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I guess I’ll start out here today, tonight or whatever it is & use a “Chauvinistic” term here & ask a “Rhetorical Question;” now that the American & European Male is so, so, so “Effeminized” are ALL “Liberals On The Rag?” It sure seems so…Or maybe it’s just a “Universal Menopause” type of thing…I don’t know what’s going on here, but it seems to me the “Liberal Jack-Offs” have had everything their way forever…It seems they are HAPPY if they don’t have “Something To Bitch About!” Do they SLEEP in a Bed of Thorns, do they wipe their “Behinds” with Poison Ivy Leaves, do they always have Indigestion,do they have “Terminal” Constipation & in turn have days with constant “Diarrhea or maybe they were all Mistreated Abused Kids because they didn’t know what SEX they are then or now….What a “Conundrum” this all is!Poor, Poor Pitiful Loser Liberals….

Let’s look at this for a second.They Run & Control Washington DC no matter who has the Majority… They Run & Control the Media & Music Industries… They Run & Control the Film industry world wide! They Run & Control our Schools & Colleges…They can Go in Drag anywhere they want, anytime they want..They’re Pandering to get FREE “Sec-Change Operations…They are all Equally Ignorant or Stupid if you prefer…But like Every Drug Addict or Drunk out there, you give them everything they WANT, yet they are never ever Satisfied….Isn’t there Something “Dreadfully Wrong” here?

It would seem that “Dr. Frankenstein” (the Rothschilds) has “Built the Perfect Beast” insofar as Defeating America Goes…They have more Money & Gold than the World has “Sense” They knew how to Bait the Trap & get the FOOLS to take the Poison!…As far as it goes CORRUPTION is so wide-spread that it’s become Commonplace & Expected…And I will remind one & all that it’s been that way for Decades & Decades….


I can’t SPEAK for everyone, but there are Times ( & they keep recurring) when I wish I could “Turn On The Lights, Pull Back The Curtains” & expose those hiding in the Shadows that are Controlling the Puppets, the Visions, What You Hear & Telling you How you’re supposed to Feel about Everything….Then I REALIZE that not only would I Need a “Permit” to do that, they’d Never Grant one…You don’t have to see the Shunk to know it’s there…You can Smell the Rotting Flesh of Evil …That is if you dare!

Yet I’m still bewildered about who it was that had the Nerve to shove the “Electrodes” up the “Keister” of the Liberal Sub-Species to get them to React On Cue….But I guess nowadays that’s done with a “Robot” & the Electrode is now a “Bluetooth Device” …”Brain Science” has been reduced to the “Study Of Hemorrhoids”….Think about it “Stool Specimens” will one day “Rule The World…Wait a minute, I think they already do….OLD TURD…SOROS, MUSLIM TURD- OBAMA….

What most people is the fact LIBERAL Actions never match the Rhetoric….They Say they are against WAR, but they certainly did what The Rothschild Bankers Wanted in the “Civil War, World War I, World War II & Vietnam”..Ask you this ; aren’t you at least a bit “Suspicious” about the ever-present rumors we hear 24/7 about a New Civil War, War with North Korea, War with China, War With Iran or War with Russia…The Liberals are screaming about it & Fear-Mongering about it, but THEY are really the one’s (Rothschilds) that Want it….They will SEIZE POWER & lever look back,, That’s how it begins every time…


Liberals have the audacity to Blame every Ill, Evil, Nefarious Crime, Theft Murder or War on those who had no part of it…Why shouldn’t they, it’s not like they have ANY Integrity or honesty…And remember they Own & Control the Media & most of the Judges…What’s an “Honest John” to do, die waiting for the TRUTH to Reverberate off the Sun & Moon on a Planet in a Faraway Galaxy??? It ain’t happening.


There is a PATTERN to all of this “Bad Behavior” it’s not always the obvious….If they are Bitching, Pissing & Moaning about something you need to STOP & Survey the Situation…Because the BITCHING is just a “Sideshow” to hide what they are DOING….It’s the “Hey Look” over there game & while you gazed off into the “Wild Blue Yonder” they did what they didn’t want you to see …

And let’s be honest about the Relationship between those who Love to Bitch & those who control the Puppet Strings….People & the Children of the “Liberal Empire” of “Piss Ants” are ignorant & stupid because they were PROGRAMED to be just that….Does “Heil Hitler” strike a chord….”Seig Heil” is a term meaning “Victory Hail” or “Hail Victory” …To have a Totally Dependent, Dumb, Ignorant Society is the Crowning Achievement for the LIBERAL MACHINE…They Nailed it…


It seems odd & telling that the Liberal Idiot Sheep protest the TREATMENT of Animals, which I have no problem with, but they FAIL to realize the “Contempt & the Treatment” of this Government (like all the other “Third World Dictatorships} to its OWN People. And how do you explain Abortion & the Treatment of the Elderly that MANY Liberals want to Exterminate… It seems the Human Race is Racing towards “Extinction” Fast!

Why do so many People fall for the CON…If it seems “Too Good To Be True” it most likely is a Con! And yet Time after time the same SUCKERS fall for the same old LIES….Give it up….Is that why Liberals are so “Bitchy?” Is it actually ‘Subliminal” & deep seeded? Is it Self-Loathing & that they really want everyone “Equally Miserable?” Well, it seems like that to me…

I’m sorry but my Visions of what a UTOPIAN VILLA is not one full of Hate, Strife, Envy & Fear-Mongering…Do you really think that HATERS are likely going to TURN to Love….Do Addicts easily walk away from Drugs & Booze? Like it or not there IS such thing as “Primal Instincts” & Right or Wrong they are ever-present….It’s not that I believe We Can’t “Rise Above” but I would bet a Dollar on it….Impossible NO, but the Likely hood is “Not Promising!”


I guess if I’m going to toss around “Metaphors” wasn’t the Goal for the Spirit & Soul, one of “Grace” & “Forgiveness?” The State of IGNORANCE isn’t Cutting it…Oh now, it may very well be PLEASING to those who have Sold this “Con Game & Illusion” our “Dictators” the “oligarchs” …

“Freedom’s just another word, for nothing left to lose” is a rather “Haunting Line”… I understand the “Dumbing down Of The Masses” but what I’ll never understand is the Loss of “Free Will” & the PRIDE of the Knowledge Gained from Losses we Turned into “Victories” …A certain amount of PRIDE is a GOOD thing…As well as being Humble & Grateful for our Blessings, what ever they may have been… It was once our ROAD to chose….

We live, we learn & we once Survived by our “Instincts” the Trick was Learning how to READ them….We don’t do that anymore, do we…We don’t even TRY! Are we on LIFE SUPPORT & just waiting for Someone or some thing to “Pull The Plug?” Sure looks like it to me…Are we WAITING for the MOMENT when the LIBERAL SATANIC MESSIAHS to tell us that “They’ve Taken Over?” It seems so…And then will we will just “Shrug, Sigh & Fake Batting an Eye & just say wih finality “WHATEVER?”


The Ugly TRUTH is this Every WAR is fought for one REASON….that reason is MONEY, GOLD, OIL, DIAMOND which in turn give the Satanic Masters (Rothschilds & Soros) total CONTROL over Everything…They Love the Chaos of WAR so much they actually FUND both CAMPS…Understand now they do WANT & PICK the one they wish to win with Mover Favors…he other side hasn’t a Clue….Case in Point OBAMA was picked by Soros to be POTUS—McCain was Picked & Paid to LOSE…Follow the Money…SOROS Pays people in BOTH FAKE Political Parties…He still wants the LIBERALS to Win…He Hedges his bets…EVERY Major War was Financed the Same Way…But only a Few Understand the Game…The GAME IS RIGGED, no it’s not 100% but it’s getting there.

The Truth, the Reality & the Facts will never quite MATCH the Optics, the Spin, the Illusion & even the Delusions that we think we see & hear…Because of the Constant Drumbeat Of Propaganda Machine from the STAGE, the Media Preaches from we will NEVER Figure out the Truth…It’s called MASS Hypnotism, just another term for Brain-Washing…And yes the Media & the Schools Play a Huge ROLE here.

No one ever said “Life Was Going To Be Easy” but it’s not supposed to be a SET-UP for the next game of Charade from the Government or your enemy if you prefer…It was supposed to be about the Child Growing into the Adult….Learning, sometimes failing but still turning those losses into Victories…It was supposed to be about Family, Friends & Loved Ones…They are the ones who Help you fight your Demons or Enemies…Growing up after WWII most of us thought the Government was ‘On Our Side!” We never Dreamed they were the Enemy until our World Started to Rock & Crumble…For me that Started with “Kennedy’s Assassination” & the Lengths the Government went to Cover up the TRUTH…The Truth would have BURIED Washington DC…And the Corruption is Deeper & Wider now than it was then…


Well if this is as good as it gets, It ain’t cutting it… Mediocrity should NOT be a Goal, it, in Fact, should not be Acceptable ..PERIOD …But here we are, knee deep in Communist Excrement that’s being passed of like its Gold…If it smells like a Communist Turds & Looks like a Communist Turds, it’s most likely just a bunch of Communist Turds…..Life In The Fast Lane just hit a Brick Wall …Or could it be, Hotel California- “You Can Check In But You Can Never Check Out…


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