This World if full of Misconceptions & they cover every topic we can think of. This world is not a “What You See Is What You Get” place.// It is WRONG if you think erroneously that it’s all “Perception, Illusions or Optics”& if you do you’ve been “Played For A Fool” & sadly there will always be a PRICE to pay for that Error…Supposedly every Coin has two sides & the same can be said about the So-Called Human Species, we all have a DARK SIDE that Some have never seen. That is just Reality, nothing more & nothing less!


How many times have you heard the term “Role Model” used to point out either the “Good Points or the Bad Points” of a Persons Virtues? And how many times have you seen those POINTS used to an Advantage or even Create a disadvantage?… If you are HONEST you know in one shape or form you know that happens with every breath we take…And if your Perceptions are Sharp, we see it as an “Ongoing Saga or Drama” on the Stage we walk across every day…Shall we add the Media & its HYPERBOLE or Spin?


It may very well be that “Only In Death” will we finally understand TRUTH, but we all know at Some Level there are More “Lies that Fly” than “Truisms that bring Peace out there in this Scripted World! We were taught to make Our Decisions based on FACTS, but the Problem is we “Rationalize & Conveniently Interpret” them to Fit our ‘Needs or Prejudices!” Hey, we all do it, but some of us have someone around us that says WRONG when its Needed & YES when we need Affirmation…


There was a Time that we were all Told & Sold on the Idea that only through “Education” could we OVERCOME the Detriments & Fallacies of our WRONG Decisions…Little did we know that The Real Goal of the “Authoritarian State” was to LIMIT & TRAIN us to the STATES Needs, not Ours, not Families nor Gods! We were in effect “Played for Fools & Pawns!” And now DECADES After “Behavior Modification Classes” were started what do you REALLY SEE? Do you see the “Liberal Utopian Paradise” or do you See & Smell a “Burning Hell?”


If I use Terms like, an “Honest Days Work, what comes to mind, Fairness, Justness or Truth? Isn’t the term “Receiving Your Just Dues” a Double-Edged Sword? Does the term “What You Give, is What You Receive” mean anything to US as a Society any Longer? If the PROMISES that the ” Authoritarian State or Government” are so WONDERFUL why are we Threatened by EXTORTION to Comply…It wouldn’t have to be Sold, it would just be be Accepted….However, allow me this; the YOUTH of this WORLD has already been Programmed in to Accepting their Role as Slaves in the “Socialist Villa” the New World Order is Trying to “Finish Building!”


The Hedonist’s of his World have always tried to BLUR the Lines between Right, Wrong, Light, Darkness or Good & Evil since “ADAM & EVE” an the “Apple Incident” but some of us still Understand the GAME, but we are in “Declining Number!s!” It’s very Hard to “Spread the Message of Truth, Hope & Knowledge” when you can’t “Get the Audience to Listen” much less Understand the Message….


I was a Fairly Good Student of History & other than the Obvious that this is HISTORY REPEATING, it a FAILURE….Every Nation of Lore failed the Next Generation in some form or another….Our Mother & Fathers Spoiled many of us & the Prices we paid with our Apathy has almost Predicted the Outcome….And our Generation Failed mostly because we “Bought the LIES of PROPAGANDA instead of the TRUTH…We were LAZY & we will Pay the Price….


In My Opinion we are ALL being Played, but wheather its Cowardness, Fear or Ignorace nothing seems to be Changing for the Good! And Honestly now, do you really think we can ” Put The Genie Back Into The Bottle?”  Well, you can answer that one for yourself, but you can Still Argue it’s Never Too Late & to Never Ever Give Up…Peace

Shakespeare was correct when he said: “The Whole World Was A Stage”- What he didn’t say was “The Liberal Idiots Run It!”






© Robby Bowling

With everyday comes reflection
Throughout the day the shadow grows
Did we find todays true blessings
There are still answers that no one knows

We take a breath and capture
And we let our emotions both rise & fall
And with our gaze do we see the beauty
And when the angels sing do you hear the call

Is today the end or the beginning
Is tomorrow an answered prayer
When the sun comes up over the horizon
Will you still be standing there

I have seen fields that were barren
I have seen pastures lush & green
I have listened to all our conversations
I know some things are not what they seem

Each day has its own destination
We can sail our ships or look away
And I want to remember all our travels
And how the gardens grow when we pray

There were those who came before us
They had a vision , they had a dream
They weren’t here to find fame or fortune
They built our home by the mountain stream

Aren’t we all both brothers & sisters
Aren’t friendships nurtured along the way
We’ve worked the fields for the harvest
And it was written into our play

Something’s need no explanation
Yet we confuse the words that should rhyme
There were treasures that came before us
And they’ll be here for all time

We set aside some days for reflection
We celebrate the past while we look afar
Our tomorrows will be our creations
And it does matter who we really are

We say a prayer for salvation
We sit together & share some memories
We are both farmers & soldiers
And together we built this dream

We raise the glass to honor
Those who forged the way
The path was never easy
Yet we’ve been blessed with another day




AI it pertains to Liberals, FACTS do not matter at all, because they are IGNORED at all costs…I guess in the Liberal World “Fantasy, Illusions, Scripted Delusions & Imagery RULE…Truth be Damned, it is totally “Irrelevant” in their World…The QUESTION that most People sould ASK is this; “What Are They Trying To Hide!” And to me, that’s the Big One…Believing in “False Narratives” are just like Believing in “False Prophets or Messiahs” & it will only Hasten our Demise, or could it be that’s the RESULT the Oligarchs want anyway?

Ask yourself this one; why are so many of us now PUNISHED for Telling the Factual Truth or having an Opinion that runs “Contrary” to Liberalism’s Theology! And believe me, it is a Theology now & having said that it’s very similar to (wink, wink, nod, nod) the SATANIC Principles…Control, Control, Control is the only Goal …

Liberalism has created it’s on “Doctrine & Dogma”…If you are not a BELIEVER you are an ENEMY & you will be Punished & Punished until you relent, comply or go Silent…Silence is, in my opinion, more or less a “Private Hell” because you may desire to Speak but you Dare Not! Growing up as a “Baby Boomer” post WWII we were taught & told this; “If you can’t say anything Good about someone, say nothing at all” well within the “Liberalism Doctrine” that has been ALTERED & it now goes; “If You Can’t Say anything BAD about Someone, your Enemy, either Lie or Say nothing at all, Never Ever say anything Nice or Constructive ” Conversations are moot, pointless or meaningless…


We’ve gotten to the point where if you disagree with Liberalism, you are in effect “On Trial” forever, but the Trial is Rigged because LIBERALISM is Both the “Judge & the Jury” & the “Death Penalty’ has for all practical purposes been “Reinstated!”

The question is thus: How do you Fix, Correct, Repair & Heal the Directions of the WRONGS of this World if you don’t Dare, Challenge or Cant QUESTION anything? The only answer is; you Cannot ever fix it & that is not only the POINT but the Result LIBERALISM wants & covets…In My Opinion, this is worse than any “Catch 22” where you are “Dammed If You Do or Damned If You Don’t!” This is like watching your own death on “Loop Replay into Infinity!” Talk about an Echo Chamber of Horrows from Hell, damn!

I do believe if we are LEFT to Find our Own Way, we will & often, even in Failure so long as it’s not deadly we just might Learn. Oh pardon I mentioned a Liberal Taboo, we cannot ever allow someone to Learn on their Own, that just might bring a Feeling of Independence & Freedom, well we know that is Not Tolerated any longer…


Todays World (America) is not about “Right, Wrong, Good or Evil” it’s about BEHAVIOR, you do what you are “Programmed to do” or “Pay The Piper or Cost!” This is not about “Live or Let Live” Liberalism has taught you ALL you need to Know, it’s your DUTY to Perform…So now we have a Culture basically “Performing Circus Acts” some are like Trained Monkeys, some are Literally Lab Rats, some are Slaves & some are Whores…That is your Only Function, just do it on Cue or be Punished, again, again & again…

You may not Realize it but your only Function in this World is to Serve your MASTERS (the State & the Oligarchs)…And to this thought, you say what, No Way? Well, being they have the POWER to Take everything you Own, you are or will be, what happens when they do? It’s not like you can get another Opinion, anywhere!

Some of us Know that the TRUTH is not what we are being Told or Taught & we feel Powerless to STOP the CANCER & it is a cancer….What do you do when TRUTH becomes a de facto Prison out of Fear? There are no Easy answers in life, but most don’t either Know, now do they care that it’s actually a “Death Sentence” when you do Nothing At All about it!




I am not going to go down the road like everyone else & revisit or review “Last Night’s” mostly Predictable Election Outcomes, I mean why bother, it’s now damn near been “TATTOOED” on our Foreheads…The QUESTION no one asks is NOT “What Went Right or Wrong” but ‘WHY” we were even in this “Predicament” to begin with…Let’s be at least somewhat honest & State that this was in some Fashion “History Repeating & Trend!” But having stated that, it’s a given we either “Don’t or Won’t Learn” from History & whether we are even Taught History, is becoming a “MOOT POINT” Now! Everything Today & for Decades has been about RESULTS… The Proof is indeed in the Pudding…

And while I have Little Doubt that the “Warring Factions” in America will SPIN this History Vertict either as Victory or Defeat (Depending on your View) it still come down to the FACTS or TRUTHS as we can Discover them! I think it was Mark Twain that said; “Get Your Facts Straight & Distort Them As You Wish!” Nonetheless, you should get the Drift here…

I think ‘P.T. Barnum” was given credit for this quote: “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute” & if that is TRUE, it should have been “Every Second!” Because we are Knee Deep in “Ignorant Liberal Excrement” & it’s not only ‘Rancid’ it’s ‘Toxic!’ AMERICA has now become a “FOOLS PARADISE” & it’s Too Damn Late in the GAME to CHANGE the Direction of the TURD that’s Been Created & needs to be Flushed!


The ENEMY that we were ALL Taught to Fear was PHONY….It always was Phony…And other than the Fact that “Rhetorically Speaking Fear” is our Real Enemy, one needs to Look at the “Perpetrators or Instigators” of our Fears…And yes you can Look behind the Curtains & in the Dark Shadows for the “Puppet Masters” you also need to take a “Damn Good Look” at the MESSENGERS, our Media! They now Tell us What our Opinions should be, they Censor us If we Disagree…

We all have some type of “Primal Motivations or Instincts”…They range from “Curiosity, Passions & Survival” & those are the “Fundamentals” that The Puppet Masters use to “Play Their Games” with, to Devide us…It’s nothing Less than a “War Game Strategy” or if you will “PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE” & it is what it is…A Known Truth doesn’t need to be “Parsed, Nuanced & Exaggerated”…And lets be at least somewhat Honest here, “Partial Victories” if they are even that only “Buy Us Time!” But if you don’t Keep Pushing the “Envelope’ you just “Waisted Your Time!”

Everyone wants to make Last Night’s ELECTIONS a “Referendum on Socialism” & in the Background that is somewhat True, but its actually a “Referendum On MONEY, the MEDIA & its MESSAGE!” It always comes down to the “Conclusions” they bring…It is always about the “Scoreboard & the Tallies!” Again everything is about how we are being “Manipulated & then Cohere” to the Propaganda & Dogma they Spew daily…In the End, the”Desired Results MUST be one of “Complaisance” because “Resistance Is Futile” in a Communist State…And that IS in Fact, where We are Going, as soon as they can Get us there…


I am old enough to Remember how we used to Joke about the “Russian Media called Pravda” & how they seem to “Dictate’ to the Masses the Messages from the Kremlin the Russian Government…Hitler did the Same Decades earlier in Germany…He even had a Minister of Propaganda we knew him as, JOSEPH GOEBBELS…And for the Few of you that don’t Know, after WWII – Harry Truman created the CIA & later in the Eisenhower Administration (1953)Allen Dulles the CIA Director started the project some of us know as “OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD” & the Idea & Goal was to “Infiltrate & put CIA Agents” in every Newsroom in America….Do I need to say they were Successful?

The Power Play has always been about CONTROL…Every Nation, Every Culture & even every Family has a structure & foundation for Authority… Let”s be honest here Socialism, Communism, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism & Dictatorships don’t Offer Protection, Welfare, Health & Riches for the PEOPLE they mostly ROB THEM from their/our Freedoms…People like the Rothschild’s, George Soros & the rest of the NEW WORLD ORDER-Good Old Boy Club are not here to HELP anyone But themselves To EVERYTHING we were, are & will be…They damn near Own us ALL Now…And Whether they Pull off the “COUP” actually matters not if we don’t come to Terms with the FACT there is a Real Revolution happening right before our seemingly “Denying Eyes!”…

At this point in Time, the Family Unit is Dead, the Education System is a MYTH & a Failure & the MEDIA has made or turned “Indoctrination’ into “Perversions, Sadism’s, Hate & Masochism” a TREND…WTH & we mostly said Nothing & Relented…The Masses of Ignorant Pawns apparently do not Believe in anything except BEHAVIOR…MORALS are Dead, CHRISTIANITY is in a HEAVY Decline & MONEY RULES Everything…We saw it coming & said nothing nor held anyone accountable for anything …..Yes, we are a Dying Nation of Fools, it does not need to be so but without Leadership & Unity, the ODDS are Slim to Nome we pull it off…We best start looking at the ‘IMAGE in the MIRROR” & ask ourselves who we really are & where if anywhere are we going…

I bid you Farewell, these are Heavy Serious Thoughts, with no easy answers, but time is still Not On Our Side! The Futuristic book called: “Once Upon A Time In America” will say what? It is up to you to answer that…I cannot do that!


Full Quote: “Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people… We have a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state… The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization. It is a dynamic, aggressive, elite corps, forcing its way through every opening, to make a breach for a collectivist one-party state. It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government without suspecting that change is under way… If I seem to be extremist, the reason is that this revolutionary clique cannot be understood, unless we accept the fact that they are extremist. It is difficult for people governed by reasonableness and morality to imagine the existence of a movement which ignores reasonableness and boasts of its determination to destroy; which ignores morality, and boasts of its cleverness in outwitting its opponents by abandoning all scruples. This ruthless power-seeking elite is a disease of our century… This group … is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.” – Senator William E. Jenner



© Robby Bowling

The liberals, the fools
With the snakes & the whores
They are selling insanity
Then they will slam the doors
We were free one moment
Then with a breath, it was gone
What do you do with a memory
When it’s just a bad song

We once knew reason
We were taught what was true
And while it was never perfect
There was still a scene & a view
We questioned, we argued
But then we still laughed & prayed
There wasn’t always this jungle
Where darkness was in play

What happened to yesterday
What happened to our dreams
What happened to inner peace
Where is that old mountain stream
How can you perceive of heaven
When you’ve been surrounded by hell
How do you quench your thirst
When there’s no wishing well

Why sow seeds of discontentment
Must we all share the fools pain
And then in your ignorance
You can’t even share the blame
Who do you think your fooling
When your just a pawn in the game
Why does arrogance seem to thrive
In a world with no shame

I don’t need to hear lies
I will find my own road
Just let me walk by the river
And let me rest my old soul
I want to look into the sky
Both through the mist & the blue
And amongst the moon & the stars
I will finally find truth

So will there be a tomorrow
Well, there will always be change
Will, there be another sunrise
Well I haven’t written that page
From the musings of a traveler
Sometimes weary from the task
This old spirit needs a healing
Is that too much to ask

Remember but don’t linger
But move onward with pride
Remember both the good & the sad
And watch every step & stride
The heart is central
Its where life ebbs & flows
Remember this moment
For we do not know where this goes





Remember the simple term: “Peace on Earth & Goodwill Toward Man?” Well now, in Liberal Socialist America it’s an “Antiquated & Extinct Term!” Keeping is Simple it “No Longer Applies” because what LIBERALISM has brought us is a  very “SLOW DEATH” at any cost necessary…And it has nothing to do with a “Natural Change, Evolution or Rebellion”, this one was a WAR PLAN Strategy  & it has been on the BOOKS for Decades…You can take this one back to at least in Modern Times to Karl Marx & his Book called the “Communist Manifesto”…Even though many of the Smaller parts of the plan incorporate the “Civil War’s, Scorched Earth Policy” And if you want to take a look at America’s Immigration Problems & what’s happening on our “Southern Border” try to remember the Idea behind the “Trojan Horse”in the “Trojan War” where the GREEKS built a Huge Wooden Horse that they wanted to Pass Off as a GIFT to get it inside the City but it actually held an ARMY Hidden inside….

Having said that WAR is played at many levels…One is in Fact “Brute Force” the other is a “Mind Game” that plays on our Fears & Doubts… The latter can even be one enhanced with Drugs, Diversions & Optics…The idea is that the Thought of PAIN & the PAIN of LOSING just might be worse than the Actual Fact.

Governments for Centuries have Played one form or the old Mind Game, War Game of “Psychological Warfare” & it works! FEAR can destroy almost anything, any Person, Family, Society & any Nation…Plant the Seeds of Despair, Fear, Sorrow, Jealousy, Pain & Hate, then just sit back & watch them GROW!…..Other things like Apathy on one end & Ignorance on the other FEED into that Equation as well…


There is a very old but simple term that describes what’s going on in America & has been going on in Europe for decades; “The Family That Plays Together Stays Together!” If this is your Idea of FAMILY it’s got to be one of the “Most Dysfunctional Families” that’s ever existed & you can forget about the idea of “Co-Existence” it is not in the “Communist Playbook!”

Most Corrupt Governments are nothing more than a “House Of Cards (of Corruption)” that SURVIVE because #1 they ALL have something to Hide & #2 because People because of the INDUCED FEAR will not “Challenge” the “Status Quo Corruption” …Governments, some more than others are nothing but “Criminal Enterprises” running Cons, Scams, Extorting, Bribing, Stealing & Murdering to keep the Enterprise Running…And to KEEP our EYES away from the Reality & the Truth they Play many Versions of Old Game of WAR…They CREATE “Enemies” to Create REAR & once the FEAR sets in they “Manipulate” the OPTICS buy Creating “False ones!”

It’s bad enough when they use it to “Create Wars” in other lands but when they do it to CREATE a “Civil War” in your own Land, in our own backyard it is MUCH Different as well as telling…This Government in Cahoots with the BANKSTERS destroyed the Family Unit Decades ago…It Ushered in DEBT as well…The Poorest of the Poor the Minorities suffered the Most…When there is No Family Left to Teach the Children, the STATE takes over…That left the Burden to the Schools…And when the Schools became “Havens For Socialism” we automatically had a Decline in Morals & Ethics…


Today in America we have an Endless Parade Of Pompous Ignorant Fools” trying to pass themselves off as “Learned Knowledgeable Experts” but its a Farce & a Masquerade, for they only know Hate & Narcissism…They are in fact “Accomplished Liars!” But they Accomplished the FIRST STEP in Americas turn into Socialism by Corrupting The YOUTH…And the Outcome is Still History In The Making…

I had a long conversation with a Friend of mine yesterday & she much like myself grew up in “Small Town Rural America” with very little Television & Some Radio! Our Social Lives were dictated by the Idea of God & Family First & True Honest Friendships developed from Churches & an Uncorrupt School system…The WORLD Was Not Perfect but Problems were usually Private & Dwelt within the “Family Structure” We actually did have Honest Conversations in those years & yes some were even Embarrassing…We got over it & moved on…years later we might have even laughed about it…

For the most Part, those Types of Conversations are almost Forbidden & Impossible now…..My friend was Lamenting, Saddened as well as Bewildered about the FACT she can no longer TALK Politics with a Very Liberal Son who actually like all the other “Johnny Come Lately Liberals” Hates everything AMERICA once Stood for…And sadly I have many other Friends in or on the Same Sinking Ship…


The Idea behind Revolutionary Change that begins in the Mind is to use: Baby Steps to Slowly bring the Institutional Change you are looking for…It all STARTS with the Foundation Of Principles, Moral & Truths we were taught…You take that away & introduce your own Dogma, Propaganda & Lies to Propagate the Message…And because the FAMILY is DEAD that became the JOB of both the Schools & the Media…

If you have a Divided Family, you will have a Divided Society..You can then Divide that Society by Race, Sex, Economics Skills, Education or Heritage you cam “Manipulate” them into Many types of Horrors…There is a POINT when one needs to UNDERSTAND that if the IDEA was to get “Both Sides” of an Argument into Throwing BOMBS, the Argument over Who’s to Blame is “Rhetorical At Best” because BOTH SIDES have been PLAYED…And that was the INTENT the whole time…And While we Kill each other Off the OLIGARCHS are laughing their Asses off at our Endless Ignorance for taking the BAIT!

The Biggest question I have is this; Why is Socialism being PUSHED Down Our Throats? I Understand why the Ignorant Liberal Bastards want it, hell they are Too Stupid to See through the “Facade” & I understand to a Degree why the RICH HOLLYFRUITS in California & the NYC MEDIA Push it, they already Live behind Brick Walls, Gates & in Mansions…But those TWO FACTIONS don’t really make a Majority…..But we are being “TOLD” to “Comply Or Die” yet again this shouldn’t even be close…While Parasites want it Free, the Rich already have theirs & I don’t knot know about you I just Want them To LEAVE me the Hell Alone & let me Live or Die on my own Damn Terms…the kind of Help they Offer is DEADLY





As we get older we spend more & more time ‘Reminiscing the Past’ in various forms. Sometimes it’s about an Old Friend, Old Flame, Old School, Old Event & just another Time! How many times have you heard someone say, “Whatever Happened To The Old You?” Why don’t you Laugh or Smile anymore? What happened to the “Old Carefree You” that didn’t take things so damn seriously? Wasn’t the Idea of “Getting Older” supposed to be a time of “Pleasure, Leisure & Treasure?” And I guess for some that may well be True…If that’s so, are the Rest of us then just “Malcontents” that don’t fit into this “Cookie Cutter World” that Liberalism, Socialism, Fascism or Marxism seems to be “FORCE FEEDING US?” If the Shoe Fits. Crap Nevermind!

Since Birth & then Later Awareness I’ve carried with me ‘Questions” that seem to have no REAL ANSWERS, that is other than DEATH! Was not the IDEA of Life supposed to be a “Journey & Quest for Knowledge?” Knowledge or Truth is the “Ultimate Treasure” & Love is the Greatest Dividend…But that does not seem to be the ROAD that the “Ill Informed Masses of Ignorant Fools are on?

As a Child, I was Taught that there was a “God’s Plan” for all of us & I am not Doubting that Intent…But I do think there was a “Satanic Plan” also…We now live in a WORLD where ALL of the “Moral Lines” about “Right & Wrong or “Good & Evil” have been “Intentionally Blurred” & my questions are WHY & for WHO’S Benefit? My Mind or what’s left of it tells me we “Not In A Better Happier Place” does yours?

Perhaps the “Greatest Enemy” we face is our own “Self Doubts & Fears!” When we were younger we still had the “Family Structure” to Guide us, Nurture us & Inspire us in another more Positive Direction that took us AWAY from those Fears…But Sadly the Idea of FAMILY has DIED & been replaced with the FRAUD of the “NANNY STATE GOVERNMENT” & again who is it that REALLY Gained & Benefited from this “Fraudulent Ponzi Scheme?” Was it You, was it the Poor, it sure as Hell wasn’t me!! Then the ANSWER must lie in those who “Created The Scam” to begin with. AKA Our Leaders in this Corrupt Government!


My Mother & Father like all the others in their GENERATION Worked Hard for Everything they had…They Provided Guidance, Love, Shelter, Peace, Harmony & Trust for their Children…It was a Simple Life, very few Perks by today’s “Sub-Standards” but they had their own “Inherent Treasures!” I am sorry, but as I Look at this WORLD, America & its People today’s Life FALLS Miserably Short of what we had in those Days…And That was or is NOT  what anyone could call an EASY LIFE…It was in Fact VERY HARD, but the Rewards were Real & not a “Phony Concocted Propaganda Lie” used to Sell an Illusion or Delusion…

We are not as some erroniously think “Lost In A Maze” we have been “Purposely Misled Down the Road To Ruin or Failure” & again who is the Real “Beneficiary?” Certanally Not the Poor Nor is it The Worker, but the Rich Oligarchs & their Parasites…..Is this “Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited?” Looks like it…

I was raised in a “Christian Home” my mother & father weren’t as “Obsessed” with World Politics & Political Correctness as we’ve been Trained to…Their GOAL was Simple “FAMILY & GOD FIRST” everything else was secondary…If we could STRIP Away all of the False Scripted Drama’s we see today & Return to “Simplicity” we’d be all the better…In those Years the idea of Charity was NOT a Government Program, it was a GIFT…From those who had to those who had Nothing…The Goal was Simple & Success was its own Treasure!


The Age Old Questions that Few, if any ask is Who’s Life, is this, Who is your Master, What are your Goals, What were your Failures, Did you Learn from them, What were your Successes & did you let them Feed your Ego, Are you Ashamed of who you are, if so Why….Its sort of the “Who’s the Man You See In The Mirror” type of Scenario thing…What do you See Tomorrow as Being? Are you Comfortable with where you see this World Going? What ROLE if any do you see for yourself in going Forward? I’m sorry but my mind never STOPS asking the Who, Why’s & Where’s. I guess it’s just who I am…I still want to know those things…Walking now in this “Empty Void” where People are Clueless & Visionless about  Who & how WE ARE ALL being ‘Manipulated’ & its way beyond bewildering…At least to me, I know who the Hell I am!

When we ALLOWED ourselves to become “Prisoners to Fear” we became Pawns to the HATERS & DEMONS that spread that Gospel…When we started LIVING a Life “Dictated & Orchestrated’ by the Frauds in the Schools, the Universities & Satanic Losers Sitting in their “Ivory Towers & Gated Pastures” we started “Living A Lie” & a Lie that would not only Destroy Us, but Everything Worth Knowing & Everything we had Worth Saving…

When you ask the Question “Whatever Happened to____? Remember that Love, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Fulfillment, Hope, Faith & Believing is in a Deep & Dark Decline & almost “Obsolete & Extinct” now in this NEW AGE of “Artificial Cloned Intelligence!” Don’t be FOOLED into believing you will be Dealing with a HUMAN going Forward, because while they May have BLOOD FLOWING in their Veins. They Have NO CAPACITY to ‘Feel Emotion or Understand it…They are Essentially & Litteraly “The Machine!” And Allow me REMIND You of this, These ROBOTS are just ACTORS, they can CRY one Cue, they can Plead & they Can Sell the SEEDS of HATE…And that is their Job or Duty & they do it Very Very well…

I am sorry, but the World as I See it Today is NOT one I want to, nor Plan to Live or Exist in…I will use an old “Blind Lemon Jefferson” Line here: “Just See That You Keep My Grave Clean”




What kind of ‘Absurd or Preposterous World’ is it that we live in, exist in & dwell in now that gives us the “False Impression, Illusion or Optics” they we are FREE…I have news for you the only thing we are FREE to do is Commit Suicide by Proxy with ROTTON  or BAD CHOICES…Literally it’s  the “Two Door Conundrum” most know as: “Catch 22 or Damned If You Do or Damned If You Don’t”…Just how IGNORANT is this “Dying American Culture?” Don’t bother to Answer that one, I’m depressed enough already…

Do you understand what I mean when I use the Term “Masses” as in “Mass Hysteria” or “Mass Communication?” Do you understand what I’m referring to when I use the term “Mass Hypnotism? When we went from Tribal Drumbeats, Smoke Signals, Hand Signals or Flashing Mirrors to “Short Wave, Microwave, Wired, Wireless or even Microphones, Cameras & Film, it Quickly became a TOOL for the Oligarchs to Use Against the Masses Of Ignorant Tools, Fools, Mules, Horses Asses & to use against the Classless Useless Pawns in this soon to become Extinct Pointless Culture…

If Hitting “Rock Bottom” was the Goal Washington DC wanted it has ‘Accomplished’ that GOAL!’ Didn’t we “Once Upon A Time” want to set Goals based upon our Dreams, Talents or Prayers? And it seems to me SOME were even willing to “Work & Sacrifice” to better their Life….I’m sorry but I can’t see the POINT of having a Goal of an IGNORANT CULTURE…What good is it to have the IQ of a ‘Pet Rock’ & the rationale of a Parasite!…. I could go on about the American Dream but why bother, everyone is either “Sedated, Trained Like a Circus Monkey (not meaning to Insult the Monkey’s) to do “Stupid Animal Tricks” for their Masters…And just like the LEMMINGS, we or they Follow in Masses off the Cliff, into the Shark-Infested Waters or into the Snake Pits…take your pick, stupid is still stupid!

Growing up as a child there was very little Television then…It was only Broadcast maybe 18 hours a day & it was “Way Before” the “Propaganda Boom” that came later…Nonetheless there was a show, a light comedy called “The Life Of Riley” infer what you wish but it just about TWO MIDDLE CLASS (Working Class) FAMILIES Living, Loving & Enjoying Life, a simple life & one without Fear of Hate, Fear of Government, Fear of taking Risks, Fear of Failure or FEAR of being “Politically Correct” we had never heard that term used, ever even though we knew there were Lines Not To Cross & therefore we didn’t!


To me, the “True Point of Meaning Of Life” was to CREATE!… That included Love, Friendships, Families, Skills, Develop Our Talents & Enjoy the Fruits & Spoils of our Crops or Endeavors….I’m Sorry but to me Just “Waking Up in the Morning & Moping & Doping into a Pointless Direction, no Curiosity, no real Emotion, no Laughter or no Highs & only Lows is worse than DEATH….Might I remind you that at least as I understood it “Living a Life” is not the Same an “Existing!” Do you understand the difference between “Quality & Quality” …Too much of a BAD THING is still a BAD THING!… Now I admit that THOUGHT just went “Over The Head of the Ignorant Liberal Fools, Tools or Mules! You can’t THINK without a “Brain Function” & I will leave it at that…Lobotomies (Drugs & Behavior Modification) seem to be the Dead End Future of the Liberal Sub-Species! You cannot MISS what you’ve Never Known or been Taught & that is My Point!

Contrary to what LIBERALISM Teaches or trains “Life is not a Dictated Scripted Hallucination, Illusion or Delusion” or it was NOT intended to be that way! Yet somewhere between the MASS-MEDIA BRAINWASHING & the MASS-Produced Drugs to Alter our Behaviors here we are! Are we on the “Outskirts Of Hell?” Damn sure ain’t Heaven, no matter what your DRUG of Choice is…

As an Individual one is Supposed to have their “OWN” set of Opinions, Beliefs, Thoughts, Ideas or Talents & while we Share those things they become our own Visions, Dreams & Prayers…My GOAL was Never intended to be the Same as yours…We are supposed to be Different & well that’s the Way I was Raised! Isn’t it the ‘Differences’ that Make LIFE Interesting? I am an Old Musician, I like the Beatles, the Stones, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Clapton, BB King, Muddy Waters & DYLAN because they did it “Uniquely” their own way…Otherwise, why Bother…a song is just a Song, a melody is just a Melody, therefore EVERYTHING is ‘Interchangeable’, Right, no WRONG!

LIBERALS Want a “Cookie Cutter Society” where Sameness is Equality, Ignorance is Equality, Poverty is Equality & as far as TALENTS go, well who will need them anymore in a “Utopian Liberal Hell- Excrement-Hole/”…We have EVOLVED into a Culture where the WELFARE STATE Dictates…If you need to Sleep, they give you a pill, if you need a Dream they will give you a pill, if you’re not Sick they will give you a pill & when it’s your Turn to DIE they will give you a pill…Being NUMB doesn’t cut it For Me! But that is where we are HEADED…I won’t even bother with what this GOVERNMENT has Mandated & Put into our Water & Our Food Supply…DRUGS & Worse!


In America if you don’t Go along with the Idea of ‘Group Think’ you will be Ridiculed or Ostracized, I don’t get it, I’m sorry! I understand why the Oligarchs want that, but I always Felt there would be some “Non-Conformists” left, apparently, I am Wrong… We cannot Challenge or Question our “False Messiahs” in Washington DC…They Know EVERYTHING there is to Know…And their Solutions go on endlessly into ‘Infinity’ for they’ll NEVER EVER be FIXED! All they wanted was the Perks & the MONEY they Conned Us out of…

The government that says they will Protect us, sold us out, they Hate us, the use us for their Games, they have Stolen Everything we were & now they have ALL but “Guaranteed” their Permanent CONTROL over our SLAVERY….Which MASTER do you Serve? As the old Cliche or Line goes, “Just Follow The Money!” There is no FREE MEDIA they are ALL Controlled by the Soros-Rothschild Socialists that INCLUDES all the Fake Social Media Platforms…GOOGLE is the WORST but FASCISTBOOK is catching up at Light Speed & Twitter is not Far Behind…

You need to LOOK behind the Curtains & see who OWNS STOCK in these Sham Companies…Some of them got Start-Up Money from the CIA or Deep State…..That’s why they SELL your Info…SOROS is a Big investor in FAKEBOOK, that is why he TOLD them to STOP any FREE SPEECH…If you have a history there as I do, you’ll find yourself on their HITLIST & will be in FB Jail more than your NOT! The HATERS are everywhere…

The Point is this America has been & is being “Set Up To Fall or Fail!” The Ignorant Fools Don’t care & why should they, they have their Free Drugs, Perverted Sex, Welfare & Health Care that will KILL them when their USE Runs out! Are you one of the Fools living in either Denial or Fear of Tomorrow? If you Believe in FREEDOMS of any sort you Best Wake Up, ASAP! Cancers & Corruption will not CURE themselves…Socialism is just Communism Lite…It will get Worse because the MONEY will always run out! There is not an Endless Supply of anything except LIES, LIARS & Cowards




Promises, promises & promises is the Politician’s Mantra, they Live by it & some but not many are Destroyed by it…That depends on the cleverness & resourcefulness of their Enemies or Opponents…Sometimes we believe we are being ‘Dazzled by Brilliance”‘ but the truth is that is RARELY the case…The same can be said of the “Rhetorical Belch’s” some hear as a “Fine Scripted Verbal Spiels” however in the WORLD of Politics & it’s Actors, Frauds & Pretenders the Verbal Words are most often Hollow & Empty…Sort of like a “Bowel Movement” that’s nothing but ”’Flatulence!” …Hot Rancid Air but no Substance…

Anyone who has ever watched or read a “Crime Drama or Story” know the ”Criminals” rarely pull off a CRIME without “Co-Conspirators” to help…That could be in the Planning Stage, the Crime Stage or the Escaping Stage…And let’s not forget those & the part they Play in the Cover-Up! The Criminal Politician would be Caught every time without their “Partners In Crime!” So they most often CREATE one “Alibi” after another…A lie or an Alibi is like a “Centipede” with many legs one covering up for the other…The Circle of Corruption in American Politics includes the ‘Not-so-Esteem Media’ & that’s because the Lie, the Alibi needs to be ‘Reinforced’ time & time & time again…

Do you remember the old line: “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” Doesn’t that imply that “Promises, Goals, Wishes? Dreams or Prayers” came up SHORT? It does especially if they had “No Sincerity” whatsoever behind them…An Honest Effort that leads to Failure is one thing, but a “Calculated Dishonest Effort” to Deceive & then FAIL is a different “Horse With No Name” altogether…I know there is the old cliche that states: “The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions” but what if the So-Called Intentions were “Nefarious” to START With? Doesn’t that tell a different story? It does In My Opinion!


What was it that LED to the “Extinction” of the ”Dinosaur, the DoDo Bird, the Saber-Toothed Tiger or for that matter the Lost Civilizations like the Incas, the Aztec & others….well #1 on that list is IGNORANCE & the inability to ‘Adapt or Evolve!’ What happened to ‘Self-Preservation?’ Did ‘Survival Instincts’ just go away or die in time? Was that the Product of Apathy or Bad Leadership? Does it all come down to “Who Do You Trust/ & Why?” You can’t take anything for Granted except for “Death & Taxes” & not in that order either…And Remember this old one; “The Bigger You Are The Harder You Fall” & I will remind everyone we have a “Frankenstein Monster” in Washington DC…

Politicians, in general, make Promises they have no intention of Keeping…Now they may very well play the old “Blame Game” & Point to one of their Rivals for the blame. But come on now, this ‘Con-Game’ is as old as MOSES or Creation…I do Believe it was “Satan’ himself that created the “Con Game!” Wasn’t that really what the “APPLE & the TEMPTATION” was all about?

Liberals are in the Process of SELLING the Idea of “Socialism” to all the Losers, Users, Boozers, Pervert’s, Slackers, Hackers, Slugs, Mugs & Dead Crotch Roaches & LIBERAL IGNORANT FOOLS!…Actually SELLING. is the Wrong term, it is actually Luring, Procuring, Enticing, Bribing & at times Extorting….Having said that Instincts Lure a “Dung Beetle’ to Excrement!

Someone much smarter than me said this; “We are only as Strong As Our Weakest Link” & with that thought in mind we just may be SCREWED(Big Time)…Because Ignorance is now ‘Pervasive!’ People may not realize it but they can deny it all they want but we’ve been set-up to Fail…And To one degree or another, we are all Living in a Servitude of some type, but we’ve sadly become PRISONERS to the STATE!

Is this the life you dreamed of as a child, is this the same world you were born into. No, it is not…..It’s almost as if we “Fought A War & Lost” Without One Single Shot Being Fired! We now live in a World where everyone is TRAINED to be an ‘Appeaser’ & all the while Old-School Believers are being Purged & Removed…

What the Liberal Idiots try to SELL everyone about ‘Socialism’ is that it’s just a ‘Utopian Playground’ where everyone takes a “Happy Pill” or “Smokes a Joint” & can Eat or Drink what they want, when they want, have SEX with Who they Want, be any Gender they Want, have all the TOYS of a Rich Man, including his Riches & Castles….But when that DELUSION FAILS, America will look just like any “Banana Republic Dictatorship” you know sort of like Venezuela…Hey, if you’re TOO STUPID to Know Better you Won’t! …FAILURE is ”Guaranteed” & that is the Point!….EQUALITY in IGNORANCE!

Yet we cannot or will not be able to ‘Challenge’ any Thought, Idea or Process unless it is “Sanctioned By Liberalism” & that’s going to be “Liberal American Socialism.” We will never be allowed to have a Debate, a Conversation about anything..And in EXCHANGE for a Place to Sleep, Food to Eat, Health Care Until You Die & Sexuality with no Definition! With All Liberals  The STATE of ILLUSION Everything? Sorry, but to me, that is a “Death Sentence!’

I personally looked at life as a Gift, but also a Challenge…I had or have to make myself better to survive 1st, but 2nd to achieve my Dreams I must Work to inprove My Craft, My Talent & my Services …And if the Game isn’t RIGGED, we let the Chips Fall Where They May!

Isn’t both Heaven or Hell both Merit Based? You Reap what you Sow, don’t you? But the QUESTION is this: Who are we doing this Quest For? Must we Share the Bounty with the STATE or do we share with whom we Please? Again I Never Wanted or Expected to be Promised, any type of “Perfection!” We Just Let the Chips Fall Where They May! I can LIVE with Flaws, but Living an LIE is both Deadly & Futile! A Bit of Pride is a good thing & a bit of Initiative & Drive goes a long way into Building a Foundation, that can become a Dream, a Plan, a Life & Prove your ‘SelfWorth!’

Fulfillment, if its real is not something you can “Legislate via Magic or Chicanery! Yet that is the Lairs Promise we hear from every Political Sub-Species! Just Another False Promise from a False Messiah who works for the Oligarchs that are Trying to RULE this Soon to become Extinct Land! To me, a View of Socialism at Work is Like going into a Back Alley where the Rats, Maggots, Buzzards & Rabid Dogs all Fight for the “Tiny Morsels of Food” that People Throw Away or Let Rot because it wasn’t Fit for them to Consume! You will often find Skunks & Snakes in the same TURF looking for a Live Specimen to Take for their Own Kill…It is “Survival Of The Fittest” of sorts…The Law of the Jungle to use a Term, a Phrase if you will!

Politicians make Promises, then use the Excuse of Taxes to Pay For them but Just like all the (FOR PROFIT) CHARITIES very Little of the MONEY ever gets to the “Destination!” They always use it for their Other Perks like Travel, Food, Drugs, Wines, Homes, Jobs for those they need to Bribe or Family members…But does it actually do any “Real Good” well, Very Little. if any! But it Keeps the Politicians busy with Lies, Cover-up & Illusions as well as KEEPING them in POWER & that is What All of this is About…POWER…The People Have no Power anymore, it’s a Con & a Charade…Now You See It, Now You Don’t! Bye, Bye American Pie!




While it seems like eons ago, it was not too far in our distant past that I got to know a Child, a Young Child who was full of imagination, dreams & wishes!… This small Child even said Prayers & Believed that they could come true…This young Child grew up on a Farm in North Texas, Small Town atmosphere & not too far from the Jungle of the Bigger cities… There was still a family unit in that era…Life was Simple, Not Perfect but it was True! These weren’t Times full of ‘Lavishness or Extravagant things, times were simple on one level & a bit hard or tough on another…

Those days were very similar to the days ‘Portrayed’ in the old “Andy Griffith Show!” There was the Town Bootlegger, Town Drunk, there was the School Bully, Preachers, Teachers & all of the Town Gossips…Everyone went to the ‘High School Football Game on Friday Night’ & Most but not all people went to Church on Sundays…

Those were the day’s when ‘High Schools’ actually TAUGHT a well Rounded ‘Curriculum.’ You were still Taught Real History, Government, and the Sciences///all the while ‘Honing’ your reading, thinking, reasoning & even conversational Skills…Think about that for a moment, there was ‘No Such Thing’ as “Political Correctness” & you could within reason ‘Speak Your Mind!’ My how times have changed & not for the better either! While this was not the ‘Perfect America’ most things were well intended!

Education has always been the KEY we use to ‘Unlock’ our ‘Dreams & Prayers’ with…There was a TIME when a High Scholl Education was enough to ‘Prepare’ one for the Labors of our Futures…You were taught enough Skills to go on into the Workforce or Apprenticeships & Create you Future & Provide for your needs…And if you wanted more you went to College or Trade Schools…Not perfect, but it was a ‘Road Map’ of sorts…


Maybe I was lucky but I even had Teachers & Professors who made LEARNING FUN & not only that they were Great Enough to make you Want & Thirst for More…I also had a FEW employers who did much the same… Conversely, I had my share of those who were ‘Boring, Mean, Arrogant & Angry” who made you HATE every minute of their Class…And Speaking for myself, the Professors who made their Classes Fun I made “A’s” in & those I didn’t like I didn’t do too well in .. What does that Say? And I don’t believe I am alone in those ‘Assessments!’

Growing up in that “Pre-Liberal Socialist America” was a joy, we learned, we played, we worked & yes we had HeartBreaks & Heartaches but we move on to the ‘Next Chapter & the Next Page…We had our HERO’S & we understood ZERO’S! I for one am an ‘Old Movie Buff’ so I grew up watching John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart as well as the hundreds of ”Character Actors’ of that era…What was it that made them so ‘Enduring?” It was the fact they REALLY weren’t seen as ‘Bigger Than Life” they were the “Ordinary, Average Man Types” & that’s part of what made them a Pleasure to watch…They weren’t afraid to Show emotion, laugh, cry, show anger or show remorse…Todays Narcissistic America does not allow that…In America today if we disagree we ‘Belittle, Scorn, Humiliate, Destroy, Crucify & often turn to Chaos & Anarchy to Respond, but do we have conversations Answer: NO!

Ask yourself this, who controls the ‘Fake Staged Narrative?’ ANSWER: the Oligarchs, the Elite, the False Messiahs, the Politicians, the Propaganda Media & all they do is DICTATE to the Ignorant Masses of Asses What to Do, How to React & When to do it! Some of us are still ‘Cunning enough” to “Read Between The Lines” & say that’s all Excrement!


We are ALL being ‘Prepared’ for a ‘Socialist America’ but who is it that’s Leading this CHARGE & WHY? I’m sorry I was always the One in Class who ASKED QUESTIONS & while I am certainly no ‘Einstein’ I know there is MORE going on here than ‘Just What We See or Hear!’ Have the Ignorant MASSES of ASSES even taken a Good Look at ‘Socialism’ around the World?…..Socialism only WORKS until it “Bankrupts” & then it turns into a ‘Full Blown Communism or Dictatorship!’ There are only TWO (2) Classes of people in those Socialist Countries…The RICH (Oligarchs) & the Poor or the Peons…And they are DIVIDED into TWO Divisions, the SLAVES & the PARASITES…

Have you ever Walked a ‘Dark Back Alley” in a POOR NEIGHBORHOOD & seen how the Rats, Skunks, Snakes, Maggots, Buzzards & Rabid Dogs Fight over Trash & Road Kill to SURVIVE…That is Exactly what the “United Socialist States of America” will look like…But the RICH will still be in their ‘Silk Suits, Limousines, Drinking Fine Wines, Smoking Cigarsm Snorting Cocaine while Living in their “Gated Mansions, with their Armed Guards & rooms filled with Whores & Babies to go with their ”Pedophile Perverted Passions” & the IGNORANT FOOLS in this now “God Firsaken Land” will be paying for every damn bit of it ….

The AMERICA that the “Young Child” grew up in is Worth Saving, the AMERICA (Washington DC) we have today needs & deserves to be destroyed…We need to return to VALUES & TRUTH…What was wrong with the ‘Constitution’ we grew up with? The answer is twofold, it will always be the Answer for a Real America, however, it was In The Way for the “New World Order Communists that have been here & hiding in the Shadows Since the “Civil War, WWI & WWII, they are now out of the Closet & Running the Show….

In 20 years (if that long)  America will look Exactly like any “Third World Country or Banana Republic you can Imagine… Look at Venezuela, Cuba or even Iran…Matters not, a slave is just a slave….a Toy for the RICH to play with…I remember the Child, the Dream, the Promise & the Prayer…Well the Skeptic in me says the DREAM is Likely Over & all that’s left is the PRAYER…Are you Prepared for this change? Are you willing to accept this Change? Will you Comply out of Fear? Personally, I’d rather be DEAD & I am 100% sure most of the BASTARDS in Washington DC will agree & Help with that Cause…I have no Love left for What Washington DC has become…And in return, they Have NO LOVE for anyone but themselves…