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The lengths that the “Criminal Element in Washington DC” will go to to hide, deny & Blame others for the CRIMES they commit is “unfathomable!”…Let’s face it if you HIRE a family of Termites to protect your home & they destroy it…Who’s FAULT is it real when they do what is NATURAL for them….The members of the WASHINGTON DC Fraternal Order of Parasites were all “Born to Steal, Kill, Extort & Bribe (lest I forget Molest) what they see as the STUPID American….Shouldn’t we be honest with ourselves & admit this has been going on for DECADES…actually about 150 years, but that’s another story altogether…

I think the UGLY POINT I’m trying to make here is, we have the GOVERNMENT we apparently deserve, because we allowed this & looked the other way at EVERY TURN…When was the last TIME, “Cancer cured itself?” ANSWER: NEVER….For the most part, we can BLAME the ERRORS in the past on APATHY….I’m not so sure of that being the only factor anymore ….The invention of the RADIO & TELEVISION changed some of that….For example; if you watch a PROGRAM what do you see every so often.? Advertisements from the SPONSORS….What are they doing? They are SELLING you Crap you really don’t need but, through STAGING, INNUENDO, WRITING & ACTING they can make you want or desire that protect! On another level they are SELLING a Brand, it’s that “Name Recognition” thing…Some call that BRANDING…I call it Behavior Modification…Did you REALIZE that even a commercial that you HATE still works…you paid attention & remembered ¬†because you hated it so …

WORDS or SOUNDS are the very Essences of Communication…They are how we not only talk but how we store our actions & history for future endeavors …We use sounds as Warnings, for Passion, for the explanation, for emotions & we use them to SWAY, SELL or CONVEY…We learned a long time ago that we could ADD other Sounds to our WORDS to Convey “Subliminal types of Messages” …Would a Great Movie like “Ben Hur” be the same without the MUSIC Backdrop? I don’t think so…Also remember MOVIES, PLAYS & TELEVISION all EMPLOY …”Screen Writers”…How we CRAFT our Words, our Sentences can CREATE the desired effect…USUALLY EMOTIONS…Love, Hate, Fear, Lust, Trust, Kindness….It is literally a “Word Game”


By & Large everything you SEE & HEAR on the News, the Television or Radio is a CALCULATED written line…it is not AD LIB or Free Form Conversations happening LIVE….Hitler & his Propaganda Minister Goebbels understood the “Immense Power that Medium had….Well, for ONE make a LIE, Believable as if it were TRUTH ….How many time have you seen Newspapers get caught up in a lie & because of Pressure & maybe Plagiarism Laws print a “RETRACTION” were they EVER on the “FRONT PAGE” ..not hardly…Essentially the Damage & the Effect had been done already….The Newspapers or the WRITER Knew it was a LIE, they went for the RESULT they Wanted & Needed…

Let’s be Honest here, it’s not always literally what is said, it’s what you Inferred, or implied that does all the “Heavy Lifting!” All a person, a New Service or Politician has to do is “Sprinkle” one small dose of truth & Fictionalize the rest of the STORY; for EFFECT! They’ve been doing it for DECADES… By & Large EVERYTHING you hear on Television that’s called “NEWS” is anything but…It a concocted deliberate “Piece Of FICTION”
The CIA Controlled Media outlets are not here to INFORM you, their job is to Influence, sway, Coach & Change your Behavior enough to BELIEVE a LIE as the TRUTH…..And this has been going on wine “World War II”

There is a “Such Thing” as real TRUTH, but you won’t find it on the TV, Radio, Newspapers or Movie Theaters…How does one learn “TRUTH” when all you see or hear is Hate, Pain or some selling of a Narcissistic Behavior that implies WIN at any COST….TRUTH be Damned …We would all be better off if we ACCEPTED everything we heard was a Blatant Calculated Lie, them …MAYBE we’d examine & look for the Real Truth.Oh Hell, why would the Ignorant Sheep do that? They have their FREEBIES …They can Remain STUPID for eternity & they will; no goals, no soul, just BITCH to get ahead…


Today’s World & America, in particular, is at a “Breaking Point!” We are Sold one “Calculated Lie” after another…When we need Leadership, Vision, Real Character, Substance, Truth & Togetherness all we get is “Hate Filled Spiels, Sermons from the Elite’s sitting atop their Mountain of “Self-Righteousness” & “Hypocrisy”…We are & have been Manipulated into a Constant STATE of Frenzy …It’s almost like everyone is “Hyperventilating”…Damn what’s that old line..”GET A LIFE”…

Most of the Problems in this WORLD were CREATED by GOVERNMENTS to make the “Herding Of The Flocks Of Illiterate Idiots EASIER! They can’t even see through CLEAR GLASS…They have to be TOLD what they’re seeing…As the old cliche goes;”We are only as strong as our Weakest Link” ..well I see PROBLEMS everywhere & NO ONE wants to address the TRUTH, even in the debate…It’s become a “Winner Take All World” & I hate to tell you we seem to be “Playing the Game To Lose!”

This world needs a wake-up call, but I fear too few will listen or heed the warnings…Yes, we do need more Compassion, Understanding, Love, Kindness. Affection & Truth, but it’s taken as a WEAKNESS now not a Strength! Liberals shout the WORDS but the MEAN none of it…They are Heartless, Soulless Conniving Vermin…I wouldn’t believe one even at the point of their own “Lynching!”

This Sorry excuse as a Government wants to Regulate Everything we do…Are we at the Point where they can ASSIGN a Child’s Sex? Tell us what to Dream & when? What to speak & how many syllables to take? I’m sorry but, when did the become All Knowing Gods?ANSWER: They Didn’t !…they seized the POWER like CASTRO did CUBA…but with few shots being fired…

It seems to me, we no longer have the “Will To Live of Survive” much less search for the TRUTH! Does this “Willful Ignorance” lock us into a FATE or DESTINY? The IDIOTS think they are fighting for a “Communist Utopia” PULL back the curtain & see the PRISON for what it is-Fools.

It comes down to this, what yo hear or see is either the TRUTH or it’s a LIE….There is NO in between…Half-Truths are still LIES…A Politician & his CIA Buddy in the MEDIA would have you believe otherwise….They push their OPINION as if they were “All Knowing” ..They are 100% Frauds…It may will fit your Narrative, but that does not make it FACT…We should have known better…


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