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Well “hello” everyone “Here Comes The Weekend” ..don’t you just love it? It’s summer & it’s time to BBQ some Pork (screw the Muslims) have a Sandwich with BACON on it, drink a Beer (or not)…Sit back & watch some Baseball, an old Classic Western Movie or a Classic “Mystery or Horror” Movie!” Or you can go play a Round of Golf, go to the Lake or Grab your Gear & go Fishing! And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better …You can follow all the Pomp, Circumstance, Hyperbole, Beating Drums for all the Yard Sales, Flea-Market Sales, Super-Market Sales & FIRE SALES! WAIT I almost forgot the 24/7 Staged “FIASCO” coming out of NYC (media) & Washington DC (simulcast)  ….Just grab a 6-pack of whatever, throw abandon to the wind & JUMP.

This year Promises to be one of the “BEST EVER” if you take a good look at what’s going on in the World around you…This SUMMER is shaping up to be one of the GREATEST we’ve seen since the “Flag-Burning Days of the 1960’s”.Every ANTI-AMERICAN Group that George Soros & his Alcoholic & Coked Up “DISCIPLES in Congress” can find, will be on Every Corner BURNING, PILLAGING & PLUNDERING Everything! It will be one continual “Highlight Reel ” after another on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & NBC…I guess we will get to see a lot of “Speeches, Spiels, Sales Pitches & Propaganda Pieces from AMERICA’S MOST CORRUPT Convicted Coke Dealer & Reverend” the Esteemed AL SHARPTON & of Course Jesse Jackson & George Soros’s personal FLUFFER- The Immaculate FAGGOT -Barry-the-Fairy OBAMA….You might be able soon to get the PROGRAMMING in HD (3-D lite)….Just what we all DREAMED Of or For!!!!

I’m starting to think, understand or realize that LIBERALS are on a “Perpetual High of Hate” it does not MATTER whatsoever what they are Mad at or Hate, hell I think they were “Born, Hatched, Created” for one Purpose only in life.To HATE Everything & create all the “Chaos & Anarchy” they can in the Wake of other people’s Misery….

Of course, everyone knows by now this was a DREAM come true from the ALINSKI Dream & Apprenticeship Program from the 50’s & 60’s, or they should.That’s where we got Bill Ayres (Barry’s Boy) & Hillary Clinton who wrote a College THESIS on this Communist-Satanic Bastard…And if you may, I am not using innuendo when I refer to this Bastard as COMMUNIST–Fact he was registered as one & SATANIC–well he Dedicated his book “Rules For Radicals” to Satan…Infer what you wish, but this is not a LEAP or STRETCH …

I guess every week or day we can look forward to seeing “Highlight Reels” featuring “Black lives Matters” or the “LBGT Groups (whatever their called)” Muslim Groups (CAIR-ISIS in DRAG),” Illegal Alien Groups” or ANTIFA Groups…I’m starting to think, “HATE AMERICA GROUPS” has become a Cottage Industry….Hell SOROS & his Buddies will FUND you….

We are a couple of WEEKS away from the JULY 4th Independence Day Celebrations…Does anyone want to hazard a GUESS about what these BASTARDS might have PLANNED …It could be UGLY or this could well be more “Fear Mongering” from the Communist Left….I am going to make this statement, take it for what its worth….WE have already Given & Sacrificed TOO DAMN Much already by allowing this “Staged Dog & Pony Show” to continue…The More we GIVE IN TO FEAR the more they win & the more we lose….Call it what you wish but this damn sure is not “The Summer Of Love Revisited”

Everything in AMERICA had to be “Litigated” these days….There are Disclaimers on Pill bottles, Disclaimers behind every commercial we see, Disclaimers on every contract, Disclaimers on the boxes or cans of food we eat, Disclaimers on the Beverages we drink, I guess soon the LOONY LEFT will want Disclaimers on the AIR we Breathe….If one was “Outside Looking In ” at this FIASCO you’d think this was a “Satirical Comedy Routine” much like “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” but it’s anything but….Let’s use a term coined from the Playwright Edward Albee -“Theater Of The Absurd” sadly very few will get the meaning of what I inferred!

Most people know the STORY of JUDAS & His selling out JESUS for 30 coins of SILVER….Then let’s turn & look at the 537 “THINGS” we elect to Run, Ruin & Control our Lives…IMO 98% of them are in the JUDAS Category …There is nothing that they will not DO or SELL to Stay in POWER!  WELL HOLD ON ,”That is” WHATS LEFT of what they’ve been SELLING for DECADES…There is NOT a BRIBE that they will not TAKE & yes, of course, they can be EXTORTED as well….They why the NSA, CIA & FBI were created….you didn’t really believe they were here to “Serve Their Government & People?” What a Joke…

Capitalism in AMERICA was once based on the idea of “Entrepreneurial Thoughts & Business Ideas” not JUST for “Big Corporations” – well the OLD “Mom & Pop Stores” are Extinct..They were either DRIVEN out of Business by the all of the FAT CATS or they were Gobbled up in a “Leveraged Buy-Out”….Understand me now I have no PROBLEM with companies making Money, “BUT” this Government used to Protect the Consumer by enforcing thinks like “Anti-Trust Laws” well those days are GONE-Forevermore!

This Government actually OPERATES on Semi-Legal Extortion…that’s, why the Communist Bastards got in bed with Illegals ( for Votes) & Muslims (Mid-East MONEY) There, is NOTHING they won’t do or sell to stay in POWER…It in not about Serving those who Need them, it’s about SERVING their own Damn Needs.MONEY TALK$ & BULL $HIT WALK$!

If you have a DREAM they want to TAX it & Control it….If you have an IDEA, it was Theirs FIRST. If you have a Simple ORIGINAL THOUGHT they will knock you down & Slander you into Submission…Think about it this way; the STATE (Washington DC) sees itself a “Godhead”.They think they are the TRUTH & the LIGHT & you MUST FOLLOW them into the “Depths Of Hell” if need be…You are “PART OF THE MACHINE” that is the Way they see it…Eventually, they will KILL all of us…FOR SPORT…This is a GAME …they don’t care & they NEVER did…

Think of it this way, We are in fact FREE to do what they say! And we get the privilege of PAYING for everything….Forgive me now I don’t want to get into the “Rhetorical Blathering” or “Argument” about AMERICA being a “Constitutional Republic” we “Ceased” being that DECADES ago!…What PRICE can you & yours Put on you Memories? That being your Childhood, your Families , you Friends, the Dumb & Silly things we all did Growing up! What were they Worth to you? Are you willing to FIGHT for them? Or will you listen to the Beat of the Distant War Drums? The way I see they will kill us all “Sooner or later” …We will all DIE eventually, that’s just life, BUT these bastards try to sell you that LIFE is Theirs & Theirs alone to Sell or Terminate as they see fit….Or is it we are all just caught up in the idea, “We’re just Pawns in the Game Of Life?”

What kind of Epitaph should their be on our Tombstone ..RIP – Cause of death: “SUICIDE by IGNORANCE” with a cardboard sign saying “FIRE SALE-EVERYTHING MUST GO!”

This Society, this land & the People who Walk, Live & Dwell on it think they know all the answers…The TRUTH is no one has the ANSWERS it’s a CON…this is a Masquerade or Charade take your pick…Sometimes I wonder if we aren’t all DEAD but just don’t Know it yet….



  1. ladyshinsha ⋅

    OMG! That was awesome, funny as hell, but completely true.

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