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“Repeal & Replace Washington DC”


Why is it we keep talking about “Repealing Laws” that if the truth be known shouldn’t have been “Passed” to begin with…WHY don’t we just “Cut To The Chase” & admit the reality is “BAD LAWS” are passed by Crooked Corrupt Congressmen! THEY are the one’s that NEED to be “Repealed & Replaced” …Isn’t it TIME we understood the TRUE SOURCE of the problem …It’s one thing to Cut out the Cancer or Tumor but hey, why not look for the POISON…Nah Stupid Americans won’t do that, they just “Do What They Told” by their MASTERS…

Governments like Businesses & even our Homes should be run & operated with TWO thoughts in mind…One is Philosophical, that’s where we try to balance a Calling, a Dream & a Vision! I guess you could say they are Spiritual Goals & Aspirations! The other is the nuts & bolts of the reality, it’s the Physical Concrete things we need….Like MONEY & the Accounting to pay the Bills, but in today’s Washington DC they seem DIAMETRICALLY opposed to each other …In fact, you could make the ARGUMENT that while a Politician speaks (Sometimes) in a Rhetorical Spiel to what they call their “Base” (actually the Cameras) there’s actually no Real Substance to their Blathering, Meandering & sometime Incoherent Lies, Fairy-tale’s & Delusions…And Fortunately for them, the PUBLIC is so IGNORANT of the Truth, they get a FREE PASS at almost every turn…

If you’ve ever gone to a CHURCH, it’s easy to understand what the Pastor is “Selling,” that is on the Spiritual Level…But if you listen to our “Cowardly Leaders” in Washington & the Machine, the Estate we call the “It’s Not Really The News-Media” what is their MESSAGE? Be honest with yourself& ask “What Are The SELLING or ASKING For” Really? One side may say we are all DOOMED & the There side may very well say, chill out “Nirvana” is right around the corner & a new day’s dawning…YET, regardless of “What side” of the “False Narrative or Argument” you take, if you LOOK at the ACTIONS rather than the “Convenient Portrait” they PAINT “Nothing Ever Changes for the Better-Ever!”


The American PUBLIC are in reality abysmal abject FAILURES at holding the Crooked Politicians Accountable for anything….It seems funny to me that your Congressman will talk at Length about Gay Rights, Muslim Rights or the Right to help the Indigent Poor, but they WON’T say a word about Where the MONEY went, about Programs & their “Cost Effectiveness”…And again & again we get the same old Tired Worn out Cliches from Both sides.It was a Resounding Success or it was a “Total Failure!”..At this Point let me REMIND, “one & All” you can a “Statistic Say Anything You Want” …There are Lies & damn Lies!

How many times have you put MONEY in a soft-drink machine & it either GAVE you Nothing or Gave you no Change in Return….Do you KEEP “Feeding the Machine” forever & ever or do you STOP? Have you ever had a Friend or Family Member that had an “Alcohol or Drug Addiction Problem?” Do you or should you Give them Money to Support their HABIT? We shouldn’t…that’s what we call “Enabling!” ..Washington DC works like a RUBBER TIRE that has a HOLE in it….No matter how Much MONEY you spend Fixing &  AIRING that TIRE up, it still goes FLAT….Sounds like a plan to me!

The Species, Politician has pretty much evolved into a “Full-Time Prostitute” to support their HABIT, their Addiction! Their EGO”S Demand they get What they Want when they Want it.They are addicted to the Fame, the Spotlight, the SPOILS of that Lifestyle, like the Drugs, the Booze, the Prostitutes (both sex’s) & the POWER to act Like a Mythical GOD & determine your or my Fate…That being whether we live, we die, we succeed, we fail, we build, we destroy, we learn or we STAY STUPID for the SAKE of their Survival …


It’s time we understood Washington DC is NOT, “Your/Mine or Our Best Friend!” If you or we have a PROBLEM it’s likely they “CREATED” It…Solving Problems is the CON….Government Healthcare is not a SOLUTION it’s the PROBLEM….Let’s take “Social Security” it was, in fact, a “Socialist Idea” that a WASHINGTON DC sold as a WAY to manage one’s “Retirement Funds!” PROBLEM IS, Washington DC Pilfered much of the Money….Most all Large Cities have 401 K types of accounts for their Employees, do I need to tell you “How Many” of them are damn near insolvent or bankrupt? They are mostly being “Propped Up” by NEW TAXES (who’s paying for What?)- Do you SEE a TREND?

The LIBERALS in Washington (which are mostly both parties) want to CONTROL everything & to that, I shall ask this QUESTION ….UNLESS “Failure” was the “Desired result” what has WASHINGTON DC Done that was Successful? There may be one, but I’m hard pressed to come up with it or any “Answers!”…98% of the time their “Solutions” were worse than the Problem, to begin with…That was exactly the CASE with “COMMUNIST-OBAMACARE! By & Large, the Problem with Healthcare, to begin with, was GREEDY Insurance Companies & Drug Manufacturers…They DROVE up the PRICE because they had Little to No real Competition…Wasn’t this CORRUPT Government Supposed to “Stop & Breakup Monopolies?” NOT anymore, they just Hold out their Greedy Hands for PAYOLA …Maybe now you’ll understand BETTER why OBAMACARE FAILED….It wasn’t supposed to WORK, to begin with…..

Washington DC, in my opinion, should be run internally like a BUSINESS…The GOAL was supposed to be this the STATES had most of the control & Washington DC was just there to “Oversee” & to PROTECT us From our enemies….PROBLEM is Washington DC is the Enemy…What do we do? Do you seriously think we can VOTE our way out of this MESS,? That ain’t ever going to happen…MONEY RULES the day in DC…Short of a WAR, the only Prayer we would have is if we had a “Convention Of The States”

In other NEWS, “Are we having FUN Yet?” A Not so thrilling ride this has been…




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