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The Liberal Progressive Communists have for DECADES been “Exercising” the playbook & “Strategies” From their # 1 inspiration.”Rules For Radicals” -Saul Alinsky & for at least some of you that is NOT News …Obama a “Chicago Raised” AMERICAN HATER has mentioned him many times in speeches! And the QUEEN Drunk & Coke-Head Hillary Clinton ( From Chicago) wrote her THESIS about this “Out Of The Closet” COMMUNIST & Worshipper of “SATAN!” ….I know you’re not supposed to judge the book by the cover , but you sure can by the Company they Keep & those they IDOLIZE! It’s that “Birds Of A Feather ” thing…

Now that we have clearly EVOLVED into the “Orwellian World” of 1984, or Huxley’s-“Brave New World,” it should be time at least for a few of us & make this “Observation from Right Field” that being….with all this STAGED Chaos & Anarchy going on all around us & the FEAR MONGERING by the Communist Liberals in the Media as well as Washington DC , that MAYBE, Just MAYBE one of the days this “Chicken Little-The Sky Is Falling” crap is going to BITE them in the ASS…..

There are times, even though I’m an old Musician , I really don’t want to hear the OPERA in several Movements & because I KNOW the ENDING, spare me Please….Just cut to the Chase with the “Chopin”-“MINUTE WALTZ”..We’re at that point in Americas history that’s been evolving since the 1850’s & especially after 1913 (creation of the Federal Reserve) & TWO Major WARS…Again go read your history about “Rothschild Banks” in the World , that is if you don’t already know…


There is a distinction to be made about HITLER’S GERMANY (he was a Rothschild) & Today’s America….While Ignorance & Behavior Modification or Brain Washing are “Epidemic” “WE STILL HAVE OUR GUNS” & yes we my well be getting old , but I am Still a Damn Good Shot! .. My next Point is this MOST LIBERALS are 100% Bone Fide Cowards…Do they have the Numbers of Foreign Fighters it would take to withstand a WAR, one fought for the Hearts & Souls of the Few left in this country we once called AMERICA? I’m not so certain…But in today’s WORLD how can ONE ever find out what the HARD FACTS are, when everyone’s a PAID LIAR & Works for the Enemy?

Europe is a FEW Years ahead of us as far as the DECLINE goes….SOROS got what he wanted with “Open Borders” there…Now you can EXPECT, “Terrorism” at any place & any time there…NOTHING is SACRID…If they MOVE to quick into that PLAY-BOOK here, there will be PUSHBACK & a lot of it…And have any of you NOTICED the EXTREMES the Liberal Communists are willing to go to in PROTECTING this Hate Religion some Call ISLAM? I find it Bazaar & telling in itself…..MARK MY WORD the LIBERALS will try to employ some TYPE of “Hate Speech’ or “Political Correctness” LAW….You can BET on it…IMO Free Speech is already DEAD…

The # 1 truth is this:’Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” ….show me where it hasn’t? Rome, Athens or any of the Monarchies? They all FELL for the Same stupid Damn Reasons….DON’T LOOK KNOW BUT Apathy & willful Ignorance is Striking again….


There is an “Ever-Present EVIL that even an “atheist or agnostic” has to acknowledge….Parsing words & denying facts won’t matter when the “Final Countdown” Begins & for that matter With “Communist George Soros” at the helm what makes you think it hasn’t already….Shakespeare said, “all the world was a Stage” & we call WARS a stage….the BAD NEWS here is, the Rothchilds (Soros) own the stage & they own the Orchestra & the Film Crew…And there ain’t no “LONG RANGER” coming to come in from the WEST to save our ass…You wish to survive? You best get smart to how we/you are getting Played or Set-Up….

I can’t speak for others but the more the “Liberal Progressive Communists” try to silence me, the more “Incensed” I become…They are TRYING their best to PUSH their Agenda on us to either BREAK Us or start the “FINAL COUNTDOWN” …So for even those who wish to Play the “Ostrich Head In The Sand Trick” it wont matter…

No matter what, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PRICE TO PAY! Everything has a Consequence, action, non-action, denying & even acceptance if you/we do nothing…Ignorance is a byproduct of BAD Principles, BAD Teachers, BAD Examples that lead to BAD DECESIONS & BAD OUTCOMES….The Ugly Truth is Still Better Than Living A Lie Or Denial…Yet here we are….

North Korea, China, Iran , Radical Islam & Russia are the PROBLEMS they are today because of BAD LEADERSHIP …We have not had a Real President since Reagan -These Problems & more are the byproduct of Men with no Vision, Courage, Faith, (Real) Foundation, a belief system & LACK of COURAGE…..YES there are Battles worth Dying for & there are some not worth the Fight-at least at that “Moment In Time” ….

I will leave you with this Quote from George Orwell: “The Best Way To Lose A Battle Is To Surrender” ….we’ve been surrendering too long & to the WRONG People….WASHINGTON DC is America’s BIGGEST Enemy


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