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With every passing day & every passing moment I personally feel, more & more out of place.It’s that “Stranger In A Strange Land” thing!..And while I recognize this world is constantly changing, but to WHAT? What are we “Morphing” into? ..There are Characters & there are “Caricatures”..they are NOT the same thing…one is an Exaggeration in today’s FAKE, FAUX or PHONY Culture one is TAKEN for the other….Mind you I used TAKEN instead of MISTAKEN for a reason…one is taught & implied as a truthful “Reflection”- it is anything but that…


I am a “Baby Boomer” so I grew up & I was exposed to the “Drug Culture” of the 60’s…But America’s love affair with DRUGS “Legal or Illegal” runs VERY DEEP…Let go back to the ‘Roaring 20’s+ when there was an Alcohol Prohibition…What this Government Figured out is that it was FAR BETTER to Control & Tax the BOOSE than make it ILLEGAL…Let’s be honest here WASHINGTON DC Loves the MONEY part….it’s that “Cash on the Barrelhead thing” …It’s not like they (most of them) gave a damn about DRUNKS…Most of that “FAUX SOCIAL CLASS” is full of Alcoholics anyway…they always kept the GOOD STUFF from themselves anyway….And just for the RECORD, most of the “Narcotics” (opium, cocaine) were unregulated then too….

It was still common in the 50’s to know of Doctors that had addiction problems…I knew a few myself….The only time PEOPLE started facing the Reality of “Addictions” is when they started affecting “MIDDLE-CLASS FAMILIES”…That started late 50’s into the 60’s & no the PROBLEM has not been SOLVED….It’s actually worse!


In my opinion, that’s more or less when the NUMBING of AMERICA & EUROPE kicked into gear…How many times did a Doctor tell you or someone,”take one of these PILLS 3 times a day & come back next week, only to be repeated again & again…It was about that time the COMMUNISTS started Infiltrating the Universities…They & this Government FIGURED out LONG TERM people (youth in particular) could be more “Readily Controlled & Brain-Washed” with the USE & HELP of DRUGS & BOOZE….This GOVERNMENT already knew what the POWER of the MEDIA could do for them….Does anyone here remember “Subliminal Messaging” before it was “Supposedly Outlawed” in the 60’s…I do, but I’m a Relic from the past anyway…

In the 60’s the FEDERAL Government started a CIA Operation to Infiltrate, Control & Influence the MEDIA…it was called “Operation Mockingbird” …INFER what you like but this GOVERNMENT knew what Propaganda did for HITLER…Let me describe it this way…it’s what a salesman calls “The Art Of Closing A Deal”….You ask LEADING Questions, just like a Lawyer would that will LEAD your Subject to the “Final Answer or Solution”

The point I’m trying to make (I know I’m meandering) is that this Government, just like a Con, Crook or a LIAR tries to always SELL,”Fake Solutions” …they were Never Ever INTENDED to WORK….Think about it this way….DOCTORS & DRUG COMPANIES don’t make MONEY from $elling Cures…They make money by “Managing it” Yes it is all about the MONEY….


This country like all the others has a “Multitude of Problems” & there’s likely not ONE that was made BETTER by the Classless, Useless Members of Congress! In fact, I’d argue they made MOST of it Worse with the INTENT to Create a Charade or Con to Fleece all of us….Where will it stop…IT WILL NOT EVER STOP ..that is unless “We The People Stop It” but we won’t will we….

The reality is this…EVERY word Spoken by some IDIOT in Washington DC s a “Contrived Lie!” The Messaging is TWO-FOLD; they do speak (LIE) to their Base & they KNOW Full-Well their Message will ANGER as the Rest…That’s the intent….it is the Divide & Conquers game…It works because PEOPLE are Willfully Ignorant…by design….TRUTH HURTS …

Let’s go back & look at the CON of “Obama-Care” ..without question Health Care in this Country was a HUGE PROBLEM, did it EVEN try to address those ISSUES….If you say it does I’d like to know what DRUG you’re Taking or how much money you made on the CON…It was NEVER intended to Succeed….BUTthe LIBERAL COMMUNISTS knew that if they Created a New “Entitlement” the Con, Charade, Masquerade, the Dog & Pony Show would be “Self-Perpetuating”…And let’s face the other reality the Republicans aren’t much better if any…All that we will end up with is just another PLACEBO that will have to be changed like BABY DIAPERS every so often …

The MEDIA today with its POWER could get “AL CAPONE” elected or get him Killed….To me that’s scary…but it’s scary for two reasons..# 1 is they have too much power & # 2 is again our “Willful Ignorance” ..Apparently we don’t DARE “Pull back the Curtain & See who’s jerking our Chain”


How do we SURVIVE the LIES? We are Bankrupt-Monetarily & Morally….We will NOT face the Reality of the LIBERAL COMMUNIST THREAT or the MUSLIMS….This Government & its useful tools has CREATED a GENERATION of TRANSSEXUALS….out of thin air…well OK brain-washing…Gays & Lesbians were always around but the “Recruitment’ is starting in Grade School…This is not RIGHT unless you are a “Pervert” ….FAKE Christian Churches are Embracing this as well as ISLAM;;; WHY? Money…You tell me!.

When the FAMILY UNIT started dying, AMERICA started dying…That is what KILLED the ‘BLACK FAMILIES” in America….Divorce & Babies born in “Projects” killed most of their Dreams of a Better World ….Again what did this Government do to help? Created Welfare, Government Housing & it increasingly used the FAILED EDUACATON SCHOOLS as Parents…


I do not believe these RESULTS came by “Good Intentions” gone WRONG….This government Like every other Government is ADDICTED to its Power, Narcissism & Opulence…We allowed an “Oligarchy” to form because we were too damn busy WORKING to pay for our Debts. Again this just swapping one Big Problem for Another….It’s FAILING & the Placebo is used again & again & again…Swap one problem for another but it NEVER gets Better, it Gets Worse…

So what do we do now, continue to take one pill or more to make us smarter, numb, taller, shorter, change sex, make confusing & WRONG decessions…make us think we’re prettier…I don’t understand it, why can we just FACE the TRUTH?…or is that why some need SAFE-ROOMS?


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