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We live in a world full of “slight of hand” thieves who use a distraction to hide the Truth, The Whole Truth.& nothing but the Truth!!!.The very UGLY TRUTH is we’ve been had & taken to the Cleaners! But the sadist part is too few care & most of the rest are cowering in fear…AMERICA is just about FINISHED, George Soros is hiring Stooges, Muslims & Liberals without Brains to Put the NAIL in America’s COFFIN …

The CIA Run MEDIA is in bed with the Communists, the Globalist’s, Muslims of the NEW WORLD ORDER …It takes “More than a FOOL” not to see that as a reality! Having said that I don’t recall having a VOTE to “Sanction” this “Fascist” controlled “Socialist Totalitarian Government”…We live in a World where LIES are accepted as truth & Truth is well, a lie & damn near against the law…Slander is Commonplace in the LIBERAL Circles, yet it is not Tolerated from the Hard Working American Christians who honestly are being BAITED into this Prewar where only Communist Rhetorical Blathering is Permitted….If you still believe there is “Freedom Of Speech” you’re either a Commie or a drunk & deluded Idiot….

The REAL question is “Why Can’t We Have Honest & Ongoing Conversations?” What is it they are HIDING from us? Why do many Republicans actually ACT like the “Liberal Communist Democrats?” Could it be this is just a SCAM & they are Frauds? The RINO Republicans have & had Control of BOTH HOUSES, yet they “Supposedly” (Wink, Wink) couldn’t stop the OBAMA COMMUNIST MUSLIM AGENDA! As a Note, they ain’t doing squat for TRUMP either! What does all this imply? Well, Either they are “In On The SCAM” or Incompetent? Take your pick! It seems to me they try to SELL the IDEA that CHANGE Is Good & Inevitable—Hog Wash Bad Change is Bad Change…This is in reality “Manipulation” or in layman’s terms Extortion or Bribery! And if you agree with that then you OWE it to yourself to ask; what’s the ENDGAME or who does this Really Really Benefit! The ANSWER should be “More Than OBVIOUS!” it’s not the Average American!.


As a side note; I was in a Deli a few days ago, the manager was a 30ish Black Man…Somewhere while I was paying for the meal with a “Credit Card” I brought up the BANKSTERS & how in the END they always get what they want…He agreed…He knew about the “Rothschild’s” & they Part in the JFK Assassination, their Part in Creating the EVIL “Federal Reserve” in 1913, he also knew about the Theory they were the ONES Responsible for the Sinking of the Titanic & he also knew about their SHADOW ROLE in backing the CIVIL WAR (International Banking) ….As far as it went…that MAN made a FRIEND that afternoon…While I’m sure there were TOPICS we didn’t agree on, there was PLENTY there to “Start A Constructive Conversation” Isn’t that’s what’s MISSING here?” If TWO guys in a DELI with opposite backgrounds can TALK, why can’t others? The reason this GOVERNMENT cannot allow it!…it’s how they control us, divide us & drive us into Wars …

At this moment, at least in my opinion, not only is the Media in bed with the Liberal Communists, so are all the SOCIAL MEDIA Sites like “Fascist Book, Google & Twitter”….At this moment I am (like many others) and on a 30 FB FEMA CAMP Vacation… And I just got off of one…But here’s my dig or bitch…BOTH POSTS were OLD POSTS..If it was something I did going FORWARD it would be one thing, but that’s not what this is….I have since found out FB Censers are going back TWO YEARS on us to find dirt….I believe you can assume the message is thus, I may very well get “Reinstated” & POST nothing but PRETTY PICTURES but IF the “Fascist Ass-Holes” wish they can PULL the PLUG at their “Whelm!” Sounds FAIR Doesn’t it?

I’ll be the FIRST one to admit “ALL of US” could do well to tone down “Hate Speech” BUT who is the Privileged Bastards that gets to ACT like GOD in Judgement of us….They couldn’t possibly have a LIBERAL BIAS could they” Heavens forbid….And another POINT I’d like to make is WHY do LIBERALS Get to USE Their “Hate Speech with impunity or no restraint? Do they get TIME in the CLINK too..- ANSWER: HELL NO…not ever…


Could it be that while they MAKE the “False Claim ” they are doing in for the Public Good AKA the Muslims & the Liberal Communists! Crap what they are actually doing is Throwing “FUEL On The Fire” for Civil War…It is NOT making it better, just the opposite… Why is it about these “Self-Righteous Narcissistic Hippocratic MILLIONARE$….Soros-Gates-Mark Full-Of-Himself FAKEBOOK….They are making it WORSE with this “Political Correct” HOGWASH…

I hate to sound like another “Conspiracy Theorist” but what in the HELL is going on here, WHO IS PROTECTING WHO FROM WHAT? This game is soon to get “Out Of Control”…Will there be enough “SAFE ROOMS” for the TRANNY-FLAKES to hide in if the Crapola Hits the Fan? Are there enough MUSLIM Mercenaries hired by the SOROS Run NWO to fight a WAR–Tit for Tat? Europe is FALLING apart because of the Soros/Rothschild interventions…Forcing Open Borders & Muslims almost into every home….You know it’s one thing to OFFER “Charity” but it’s another thing altogether when it’s FORCED on you via EXTORTION!

Why can’t people ASK this Question about SOROS & ; his Stooges? What do they HAVE to GAIN by Destroying Everything? They are all BLLIONARE$, don’t they have enough? Well the answer is they’ll get to Buy it up like Vultures for Next To NOTHING & OWN EVERYTHING & EVERYONE…

We are being Controlled & we’re being “Set-Up” for a Fall…And the Media CHEERS, the Liberal Communists CHEER, the Muslims CHEER, the Perverts CHEER & every Illegal Immigrant is CHEERING…If you don’t mind me saying so but the PICKINGS are going to be SLIM to NONE for Survival Long Term ….PLANET EARTH ill be a FEMA CAMP (Prison) for those who they (the Elite’s) allow to SURVIVE…all the other will be left to die….


Think about it, are we at that point where we need a LEGAL DISCLAIMER to make a Post on Social Media or be BANNED For LIFE for Excrement you said in your PAST….HELL SOROS is QUOTED as Saying his MISSION in Life is to DESTROY AMERICA….HELL the LIBERALS apparently agree….HOUSTON we’ve got a DAMN BIG PROBLEM HERE ….How can we Grow, Prosper & survive unless we all allowed to Voice our Differences HONESTLY….How long will it be before Governments Choose who can have Children, assign them a Sexual Orientation (or lack thereof) assign them their ROLE inside the MACHINE…Example: a cook, yard boy, a bather, a Fluffer, Town Fool, Village Idiot, Teacher, Preacher (Muslim) & Executioner….WILLINGLY?

The reality is thus; we aren’t FREE whatsoever…We are now Told what to Say, What to Eat, What to Drink, When to Crap, What to Dream or for that matter IF to DREAM at all….Hell, what’s missing here is why are people Complying so willingly….I’ve almost come to the Conclusion that I’D rather be DEAD than continue to LIVE this Masquerade, who the hell do we think were fooling….America now Smells of Death from Impending SOCIAL WARS gone array …The Liberal Communist Leaches have invaded the Collective Brain & Performed a “Complete LOBOTOMY” Hell people can’t think, reason, add, subtract, read, write or WORK, but they sure as hell can Hate, Destroy & Scorn with a PASSION, on Cue….That’s what the TRAINED LAB-RATS we’re taught to do….”ONE TRUCK PONIES”=Haters …

You want a real “Glimpse” at our Future, go back & read some books by Ray Bradbury ( Fahrenheit 451), go read “Logan’s Run” of the books of Huxley & Orwell….In varying degrees, they pretty well DESCRIBE in perfect detail today’s SICK World.You want a Picture to FRAME look at CUBA or VENEZUELA!…The Oligarchs that control this world all see themselves as Messiahs, they are the Opposite they are “Demonic or Satanic” I don’t want anyone to TELL me my business or how to live my life…If I do no harm, then as far as I’m concerned every one of those bastards can SHOVE IT…splinters & all…


You may well make the argument that we can overcome this Adversity & you could be proven right in the “Days To Come “but that begs for an answer to this QUESTION: BAD CORRUPT LEADERSHIP & years or Apathy, Brainwashing or Programming lead us to this STAGE & what seems an Impossible Divide to overcome, where Everyone HATES each other with a PASSION that this WORLD has never seen before, including HITLER’S Germany-so who will be our MOSES, our Leaders, our Generals, our Soldiers….To turn this tide, I fear will require Blood being Spilled & Loss of Life! Do we have the courage, the stomach, the stamina, the vision & the WILL for that type of “Sacrifice?” I haven’t the faintest idea anymore, I never dreamed that we would FALL this FAST & this FAR in the last 60-110 years….The Ignorance is Willful & Aplenty…It’s almost as if the Stooges & Fools Can’t LAP It Up Quick Enough! The WHITE LIBERAL IDIOTS are begging for AMERICA’S Death…Honestly now, our past is imperfect & checkered, but whose isn’t?

GREED is the essence of all SIN….Money is the “Root Of All Evil” & behind every WAR is the QUEST for Minerals, Oil, Coal, Water, Silver & Gold! And behind the CURTAIN of every Government in this World is a Rothschild (Soros) Banker….All this talk about Freeing Oppressed People is a Con…What they wanted ALL Along was the “Power Of Gold”…It’s an EVIL SATANIC SICKNESS & all of us that sat & watched this SHOW & did NOTHING will eventually pay the “Price Of Death” on many levels…Friends, Families & Nations (our own America) will die in the Name of the “NEW WORLD ORDER” ….You think it’s BAD now, well you ain’t seen anything yet…Is this the END TIMES? I will let you be the judge of that, but I think you will be WISHING it is or was!…

We should be Grateful for the Opportunity we had & while we may well have Squandered it, most gave into the DEMON of GREED, just like the 537 BASTARDS in Washington DC where most all of them “Sold Us Out Like Judas Did Jesus…Their sin is just as bad, but they don’t even “Feel it” like JUDAS who Hung himself from a TREE….They will be drinking wine from a cup, living Lavish lifestyles & taking Children as “CONCUBINES” as streets burn & people are being Slaughtered in the name of Satan or Allah….Don’t like my VIEW of the FUTURE? Well hell, I don’t either, but I believe it’s coining to that head soon…Personally, I say take it to them, but who am I, a nobody! I don’t have a STAGE or a Platform to Preform from …No one listens to anything but “Blatant Damn Lies” anymore…Well dying ignorant is still DEAD, it was your “Right to Remain STUPID” & you did it with ease! If this is, in fact, the Government we deserve, well we are a “Sorry-Lot aren’t we?

Enforcement of arbitrary “Political Correctness Guidelines is in my opinion like Being “Raped & told to just Shut Up & Get Used To It!” Yet, here we are!


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