that’s going to WIPE-OUT the Human-Like Species? Damn sure looks like it to me….

It’s telling at least to me that this UGLY MONSTER we call Politicians-Specifically LIBERALS take No Respectability for NOTHING but the “Communist Dream Of Barry-Soros World & Utopia” Hell if Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Obama, Clinton , Kerry & all the rest of the Boys, Girls, Lesbos, Gays & Transsexuals literally “Shit In Their Dresses, Britches or Diapers I’m sure it was #1 the Russians Fault then in some order Trumps Fault, Christians Fault, Conservatives Fault, Republicans Fault, the Weathers Fault, Global Warming’s Fault, Israelis Fault, The Irish, the Scots, the Brits, the Spanish or their Dead Forefather’s Fault…Come on now, don’t you SEE the “Trend Line” if you don’t WTF, you’re part of the problem…

Everything in today’s World is Drama, Theater, Hyperbole…did all the Advertising Agency’s that once worked for the MEDIA merge with the other Estates? When will we SEE the Bitch PELOSI being CAST as an “SUPER-BITCH” saving the “Brain-Dead?” Will the IDIOT- “Waters” be cast as a MUSLIM Mother Mary? ..Come on now I know all this SEEMS Absurd but, Turn on the “Propaganda Box” tune into CNN or MSNBC-listen to the “Pitch” their SELLING….It’s just as FRIGGING Absurd ….All they ever do is make a MOUNTAIN OUT OF THE MOLEHILL & MOHAMMAD …

When the time comes & you/we/me go to “meet our Maker” what will you ANSWER be as he asks you this: Shouldn’t you have known Better? Shouldn’t have asked more questions? Shouldn’t you have asked for some ‘Accountability” as I am now with you? Did I not Prepare you with Eyes to See with, Ears to hear with, a Nose to Smell with, a BRAIN to USE? What do you say to yourself, what is your defense & what would you do in my shoes as I pass Judgement? What say You- Fool-Pawn or Victim?

We’ve made a mess of this Life, this Opportunity, this Road…we don’t get do-overs & even if we did, do we really DESERVE ONE? Be your own Judge…Many of us are “More Critical” of ourselves & how we view ourselves than others are….I’m guilty of that one…Somewhere on this road, we lost sight of WHAT was really important in life….Wasn’t the GOAL or the real meaning of a successful life your LOVES, Family, Friends, Nature, our Pets, our Land, the Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, the Sun, Moon & Sky…We plant seeds, we pray for rain, we harvest & we share….All the rest of this is USELESS …I don’t give a DAMN about all the Gold in the World…Just Give me SHELTER from the Storm, a Soul Mate, a Puppy, a Cat, a Garden & a Guitar…all the rest of this is USELESS….

There is a very old line that seems to fit here:”There are no Pockets in Shrouds”…We can’t take it with us…only the MEMORIES …

I find it more than TELLING, that so FEW give a  damn about TRUTH ! All the people (if you can call them that)  are interested in doing anymore is “Burying” the Truth in the Deepest ABYSS they can find…These people don’t even deserve the “Time A Day” yet they WANT & DEMAND it all…Pardon for the inflammatory Rhetoric, but they can all BURN in Hell… ASAP!

The Final Government Objective: Enslave or Kill Us All via @DCClothesline


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