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In today’s world, everyone has an “Opinion”, they also have a “Prejudice!” We also think that with Logic & Reason or Rational we can Rise above these “Ingrained Prejudices” & maybe perhaps a FEW Can overcome the Bad Seeds Ingrained into our “Mindset’s” but don’t kid yourself , because that’s something that Requires “Hard Work & Time”

Every day we hear the new in Faux Term “Diversity” bandied about like it was a “Basket Ball” in the middle of the NCAA Tournament on one of the “Worthless CIA Run “Alphabet Channels” coming from Who Knows or Who Cares WHERE! It implies everything that it is NOT! Once Upon A Time” we were Encouraged to be True to who we were, to find our own Way, to Discover, to Question, to Learn & to Correct Course when we were Wrong…That is what made us who we were…That is & that’s what the Difference is a Teacher, a Craftsman & a Student or an Apprentice…Implied or not that is “No Longer True” or rather it is no longer “Practiced” at all…at least from the Point of View of those in Authority (Those who Control Us)…

Diversity is now a Meaningless Mindset to Confuse the Issue & Enable a “Single-Minded” Point of View to be sold as the “Only Logical Conclusion you are ALLOWED to have…I mean, why BOTHER with the IDEA of Honest Debate or Discussion, just Teach (Train) your Sublets to Do, to React & come to the “ONLY Conclusions Allowed! It takes too long to Teach A Pet to THINK…Just take “Thinking” out of the “Equation” altogether…If you want your “Lab Rats” to do “Specific Tricks” just cut to the Chase & Do It!


By & Large I Prefer Old Books & Old Movies to today’s “Mass Produced Assembly Lines Products….Yesterdays Products were better CRAFTED…The Movies & Films of Yesteryear had Better Writers & Film Makers that had to depend on the DRAMA & SUSPENCE of the Scripts, the Interplay of the Actors & the Editing Qualities to have a “Marketable Product” Today’s Film makers aren’t much more than “Video Games Makers” or Pornography Makers at best…The Story line only has to go a Little Ways & the CGI (Graphic Editors) will just “BLOW SOMETHING UP” or Kill some one…Who Knows but it’s almost 100% predictable…

Having said all that, there is a “Subliminal Message” in all these Movies, TV programs & Books…It’s not always “Obvious” but its there nonetheless…The message is one of “Social Change” not for “Diversity” but for “Uniformity, anything less is unacceptable….

“The Liberal Neanderthals” claim they are against WAR…Yet there is MORE Violence today in the Movies & Television than ever before…I can remember in the 1950’s & 60’s seeing “WARNINGS” about Violence on some shows….Same was said about SEX….You had to be 18 (as I recall) to see some MOVIES….Today they don’t even Bother & in fact, it’s used to PROMOTE what is actually “GARBAGE” But that’s my opinion…Or it used o be…Who knows anymore what is Real & What is Fake…Because all I see is FAKE….


This Government, just like Every Other Government is Selling an AGENDA via the Media’s (All of them)…They are Promoting WAR whether you “Perceive It” or not….They are also Selling HATE at every level….They are doing that by “Force Feeding us Lies about “How to Live Our Lives” Shouldn’t we QUESTION Some things? Why has the Corrupt Government Chosen MUSLIMS over CHRISTIANS….They are Selling Hate between the Anglo, Black, Spanish Asian & Hindu Cultures…They are forcing BY LAW Christians that Believes Homosexuality is Wrong to Accept it or Lose in Court (if need be)…They have made “Gender Confusion” almost a “National Pastime” …Crap are we soon they see a TV GAME SHOW…”GUESS MY SEX (TODAY)?”…More & more TOPICS are being pushed about “Pedophilia” that JUST about appeasing the MUSLIMS or is that Some “Hedonistic Witches Brew? I think ,”Both!”

We aren’t really FREE to think for ourselves anymore…Everything we Say NO too, has a PRICE? It’s darn near gotten to the point where “A Few Guys” can’t even get together on a Saturday Night to Play POKER without some Union Rep from the State Dept overseeing & making sure no one Minority is EXCLUDED…Plus they’ll want a Permit & the TAXES from the WINNER…

Shouldn’t we be telling this Godless Government NO to everything…Shouldn’t we say STOP with the 24/7 lies & Propaganda….Liberals are PAYING (SOROS) people to RIOT & DEFAME others…why shouldn’t we do the same….What do you THINK would happen if just “ONE MILLION PEOPLE” Surrounded the Washington DC Estate & Demanded ANSWERS or RESIGNATIONS? I’d take bets on PANIC setting in…These Cowards are Great at letting others DIE for them….they will never “Pay The Piper Themselves!” They are 100% Worthless & Without Redemption…

Maybe it’s True that “No Man” is ever really “Born Free” but come on now, stop with the Illusions & Preconceived Notions about this “False Reality”.It was NOT supposed to or meant to be this way, yet here we are all “INCARCERATED” acting like Free Monkey’s in a Cage at the ZOO…Well, a ZOO this has become…This has a “Long Time Ago: Ceased being “Fun & Games” BTW it looks like we’re LOSING…Prove me wrong!



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