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There was a TIME, apparently a long time ago when we believed in our “Principles” enough to “Make A Stand” & say enough…stop…Well, apparently those days are now being “Buried” in some “Time Vault” for some Future Generation of People to look at & question….This ERA of Ignorance, Permissiveness, Narcissism, Hedonism, Sadism & Provision will be LIKE all the rest…It will eventually DIE a slow agonizing Death just like all the others before them like “SODOM & GOMORRAH” or later “CALIGULA’S ROME!” The question is “How Many will DIE & SUFFER at their hands…I suspect “Thousands” will…And how do you Measure Suffering which may well be more painful than Death itself…


I think most of us “Grew up” in a world where we “Honestly Tried” to protect those who couldn’t “Protect Themselves!” “Mostly I speak of Innocent Children! I know that we sometimes Failed, but t least we Tried…Not Trying is the Sin…My question is thus, have we “Arrived” at that “Point Of No Return” where NOTHING is out of Bounds or Taboo? Remember the old axiom, “When Is Enough, Enough?” Do we no longer have a “Belief System” (Flawed & All) to Start From & Fight For? It would seem so to me…Don’t get me wrong I understand that there are still some who are like me “Repulsed” by today’s World, but we don’t have much “Sway” do we?


THERE WAS A TIME when we Tried to let Children be Children & go about their on way Playing, Laughing, Pretending, Questioning, Learning & Living at “Their Own Pace” to do it “Mostly” on their on…Granted we “Sat The Table” at which they ate, learned & grew, but we didn’t “Force Feed Them The Garbage” like they’re being fed today…Honestly while the “Age Of Consent” may have been “Arbitrary” at least we had an Idea…Now it seems there is “No Threshold” on anything…And I believe that is WRONG…


I realize that “Revolutionaries” or “Anarchists” TARGET the Fundamental MORALS of a Society to Create the CHANGE they want through the Chaos & Destruction…They do it with an Intent & Purpose for the ENDS & GOALS they Desire… They will Strike at the HEART of anything…Remember with them the “Ends Justify The Means”…They Will Burn Villages & Kill People to get their way….HISTORY has shown that to be true, time & time again…


Let me use the old Christian Philosophical line here:”Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime!” That’s about as straightforward a thought as you can get & it’s TRUE! However, if you have “Total 1000% Control” over the Teachers, Preachers, Parents, Mentors as well as ALL of the “Agenda & Curriculum” for the “Children” well you can make Johnny, Joan, Jose or Lori anything you want…


We have all heard the road to the Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom starts with Education..And I basically agree with that…Having said that, if you take a GOOD HARD LOOK at what Schools or Colleges are producing these days & the “RESULTS,” what would you “Conclude” the STATED GOAL was? It certainly was Not, “Excellence!” Shall we use another old cliche here, “Garbage in Garbage out!”…If Ignorance of Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom was the GOAL, well “They NAILED It!”


Today’s Schools are in my opinion, “Apprenticeships into Indoctrination” for whatever the STATE wants or needs …And in today’s world where “Machines” are taking over, what if I may ask is the Emerging Role for the HUMAN? We all know what the Elite’s, our Masters need, TOYS to play with…..Yes, this WORLD whatever it’s evolving into will need a FEW Producers to do the WORK…And we ALL also know that the Elite’s plan on Limiting the SIZE of this Worlds Population….And the way I see it, the ROLE for the Average Man or Woman is diminishing drastically…


Almost ALL recorded history suggests as the STATE become more Corrupt as well as Obese, they become more “Obsessed” with Power & Control….That’s what “Unbridled Narcissism” does! These Pathogens & those who “Emulate” them all fall into a Predictable pattern of “Addictions”….Drugs, Alcohol & Sexual Perversion are at the TOP of every list…When your KING, QUEEN or a Perverted GAY, LESBIAN or the NEW Trend of TRANSSEXUALS…the pattern continues with Justifying your Behavior any way you have to….


The Catholic Church’s Priests have always been known as a “Refuge” for “Homosexuals & Pedophile’s!” Same can be said for “Private Schools” (All Men & Women)! And as far as it goes People with “Authoritarian” Positions have always been knowing to be ABUSERS…By & Large it’s Extortion…And they are Always on the “Prowl” for a NEW Conquest…It’s a GAME they play…And then the Bad Behavior keeps getting Passed on & on & on…That’s what Abusers do…


Without getting into the Morals of what is Right or Wrong, I want to make a separate Statement or Argument about what’s TRENDING in today’s America & the Rest of the World….First some general background of mine…When I went to College there was a time when I was “Majoring” in Sociology….It mostly looks at Group Behavior rather than just individuals…It was a Lighter Version of “Physiology” to keep it simple…It covered “Deviant Behaviors”…So yes it did cover “Homosexuality” ….Back in those days “As I Recall” the “Percentage” of Homosexuals to Straights was about 2 1/2 % or less…And mind you NO ONE had ever heard of a Transsexual-EVER!


So while all this behavior was out there & Known about (even if in the Closet) it was still somewhat Rare!…Today if you Believe the “FUMES” coming from a LIBERAL’S Mouth you’d think there was a “World Wide EXPLOSION” of Homosexuals out there just waiting for the “Right Time” to come “Out Of The Closet!” …And then SOMEHOW while they were Discovering who, what or where they were, I guess Some (living out a Fantasy) wanted to have it BOTH WAYS & live Part Time as a Man or Part Time as a Woman…..


Well, I hate to break the Bad News here but for the MOST PART, this is a (Drum Roll please) Learned “BEHAVIOR!”…Is a Delusion that Perpetuates it own kind of Sickness, Delusions & now Perversions! And like all the other figures they are ALWAYS looking for the next Mark or Conquest!’


So now we have a SECTOR of this Population (Permissive Liberals) trying to NORMALIZE these “Deviant Behaviors” they are taking it to the NEXT Level now, with “Pedophilia …One one Stage we have the PUSH to normalize this behavior….But for whose benefit? Well, Muslim & Child Brides is one….The Other is the Obsessed Elite’s in places like Hollywood & Washington DC has always been TIED to ” Pedophilia” in some form or fashion… You may not like it but it’s true…

But this does get worse, in my opinion, in some LIBERAL SCHOOLS around this Country, there are “Classrooms” where teachers are giving instruction about SEX with Young School Children…They are talking about Dildo’s, Cunnilingus, Fellatio (oral Sex) & Anilingus (anal Sex)….I not only find this Disguising but what I don’t understand is WHY we are allowing it….And yes I know & acknowledge there are “STRANGE PARENTS out there that are Pushing the Kids to live in a Fantasy World…But this is TOO Much…And LIBERAL Politicians from all over “Applaud” & Sanction this….WHY….

We also have increasingly more SCHOOLS Teaching Children about ISLAM….Now if liberals are pushing to have the term GOD Removed & Prayer Removed from Schools, then WHY This? Have we FORGOTTEN where to draw the LINE….While I acknowledge I’m an old man, I would not TOLERATE this as a Parent, grandparent or as a Friend…This is SICK… Some liberals Claim there are “22 GENDERS” to wit I say, what the hell are you SMOKING…You want to LIVE a “Fantasy Life” go do it, just “Get the Hell Out Of Mine!”…

We are letting a small Sector of Ignorant Buffoons RUIN not only our lives but future Generations…And it all Based on JUNK DELUSIONAL SCIENCE or BEHAVIOR


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