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The Silencing Of America is entering its last chapter & the question is thus: “is there Enough “Resistance Fighters” to “Stem the Tide? I’ll be honest with you I don’t know! I see the ANGER but I really don’t See the Push back! It seems to me People BITCH a lot, but at the “End Of The Day” they relent, give in & Comply! I guess this gives a new definition to the title/term, “The Silencing Of The Lambs!”

Your take may differ than mine but we’ve come to the Point where it is damn near Illegal to “Speak Your Mind”-that is unless it CONFORMS with the LIBERAL Views, Norms & Mores! In other words, You/We do it their way or NOT at all…The list of “Taboo Subjects” for anyone who Dares stand up to them is ENDLESS….However as always, they CENTER around Race, Religion (MUSLIM) Wealth or lack thereof, Sex-Gender or lack thereof, Social Status, SKIN-Color, Language, Obesity, Age, Age & Consent together, Socialism & DRUGS (Mood)…

Almost all the Social Media Sites like “Fascist Book, Twitter, You-Tube, Google in all its incarnations” Censor content, but mostly they “Censor Opinions & Speech”.But there is one Observation I’d like to make, it’s our LACK of Attention to Details, that is “What’s happening all around us! It seems we cannot any longer FOCUS on the Issues that Should be Obvious or Front & Center! My question is WHY? Is it a “Side-Effect ” from Drugs we take? Is this “Behavior Modification?” Or is it the Hitter influenced “False Flag” play? I understand the word “Fatigue” can imply any things…Can it be we are TIRED of the same Game that’s run on us every day? So we TUNE IN to what we Want to Hear & TUNE OUT all the Rest!


Very Few people (subjects) Read anymore & many will say it’s a “Time Management” thing! Heavens who want’s to give up the DRAMAS that this Government & it’s Partner in Crime (the MEDIA) script, act & Stage for us Daily…Lord knows its RIVETING ….What Did Obama say today? What did Trump Tweet today? What were the Wives wearing on the “Runway?” How many MUSLIMS Joined ISIS today because of “Global Warming?” Didn’t OBAMA look stunning in his/her Red Chiffon Dress & Matching Pumps this evening?” Do you think “Drag Queens” are being Paid enough “Workers Comp?” It seems we watch this Preposterous Crap & MISS the Whole Point of “What’s Going on around us!” However, I believe that was the INTENT all along….

Having said that, do we STILL -“Absorb & Truly Understand” Written words or Spoken words LONG TERM? Personally, I don’t think the MASSES do…I have heard it said that our Brains have the Capacity to Remember anything GIVEN the Right “Stimulus” & I concur…In today’s America, we have been given the “Stimulus” for WHAT EFFECT? I can POST a MIME on Twitter or FB & get lots of Hits & Responses…B UT post an Article that IN MY OPINION should be read & Shared from a National BLOG & Very few will even do more than READ the INTRO….

Do you remember the Ray Bradbury book/movie called “Fahrenheit 451/” It was about BURNING BOOKS to keep people IGNORANT! He said this later as an observation; ” You Don’t Have to Burn Books, you just have to make them STOP READING Them!….Let me use an old Bob Dylan line: “We Are Either Busy Living or We Are Busy Dying” to me that means you SEIZE your Opportunities or they will SEIZE you…You only get so many chances ….USE IT OR LOSE IT!


We know that most Politicians are CORRUPT, yet we elect them over & over! We know the Media is 99% Propaganda & Coached by the CIA yet we still listen! We know the schools & Colleges have FAILED US & all they do is Train JUNIOR to become a Good Socialist & Mindless Idiot & we do nothing about it….We knew that WASHINGTON DC was Stealing Funds for Social Security & Programs like that for DECADES & we did nothing! We know that Healthcare, Drug Companies & Insurance Companies were “RIPPING US OFF” & we allowed Government Healthcare to pass anyway & we knew all along it was a LIE!….Let’s just call it like it is. WE KNOW WE ARE GETTING SCREWED & yet we tolerate it!

It’s been said the “REAL TRUE LEADER” inspires others to FOLLOW them…All today’s Politicians do is Extort & Bribe to get VOTES…That is NOT Leadership…Why do we Invite our Enemies into our Home, that seems stupid! Why do we BELIEVE (I do not) that PEOPLE (Muslims) who HATE us will assimilate & learn our ways?…They’ve never done it before! And if you want to GET down to the ROOTS of HATE SPEECH it started & came from the Foul Mouth of a Politician….YET we pay the Price, WTF did they Pay For? Answer: Not one Damn Thing!

If you’ve read history you know that Every Civilization has had “Similar Problems & Issues to deal with…Go read Socrates or Aristotle, many of their observations about the “Human Condition” & Government run an Erie parallel !Go read the musings of my favorite writer “Mark Twain!” He like all the Others thought they had SEEN it all as it relates to Government Corruption…History Does Repeat Itself, but why? Why don’t we learn? Those who are ADDICTED to POWER tend to Destroy History & Distort it as they “See Fit!” Lessons are hard enough to learn, but it doesn’t help if you BELIEVE that the Lies you’ve been told are Truth!


Having said all of this No Country or government has ever the Absolute Power that exists today…The Media, the Big Money Machines that include Corrupt Religions…Everything is Controlled for the Effect they wish….Yes we still have (on the books) laws protecting “Freedom Of Speech, the Press, Religion” but they are NOT ENFORCED …they are USED Against us… Think about it, they BRIBE us with RIGHTS we already have….They Threaten to take them away, to that I say, you ass holes aren’t allowing them anyway….It’s kind of like OWNING a Stolen Car & you still have to pay for the Loans, Tolls & The Gas-Bills the Thief’s run up regardless…

Let’s take the Subject of WAR, civilizations have been destroyed by it…Washington DC is trying to Destroy what’s least of AMERICA with “Threats Of War” on many fronts I might add..There is ISIS, Iran, Russia, North Korea or China…But the real threat is CIVIL WAR Right Here & Right Now on our own Soil …This Threat is coming from INSIDE of Washington DC..the LIBERALS in particular As for the Protests & Riots they are being FUNDED by George Soros…an AMERICAN HATER & the Liberals & Muslims #1 Money man…



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