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Technology Without Conviction


We’ve all used the term or thought of the cliche “When The Child Becomes A Man”..And we all to one degree or another see that as when “One Comes Into Their Own”…Most accept that as a Threshold or a Crossroads where one has to TOOLS & KNOWLEDGE to make it on their own & make their own Decisions…I guess you could also call it the “Age Of Consent!” Or you could also say the Apprenticeship moves into a New Phase or Chapter.

This is not to say the Journey to Knowledge or Wisdom is over, it just means you’re at a “New Intersection!” But as I look at today’s world that Quickly Changing I Wonder if somewhere down the line SOMEONE accepted “False Assumptions” as the End Results…. By that I mean, you can make a man, a woman, a child “Read A Book” but you can’t make them UNDERSTAND it…And in today’s World where “Uniformity” seems to be the GOAL, can you REALLY make everyone SEE things the same way…And for that matter SHOULD WE? And is that a Good or Healthy Idea in the first place…I guess it is if you Live in a “Police State” but this isn’t SUPPOSED to be a “Police State” or is it really already on but in disguise?

Todays World is Starting to be one with “Little to no Convection”…The Teachers, Preachers, the Surrogate Parents Much of today’s Schooling actually centers around Programming not Learning…Did we REALLY want a “Robotic Society” with little to no REAL Emotion, Understanding, Heart or Convection? Did we really want Shallow, Calloused, Indifferent, Distant Soulless Androids instead of Humanity, Flaws & All?


I’m sorry I can’t see a “Life Of A Robotic Creature as a GOOD one…But I can tell you a FEW that do…Those who WANT a “Police State,” & the Oligarchy Hiding in the Shadows! They Desire a Culture that is EASY to “Herd Like Sheep” & make them “Performance Animals” like “Trained Seals” at Sea World….Yet isn’t that EXACTLY where the World is Headed? Don’t kid yourself this is not some “Si-Fi Cartoon” like the “Jetsons”…

We already have a Growing Class of Ignorant Idiots out there Who actually CAN’T think at all, but they DO know how to REACT….The UGLY Truth is this is a NIGHTMARE unless you are a Demitted Delusional Messiah want to be…Again while I see this World & Humanity (if there is any) as FLAWED…That is the way it was supposed to be…I love animals, “Dogs & Cats” & if you love them as I do, aren’t they FUN to watch as they Grow…They Loved to Play & they also Love to Love…Do we or can we get that from a Heartless Robot? NOT EVER….They are not TOYS that we wind up or put batteries in & watch till we get BORED & put them in the Closet

Today’s World has become a Heartless as the one Described by Orwell-“1984” or Huxley-“Brave New World” but is this the “Final Solution” that the Soulless Liberal Communist push off at us like “Shangri-La” or some “Utopian Villa” in the ‘Swiss Alps? I’m sorry I still like doing it “My Way” wrong or right, victory or failure or even sink or swim! What’s WRONG with that? I can’t be the only “Contrarian Independent” out here in Never, Never Land?


Can you picture this “Bizarre” question, father to son: What do you want to be when you Grow-Up…Son say’s I aspire & Dream of becoming “Meta-Data” with a Signature Name, Title & maybe one day I can give you am “Algorithm” for a Grand-Child…I’m sorry, I realize this World is all Made-Up of Atoms, Molecules, Particles, Elements, Gases & Cells from Micro-Organisms, but the last time I looked the “AMOEBA ” haven’t discovered Who or What GOD” was….A Jelly-Fish. Just is …it has no Brain & No Heart…Again Government wants SLAVES, has this become our Destiny…I want no part of that world, yet we are KNOCKING on that door…

All I see is Ignorance & vanishing Intelligence, what do you see? I’m sorry it is NOT in my best interests to be Subservient to the Weasels, Liars, Cons, Crooks & Satanic Bastards in Washington DC…Do you call that LIVING? I do not..I’m my opinion a “Rich Man” is someone who is independent, has Friends & Family that they care about & love….Do you Love this Government.? WELL,.I DO NOT!.The Idea of an AMERICA, as a Group of Friends & Family working together to preserve Freedoms, Peace & Friendships–That I can get behind & love…There is Nothing Loveable about WASHINGTON DC.We’ve become Prisoners to our own FEARS….We’ve been taught to REACT not Think…..What’s that doing for us….NOTHING! We are being told WHAT to Do & How to React by PUPPETS on a Television Screen that is TRUELY no more HUMAN than the Cartoons we watched as Children …

Interactions with Robotic Puppets is not very satisfying & that’s what’s going on here ….Put a Quarter in the Machine & it will tell you what you need to do for the day! Put in another COIN & it will give you a Pill to Sleep By, One to make you Numb, one to make you Feel Smart…Get my Drift?

As far as “Random Thoughts”go, instead of FIRST Building a Wall between Mexico & the Unites States, why don’t we BUILD ONE NOW around Washington DC…Keep the Thieves in their own Prison!



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