© Robby Bowling

While this journey is far from over
And weariness haunts brings us to our knees
Sometimes all we need is a little reflection
And a renewed faith to believe

I am no longer the child alone & innocent
I’ve become wise to the games we all play
I can see clearly the ruin & chaos
Why does evil even have a say

Wouldn’t it be easier to live in peace
But sadly that can never be
And our fears so often betray us
Could it be some never did believe

And its not that we all live for grandeur
We should not be just actors on a stage
If we aren’t true to ourselves then it’s all a lie
Don’t you find that thought a bit strange

Shouldn’t we all feel the hunger
Didn’t we want to capture our dreams
And it’s not that we settled for second best
Do your trophies really mean anything

I’d rather have a friend than gold or silver
What good is a toy you can’t share
Didn’t we once want to make a difference
When life was still simple, we still cared

And just what will our tomorrows bring us
And if a child can’t play, what’s the use
Wasn’t there once a man who sold his soul
He took his life later with a noose

Do we really need foolish things to prosper
What good is a house you can’t call home
Why do men covet power
When they shouldn’t be trusted on their own

I’m not a smart man, but I question
I’m not one to follow unjust rules
We live in a world that needs love & kindness
When all our leaders are just downright cruel

Is it that we are afraid to get our hands dirty
Is it so hard to take a stand
Understand the confusion is for the willing
As for me, I think I’ll try a proven plan

They say the “End Times” has started
Well I’m not going to worry about another’s fate
I will take care of my own before myself
I have no use for this land full of hate

For the most part, leave me with my reflection
And if you wish we can journey side by side
Someone long ago died for us
We should not be living in a world now full of lies




© Robby Bowling

I’m at a loss to make any sense
Of this confusing long road
And it’s not the distance that’s so tiring
It’s the darkness it holds
We’re all weary, yet wanton
We may well be smiling & still fear
There’s something amiss
And the sky is not clear

Inside all these empty chasms
The soul now feels lost
Once there was a child that hungered
He paid a burdensome cost
All the roads that led to glory
That proclaimed fortune & fame
Were really just guises & guilt
And now all full of shame

We surrendered our thoughts
We gave in to the wind
All the while telling ourselves
What a ride this has been
But we traveled in circles
And it seemed all for naught
Like a blind man’s story
About all the rivers he’s crossed

Are we not all creatures
Some great & some small
And as we learned to climb mountains
Indeed we did all fall
But it’s not the mistakes
The quest was to learn
So why do we build our homes
And then let them all burn

Maybe its the deep thoughts that plague
Or is it the questions I raise
But once people lose faith
Their easily lost on this highway
The seamstress can sew
With silk & gold threads
But when all you see is a wasteland
In a land now dead

What good is the ship
With no rudders or sails
It meanders & goes nowhere
And the odds are it will fail
Lord knows we need direction
But have we all lost our way
I hear the bagpipes in the distance
What’s meant by the music they play

I keep trying to tell myself
There must be more than this
And I’m not speaking of the afterlife
Where we will gather & reminisce
What came of the child
That loved both to learn & play
Wasn’t there once an essence
And far more than this stage

Are we to find out in time
Just what all this means
The script seems flawed
And words don’t mean anything
As the emptiness surrounds
And the darkened shadows grow long
All most of us ever wanted
Was just not to feel alone

I guess we all have our burdens
That seem to cry out each night
We turn to wishes & prayers
That it will all work out right
Some turn to despair
And I guess some will call all this fate
And I’m an old man waiting
And the time now is late

And while disheartened I’m still hopeful
And while I too feel lost at times
I’m trying to weave these few words
And hopefully will still rhyme
I don’t know about tomorrow
I don’t even know about tonight
But I will still be thankful come morning
I will still see the light

Maybe we are all a little lost
But out pride always denies
Maybe we are all a little lonely
And all tired of the lies
Truth should be the nectar
The now forbidden fruit from the vine
And there just might be a tomorrow
But there are steps to be climbed


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As a relic of the past, I can in fact still remember when things were different, in fact very different….And I’m not going to bother anyone with the “Good Old Days” theory either…I mean “Why Bother” they are what they are, no more, no less….But there was a time (believe it or not) when this “Society” (if that’s what we want to call it) didn’t have to be “Sedated, Numbed, Coached & Encouraged” to not THINK, not TALK, that is with any substance whatsoever…I guess what I mean is that we weren’t trained to RECITE “Talking Points” off of Cue Cards from the Activist Community, the Media & the Political Affiliations we may or may not subscribe to…

We can’t even have a “Honest Conversation” about anything anymore…People can’t even think, belch, breathe or fart an “Original Thought” anymore….Did this Government with the help of the Drug Companies, the Media & Education perform (in Effect) Lobotomies on everyone….It’s one thing entirely to say people Won’t Talk, hell they Can’t….Liberalism has created the most IGNORANT Mass of Idiots this world will have ever seen…Actually, it is a Mental Illness that’s swept this land…it’s taught in schools & Sold on All of the Propaganda Channels .. Hate, Envy & Scorn with every word

Ask yourself this; what has all of this “Permissiveness or Enabling really accomplished? NOTHING GOOD…This Country as well as the rest of the world is full of Semi-Functional Retards…Most can’t Write, Add or Solve any type of PROBLEM without Intervention (of some type)….We are just about at the Point where the Government has to Not only SPOON FEED us all our Propaganda, they will soon be Feeding us & Wiping our Ass after we Crap all over ourselves….


One should be ASHAMED of the Fact that they’re so Helpless & Encouraged to be so ….There is the old saying “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” well how do you apply that to a World now full of Parasites..And sadly those who are Helping Themselves are the Government Socialists Oligarchs …To me, this is more or less like a CIRCUS where you have Trained Dancing Bears, Monkeys, Rats & Skunks doing Tricks for Meals…

Most of us who grew up in a Semi-Informed Age still remember we still had PRIDE & DIGNITY…And I don’t want to hear any crap about Too Much Pride, White Pride, Black Pride because it’s all Excrement….This was Once Upon A Time our world to do with what we Wished…We could be Learned, Playful, we could Reason, we could acquire Wisdom, we could have Families, we could Play Sports, Games & we could honestly still be Friends, not Business Partners in a Bankrupt Failed Government Headquartered in Washington DC & your State Capitol….


This Now Socialist Government with the Aide of the Banksters DESTROYED the Family Unit…It was Intentional …You cannot CREATE a Socialist Welfare State without Creating the Problems…EVERY DAMN Problem we have in America & in Europe our GOVERNMENTS Created…They also created all the HATE & ANGER we See & Feel with every breath & step we take…They KEEP us Divided, they Keep us in a State of Fear knowing full well that Puts MONEY into their Bank Accounts….

Now we have all these Social Taboos to deal with like Religion, Sexuality, Race, Nationalism & just as George Orwell said they’ve now DESTROYED nearly all of our History…Ask yourself this; why & what are they trying to hide or cover up? If you are an old POS like me you still know what the GAME is all about …It Power & Wealth …The Messianic Bastards have been in control of Washington DC for 100 Plus years…America (the Experiment) has just about run its course…And we aren’t even able to TALK intelligently about our Demise ….It’s Forbidden & it’s Not Politically Correct…And to make matters worse Families & Friends have bitten the Dust…Everyone Hates & NOTHING will Ever Be SOLVED because of it…But” LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT IT” Ever….screw it, see you in the next life…this one’s all but over

Too Few Give A Damn & Too Many Feel Powerless



© Robby Bowling

As we close the door on our yesterdays
Will we turn back to see another view
Indeed not everything was crimson
Nor were they all a bitter blue

As we gaze we will see faces missing
There will be voices we will hear nevermore
And no, silence is not always golden
The heart & soul always longs for more

Sometimes truth is tied to perspective
And that ties to the road we’re all on
We all started from humble beginnings
In the end most just want to belong

Yet we cannot live in the past
History can only serves as a guide
We’ve all seen the shadows moving
And there are so many things we still deny

So with a page & a chapter now behind us
We now have pen & paper in hand
Nor do we need life so complicated
Simplicity is far easier to understand

We all have our dreams & prayers
Everyday there will be another road to choose
May we find the strength to achieve them
But without that faith we may well lose

But who would we be without our companions
Our loves, our families & our friends
They nurture & they advise if we listen
And if they are true they’ll be there at the end

So treat everyday as a new beginning
They are moments in time on life’s wheel
It’s not fortune or fame most are seeking
But the question is what can this day weld

So allow me to offer up this prayer for you
It wall only work one day at a time
Watch your step & your direction
And I’ll see you again on down the line

So may all your dreams become treasures
And in turn all your treasures become the prize
That you will pass on along to others
So they will in turn give it a try

And try not to give in to the false actors
That try as they may, to sway you with lies
They only live for for what they can steal
And fill you with their doubts & why’s

It’s a blessing to remember
But to forget our lessens is the sin
And kindness often starts with a whisper
It can become a force of its on in the end

So make this year the best one ever
Make promises that you can keep
Lets all try to not hurt the other
While the stream is clear, it’s deep

Sing your song with true convection
It’s contagious to hear those who believe
The days of our lives are but numbers
And then they’re gone like leaves on a tree

Choose love over loneliness
Seek knowledge and its road
And you’ll see faces from long ago
That sheltered you from the cold

Remember no one has all the answers
The heart & soul will know the truth
It’s like the fruited vine out in the orchard
And the time will come to turn it loose

When we thirst we seek clear water
And so we search for the wishing well
And so we’ll measure these earthly moments
By seeking peace not moments of hell

Behind every cloud the stars are shinning
This earthly plane is ours to share
So many now are drawn to indifference
Yet there are still some who truly care

So many fields were left barren
Unattended, parched & spurned
It is only a chance that we’re given
And what you’ll find is it’s what you earned

So make the time, it’s really not trouble
Take your friends & family by their hands
We will find peace & grace as we surrender
This is indeed part of God’s plan

This new year holds promise
We can all still find our way
We are the scribes & we are the authors
Of this last act in life’s play



Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was black as night
Darkness always seems to cast a spell
It was such an ugly sight
There will always be a prejudice
For that’s a river that always flows
False knowledge raises its ugly head
For it’s always the seeds we seem to sow

What we see & what we perceive are entirely TWO different Varmits…One man sees a calf, another sees a lamb, but the WOLF sees a meal…There are Wolves walking amongst us…The “Reincarnation Of The Third Reich” in America is a “Rothschild Train” running Straight & Out Of Control at America & it’s arrival …well, it seems imminent! As they say “Every Picture Tells A Story” & Every Story has Pages & Chapters…Is the Last Chapter, the Epilog being written about the “Rise & Fall” Of America? It’s the same old Story that Echo’s out of the Past, time & time again…The same Pitfalls, the same Narcissism, the same Arrogance, Apathy, Appeasement & Apologists give the Same Lame Excuses that have Reverberated through the UNIVERSE for Centuries….In short order “Too Few Give A Damn” & all the rest are like Drunk Stoned Drugged Monarchs that don’t give a Damn about anything but Power, Money & Sadism…Cloaked in a Messianic Complex…

We are witnessing again HISTORY being Destroyed by the Idiot Fools Disciples of Evil, shall I say the Word “SATAN”…The Powers that have been hidden behind the Curtain & Doors are ready to Come out of the Closet & take the ROLE they feel they were Born & Destined to Perform…As “GODS Of The 21st Century”….Move over Buddha, Krishna or Jesus this Modern day Narcissistic Satanic Messiah want their CROWN, their GLORY, their GOLD & their Pond of FLESH & BLOOD…


Shakespeare got it right when he stated, “The World World Is But A Stage”….What we are Bering Witness to today is Centuries in the Making….And while all the Actors have Different Names, the Actions, the Scripting & the Results or Conclusions are all the same….Today we have groups like BLM & ANTIFA doing the destruction they are really no different than Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” or “Hitler Youth” …it’s the same game, same refrain & same Special Ops at work….Sell Fear, Extortion & Bribes to get what you Want..The ENDS always Justify the Means…

Indoctrination & Brain-Washing have been going on for DECADES….Public Education is nothing but a Behavior Modification Factory…The Media serves as the Messenger & the Government serves as the Masters Of This Useless Universe by passing out Rewards or Punishments as needed….Most of the Species that Walk Upright on 2 Legs (Beg on all 4) …

The last 100 PLUS years in America can be summed up as “Operation Hate”…Our DECLINE started with President WILSON & was almost Cemented with the “Narcissistic Immaculate Faggot OBAMA!” The bastard was Born to Hate & so it was that he was Picked by the Soros, Rothschild BILLIONARIE$ to lead us into Our Last Days & the Beginning of the NEW WORLD ORDER REIGN on this World …


The Pathetic Display of IGNORANCE I see daily goes “beyond the pale”…Those who are Destroying HISTORY are destroying their FUTURE, but more telling is they are actually HIDING who the Real HATERS & DEMONS of History actually were….You may be Abe to DESTROY HISTORY, but eventually, TRUTH will Prevail…If you want to call it KARMA or “Heaven & Hell” go for it…

LIBERALS understand that the ILLUSION of FREEDOM is important, at least for now…The Elections are RIGGED to the POINT that the RICHEST MAN usually Wins, especially if they have been Endorsed by the Liberal Communist CIA Controlled Media..So what they are REALLY UP TO is making sure they can FOREVER Change the VOTER BASE…then rigging an Election with False Promises is a Given…That’s what all of the Shouting is about with Immigration….

AMERICA is In My Opinion, at best “One Generation” from Extinction….We are actually starting to FALL FASTER than EUROPE….We are Bombarded every day with Lies, Fears, Threats, Wars (Civil & Foreign), Jobs, Debt & what is the answer?? Washington DC sure as hell is not…The government has to Destroy Christianity to take a FIRM Comtrol….Todays Churches, for the Most part, have SOLD US ALL OUT…All we have in the end is EACH OTHER …but the house is Divided with Hate….It’s time we did some Soul Searching…If not for our Future than our Children’s, Children …




As what some would call a “Disgruntled Old Man” or “Horses Ass” I’m starting to think that maybe all these learned people & the Volumes of Books we’ve all read have got it WRONG….Maybe Government isn’t supposed to HELP us at all! Maybe it’s true intent as well as its colors was to ENSLAVE us & Screw us at Will….Go back and Look at History (before its destroyed) where has Government EVER just once EVOLVED into something GOOD? Pardon, I can’t think of one….Take a good look at this world, we’ve come to understand, that the GAME is: “SCREW YOU BEFORE YOU SCREW ME”….Maybe we should STOP reading Fanciful Fiction about the Rich wonderful Bounty that you feel in your Heart when we think Our Government Loves & Cares For you/us, hell I know they don’t give a damn about me…

Who said everything had to Have a “Hollywood Tear Jerking Love-Fest Ending” so why do we pretend…Let’s just Draw our Swords & Fence or Guns & Duel till someone DIES…Isn’t that the REAL MESSAGE that you hear from the WASHINGTON DC Elites…You know they are the ones who Claim their “Excrement Doesn’t Smell” In fact, I’ve heard they are Bottling it up & selling as “SOUVENIRS” to their “Brain-Dead Indentured Servants”

The REALITY is thus…If you “Tune-Out” the Blithering Rhetorical Hogwash” & look as the TRUE ACTIONS of the Washington DC Elite’s, all you can Conclude is they find People DISQUISTING & STUPID as well as BENEATH them…In short they HATE our ass…in fact, they HATE everything in this world that doesn’t reflect their Messianic Vision of themselves….


It’s one thing to talk about “Crimes of Passion” but Washington DC does not have a PASSION,,, they have an ADDICTION.Not that they “Give a Damn” they don’t.They ANSWER to NO ONE…So what’s stopping this “RIGGED DOG & PONY RACE/SHOW…nothing & nobody….

Washington DC is the CITY we see just inside the “GATES OF HELL” we see Bright Lights, Drugs, Prostitutes (all 52 California Recognized SEXS)…We see Murder when someone Crosses them, we see Suicides, Baby Rapers, Extortionists & Bankers who Love to Bribe….But we don’t see any REAL PEOPLE….Actors, Caricatures & Puppets on a string don’t count…..MONEY COUNTS It’s the “Only Game In Town” & it’s RIGGED…

Right now the Communist Socialist Fascist Progressive Liberal Party has Hired via George Soros, misguided little street Urchins Filled with Hate, Cocaine, Speed, Opium, Reds, Yellows & Rainbow Colored pills to BURN DOWN AMERICA,,,, Starting with our HISTORY, Next will Come our Church’s,then Homes, Businesses, Schools & anything Symbolic of our Yesterdays, Good Times & Feel good Moments…

You need to understand this is what “Terminal Hate” does to a Species…It’s not enough for them to CONTROL US, make us PRISONERS in our own homes…they Hate us & they want every damn one of us DEAD, that is after they get through Playing these STUPID GAMES with us…So don’t be FOOLED by the Chaos & Anarchy around us all….It is NOT going to get BETTER…unless we TURN THE TABLES on them…but we’d never do that would we…

So how does it make you feel when you’re seen as a Toy & a Fool, that they can TERMINATE anytime they see fit? Trilling isn’t it?




You don’t get to this older stage of life without seeing Pets, Friends, Loved ones & Family Cross Over into the other Side or Relm…Unless you are a Sociopath with no Empathy or Compassion it can be an Emotional, sometimes Painful Experience…To use a cliche it is very hard to let go….The Images, The Moments, The Sounds, The Stage, The Place & The Time will play over in your head over & over… They Flashbacks can & will come at any moment…Ready or not, I might add.

I do my best to remain Circumspect & Cognizant of the MOMENT, the Here & Now as well as where this Ship may be sailing or drifting to in the distance…I was Born in a Generation we called the “BABY BOOMERS”…Some will say we were a SPOILED Generation…I reckon that’s that’s at least Partially True…And for some Certainly more so than others…I myself was Raised on a FARM in North Texas….We were DIRT POOR…Having said that we never ever Understood or Felt that way, much less thought about it…My Mother Sewed our Clothes, she Cooked, she had a Garden, we had Chickens & a Few head of Cattle & when we came home from SCHOOL she became a Teacher or a Teachers Helper…

We were all Raised as CHRISTIANS! We went to Church every time the “Church Doors” were open…Church in that ERA was about Fellowship & Friendship…It was not about SOCIALIZING like it’s become today….This was also the “JIM CROW ERA” even though that was not really ANYTHING we the Kids Understood at all…We lived in a Small Town called Decatur a little north of the city of Fort Worth…Population less than 4,000…My Graduating class was 65…And while we had gone through INTEGRATION by then there were only a few Black Americans in each class…

By & large most of us NEVER gave one thought about being around ANYONE from another Race…While my FAMILY, just was not the Prototype American Family.My mother would have NEVER let us treat Anyone Black, Spanish or Asian with anything other than RESPECT….PERIOD…Simply stated we were TAUGHT that People were all the same…Are dreams were the same, we wanted to Learn, Play & go out into the World & Find our own way….


I am of IRISH Descent….my Mothers FATHER & HER MOTHER came to TEXAS from Missouri in a COVERED WAGON…No one in their FAMILIES has Ever Own Slaves….So I don’t want to hear this LIBERAL HATE Crap about “White Privilege” …we didn’t know anything but DIRT, even though the Little Frame Farmhouse had TONS of love in it…But that’s another story…

My Father had THREE Brothers Fight in WWII & Luckily they all came home.My Father Worked at an Aircraft Factory that Made Bombers & Fighters for the military…So I do believe they ALL understood what America & Sacrifice was all about….You actually could never get them to talk about the WAR…Now Looking at the Chaos that surrounds us all now, I understand….It’s hard to Reconcile….

Everyone in the Family (men & women) knew that whatever there was out in this World you Wanted or Desired you were going to have to WORK for it…So I put myself through College by working & Play in R & R Bands…I Read a lot of BOOKS…HEINLEIN, HESSE, TWAIN, HUXLEY, ORWELL, TOLKIEN & AYN RAND were amongst the many Writers I couldn’t get enough of….And while I may well have had it better than some, I’ll dare you to INSULT me with this WHITE SHAME CRAP….It does not Apply….It may well apply to the GUILTY WHITE ZEALOT LIBERAL that had to steal, cheat & learn to Lie for everything they have…

I saw the Kennedy assassination, I saw how LBJ & the Deep State Covered up the Death investigation…I saw & even Questioned at that age how the DEEP STATE conveniently allowed Lee Harvey Oswald to be murdered by JACK RUBY….And then to see how RUBY miraculously got CANCER & Died….It was the DAWNING Moment that I started QUESTIONING everything…specifically WASHINGTON DC…LBJ etc….


I saw what the Cold War did to America,…I say even more with Vietnam & the LBJ lies…I had friends come home in Body Bags & I know a Few that made it back only to later “Blow Their Brains Out”no one in the Government Gave a damn & treated them as such…..

I also saw & witnessed COLLEGES started catering to the COMMUNISTS….The Communist Liberal Professors started coming in Droves…they, in turn, started producing Liberal Communist Socialist Teachers that went into PUBLIC SCHOOLS…The MEDIA had TURNED by then…they Hated the WAR & they Hated “NIXON” even more…But NIXON being an Alcoholic was easily dealt with….

As we moved from the 60’s everything got more & more Militant….LBJ created a FAILURE called the “War On Poverty” OBAMACARE it was Meant to FAIL…It helps break up the BLACK FAMILY…It put them in Government Housing Projects…Like Hotel Calafornia…you could check-in, but never check out…They were full of DRUGS, HOPELESSNESS & PROSTITUTES….And the FEDS bribed them with WELFARE MONEY….They still do…Vote Democrat & keep the money coming….

But the Anarchists like Saul Alinsky & others knew it would FAIL…it would bring disenchantment, jealousy, envy & turn to HATE ….HATE is the key word here….Liberalism is always Full of Zealots with Messianic Complexs….GEORGE SOROS is one such man…As part of the Rothschild Family, he is a BILLIONAIRE…He Hates Capitalism…He hates AMERICA,…He is a Jew who claims to be an Atheist…but they actually are SATAN Worshipers….


These Zealots have been trying for 100 years to create the “NEW WORLD ORDER”, they now stand on the EDGE of that Dream…our Nightmare…not that they care…they don’t

If you’ve ever read George Orwell’s “1984” you should know that his NIGHTMARE view of the Anarchy Chaos & Destruction is HAPPENING now…Protest Groups, Neo-Lefties & Neo-Righties along with the SOROS Money are Staging Violence in Cities across the USA…They have Money backing, the MEDIA Backing & the Liberal Government Support…They are doing exactly what ORWELL described in his Book, they are tearing down HISTORY…And all the Media & Politicians do is FAN THE FLAMES

In my Opinion, this is becoming a “Path Of No Return”…Nothing Positive will come From it…No one will be HEALED from their Past Pains or Nightmares…This has already lead to DEATH & there will be more to Follow…This is what some would call MOB MENTALITY…Don’t get me WRONG after a Death, there;s always a Parrot, a Parasite, a Talking Head Puppet who’ll disavow the Blood, but let’s be honest IT’S “DISINGENUOUS” & Predictable…In other words SCRIPTED & REHEARSED….LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION—5,4,3,2,1 ROLL…

Here we now have a train, there is motion, there is emotion, that turns to angst & then to HATE …Further down the Road, it Turns to Anarchy, then it turns into CIVIL WAR, a CONFLICT…with Lives, Property, Dreams as well as our PAST -Destroyed, but for what Purpose? Who stands to Win & Who Stands to Lose….The answer is this the only winners are the Elite’s, the Oligarchs & the NEW WORLD ORDER (Soros & Rothschild Groups).The People will LOSE….This is actually nothing more than a Staged “Coup d’état” to Topple AMERICA & Create a Permanent GRIP on Power by the Liberal Progressive Communist Socialist Fascists HIDING in Plain Sight but Masquerading as Leaders-Politicians…To QUOTE George Patton: “Politicians are the SCUM of the Earth, especially Liberal ones!”

They are starting by Tearing down Statues & Burning Buildings, and then it will Escalate into Libraries, then Schools, the Homes, then Cities & then they will come for US because we DISAGREE….If we don’t THINK like them they will Threaten, then there will be Pain & from there Death for all, they consider the Enemy….


The circus is Coming to Town, but not to Entertain you but to capture you…It’s coming to install & reinforce every Fear Trigger Known to the HATERS…We are Watching the DEATH OF AMERICA & there’s actually very little we can do to STOP the TRAIN of Death….All we have is Each Other, but we’ve now been DIVIDED into every Hate or Fear Group on the Planet…There are 537 BASTERDS in Washington DC we think we elect…the MAJORITY of them Work of the NEW WORLD ORDER (SOROS) the same can be said about the MEDIA….it has been being controlled by the DEEP STATE for Decades (Operation Mockingbird)…

Those who destroy the PAST will rewrite the Narrative to Glorify themselves & to eviscerate their Enemies….The Liberals are the TRUE HATERS here…they are the Racists, they are the Narcissists who think they are the Reincarnation of a Messiah….They are Hedonistic, many are Pedophile’s, many Worship SATAN….This is in FACT, “History Repeating Itself”….we will go the same way as ROME or ATHENS….Some of us were Arrogant, Some were fools, Some were Scammed, Some were too busy to Watch, Some didn’t Care & yes some were too Naive to believe there IS EVIL like this in the WORLD….Bad News is that it’s EVERYWHERE …it’s ever-present & overwhelming….

The way I see it the Closet Communists who call themselves LIBERALS are trying their best to Instill Fear into every Breath We Take…They Why they are PUSHING the WAR Narrative with Russia & Now North Korea….They think we are so Fearful of War, of Blood, of Destruction that we will SURRENDER & simply walk away…So the OPTION is this: “Surrender & be a Prisoner (or Worse) or Die in Battle…Well while I may be an Old Man, I will not cower to them…My life is now Mostly in the “Past Tense” I don’t have that many more Years to Live….So what if they make threats to KILL Me….I’m going to die anyway….screw them….bring it…I’ll take a Few with Me.

The Quality of Life, the Dreams, the Optimism, the Laughter, the Perks of a Good Song, a Good Meal Shared with a Good Friend, Lover or Family are the ONLY things we actually live for….Yes, this is a Material World, but there are no Pockets in Shrouds….This Moment is all we have…There is no Tomorrow Promised by anyone….The Moment., Life’s Dance is “Ongoing until the Music Stops…we know n to when or why…it is what it is….nothing more, nothing less…


This Life, this Body is nothing but Energy & it cannot be destroyed, but it does Change Forms….Perhaps that’s the METAPHOR of change we use for the Birth & Death Transition…It’s not for me to say…just’s just a Casual Passing Thought….

There are FAR more important issues to deal with in a Chaotic World than the Superficial ones being THRUST upon us by the “Disease” I call LIBERALISM….We all have things, moments & Nightmares from our past we’d rather Forget….Yes, they were Ugly, Frightening & sometimes Stupid….if you are smart you learn from the (what you will) & move on or get over it…That’s what we call LIFE….Life is not some “Picturesque Moment” it’s a Convolution of all our MOMENTS…Whether we like it or not they ALL played a Part…

WASHINGTON DC wants & needs you to believe they are the “GOOD GUYS”–I hate to tell you, but they are anything but that.LIBERALISM with George Soros at the HELM (Along with is BILLION$) has recreated HITLERS GERMANY …The Hate Groups you see are recreations of the “Brown Shirts” & “Hitler Youth” groups SOROS belonged to as a teenager….How many of you know about “The REICHSTAG FIRE?” It was a “FALSE FLAG OPERATION” Hitler used to start a conflict…The.Charlottesville incident from last week is no Different….SOROS Paid the GROUPS from Both Sides to Create the Chaos & Anarchy…Sadly a LIFE was lost because of the HATE that’s taken over AMERICA & the WORLD…And there will be more to come…you can bet on it….

Soros & his NWO buddies smell Blood….They are still PISSED that they “Lost An Election” they thought they had RIGGED….so you might say this is their way of MAKING UP FOR IT….Blame it all on TRUMP….He’snot a Politician, he’s not one of them, he’s not ‘Politically Correct”& he’s Crude & not SOPHISTICATED like the Sociopaths we’ve been ELECTING to Office time & time again…The Lord Knows Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, McCain, Romney, Hillary & all the rest of the Washington Establishment of “WARTHOGS” are preferable….


Haven’t you ever wanted to tell a HIGH-PRESSURE SALESMAN, to shut the Hell Up & Walk away…Well, I’ve done it more than once….Most can’t believe you’d even CHALLENGE them…Same goes for the WASHINGTON DC Elites…They are simply nothing but High-Pressure Salesmen & in this case they are TRYING to Close the DEAL for a new “Socialist America”..though they’d never call t by name…

Conservative Christian Americans will soon be Hunted down & either Destroyed or Silenced…the end result I the same….Don’t you think it’s PAY BACK TIME? Isn’t it time to STOP this MADNESS…Even if we FAIL we have to Try….We are Not Even Trying anymore…The MESSAGE of HATE has been effective…Families & Friends have been destroyed…for what…the HATE that came from the Small Minds of the Parasite I Call LIBERALS….They Offer Nothing Of Value…they are the ones that Ought to be Destroyed…not my Job…but is is our JOB to STOP them in their Tracks

It will get Worse & All of this Chaos will Continue…We can’t Ignore the REALITY that we are FINISHED unless WE put a stop to this…CANCER does not CURE itself….America has a CANCER growing in it called LIBERALISM, George Soros is one of the Tumors….Ignorance, Apathy, Appeasement & Fear are their Friends….It’s time to get up off of our “Deathbed”




In today’s world, everyone has an “Opinion”, they also have a “Prejudice!” We also think that with Logic & Reason or Rational we can Rise above these “Ingrained Prejudices” & maybe perhaps a FEW Can overcome the Bad Seeds Ingrained into our “Mindset’s” but don’t kid yourself , because that’s something that Requires “Hard Work & Time”

Every day we hear the new in Faux Term “Diversity” bandied about like it was a “Basket Ball” in the middle of the NCAA Tournament on one of the “Worthless CIA Run “Alphabet Channels” coming from Who Knows or Who Cares WHERE! It implies everything that it is NOT! Once Upon A Time” we were Encouraged to be True to who we were, to find our own Way, to Discover, to Question, to Learn & to Correct Course when we were Wrong…That is what made us who we were…That is & that’s what the Difference is a Teacher, a Craftsman & a Student or an Apprentice…Implied or not that is “No Longer True” or rather it is no longer “Practiced” at all…at least from the Point of View of those in Authority (Those who Control Us)…

Diversity is now a Meaningless Mindset to Confuse the Issue & Enable a “Single-Minded” Point of View to be sold as the “Only Logical Conclusion you are ALLOWED to have…I mean, why BOTHER with the IDEA of Honest Debate or Discussion, just Teach (Train) your Sublets to Do, to React & come to the “ONLY Conclusions Allowed! It takes too long to Teach A Pet to THINK…Just take “Thinking” out of the “Equation” altogether…If you want your “Lab Rats” to do “Specific Tricks” just cut to the Chase & Do It!


By & Large I Prefer Old Books & Old Movies to today’s “Mass Produced Assembly Lines Products….Yesterdays Products were better CRAFTED…The Movies & Films of Yesteryear had Better Writers & Film Makers that had to depend on the DRAMA & SUSPENCE of the Scripts, the Interplay of the Actors & the Editing Qualities to have a “Marketable Product” Today’s Film makers aren’t much more than “Video Games Makers” or Pornography Makers at best…The Story line only has to go a Little Ways & the CGI (Graphic Editors) will just “BLOW SOMETHING UP” or Kill some one…Who Knows but it’s almost 100% predictable…

Having said all that, there is a “Subliminal Message” in all these Movies, TV programs & Books…It’s not always “Obvious” but its there nonetheless…The message is one of “Social Change” not for “Diversity” but for “Uniformity, anything less is unacceptable….

“The Liberal Neanderthals” claim they are against WAR…Yet there is MORE Violence today in the Movies & Television than ever before…I can remember in the 1950’s & 60’s seeing “WARNINGS” about Violence on some shows….Same was said about SEX….You had to be 18 (as I recall) to see some MOVIES….Today they don’t even Bother & in fact, it’s used to PROMOTE what is actually “GARBAGE” But that’s my opinion…Or it used o be…Who knows anymore what is Real & What is Fake…Because all I see is FAKE….


This Government, just like Every Other Government is Selling an AGENDA via the Media’s (All of them)…They are Promoting WAR whether you “Perceive It” or not….They are also Selling HATE at every level….They are doing that by “Force Feeding us Lies about “How to Live Our Lives” Shouldn’t we QUESTION Some things? Why has the Corrupt Government Chosen MUSLIMS over CHRISTIANS….They are Selling Hate between the Anglo, Black, Spanish Asian & Hindu Cultures…They are forcing BY LAW Christians that Believes Homosexuality is Wrong to Accept it or Lose in Court (if need be)…They have made “Gender Confusion” almost a “National Pastime” …Crap are we soon they see a TV GAME SHOW…”GUESS MY SEX (TODAY)?”…More & more TOPICS are being pushed about “Pedophilia” that JUST about appeasing the MUSLIMS or is that Some “Hedonistic Witches Brew? I think ,”Both!”

We aren’t really FREE to think for ourselves anymore…Everything we Say NO too, has a PRICE? It’s darn near gotten to the point where “A Few Guys” can’t even get together on a Saturday Night to Play POKER without some Union Rep from the State Dept overseeing & making sure no one Minority is EXCLUDED…Plus they’ll want a Permit & the TAXES from the WINNER…

Shouldn’t we be telling this Godless Government NO to everything…Shouldn’t we say STOP with the 24/7 lies & Propaganda….Liberals are PAYING (SOROS) people to RIOT & DEFAME others…why shouldn’t we do the same….What do you THINK would happen if just “ONE MILLION PEOPLE” Surrounded the Washington DC Estate & Demanded ANSWERS or RESIGNATIONS? I’d take bets on PANIC setting in…These Cowards are Great at letting others DIE for them….they will never “Pay The Piper Themselves!” They are 100% Worthless & Without Redemption…

Maybe it’s True that “No Man” is ever really “Born Free” but come on now, stop with the Illusions & Preconceived Notions about this “False Reality”.It was NOT supposed to or meant to be this way, yet here we are all “INCARCERATED” acting like Free Monkey’s in a Cage at the ZOO…Well, a ZOO this has become…This has a “Long Time Ago: Ceased being “Fun & Games” BTW it looks like we’re LOSING…Prove me wrong!




I guess I’ll start out here today, tonight or whatever it is & use a “Chauvinistic” term here & ask a “Rhetorical Question;” now that the American & European Male is so, so, so “Effeminized” are ALL “Liberals On The Rag?” It sure seems so…Or maybe it’s just a “Universal Menopause” type of thing…I don’t know what’s going on here, but it seems to me the “Liberal Jack-Offs” have had everything their way forever…It seems they are HAPPY if they don’t have “Something To Bitch About!” Do they SLEEP in a Bed of Thorns, do they wipe their “Behinds” with Poison Ivy Leaves, do they always have Indigestion,do they have “Terminal” Constipation & in turn have days with constant “Diarrhea or maybe they were all Mistreated Abused Kids because they didn’t know what SEX they are then or now….What a “Conundrum” this all is!Poor, Poor Pitiful Loser Liberals….

Let’s look at this for a second.They Run & Control Washington DC no matter who has the Majority… They Run & Control the Media & Music Industries… They Run & Control the Film industry world wide! They Run & Control our Schools & Colleges…They can Go in Drag anywhere they want, anytime they want..They’re Pandering to get FREE “Sec-Change Operations…They are all Equally Ignorant or Stupid if you prefer…But like Every Drug Addict or Drunk out there, you give them everything they WANT, yet they are never ever Satisfied….Isn’t there Something “Dreadfully Wrong” here?

It would seem that “Dr. Frankenstein” (the Rothschilds) has “Built the Perfect Beast” insofar as Defeating America Goes…They have more Money & Gold than the World has “Sense” They knew how to Bait the Trap & get the FOOLS to take the Poison!…As far as it goes CORRUPTION is so wide-spread that it’s become Commonplace & Expected…And I will remind one & all that it’s been that way for Decades & Decades….


I can’t SPEAK for everyone, but there are Times ( & they keep recurring) when I wish I could “Turn On The Lights, Pull Back The Curtains” & expose those hiding in the Shadows that are Controlling the Puppets, the Visions, What You Hear & Telling you How you’re supposed to Feel about Everything….Then I REALIZE that not only would I Need a “Permit” to do that, they’d Never Grant one…You don’t have to see the Shunk to know it’s there…You can Smell the Rotting Flesh of Evil …That is if you dare!

Yet I’m still bewildered about who it was that had the Nerve to shove the “Electrodes” up the “Keister” of the Liberal Sub-Species to get them to React On Cue….But I guess nowadays that’s done with a “Robot” & the Electrode is now a “Bluetooth Device” …”Brain Science” has been reduced to the “Study Of Hemorrhoids”….Think about it “Stool Specimens” will one day “Rule The World…Wait a minute, I think they already do….OLD TURD…SOROS, MUSLIM TURD- OBAMA….

What most people is the fact LIBERAL Actions never match the Rhetoric….They Say they are against WAR, but they certainly did what The Rothschild Bankers Wanted in the “Civil War, World War I, World War II & Vietnam”..Ask you this ; aren’t you at least a bit “Suspicious” about the ever-present rumors we hear 24/7 about a New Civil War, War with North Korea, War with China, War With Iran or War with Russia…The Liberals are screaming about it & Fear-Mongering about it, but THEY are really the one’s (Rothschilds) that Want it….They will SEIZE POWER & lever look back,, That’s how it begins every time…


Liberals have the audacity to Blame every Ill, Evil, Nefarious Crime, Theft Murder or War on those who had no part of it…Why shouldn’t they, it’s not like they have ANY Integrity or honesty…And remember they Own & Control the Media & most of the Judges…What’s an “Honest John” to do, die waiting for the TRUTH to Reverberate off the Sun & Moon on a Planet in a Faraway Galaxy??? It ain’t happening.


There is a PATTERN to all of this “Bad Behavior” it’s not always the obvious….If they are Bitching, Pissing & Moaning about something you need to STOP & Survey the Situation…Because the BITCHING is just a “Sideshow” to hide what they are DOING….It’s the “Hey Look” over there game & while you gazed off into the “Wild Blue Yonder” they did what they didn’t want you to see …

And let’s be honest about the Relationship between those who Love to Bitch & those who control the Puppet Strings….People & the Children of the “Liberal Empire” of “Piss Ants” are ignorant & stupid because they were PROGRAMED to be just that….Does “Heil Hitler” strike a chord….”Seig Heil” is a term meaning “Victory Hail” or “Hail Victory” …To have a Totally Dependent, Dumb, Ignorant Society is the Crowning Achievement for the LIBERAL MACHINE…They Nailed it…


It seems odd & telling that the Liberal Idiot Sheep protest the TREATMENT of Animals, which I have no problem with, but they FAIL to realize the “Contempt & the Treatment” of this Government (like all the other “Third World Dictatorships} to its OWN People. And how do you explain Abortion & the Treatment of the Elderly that MANY Liberals want to Exterminate… It seems the Human Race is Racing towards “Extinction” Fast!

Why do so many People fall for the CON…If it seems “Too Good To Be True” it most likely is a Con! And yet Time after time the same SUCKERS fall for the same old LIES….Give it up….Is that why Liberals are so “Bitchy?” Is it actually ‘Subliminal” & deep seeded? Is it Self-Loathing & that they really want everyone “Equally Miserable?” Well, it seems like that to me…

I’m sorry but my Visions of what a UTOPIAN VILLA is not one full of Hate, Strife, Envy & Fear-Mongering…Do you really think that HATERS are likely going to TURN to Love….Do Addicts easily walk away from Drugs & Booze? Like it or not there IS such thing as “Primal Instincts” & Right or Wrong they are ever-present….It’s not that I believe We Can’t “Rise Above” but I would bet a Dollar on it….Impossible NO, but the Likely hood is “Not Promising!”


I guess if I’m going to toss around “Metaphors” wasn’t the Goal for the Spirit & Soul, one of “Grace” & “Forgiveness?” The State of IGNORANCE isn’t Cutting it…Oh now, it may very well be PLEASING to those who have Sold this “Con Game & Illusion” our “Dictators” the “oligarchs” …

“Freedom’s just another word, for nothing left to lose” is a rather “Haunting Line”… I understand the “Dumbing down Of The Masses” but what I’ll never understand is the Loss of “Free Will” & the PRIDE of the Knowledge Gained from Losses we Turned into “Victories” …A certain amount of PRIDE is a GOOD thing…As well as being Humble & Grateful for our Blessings, what ever they may have been… It was once our ROAD to chose….

We live, we learn & we once Survived by our “Instincts” the Trick was Learning how to READ them….We don’t do that anymore, do we…We don’t even TRY! Are we on LIFE SUPPORT & just waiting for Someone or some thing to “Pull The Plug?” Sure looks like it to me…Are we WAITING for the MOMENT when the LIBERAL SATANIC MESSIAHS to tell us that “They’ve Taken Over?” It seems so…And then will we will just “Shrug, Sigh & Fake Batting an Eye & just say wih finality “WHATEVER?”


The Ugly TRUTH is this Every WAR is fought for one REASON….that reason is MONEY, GOLD, OIL, DIAMOND which in turn give the Satanic Masters (Rothschilds & Soros) total CONTROL over Everything…They Love the Chaos of WAR so much they actually FUND both CAMPS…Understand now they do WANT & PICK the one they wish to win with Mover Favors…he other side hasn’t a Clue….Case in Point OBAMA was picked by Soros to be POTUS—McCain was Picked & Paid to LOSE…Follow the Money…SOROS Pays people in BOTH FAKE Political Parties…He still wants the LIBERALS to Win…He Hedges his bets…EVERY Major War was Financed the Same Way…But only a Few Understand the Game…The GAME IS RIGGED, no it’s not 100% but it’s getting there.

The Truth, the Reality & the Facts will never quite MATCH the Optics, the Spin, the Illusion & even the Delusions that we think we see & hear…Because of the Constant Drumbeat Of Propaganda Machine from the STAGE, the Media Preaches from we will NEVER Figure out the Truth…It’s called MASS Hypnotism, just another term for Brain-Washing…And yes the Media & the Schools Play a Huge ROLE here.

No one ever said “Life Was Going To Be Easy” but it’s not supposed to be a SET-UP for the next game of Charade from the Government or your enemy if you prefer…It was supposed to be about the Child Growing into the Adult….Learning, sometimes failing but still turning those losses into Victories…It was supposed to be about Family, Friends & Loved Ones…They are the ones who Help you fight your Demons or Enemies…Growing up after WWII most of us thought the Government was ‘On Our Side!” We never Dreamed they were the Enemy until our World Started to Rock & Crumble…For me that Started with “Kennedy’s Assassination” & the Lengths the Government went to Cover up the TRUTH…The Truth would have BURIED Washington DC…And the Corruption is Deeper & Wider now than it was then…


Well if this is as good as it gets, It ain’t cutting it… Mediocrity should NOT be a Goal, it, in Fact, should not be Acceptable ..PERIOD …But here we are, knee deep in Communist Excrement that’s being passed of like its Gold…If it smells like a Communist Turds & Looks like a Communist Turds, it’s most likely just a bunch of Communist Turds…..Life In The Fast Lane just hit a Brick Wall …Or could it be, Hotel California- “You Can Check In But You Can Never Check Out…



There was a TIME, apparently a long time ago when we believed in our “Principles” enough to “Make A Stand” & say enough…stop…Well, apparently those days are now being “Buried” in some “Time Vault” for some Future Generation of People to look at & question….This ERA of Ignorance, Permissiveness, Narcissism, Hedonism, Sadism & Provision will be LIKE all the rest…It will eventually DIE a slow agonizing Death just like all the others before them like “SODOM & GOMORRAH” or later “CALIGULA’S ROME!” The question is “How Many will DIE & SUFFER at their hands…I suspect “Thousands” will…And how do you Measure Suffering which may well be more painful than Death itself…


I think most of us “Grew up” in a world where we “Honestly Tried” to protect those who couldn’t “Protect Themselves!” “Mostly I speak of Innocent Children! I know that we sometimes Failed, but t least we Tried…Not Trying is the Sin…My question is thus, have we “Arrived” at that “Point Of No Return” where NOTHING is out of Bounds or Taboo? Remember the old axiom, “When Is Enough, Enough?” Do we no longer have a “Belief System” (Flawed & All) to Start From & Fight For? It would seem so to me…Don’t get me wrong I understand that there are still some who are like me “Repulsed” by today’s World, but we don’t have much “Sway” do we?


THERE WAS A TIME when we Tried to let Children be Children & go about their on way Playing, Laughing, Pretending, Questioning, Learning & Living at “Their Own Pace” to do it “Mostly” on their on…Granted we “Sat The Table” at which they ate, learned & grew, but we didn’t “Force Feed Them The Garbage” like they’re being fed today…Honestly while the “Age Of Consent” may have been “Arbitrary” at least we had an Idea…Now it seems there is “No Threshold” on anything…And I believe that is WRONG…


I realize that “Revolutionaries” or “Anarchists” TARGET the Fundamental MORALS of a Society to Create the CHANGE they want through the Chaos & Destruction…They do it with an Intent & Purpose for the ENDS & GOALS they Desire… They will Strike at the HEART of anything…Remember with them the “Ends Justify The Means”…They Will Burn Villages & Kill People to get their way….HISTORY has shown that to be true, time & time again…


Let me use the old Christian Philosophical line here:”Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime!” That’s about as straightforward a thought as you can get & it’s TRUE! However, if you have “Total 1000% Control” over the Teachers, Preachers, Parents, Mentors as well as ALL of the “Agenda & Curriculum” for the “Children” well you can make Johnny, Joan, Jose or Lori anything you want…


We have all heard the road to the Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom starts with Education..And I basically agree with that…Having said that, if you take a GOOD HARD LOOK at what Schools or Colleges are producing these days & the “RESULTS,” what would you “Conclude” the STATED GOAL was? It certainly was Not, “Excellence!” Shall we use another old cliche here, “Garbage in Garbage out!”…If Ignorance of Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom was the GOAL, well “They NAILED It!”


Today’s Schools are in my opinion, “Apprenticeships into Indoctrination” for whatever the STATE wants or needs …And in today’s world where “Machines” are taking over, what if I may ask is the Emerging Role for the HUMAN? We all know what the Elite’s, our Masters need, TOYS to play with…..Yes, this WORLD whatever it’s evolving into will need a FEW Producers to do the WORK…And we ALL also know that the Elite’s plan on Limiting the SIZE of this Worlds Population….And the way I see it, the ROLE for the Average Man or Woman is diminishing drastically…


Almost ALL recorded history suggests as the STATE become more Corrupt as well as Obese, they become more “Obsessed” with Power & Control….That’s what “Unbridled Narcissism” does! These Pathogens & those who “Emulate” them all fall into a Predictable pattern of “Addictions”….Drugs, Alcohol & Sexual Perversion are at the TOP of every list…When your KING, QUEEN or a Perverted GAY, LESBIAN or the NEW Trend of TRANSSEXUALS…the pattern continues with Justifying your Behavior any way you have to….


The Catholic Church’s Priests have always been known as a “Refuge” for “Homosexuals & Pedophile’s!” Same can be said for “Private Schools” (All Men & Women)! And as far as it goes People with “Authoritarian” Positions have always been knowing to be ABUSERS…By & Large it’s Extortion…And they are Always on the “Prowl” for a NEW Conquest…It’s a GAME they play…And then the Bad Behavior keeps getting Passed on & on & on…That’s what Abusers do…


Without getting into the Morals of what is Right or Wrong, I want to make a separate Statement or Argument about what’s TRENDING in today’s America & the Rest of the World….First some general background of mine…When I went to College there was a time when I was “Majoring” in Sociology….It mostly looks at Group Behavior rather than just individuals…It was a Lighter Version of “Physiology” to keep it simple…It covered “Deviant Behaviors”…So yes it did cover “Homosexuality” ….Back in those days “As I Recall” the “Percentage” of Homosexuals to Straights was about 2 1/2 % or less…And mind you NO ONE had ever heard of a Transsexual-EVER!


So while all this behavior was out there & Known about (even if in the Closet) it was still somewhat Rare!…Today if you Believe the “FUMES” coming from a LIBERAL’S Mouth you’d think there was a “World Wide EXPLOSION” of Homosexuals out there just waiting for the “Right Time” to come “Out Of The Closet!” …And then SOMEHOW while they were Discovering who, what or where they were, I guess Some (living out a Fantasy) wanted to have it BOTH WAYS & live Part Time as a Man or Part Time as a Woman…..


Well, I hate to break the Bad News here but for the MOST PART, this is a (Drum Roll please) Learned “BEHAVIOR!”…Is a Delusion that Perpetuates it own kind of Sickness, Delusions & now Perversions! And like all the other figures they are ALWAYS looking for the next Mark or Conquest!’


So now we have a SECTOR of this Population (Permissive Liberals) trying to NORMALIZE these “Deviant Behaviors” they are taking it to the NEXT Level now, with “Pedophilia …One one Stage we have the PUSH to normalize this behavior….But for whose benefit? Well, Muslim & Child Brides is one….The Other is the Obsessed Elite’s in places like Hollywood & Washington DC has always been TIED to ” Pedophilia” in some form or fashion… You may not like it but it’s true…

But this does get worse, in my opinion, in some LIBERAL SCHOOLS around this Country, there are “Classrooms” where teachers are giving instruction about SEX with Young School Children…They are talking about Dildo’s, Cunnilingus, Fellatio (oral Sex) & Anilingus (anal Sex)….I not only find this Disguising but what I don’t understand is WHY we are allowing it….And yes I know & acknowledge there are “STRANGE PARENTS out there that are Pushing the Kids to live in a Fantasy World…But this is TOO Much…And LIBERAL Politicians from all over “Applaud” & Sanction this….WHY….

We also have increasingly more SCHOOLS Teaching Children about ISLAM….Now if liberals are pushing to have the term GOD Removed & Prayer Removed from Schools, then WHY This? Have we FORGOTTEN where to draw the LINE….While I acknowledge I’m an old man, I would not TOLERATE this as a Parent, grandparent or as a Friend…This is SICK… Some liberals Claim there are “22 GENDERS” to wit I say, what the hell are you SMOKING…You want to LIVE a “Fantasy Life” go do it, just “Get the Hell Out Of Mine!”…

We are letting a small Sector of Ignorant Buffoons RUIN not only our lives but future Generations…And it all Based on JUNK DELUSIONAL SCIENCE or BEHAVIOR