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Admitting that I am not an “Investment Banker, Financial Guru, a Field General, a Tactician, a Savant, a Palm or Tarot Card Reader of even a good “Poker Player” I’d love to know what it is about the Soon to be Extinct LIBERAL Sub-Species that makes them ever believe a Politician, much less a Communist Progressive Delusional (still high on DRUGS or BOOZE) Liberal one…If we could just for a TINY MOMENT forego all the Hate & Fear Mongering & just look at the FACTS, I know that’s asking for a “Hell of a lot” these days isn’t it?

If I may ask “WHAT QUALITIES” do the walking “Pathogens” like Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chuckie Schumer, Sheila Harris, Elizabeth Warren,Maxine Waters or Al (I’m an Idiot) Frankin has that make you THINK ( Problem #1) they could SOLVE a problem, any problem Great or Small this country Faces…And NO, I’m not s sure they could win a Game of “Tic-Tac-Toe” without Rigging it…Besides being amongst the most IGNORANT Parasites somebody Elected, what the hell good are they for? They’re Stupid, they’re Drunks, they’ve been known to smoke Coke, Some of them can’t even READ “CUE CARDS”.So other than the FACT they are Owned, Lock, Stock & Barrel by the Communist Party, George Soros & every BANK & CORP. In the World …Are they QUALIFIED for the JOB? ANSWER: Hell no, they are qualified to Steal & Lie…And for what it’s worth most of the so-called REPUBLICANS aren’t much if any better!

Think about the SALES PITCH for a moment, they are SELLING you on the IDEA that like MOSES they can “Part The Muddy Septic Tank, called WASHINGTON DC, Part the WATERS and lead us into UTOPIA which is OWNED by George Soros & the Rothschilds (who are in the Process of Owning, Foreclosing or Burning Down every damn thing there’s left…..But the reality is. WHO does this really BENEFIT….no one unless your RICH….Or perhaps MUSLIMS who will in effect be the POLICE for the New World Order-Messiahs …


When I was a Child (I must have come from a different planet) we dreamed of Growing up, becoming Successful Businessmen/Women, having a Family, owning a Home & doing the Dumb Stupid things that made LIFE a sometimes unbelievable RIDE….So what is this “Thing” we have NOW? Is this Life or is it Servitude? Do we Feel LOVE or do we Feel HATE? You couldn’t become a STAR without “Paying Some Dues” …

LIBERALS seem to think that EVERYTHING can be PROGRAMED…Really? Can you Program TALENT like Mozart, Beethoven, Picasso or Einstein? Can you PROGRAM true Inspiration like a Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Gandhi or even Martian Luther King? Can you PROGRAM the Gift of Telling Stories & Pictures like Steinbeck, Twain, Frost, Emerson, Thoreau, Tolkien or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? There’s something missing & all Wrong here…I will concede this though you can PROGRAM & Get “Small Minded” Men or Women into becoming Bullies, Tyrants, Third World Dictators, Hitler’s, Stalin’s or Mussolini’s….The Muslims don’t seem to be having a problem with the Gengous Kahn types…but all they do is inbreed…

The SINGLE-MOST Destructive thing in this UNIVERSE was not the “NUCLEAR BOMB” it was a MEDIUM we call Radio & Television….They call it Entertainment, well it’s anything but…It’s PROGRAMING…Ask yourself this SIMPLE Question: “Where did all these Stupid People Come From?” HINT is wasn’t Mars or Venus? It came from the Middle of the Family “LIVING ROOM” & that where & when our DECLINE started…It’s when the “Slow Creep of Socialism” got its start & foothold….


Let’s be clear here, this battle has been Going on for over a 150 years….It actually was PUSHED by those Banksters Creating the FED…We need to realize that Independence is a MYTH…Who controls & run our Schooling” For those Work, who do you pay TAXES too? Who actually Regulates our AIR & WATER? Who Regulates Oil, Gas & Coal? Who is it that Regulates our Savings, our nest eggs? Who is it that Regulates & REALLY RUN the MEDIA EMPIRES out there? Who is it that CONTROLS your Health (NOW) From Birth to Death? Who is it that Deliverers or mail? The ANSWER to ALL of that & all that it IMPLY is the Federal Government in “Washington DC”—Do you See a TREND? Do you See a PROBLEM? Don’t you see a “Conflict of Interest?” I sure as hell do!!!!

Is there ANYTHING they don’t have their FINGER in….Shouldn’t we be asking the question; Should Washington DC & all of its Narcissistic EGOS that seem to THRIVE there, have “That Damn Much Power?” They have become both the “Judge & the Jury” in a RIGGED GAME…They have us by the BALLS & all we get is HATE SPEECHES & the BILL…We’ve done all the heaving lifting, paid our dues & they take all the GLORY!
They paint the PICTURE they want us to see knowing it is nothing but an “Illusionist Con Game” & we fall for it, again & again…The LIBERAL Zealots are totally destroying our HISTORY so they can Fabricate a new Mythical Fantasy that FITS the LIBERAL COMMUNIST Narrative & the Real People in this Country, that have for Generations “Paid More Than Their Fair Share Of Dues” are Powerless to stop the TRAINWRECK …

AGAIN I ask this, let’s pretend this is the TITANIC & it’s SINKING….shouldnot we SAVE what we can rather than help it Sink…..Why is COMMUNISM (SOCIALISM) sold now as the answer & being so Good, what does it have to Offer? I This CON has been PUSHED on People For “Centuries” where has it EVER “Succeeded?”…Where can you SHOW me Bone Fide PROOF….Not a Hyperbole filled SALES-PITCH….


I’m starting to think that like it or not the “Caveman, the Indian, the Explorer, the Cowboy, the Fisherman or the Hunter” had it made….Yes life was hard, no cars, no AC, no Television & no Retirement Benefits, They were Born, they Lived, they Learned the Craft of Survival, they had Families, they built or found Shelter, they Hunted, Plowed Fields, Harvested crops & when the TIME came & it was all over< God Called them Home & they Died….It was Simple, it was Hard yet it was Truth in it’s simplest essence or form…..Now we play Games, Fill out Forms, wait for a Lawyer, a Judge & the Moment they can either tell to PAY up, Shut up or DIE….

I have about had it with all these BASTARDS….Only God could find a “Redeeming Quality or Forgiving Heart” for them ….I cannot….to hell with every one of them & let them PROVE their WORTH or Lack thereof!

There are moments when I view all this like a Ray Bradbury “Twilight Zone” Episode Gone to Hell….Everyone’s high on LSD & were all having a “BAD TRIP” & instead of the “HOG FARM HIPPIES” taking care of you at the “TRIP TENT” we have this “Frankenstein Monster -Washington DC not injecting us with Tranquilizers, but with STRONGER doses of LSD….BTW In case, you’re wondering, I don’t TRUST anyone in Washington DC….Period ..Put that in your Pipe & Smoke it… They’ve HERDED everyone to the Edge of the CLIFF & on the count of THREE they want you to JUMP…Screw them ALL



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