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“What Constitutes Hate Speech?”


Just an observation of mine! Other than some facts are Obvious & Blatant, or “Over the top” & Stated or Employed for EFFECT, who are those that “Sit In Judgement” of us & set the Guidelines & Standards for Conduct…The question is are the Standards, “Fair & Impartial?” Do they apply EQUALLY for those on BOTH or ALL Sides of the “Arguments?” Are far as I can see or ascertain there is a Huge & Obvious Bias in those who JUDGE & set those Standards…Let me Phrase is this way, If you have a Panel or Judges that are all of the SAME MIND SET…like all Rich, All Poor, All Muslim Zealots, All Neo-Nazi, all Marxist or even all Christian, it should be “more Than Obvious” they have a PREJUDICE! But rather than Depute the Facts, the LIBERALS do all they can to try to make the case that they are ALL KNOWING “MESSIAHS” & want you to Kiss their ass at every turn.

Yet some things defy LOGIC! LIBERAL JEWS & 95% of the Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Culture PROMOTE & Kiss MUSLIMS’S Asses ….Wait a minute don’t MUSLIMS hate JEWS & GAYS? Yes, they do EXCEPT for the ROTHCHILDS (Zionists) of the World who use them to Employ Fear…Might I remind you HITLER was a Rothschild & he had MANY MUSLIM Battalions…..

Carl Marx was the FIRST to employ & use the term “Political Correctness!” Did he do it out of the KINDNESS in his Heart to Protect People….Hell no, he did it because he was a CONTROL FREAK who saw himself as a Messianic Figure ….The Rothschild Family (George Soros) see themselves in much the same way.They are nothing but “Demonic Hate Filled People” who Literally want to Own or Control the World & Universe…That includes sharing with us all the HATE, MISERY, CHAOS & ANARCHY they can “Sadistically Dish out at their “Whelm!” …For those who don’t know; the Rockefeller Family & the Rothschilds AR the SAME BLOODLINE…


The REALITY is thus; ‘Hate Speech” is just another PLOY on the part of the “Liberal Communists” INSIDE our Government to avoid Telling the TRUTH about anything! Even if they are Honest  & if even if they are Emotional ISSUES.The more we BOTTLE it up the WORSE it Gets….It’s just another version of the BLAME GAME….To be BLUNT; “Reconstituted Excrement is nonetheless Excrement….

As far as it goes “Real Hate Speech” should be Toned down, but shouldn’t it be EXPOSED for what it is, rather than BURIED? In My Opinion, LIBERALS are using all of this & More to CREATE a TIMEBOMB…Let’s be honest here.LIBERALS HATE AMERICA, so they are trying to Kill it, Piece Mill…And it seems to be working..

LIBERALS are not trying to Protect the Downtrodden, the Poor, the Week, the Ignorant, the Muslims, the Gays, Lesbians & Transsexuals from ANYONE…They are USING them to BUILD a “100% Liberal Totalitarian Police State” with the MUSLIMS as the Enforcers. And then the LIBERALS  will have a “StrangleHold on Power!”…To me, that’s indisputable, but to the Ignorant Fools (sheep) all they see is the BAITED TRAPS along the Road that will lead to Permanent State Of Tyranny!


One Small Step at a time AMERICA is being PUSHED by the Oligarchs -Soros, the Rothschilds & their Buddies called the “Bilderberg Group” into a Permanent Decent into a LIBERAL HELL HOLE called Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Nazi-ism or Marxism …I don’t give a damn what you call it, but I call it DEATH…. They CREATE all these “False-Flag” events to distract you/us away from what they are REALLY Doing….SELLING us out like JUDAS…

Let me say this, if you/we are TOO DAMN STUPID to understand that we are being Controlled from Conception to Casket then #1 they won & #2 you are EASY PICKINGS to manipulate, con, bribe or extort to do any damn thing they wish for you to do….You know kinda like “Squirrels in a Cage” running around & around & around till they take away the CANDY….

The SAD PART is we’ve consented to PLAY by the Rules that the Liberal Nazi’s DemoRatz do not….They reserve the right to call me a “White PSEUDO-Christian Privileged Bastard” they reserve the Right to Terminate My Contract with this LIFE (if you can call it one still) any damn time they see fit….Remember with these NAZI Bastards the ENDS always will Justify what they have to do to STAY in Power…If that Means Kill us, so be it! If that means TOY with us like a Captured Circus Pet/Act- so be it… These Clones & Disciples of SATAN’S don’t care about anything…They are Incapable of it ….But via BAD-ACING Lessons they can CRY, Cry Cry & Lie, Lie, Lie with the Best HOLLYQUEER has to offer…


REMEMBER: “Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me?” Damn sure looks like we created the world FULL of “Cowardly Prima Donnas” ….It must have taken on hell or a trick to create Narcissistic Turds with Cowardly Traits…But then again maybe that where all this GENDER DELUSION-CONFUSION is coming from….Are you a Man or a Pussy? Damn did I just see “Boris Karloff” walk in from Stage Right?

Is seems to me that this WORLD (in total) is more VIOLENT than at any time in recent History or Decades…Understand I’m not talking about WARS, per se! We don’t Resolve Problems, hell we can’t even TALK about them…For FEAR of Offending Somebody, somewhere on some lost Forbidden Planet on the other side or the Sun….We now have more GANG Violence, we now have more Murder-Suicides, we now have more Ethnic Crime (Murders), we now have more Road Rage, we have more Drug (Turf-Wars), we have more MUSLIM (if I’m permitted to even SAY that word) Terrorism…Was this caused or made worse because of Hate Speech, Global Warming or WHITE Privilege? What happened to the OLD HIPPIE Chant, “Love One Another, Like a Brother & Give Peace a Chance….Well, that TERM is Muttered with this Disclaimer….Terrorism is the New Normal….PARDONEZ MOI, I grew up on a FARM, when we saw a SNAKE, we killed it! When we saw Wolves we Shot them & when we saw SKUNKS that smelled up everything & had a tendency to be RABID we killed them….ISN’T IT UP TO US TO KNOW WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS? ‘

It takes more than an Ignorant Fool to BELIEVE that the AMERICA most of us Grew up in, will SURVIVE going forward….WE are constantly being told that the ENEMY is Russia & North Korea…The Liberals DOWNPLAY the threat from OBAMA’S Best Buddies in Iran or ISIS….Liberals won’t really talk about CHINA honestly because they Own our Debt…So with that in mind, has Russia been BOMBING Cities in Germany, Brussels, England or France” of course not! So what’s going on here? Do you really trust the FBI, the NSA or CIA? They are only here now to SPY on AMERICANS & oh yes they can Strong-Arm someone for what they need …but they, in reality, are no different than HITLERS SS or BROWN COATS….What’s the difference between the “Hitler Youth” SOROS Started out in & all these PROTEST GROUPS like BLM? Answer: Nothing but a few DECADES! There are not 20 people in WASHINGTON DC I trust & BTW they have a short Window to work in or the Corruption will change them or get them killed …


The “Dog & Pony Show” script was written hundreds of years ago, the Names, the Faces, the Cities & the People have been changed , not to protect anyone but to contribute to the Confusion, Chaos & Anarchy …in other WORDS, follow the “Bouncing Little Ball” you ignorant Tools & Fools! Political Correctness & Hate Speech are LIBERAL DELUSIONS that are SOLD not to CURE anything, but to, in the END, make it WORSE, make it BOIL over like a Vat of ACID & consume everything….

Hate Speech will lead to the Thought Police & then the Police State will continue to move right on along …You may not like it, but …PARDONEZ MOI, it’s not like anyone cares…they & they never have..And those who wish to ENFORCE “HATE SPEECH” Edicts from their “Mountain Of False Sorrow” are the TRUE HATERS.

Once we had a Dream, we Worked, we played & we Prayed they’d all come to PASS.We became Friends, a few became lovers & for a Time we Prospered or we thought we did! …We allowed WASHINGTON DC to SQUANDER everything we were, we are or ever could have been…I am not in a Forgiving MOOD as it reflects my NATURAL ENEMY’S HEALTH & WELL BEING -MAY THEY ALL BURN IN HELL ASAP


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