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Apparently, Americans are “knee Deep” into the “Assumption Business”…I guess no one would ever DARE to ask anyone to “Verify” anything….We leap to our Biased & Prejudiced Positions & Hold on to them, like the Clinton’s in a “Star Trek Episode” Pardon, I get tired of this excrement….IMO those who don’t question “Die Young & Stupid”…If people understood CLEARLY what they assume is TRUE is really nothing but an opinion…Crap what I’m writing here is an Opinion, feel free to disagree or not, but right or wrong it’s my thought at the moment…nothing more, nothing less…

Does a degree or a diploma make anyone smarter? ANSWER: Maybe but at what? I see a lot of people out there that fit what I call, “Educated Idiots”….All they really know is CRAP & at best its,”Theory!” Which proves what? Nothing! It was MARK TWAIN who said;”Never let schooling interfere with your education”….People have always been lazy & apathetic, isn’t that why so many are so easily Duped or Conned into taking the EASY WAY OUT…So they Cheat, they Lie & they think every one Else does the same….Well WRONG El-Stupido….Again that is an assumption… It’s also “Conditioning” & altering our behavior for Irrational & selfish reasons…

You know if 99 out of 101 idiots walk off a cliff & fall to their death because they ASSUMED the Leader was taking them somewhere good, well whose fault is that? It’s the LACK of Survival Skills, isn’t it? Is it just me but while I always wanted to be successful I wanted to do it on MY TERMS, not some other Preconceived Condition that arbitrarily fleets across feeble & idiotic minds,,, It’s almost as if this World & especially Americans have been DUPED into believing they need a “Respirator” that’s tied into Washington DC & its “Ministry Of Propaganda” to Breath, Live, React (Thinking is forbidden) to do anything…CONVERSELY, instances of Hate, Envy, Scorn and such are total “100% involuntary” now….Does the “Life & Times Of A Trained Lab Rat” seem that “Inspirational” to you…Be careful about who you Pick as a “Role Model” you just may become them…


The irony is that Americans would do about as well with advice & opinions if they used an “OUIJA BOARD” for all their major & minor decisions The Politicians & their Media Partners are just SELLING you the Con…Classic “Bait & Switch”.. …Americans live in a Fantasy World, nothing is true, but they buy the LIE almost every time…I’ll bet half the country haven’t a clue as to who James Madison, John Adams or Martin Luther were…But I’ll bet you they can name all the Characters in the latest “Star Wars” flick ….It’s amazing how we’ve ZEROED in on the REALLY IMPORTANT Things in life…Like living in Peace With your Muslim Neighbor, changing your sex from Male to Female & Back again…or Never having to Work a day in your “Worthless Life” & be a “Forever Parasite” for “Appeasement! What a life to look forward to, meaningless…What the heck, there won’t be any real wars, there won’t be any MEN Left…

Americans, if you can call them that have become? Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Indifferent, Hateful, Narcissistic, Hedonistic & obsessed with everything that’s Wrong! The Few that still understand what really going on around them have become a THREAT to the “Socialist Hell-Hole” called the “New World Order” this government, In My Opinion, will systemically Kill or Extort those who, Keep the Freedom Fires Burning… Come on now, ask yourself this; why has this Government & it’s CIA controlled MEDIA spent BILLION$ $elling Hate….Do they sell or promote any Peace, of course not! They Must & they Will keep us Divided, even if it means WAR…they don’t care, they’re not going to FIGHT a Staged Battle.That’s what the Muslims & Illegals are for….Also, you need to remember this a REAL WAR could wipe out lots of debt too…You have to look at this from EVERY angle you can.

By & large what’s wrong in this world is we are Obsessed with the WRONG Things….True Happiness & Contentment are contingent on Possessions…It’s not Wrong to want a better life, more comfort, but when is enough, enough….Satisfaction is not Sadism, even though a LIBERAL would have you believe that if he could…There’s nothing Wrong with wanting to “Control” your own “Destiny” but that’s a far cry from wanting & Obsessing over CONTROL over everything like the New World Order is doing…


I can’t understand why so many Ignorant Idiots buy the Staged Lie & Con Time after Time…We hear Fake Stories with outlandish lies as teasers in every lead…We hear about Investigations almost daily…QUESTION: Is it REALLY an Investigation when the OUTCOME is already Determined with “Prejudice?” And the ANSWERS, if there are any are always “Ambiguous” at best…So both side Claim VICTORY & make a call for more Soldiers to March on Cue….But the thing is this SCRIPT (Battle Plan) that we see before our eyes every day was WRITTEN hundreds of years ago…

Government programs like LBJ’s “War On Poverty” were 100% total Failures, but were they? What were the Results, don’t they tell their own story? If they were meant to help the Poor, they were, in fact, a Failure.BUT, if they were meant to Make Slaves & make all poor people Prisoners they were 100% successful…It Destroyed the Black Family-totally! Do we need to go into “Fairy Barry Care” I think not…

Everything is a Hustle & it’s sold like it’s a “Feeding Frenzy” …Well, it certainly is a “Herding Call” for those who QUESTION nothing at all! There isn’t a Parasite in Washington I’d buy SNAKE OIL from…Same goes for the Media Carnival Actors.SOMETIMES, it’s not what they are talking about, but rather its what they are Refusing to talk about! It’s a Form of Censorship…It’s like taking a Multiple Choice TEST & the REAL ANSWER was None of the Above…..It was excluded with intent …

This may seem absurd, but it’s almost like the “Multitudes Of Ignorant Liberal Sheep almost get their day or night going by someone TELLING them how to Feel & Primarily WHAT to do & HOW to do it…Well, obviously their passion is shown with HATRED of everything that is told to hate…The reason is not required ….When I hear or read the Headlines I get that “Deja Vu” feeling all over again….It’s like a BAD Refrain from a Stupid Song. Find it telling that most are TOO Stupid to see it, let alone understand it…


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    Unite, Freedom will ring.

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