Another day, but is it a lie
Does the wishful thought
Always cross the line
Through tears & fears
Cries out the heart
So many distractions
Where does one start

We’ve all heard lines about things that define us, those include Loves, Desires, Dreams, Prayers, Fears , Doubts & all the other of multitude of Questions we have swirling through our Head or Brain at any given Moment of time!…The Largest one of those is how one Perceives, Understands (or not) & Defines FEAR….It is BOTH a Physical & Psychological one….It can & will often Manifest itself in Many different ways….It that “Up Jumps The Devil” moment or thing…The MIND or PSYCHE can play Games!


Most of us knowingly or not use the mind like a Garden….It’s more than just the “Positive & Negative” thing! Small Steps just like Seeds have to be Nurtured to Produce & Reveal ….There is a catch & motive to all of this, ask yourself “Who Planted those Seeds? For me that was First my Mother, my Family, my Friends, my Peers & my Teachers! And their Motives (back in those days) was Honest & Pure., but not Perfect (nothing is)!…. And lets be honest here, we are all a little Different, we Strengths & Weaknesses….Talent or Lack of it you can throw in the Ring too…


We have ALL heard the line: “There’s Demons Running In My Head!” well or something to that effect….Those Voices are usually about Fear, Doubt, Self-Assurance, Self Confidence, Self Esteem or Lack of it….Fear can be like a “Echo Chamber” with Infinite distorting repeats….It can create Chaos & Paranoia….Let me STOP here for a moment & remind you that the Oligarchs & their Disciples who “Control” this World & ALL of the Mediums “KNOW THIS” to be a Fact & Use it to “Manipulate Us” into doing things we would NOT “Normally Do!


ALL of us have things that Motivate us & those are usually tied to our Emotions….Peace, Love & Fear all can come into play….Love & Peace go together, but Fear goes with Anger, Confusion & Hate! And I guess you can on a Lighter Scale mix it up….You Hated your Old Car, but you Love the New One….I’m not Stupid enough to go into the Wives or Relationships thing, I have enough problems of my own…BUT,Those who we ALLOW (I don’t Know Why) to Rule & Control us use “Fear, then Hate to KEEP us All Divided….And it’s been going on since “Adam & Eve!”


In today’s World & America we have always been told, taught or coached to Fear….As a Child it was a Whipping, it was Snakes, Rabid Skunks, Wolves or even a Speeding Truck….Later it became War, Nukes & Cultures we either didn’t understand or they took Vows to Destroy us….Russia, China, later North Korea, Iraq & Iran all come to mind…..BUT MY QUESTION IS: while some of this is Obvious, is it 100% True & Factual? I’m not so sure of that…By that I mean at a Minimum it is “Exaggerated” & Just Maybe in SOME Cases it’s almost a “Blatant Lie” BUT because we no Longer CHALLENGE those In Power they Not Only Get Away With It, the LIES after a While Become not only Bolder, they “Become a Means To An End!” And that seems to me to be “All That Was Good” about America….


While its a “Rhetorical Argument” is Should almost as Easy to Understand Each Other in this World, some of the Things that make us Different can Divide, they can be Used to Make Life more Interesting & Enjoyable…BUT, having said that, “Those Who RULE These FAKE Kingdoms Can NEVER Allow that to become more that a Passing Thought!I’ve come to the Conclusion it’s apparently easier to HATE & Make War or Threats Of Wars than to have PEACE of Any Kind!


Truth is the enemy of Empires & Government & their Power all EXIST on Centuries Of Lies after Lies after Lies being told, sold as if they were “Prophecies!”…The Lie Becomes REALITY! Liberalism, Progressiveness, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Totalitarian & Communism are “All Birds Of The Same Feather!” Just different stages of a “CANCER!” Liberals want Everyone to believe now that All Christians & Conservatives are Evil & Racist! They want everyone to think all MUSLIMS are sweet little understood Pigs from another Planet….They Actually Believe EVERYONE should CHOSE their own “Sexual Role or Assignment! Has LSD made a comeback????


The REALITY is “Governments” are usually the ENEMY of Freedom…..PERIOD! And where you have LIBERAL GOVERNMENTS you have “Oppression , Corruption, Tyranny & eventually “Dictatorships”….When all of the “Social Engineering” is done & the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT declares Christians & Conservatives to be the ENEMY, it will be too Damn Late !


Look between the Lines of the MESSAGES that are used as Propaganda from the Media, shouldn’t that Tell the Story? What is the Message you Hear From Washington DC? Is it one of Incision, Understanding & Peace? ANSWER: NO! Not one Elected Parasite speaks about “Real Solutions!” Yet they do talk about the “Symptoms” they INTENTIONALLY made Worse…They Pour GAS on everything & then Pass out Matchbooks to the Crowds of Ignorant Tools & Fools they pay to do their “Dirty Work!” And when the Chaos explodes, who gets the blame? Never the one who did it, they get a PASS because of Liberalism!


Liberalism just like Islam is both a “Convert or Die” Choice! You MIGHT be able to Sidestep it for awhile IF, you Comply, but you need to go read some history while you can, that “Time Frame” will be Short! So “Who Is The Enemy?” Well the answer is both “Multifaceted & Simple” It has become the “Subliminal Triggers” planted in our now Almost Useless Brains & react to Fear, Doubt, it is ourselves, it is also who we’ve been TAUGHT to Fear….And It Just Could Be Those Who PROGRAMMED Us to Hate & Fear! It is PAST the Time to ask WHY & Where this is Headed…




© Robby Bowling

There is a price to freedom
Yes it’s blood & so much more
It takes more to be the giver
It’s when to open & shut our doors
It seems simple as a gesture
But it takes more than wisdom to hold on
Far to often we surrender
You blink an eye & then its gone

Most of those who’ve sacrificed
Were simple men of faith
It was never a matter of who or what
They were there to take their place
The self-righteous never offered
More than a gesture or after thought
They would never have walked those killing field
For cowards are never caught

Why is it the common man understands duty
While the hypocrites stand & scoff
Why all of this indifference
Don’t we all in the end pay the cost
I guess there will always be users & losers
It seems some men have no shame
They’ll take the Victory & the Spoils
And when they lose they’ll share no shame

The children once poor & abandoned
Still have a chance to find their way
The Guiding light or providence
Is shared when truth is in play
Once the freedom bells start ringing
And the thundering clouds cease
Do you not still remember
That moment of silence,that some call peace

The world is no longer what it was
And so many now no longer pray
Has faith become the captive
Of the fools now who have sway
Are they in search of spoils & plunder
Sometimes treasure is meaningless
If you don’t understand the simple gift
Then of what use was this test

I’m no stranger to darkness
It surrounds every light on our road
But the path I take will be different
Maybe newer, maybe old
But at the end of every journey
We will pause & give grace
We will find that place in the heart
I think some call that home

There is a legacy & there is Truth
And it should never be denied
Our past gives us guidance
And should never be changed with lies
I won’t apologize for reminding you
There are deceivers everywhere
Truth is not what liars make it
And it’s the cowards who are running scared

Today is one more chance
To celebrate good men’s deeds
Take a good look in the mirror
Are you still one, who still believes
And who’s that man knocking on your door
Is he trying sell the lie
If you resist we’ll imprison you
And make you want to die





Here we sit looking, talking & wondering as another American Holiday approaches….will there be some sort of “Retrospective” Showing on all the “Pravda Government CIA Controlled Channels? Will we See People “Giving Witness & Testimonials” about what the “Opportunities” the American Dream, Vision or Prayer meant for them & their Families? Or Will we HEAR “Through The Liberal ECHO CHAMBER” how America has CREATED ever Problem This World has Ever Witnessed….You know it would be one thing if the LIBERAL Sub-Species was looking at the World as a “Utopian Villa” that Fell Short of its Mark, it’s Goals & it’s Visions, but that is NOT, now was it EVER their Intent….Liberals look at AMERICA through the “Prism Of HATE!” It is just that Simple!….Once you Accept the FACT that their HATRED of AMERICA, Christians & Conservatives is Complete & Total then it ALL Start’s Making Sense!


Holidays often put me in a “Reminiscing Mood” where you pause for a moment & remember you Own Personal Family & Friend’s Moments…But as I see AMERICA slipping Away into not only “Obscurity, Institutional Chaos, Anarchy & Ruins, I see a “Bewildering Class (Classless) of Ignorant Fool who either goes about his/her/it’s day “Nonchalantly” without a “Reason To Care” or They’ve all Joined in on the Destruction & they “Love It!”


Thing about it, here we are on a “Memorial Day” Celebrating our Past & the “Enemy Within” & now their “Disciples” now all around us are “One Piece” at a Time, “Destroying It!” Contrasting thoughts??? I suppose the Liberal Progressive Communist’s will actually be “Celebrating” Our Demise or Death! We were once a country founded on Principles & Morals, but when you DESTROY All of them , there is nothing Left….Except Memories & when we Pass on into the Neither World, “No One Will Remember & No One Will EVER Know, What was or What Could have Been! Give this a Thought, instead of Morning a Loss, LIBERALS will be “Celebrating Satan’s Victory” which should Tell you VOLUMES about “WHAT & WHO They really are!


How do you “Rationalize The Optics” where Liberals have now “Martyred” the Satanic Disciples: Marx, Stalin & or course Alinsky (the Liberal Playbook Writer) And I feel certain Hitler will be next…..Will Pennsylvania Ave. Be NAMED “Carl Marx Boulevard?” For all Intensive Purposes, it already has been!….This is not about “Changing of the Seasons” anymore, it’s about a Permanent “Status Quo!” If you were from another Planet & you just walked into Washington DC, NYC & LA you’d have to believe we LOST “Both WWI & WWII!” And then if you “Gazed” into the Mindless Hollow Eyes of the YOUTH , you’d have to belied this was in fact “The Night Of The Living Dead” in the Here & Now!


Our Ancestors , our Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters & Friends Sacrificed for “You, Me & Our Own” to Build a Nation & Build a Life! And so here we are Watching LIBERALISM & its HATE Destroy it///What bothers me the Most is “So Very Few Question It!” It’s been said by others, tat we should “All Live Our Live Like There Will Be No Tomorrow!” Well the No Tomorrow part you can Take To The BANK! Life was & is supposed to be a Celebration, a Gift & a Treasure ,not one full of Hate, Spite, Blame & Remorse! Seems like we Focused on all the Wrong Things!


We are supposed to Celebrate those who Sacrifice,but Liberals Celebrate THEFT! We are supposed to Celebrate TRUTH, now you Dare Not Speak It! We were suppose to Celebrate “Diversity” now you can’t even Question it Once we were Encouraged to Preserve & Cherish our Past, now it’s All been Destroyed! This was Never a Perfect AMERICA, but Kindness, Honesty, Integrity, Reason as well were REAL, not RARE! They also didn’t come with a PRICE! This World was not always a GAME where only INSIDERS Won! But that’s Mostly True Now! I WINNING At Any Cost, permissible? I’d rather be Dead & Principled, than a LIVE COWARD!


Just how Far have we Fallen ? We’re we actually Taught to Play the game “To LOSE?” All Rational Thought make me Believe we were IN FACT been Programmed To Lose! Schools in AMERICA aren’t even in the Top 20 in the World! Doesn’t that say something in and of itself? Drug & Alcohol Addiction are at All Time Highs…Illiteracy much the same….Mental Illness is like a PLAGUE yet No One is Allowed to have an Honest Discussion about it or anything else for that matter….


How Long Will It Be before LIBERALS are “Offended at the IDEA of a “Memorial Day?” You know that Day Is Coming down the Liberal Toll Way as we Speak!!…They are already Bitching, Pissing & Throwing Narcissistic Temper Tantrums now about the “National Anthem!” Then what “Independence Day” or “Christmas?” Then they will go FURTHER with their Argument about “White Privilege” which was nothing more than a New Verse Written to the “White Supremacy” Song & Dance Number that Obama & Sharpton taught to Every Child in “Behavior Modification” Class!…Then they will One by One Single us All Out & Ridicule, Torment & Kill us for Not Being a “Good Communist”


Those who are Screaming about “Intolerance” are the most “Intolerant!” They Get by with it because they OWN the “Podium’ or the “Bully Pulpit?” They can say anything, while we are not Allowed to Say, Speak much less Respond, at least “Not in Kind” nor without Penalty….They Own the Stage, the Cameras & the Parrots that some call Actors! They Own the Judges & they Extort the Juries…This Isn’t America Anymore, it’s become some kind of HELL for most of us…


Those who Fought & Sacrificed for us didn’t do it because they were FORCED to, they did it because it was “The Right Thing To Do!” They were all Races, Indian, Asian, Spanish, ,African & Caucasian,is there something I’m missing here? No One should be Singled out , without Question, yet that is HAPPENING as we Speak….LIBERALISM has & is Destroying Everything, so it can Provide us ALL with our “Own Private Hell” that they CONTROL….They Own all of this & If you just Played the “Denial Suicide Game” you were “Part Of The Problem!

See you Next Time, that is if there is One!




We live in a world that’s big on Words but Our Actions actually tell the Story….It seems that the Performer, the Magician in our case does his or her Tricks & we are either “Dazzled” by the Brilliance or “Bored” by the “Lack Of Imagination ! As for me, hell I’m an Old Man now & there’s very little out there I haven’t Seen Before….Repackaged “Excrement” still Smells like “Excrement!” I took “Sociology” in college & while I am not Expert “Everything” still comes down in the End to “Behavior”


If someone tells you a “Blatant Lie” shouldn’t that be seen as “Insulting to our Intelligence?” I think so! What was the INTENT of the LIE? Isn’t it ALWAYS about “Deception?” What are they Hiding? What are they Selling? And Why don’t we Challenge the Liars? Are they ALL Holding GUNS to our Heads, Extorting Money from Us & If not why do we FEAR them…It’s not like they are ALL from the “Police State” ready to take us Away because we Discovered or Found them Out!


“Once Upon A Time” most of us Believed the now Extinct Myth we had “Freedom Of Speech” & therefore right or wrong we could have OPINIONS of our own….And not Every Opinion was or is like that of a “LIBERAL MESSIANIC JUDGE” where Every Opinion serves there God-Like View of the World, thereby making it an “Absolute”Value & Unchangeable! You know, It’s One Thing to “Aspire” to be a God, but it’s a SICKNESS to “BELIEVE” you are a GOD! And mind you, they Do!


Lets get down to the BASICS here, ever since Adam & Eve we have Strived to find ways to “Communicate!” Maybe it started with “Grunts, Groans, Hand Gestures or Smoke Signals” & I’m sure there were others but TODAY it is WORDS!…Preachers, Teachers, Mothers , Fathers & Elders started what we see today….But today it’s mostly the MEDIA which is some sort of Hybrid between the Preachers (Elmer Gantry Types) & Teacher (mostly Bad One’s)!


We have Fewer & Fewer Resources for these “So-Called” Streams of Knowledge!” Let’s First admit we ALL have a BIAS of some type & if we “Intentionally Limit” the Knowledge Base it’s easier to “TAINT The OUTCOME!” This World WOULD & SHOULD “Flourish” with “Diverse Thoughts & Opinions, but that IS NOT the “Way It Goes” today!


Today’s AMERICA is about a “Singular Mindset” & “Contrarian” Thoughts are All TABOO! There will be No-More “Thinking Outside The Box” Allowed…..So it makes me Wonder, are we all being Reduced to a RACE of “Simpletons (Lobotomized) being Policed by “Artificial Intelligent Transsexuals” & their Oligarchs! And while My life is all but over (Thank God) that’s telling me there will be no more “Einstein’s, Tesla’s, Beethoven’s, Chopin’s, Van Gogh’s or Divinci’s , to wit I’d say this in TWO PARTS, How Very Boring & I’m Happy I will Be DEAD!


Do we really aspire & long to live in that type of STERILE WORLD? I’m sorry I don’t Understand that Type of Singular NARCISSISM that says I can or must only Accept Mirrored Images & Thoughts!…It’s getting to the Point that most of us feel like we are All “On The Outside Looking In” anymore, I know I do! I don’t Belong & don’t WANT to ever Belong to that Fake Surreal World where we are all the SAME type of ITS, no more Males, Females & laugh if you want, Probably no one over 40 Years Old….What good or purpose could an “Antiquated Old Fart” be to a Nation of Tools & Fools?


While I’d be the first to admit this is a WORLD full of FLAWS, but who is it that’s Making JUDGEMENTS in our stead? Do they not have Flaws? And if we cannot CHALLENGE them then , what is this Really? Is it a Benign, Subtle but Absolute Police State or evolving “Dictatorship?” Looks like it to me…..


LIBERALS will soon come for our Guns, but what they are Really after is our BEHAVIORS! They will FORCE you to believe in their Religion LIBERALISM, which will PUNISH You for not JOINING IN… If you don’t believe in Global Warming, they will Punish you…If you don’t believe in Homosexuality,they will Punish you… If you don’t believe in White Privilege, they will Punish you…If you don’t believe in Pedophilia, they will Punish you…And if you don’t believe in SATANIC HATE,they will Punish you with more HATE…..


In CHINA they are already using this type of “Behavior Modification” …The Police State THREAT is REAL & it’s Here already….Look around at all the Cameras, Microphones, Telephones, Computers, Mapping Devices! They know Where you are, who you are, where you are, what you Believe, what you Dream & What you TREASURE…So just keep on PLAYING DUMB & “Playing This Game To Lose” because you/ we are….


People who are HATERS, by & large have been Taught to Hate…Same Thing Applies to Racists….It Has noting to do with SKIN COLOR or Privilege….You we not BORN anything except Male of Female….All the Rest of this is 100% Bull Shit….Yet if you Challenge ANY Thought that Comes from the Liberal Mindset & Now Liberal Religion….You Are SILENCED…..Again , just who are the Judges & Juries? Flawed Zealots, Haters & Ignorant. Tools of SATAN …They Run the Schools, the Governments, the Media & the Internet (FarceBook, Twitter, Google etc) BASTARDS one & All…The ONLY Advantages they have is Money & the Power..Ask yourself this, Do ANY of these COMPANIES have ANY Christians or Conservatives in their Board Rooms? You Know the ANSWER to that: NOT A ONE!   .But While they Think They Are BETTER than Anyone, they are not, They Can & Will ALL Burn In HELL


Those who know me well, know that the Singular thing that Gets to Me the Most is IGNORANCE & too many of us are Ignorant by Design….In the End Dead is Dead is Dead & it’s Knocking on the Damn Door!





I am usually one that’s ever without a Word to Say, to Add & to Use for getting my Point, my Feelings & my Thoughts Across! I got the News this afternoon that “One Of My Oldest, Best & Loved Friends lost his WIFE to “Brain Cancer!” It’s never easy to Approach the Subject of DEATH with anyone & Close Friends & Family make that TASK even more difficult because everyone is so Personally Involve & Fragile…This was a Friend that I have Known for Almost 5 Decades…. We went to College together & we were Room Mates! We ran in the Same Social Circles, Partied together & Took care Of Each Other when the Need was There! Most of My Best Friends then & Now were “Military Brats” & while I was Not, the Family Backgrounds were the Bond….My family was Small Town Christian Family that believe in VALUES, as did Most Military Famines!!


However what makes this So Hard on my Friend Bill, is that he lost Another WIFE to “Breast Cancer” a few years earlier….While It Can NEVER Be EASY, Twice in that Space of Time can be “More Than Devastating!” And so while I ponder & search for the Words to say, can they Ever be adequate? Answer is No, but they do & must be Sincere!….They must show the Love, the Care & the Truth!


I don’t know about you, but I am Sick & Tired of the “Disingenuous” Mouthing Lying Liberals screaming & Hollering about “Personal Dignity” as If they have the MARKET 100% Sewed up! What does A Rich little Narcissistic Brat know about “Humbling Oneself” & “Dignity?” They want me to Feel Sorry for “Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Thieves, Cons, Lazy People, Sex Addicts, Homosexuals, Transsexuals, Lesbians & Pedophile’s…Not to mention GANGS From South America, Mexico or Muslim ISIS Fighters! To Use an old Like,”Get A Life” preferably One Somewhere Else, like in another Galaxy! Reminds me of that Old Warren Zevon Song:”Poor Poor Pitiful Me!” Give me a Break….


Life at its Very Best should be Simple, yet Governments & Liberals have made it so Complicated you Need a Permit to Breathe, Eat & Talk (not Meaningfully though, it is not allowed) ! Once upon A Time this World CENTERED Around the now Deceased “Family Unit” ….I remember when Life was Still Real & Still Simple, yet it was Still Hard….My Dad Worked at an Aircraft Factory,We also had a Dairy, My Mother was a Stay at Home Mom, so she Cooked, Sewed ,Fed the Chickens & kept the 4 Siblings Busy doing Chores, Studying, Playing Stupid Games & Shooting Skunks, Wolves & Snakes with an old 22 Rifle…..We went to Church every Sunday & Wednesday night & from time to Time had the Old “Ice Cream Socials” ….Nowadays people Don’t Even TALK to each other….The Art of Conversations are DEAD!


I think the POINT I am trying to Make Here is, something is Terribly Wrong today….All our GOALS are not based in in any kind of REALITY! What happened to the Real things? What happened to You & Me? Do we even have a Place in today’s Illusionary World? Doesn’t look like it to me ! We FIRST Must Save ourselves before we can Save anyone else…What happened to REAL EMOTIONS like Laughter & Even Crying? Why is there So Much Institutional HATE& ANGER? Why can’t we “One on One” LIVE in Peace? It’s because Governments can’t ALLOW it! They Have no POWER or CONTROL over us if We are Happy & Content to Find Our Own Way…..


As I look at my my family, which was like Most others, we made it because we Tried to take care of one another! My Mother & Father did the BEST they could with what they had to Work with….We were Dirt Poor People by today’s standards, yet we “Shared more Real Wealth & Real Treasure than ANY Liberal Idiot could have ever Known…If they Lived , Loved & were Taught the Simple lessons of Life like Respect, Kindness & Caring they Could not be the “Inhuman Tyrants” that they are! And lets add this They not only don’t have a CLUE, they Don’t Want to Know Either….


My Old Friend, just like the rest of us is “Old School” & while this will Shake him to the Core, he will find the Strength to move on….He & his Wife knew this day, this Moment was Coming…They Talked about it…She like so many other was more concerned about Him & the others left Behind than her Passing….That my Friend is what you call Courage, Strength, Faith & Dignity…. He will be Surrounded by Real Family & Real Friends who only want to SHARE their Understanding, Respect & Love….That is Something a Calculated Liberal has NO Capacity for !


So “Just What Is Dignity?” well it’s many things in small parts…It’s Heart, it’s Understanding, it’s Compassion, It’s Giving, it’s Allowing & it’s Total Peace from within…That is Something that MUST be given, not Legislated & Forced…And that’s is in part what is WRONG in today’s WORLD, if its not “Given Freely” it’s meaningless…There are Givers & there are Takers…There is Truth & there are Lies…There is Good & there is Evil….I supposed there is now an Imaginary Line being Drawn & it’s time People QUIT trying to “Straddle the Line!”It is time Stand Up for what is Real & True!




We have all used or heard the term, “Who Is Your Master” & I guess the generalization is to assume “LIFE” as we know or thought it to be is simply an “Apprenticeship” & Rhetorically that’s more or less so! Most of us Grew up Accepting the “Family Hierarchy”…The American Indians had the “Tribe Elders” And I guess today that’s gotten so “Out Of Fashion & Taboo” we let Children who Don’t even Know What SEX they are Make those Narcissistic Emotional Decisions, I mean, “Don’t They Know It All?” The Media Says So!


Understand me now, we all can’t “Play The Part” of the Tribal Leader, Elder or for that matter General, that creates only Chaos & Anarchy! However I am “Perfectly Fine” with the Idea of “Questioning!” Once upon a Time in the “Old now Taboo Mythical & Obsolete America” that was a “Learning Process”…But Nobody Learns Anything Anymore! You Do your Tricks Correctly like Roll Over, Kiss your Master’s Ass, Fetch & Hate on Cue, everything is “Just Fine!” Whereas if you Fail, you either get “Retrained or Put To Sleep” …I think you get the Drift


We were once Taught that we were in control of our “Destiny” & while there is SOME Truth in that, it is not Totally True.or Very True anymore..I do Subscribe to the idea of “Being The Best you Can Be” & let the Chips, the Rewards or Spoils Fall where they may….There will Always be a “Caste System” of some sort because some “Born with More “Privilege” (MONEY) have the Edge….And I don’t care What ANYONE Says you Cannot “Legislate Equality” you can However EARN it because you Deserved it! But in AMERICA we no longer EARN or LEARN anything! We are now damn near “Assigned” our Station, Place, Sex, Thoughts, Dreams & Tomorrows (IF) those in Authority Deem it to be So!


In today’s America just “Who Are The Decider’s” the ones making Judgement Calls, Almost about Every Breath you Take….If you took 2 big steps back you’d swear they Act as if they were GODS, not just Merely Kings, Queen & all the In Between Things!” Their Self-Righteousness, Hypocrisy & Audacity has no Bounds or Equal! Do you remember the “Marlon Brando” line “I Could Have Been Somebody?” What does that Suggest to you about this STRANGE World & Trip we are now on?


There are a few “Learned Men” Still left in this World, but they have ALL been Silenced….No they weren’t put in Prisons or Concentration Camps, they are Ignored & Passed over as “Antiquated Thoughts From another ERA”…People Can’t even READ anymore, it takes too much TIME…Everything today is about 10-30 second Sound-bites & Flashes of Subliminal Lights….We are No Longer being “Sold A Bill Of Goods (Con)” we have been “Manipulated (Trained) to Accept it


Governments around the World & Specifically the LIBERAL CONTROLLED “Washington DC” Government often Speak (Falsely) about “Empowering People” & that is a “Blatant Outright LIE!” That is the Last Thing they’d ever Want ! They talk about Education, Jobs, Families, Homes & the “False Reality of a Utopia” ….And if you believe that your either a Fool, Ignorant, High on Drugs or Drunk, well OK , maybe all of them….What does LIVING in a WELFARE STATE have to do with Empowerment, Education,Jobs or Family? It was Government who with their Partners in Crime the BANKS that “Murdered The Family Unit!”What does WELFARE have to do with JOBS & Bettering Yourself….The Answer is ; SLAVERY because at that POINT Forward you are Being Controlled…You are not in Control of Anything, you LOST, they Won, It’s OVER!


I was born into a Christian Family, I was encouraged to Turn My LIFE over to GOD…..I was also Taught to Better myself “I Would Have To Do It MYSELF”…The Shinning Light of Providence wouldn’t just “Beckon me” to Follow a certain Path or Road, one day like a Dream Sequence…..No One Gave Me Squat! To me “Paying To Play” has nothing to do with MONEY, it does have to do with “Sacrifice!” Why are we So afraid today to get our “Hands Dirty” & get “Dirt Underneath Our Fingernails?” Are we now TOO IGNORANT to think….Are we now just “Play Things & Toys” for the Elite’s?” If you were “Outside Looking In” observing this “Fiasco” what would you Think? Is this Evolution or was there a Revolution & we lost? Have we been “Scared To Death” without One Shot Being Fired (War)? Have we become “Submissive” because of Drugs & Brain-Washing?


Give’m Hell Harry Truman once said: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!” Is that applicable anymore, I wonder? And this isn’t even the “Fog Of War” it is however about FREEDOM , whatever it was, compared to what has it become!…Illusions & Delusions in effect are the same thing….Have we been Reckless in our Decision Making (Yes) but we were More than ENCORAGED to make Certain Ones! In AMERICA we Supposedly have a “TWO Political Party System,” but is it really two or one? Why should Large Corporations & People from Around the WORLD be able to DONATE to our Politicians? Why did BILL CLINTON as others have also get $500,000 for “One Damn Speech” in RUSSIA & No One Bat an Eye? They say “All Is Fair In Love Or War” but we NEVER Talk about Real Substance, Why? Why are we Talking about TRUMP & his Womanizing & there’s “No Mention” Whatsoever about HILLARY being a LESBIAN? We know that answer, she’s A LIBERAL, working for SOROS! We talk about GUNS but never “Mental Illness” Why? We talk abort the Poor, but all we do is “Subsidize The Poverty” Why? We are being FORCED to Accept & Conform with MUSLIMS who Will Not Assimilate into Our Society or Accept our Values, Why? What Makes Anyone “Ignorant Enough”to believe GOVERNMENTS have the Answer to Anything, other than DEATH! They Certainly do NOT have ANY Damn Answers for Life, Love or Happiness…


Have we ALL become “Subservient” to the Elite’s & the Oligarchs’s they WORK For? Now that they’ve Reinvented & Reincarnated Socialism, Marx & Stalin what’s next? A Return to the “Feudal Ways?” I could pose this Question: How could Men/Women in Good Faith take us ALL “Down this Road To Doom?” The Answer My Friend is Not Blowing In The Wind, they WERE NOT “Good Men Or Women” they were & are Evil & they Apparently Serve the “Dark Lord Satan” because there is “NO OTHER EXPLANATION!” The FIGHT (War) that pits Good versos Evil …started with the Apple, Adam & Eve…And this is where it’s taken us, you can Hear the Crescendo, the Hate Speeches, The Hate Filled People in the Street & sadly they FAIL to understand the ONLY Thing That Could have Saved them (TRUTH) they Helped Destroy!


A Real & True God allows us to make CHOICES, that is what Life is Supposed to be! Choices pay dividends, some are Treasures, some are Mistakes but if we Turn the Mistakes into LESSONS LEARNED they are Still Treasures….Those with ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY will not allow that, ever! There will Never be PEACE on this Earth because of those same People, Pathogens & Disciples of Satan, Evil, Hate are Compelled to Spread It’s Gospel Everywhere….Communism works by TEARING DOWN All Walls & Institutions….From Family, our Health, Our Hopes, our Dreams & our little Treasures like moments, pets, pictures….It’s the “Grim Reaper Type of Thing! And Now that I’ve RANTED on Far longer that most have an “Attention Span For” allow me this thought: Most Religions; Christianity, Buddhism , Hinduism & a few others ALLOW for us Finding our own Path , own Way & Learning as well as Earning the REWARDS…Having said that ISLAM does not & the Hybrid Religion that’s Being Created called LIBERALISM incorporates ISLAM in the Teachings ….One World Government & a One World Religion To Serve this Coming Cesspool of Hate




We all lose Faith when we feel all is Hopeless, it’s a natural outcome…IMO we’ve been living in a FAKE or PHONY World, in America for DECADES,the Corruption like a Cancer kept Spreading one Person, one Agency & one Group at a time….And Even when the Evidence is “More Than Telling” we Lie to ourselves & say “It Just Ain’t So!” While that is somewhat understandable, its also Suicidal , most because we’ve told ourselves to :Give Up” all HOPE is Lost….Ask yourself this; do Laws Really “Do What We Are Told” they do? The Answer is Rarely! Lets REVERSE that thought, do they Do the Opposite of the “Stated Intent?” The Answer is OFTEN! And that should Shed some Light on the Situation, the infinite “Catch 22” we are in!


Absolute TRUTH needs no Reinforcement, it can STAND on its own! A LIE however MUST be Propped Up with another Lie after Lie after Lie! When you build your life, your home on a Solid Foundation you never have to Look back, you keep moving on….When you Build Anything with Faulty Knowledge, Lies, Mirrors, Illusions & Corruption sooner or later everything will Fall…Without Faith & Without Leadership where are we really going, if anywhere?


After WORLD WAR !!, Washington DC & America started the Slow March into “Socialism” & all it took was a Few Amoral, Unscrupulous Power Hungry Men or Women to get the “Train Rolling Down The Tracks! Those Men took a Good Hard Look at the HITLER Machine in Germany & Started “Mirroring the NAZI Machine!….The GERMANS knew that to control the Narrative they Had to Control the MEDIA….And so it was….They also knew they needed an Agency to Do ALL of the Dirty Work it took to keep “Everyone In Step” They had their “SS” do it for them…..They also Figured out a Way to incorporate the Young, so they Created the “Hitler Youth” Lets be honest here, what the German Oligarchy did was use these Methods to DIVIDE their People….It worked like a Champ & had it not been for Churchill, Patton, MacArthur & Eisenhower they would have WON! BUT SADLY their Ideas & Methods did not!


Just for the sake of Background allow me to remind you Harry Truman created the agency we know as the “CIA ” after WWII, he later lamented that Had he Known it was going to Turn into the Mirror Image of the “German SS” he would have NOT done so!!! That Tells me #1 that not only did he know of the “Abuse Of Power” others did too! How many of you have heard about the “CIA’s Operation Mockingbird”….The Intent was to Put a CIA Man/Women Inside EVERY News Agency & Organization in AMERICA….If you look Closely at the “Hierarchy” at those Organizations the Plan WORKED like a Champ…..The Germans also Used SS Operations we call “False Flag Operations” to Created Chaos & Anarchy…..In essence they used an Operation for a Specific Purpose, often to BLAME the WRONG Party….It was the “Ends Justify The Means Plan!”….Cities were Burned & People were Murdered to create the “Objective Goal” …..The GOAL as always is 100% Control over Everything…..And I guess some might say this looking back, we were lucky they didn’t win the War….Well it seems to me the TRUE WAR never STOPPED, perhaps it Paused here & there, but its far from over….


Whether you like it or not “Washington DC” is now the Largest “Criminal Enterprise” in the WORLD…..Show me where the Corruption is Worse, I dare you!…We see what we want to See & sadly for many the “Blinders of Truth” will never come off….Ignorance is Willful & it like Fear is nothing now but a Behavior Trait…By & large APATHY is the Symptom that has been the Prelude to EVERY Nations Downfall & Demise….Apathy is a TAUGHT “Behavior Trait”….DRUGS as well as the MEDIA played a Huge Role in all of this….As well as the “Indoctrination Centers” we once called SCHOOLS!


Let me be CANDID, when we started Assuming that CORRUPTION was”Just The Way It Goes & Is with Politics” the Vile Bastards “WON!” They Conditioned All of us to that REALITY & they Ran with it all the Way To The Bank!” Washington DC almost without EXCEPTION has Created ,Dramatized, Staged, Crafted & Made Worse (with that as the INTENT) every damn Problem this Country Faces, Past, Present & Future!…Who was it that wanted to create the ‘Welfare Nanny State” Answer: Washington—specifically the Communist Liberals, not that the Republicans didn’t help & do their Fair share in this CHARADE ! Pardonez Moi, doesn’t anyone know what a “Snake Pit” is anymore, or is it they are too damn busy trying to figure What Sex they are, doing Drugs, staying Drunk & working on the next SCAM to give a damn!


Hell we have Cry-Babies that think they are Too Good & Above “Working For A Living” to wit I ask? Was their “Role Models” People with Washington DC Address’s? I mean if you take a STEP Back & Look at what’s going on you have to come to the Conclusion that “CRIME” is now an Acceptable Way to make a living….I can just see the day when One of these Liberal Losers go to buy a house & have to Fill out the Credit app….How Long Have You Been Dealing Drugs, How Long Have You Been A Race Pimp, How Long Have You Been Involve With Fraud, Con-Games & Extortion? How Many People Do You Expect To Murder This Year (oh wait that one’s for the Abortionist)…Where does this End? Never-mind!


We assumed (Falsely) that the Government Agencies Like the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DOJ & the SS were gathering Intelligence to to keep Us All From “Harms Way”…You know the “Boogie Man” Some can Pencil in the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranian , I Don’t Care, the List is Endless….But what MOST don’t Realize is Your Name, My Name, Your Sister’s Name, Your Son’s Name & More are ALL on that LIST….These BASTARDS Fear us More than they Fear the “Mock or Made Up Fake Enemy” …..How many of you Know the CIA has Been in BED with the”DRUG DEALERS” around the WORLD for Decades? That is how they Support, Extort & Bribe other Governments….BTW how many of you know or knew J Edgar Hoover was a Homosexual?


All of these Agencies SPY on Each other & that is in Essence how they Extort & Bribe each other in Washington….”Business As Usual” ….Washington DC is CORRUPT from the Top all they way Down….Everyone is in on the DEAL…..Everyone in Washington DC has something to Hide….Including Judges down to law clerks ….It is IMPOSSIBLE at this stage for this “Frankenstein Monster Government” to “RIGHT THIS SHIP & Keep It From SINKING….Lets be honest here even if Most of the People in AMERICA believe that OBAMA, CLINTON, SOROS or the BUSH’S (who I Thought were Worthless Presidents) are GUILTY of HIGH CRIMES but they will Never, Never, Never, Ever Be Touched…The “HOUSE OF CARDS” would Fall or Crumble & the Corruption By “One & All Would Be Exposed” While that would be Justice Served we will NEVER Witness it…The Cancer is Everywhere, I hate to say & admit…..


There is an old line or saying out there similar to “Murphy’s Law” this is is called the “Peter Principle” –it’s where you Rise To You Own Level Of Mediocrity”….This is another old line that says this” “If The Show Fits Wear It” & in this case it is the “Undertaker!” We are all “Creatures of Habit” & we’ve been Taught a Very Deadly Habit of TRUSTING People (Satanic) that we Should even Trust with the Time Of Day..They KNOW that the MAJORITY of People will Not make a Stand to Change our “Death March Status Quo”….Decades of “Fear Mongering” & the Selling Of Hate” in Schools & the Media have Permanently Created this Mind-Set……And No I Do Not BELIEVE in the Type of Miracles that say there will be an Intervention of sorts; pardon that’s not likely to happen……I Do Believe “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves,” So if anything is Going CHANGE this Course, you Best Look in the Mirror,because it will have to come from all of us! And like it or not We Made this Bed of Thorns that we sleep in….

What the hell do you do, when Life as it’s become has ; No Meaning, No Value, No Dreams, No Nothing but Darkness….I challenge you again, is this LIVING, is this what LIFE was supposed to be about? I don’t think so! This is not Nirvana nor will it ever be Utopia, but at this moment, at least for many of us the Good Life, the Simple Life one where we could Run & Play, Grab the Fishing Poles, go to the River & Swim! Remember the Old Camp Fires where we Played our Guitars & Sang Songs, what happened? I know we can’t go back, but that IDEA can’t Go Forward Either…..It wasn’t a matter of Losing our Innocence, it’s that we lost what was REAL…We Lost Each Other, we Lost Real Love, Real Kindness & Heart….We Lost what was IMO, the “Essence Of Life!” I have very little use for this Life as I see anymore, I feel almost as if it’s time to Remove The Mask & Reveal that this has actually Turned into Purgatory! It’s beyond Depressing when you have that certain Feeling, “It’s All Over Now!”




If we are the byproduct of All that has gone before us, our History the good & the bad then why are some “Destroying with Intent” our past? Isn’t that akin to BURNING BRIDGES? If so shouldn’t we be at least a little concerned that we don’t “Burn The Wrong Bridges?” Why aren’t at least Some Questioning the “Directions?” Never mind, that thought is too assuming, people “Do What they are TRAINED for & don’t Question anything apparently anymore! But really now why is CHAOS Used to Change & Alter things, our views, our thoughts & our Dreams? Shouldn’t that have been a Long Termed Conversation using Rational Thoughts with Goals in mind? Well, it seems to me there WAS a Conversation, held in a SECRET ROOM where some Sociopaths decided they would become “Deities” for the Secret “Satanic Order”….But what I find that so bewildering is the “Ignorance It Takes” to Lap Up all this Excrement From Hell as if it were some “Truth Serum”…Has Stupidly Become the New National Pastime? I have Bad News for People (using that term loosely) Ignorance & Innocence has NOTHING in common in the End….


Ask yourself this one; with the BILLION$ of DOLLAR$ we’ve Channeled into the Education System, what do we have to show for it? I mean we’re ranked right up there in the Same Area that you’d Expect “Banana Republics & Third World Dictatorships” to be…And if IGNORANCE was the GOAL What does that SAY about a Future of any kind? What Does IGNORANCE Qualify anyone to do or be? Has the WORKING CLASS become the SLAVE CLASS? Will the Ignorant Turds just be “Fools for Fodder” for the Elite’s, the Oligarchs of the World….Think about this if your Creating a “Police State” the INMATES are easier to Control if they’re no smarter than a “Test Tube Lab Rat or Monkey!” You might as well call it a “Land Full Of Zombies” where everyone (Sheep) walks in a “Drug-Induced Trance” & there will be no Dreams Allowed….You are being Controlled! Thrilling Idea if you are a Sadist or the Idiot!


I saw an article yesterday where a “Harvard Professor Of Idiocy” stated that EVERYONE should be under “Surveillance” 100% of the Time….Well as far as I’m concerned we “Damn Near Are!” Do you Use Twitter, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Google Maps or FascistBook? Do you use a Smart Phone, Smart TV or a Computer? Then the TRUTH is, they CAN listen & See everything we do….I Never Gave them PERMISSION to do this Ether…And let me be Perfectly Clear here, the CIA, the FBI & the NSA are All in on the Gig…What’s that old line about being the “Last One To Know?”


The now Prison Ship is no longer the “Good Ship Lollipop” & there will not be a “Fairy-tale Ending” to the Sinking of this “Ship Of Fools!” By & Large I believe in the old Idea or principle that states,”You Reap What You Sow” having said that we’re “Tricked & Manipulated” to take Every False Step we made….There is NOTHING whatsoever “Honorable” about a Politician….Just look at what he or she says & compare it to their “OWN Actions” be that Private or in the Affairs that Affect “All Of Us”….They are By & Large LIARS & CRIMINALS of the Worst Kind…The INTENT was to “Deceive!” Now Don’t get me Wrong they Do know how to use the “Bully Pulpits, the Stages, the Scripts, the Cameras & the Paid Fake Actors” that surround them to “Their Advantage” not ours….They Don’t give a Damn & Likely never Did.

The LIBERALS, the COMMUNISTS in this country are Constantly “Defending the Indefensible” Why? The East Coast & West Coast Idiots have Fallen in love with MARX & STALIN? How long before the Celebrate “Lenin & Hitler” & I guarantee to you that day approaches in haste! I am smart enough to know that HISTORY (All of it) has its own Bias & therefore some Myths! The America we were Taught about growing up was Never Perfect…It wasn’t supposed to be either….What Country in this WORLD has a Perfect Record? ANSWER: NONE! We are here to Create our own Paths & Learn from both Failings & Successes….And let me REMIND you when I say WE that doesn’t Mean “Someone Else’s Decisions” Example: Governments & Parasite Politicians!!!!


If you Listen to all of the “Rhetorical Blathering Lies” from the LIBERAL Haters, you’d think that Every “Light-Skinned” Family in America were SLAVE OWNERS….That is a “Calculated Blatant Lie!” Yet they Spew it like VOMIT every day! WHY? Answer: Money, Power & Control comes from the Hate & Divide….The LIBERALS also misstate the RISE of Homosexuality & the Invention or Transsexualism to make it look almost as if it was the MAJORITY not the true 5% (not trying to be accurate) that it was Taught to be when I went to College….Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said: Get Your Facts First Then You Can Distort Them As You Please” & “There Are Lies, There Are Damn Lies & There Are Statistics!!…. Since when do PAID LIARS Tell the TRUTH?


There is an old Cliche that States: “The Road To Hell Is Lined With Good Intentions” that being said, I personally BELIEVE we are ALL Being LIED to by the “Sadists” that Buy our Votes….And I know HISTORY well enough to know that All the other So-Called Civilizations went thought the same “Rise & Fall” as well as Questioning! Most of them all Worried about Corruption & as well as the Indoctrination of the Youth…This is my Thought or Question though, Is it that we Don’t Learn or is it we weren’t Told or Taught the TRUTH to begin with? While I personally believe is maybe a little of BOTH it’s mostly the LATER….Basically the Real Truth, the Real Lesson was GLOSSED over by the VICTORS of Wars & their Historians…Today we live in a Manipulated World where some Don’t Want to Ever Know the TRUTH, Some Don’t Have Time for the Truth & Some don’t give a Damn One Way or the Other….


There are Fewer & Fewer People in this world that have a Thirst for Knowledge, it’s for all Practical Purposes because of LIBERALISM all but “Forbidden!” People can’t Read, People can’t Understand, People can’t Reason or make Practical Judgments because Liberalism & Communism have WON the First Battle of making this a “WELFARE STATE!” & to me, that’s about the same thing as Allowing those who Really want to Slaughter us to Set Us Up for Our Own Demise….


I am old enough to remember when Television, as well as the Movies, had a “Parental Rating System” …It was there to remind us that this Topic was to Violent or showed too much Sex….So now let jump 50 years now we have Computer Games, loads of Graphic Stuff on the Internet as well as the Fake Staged Excrement we see on the Pravda USA Channels…..Most all of this is VERY Violent, there is no Family Unit anymore & yet we Wonder why there is so much Violence now, Shootings & the Like….Well should we look at the OBVIOUS before we BLAME everything else …..Does anyone Know what “Subliminal Triggers” are? Do you remember the old “Andy Warhol” line about “15 Minutes Of Fame?” ….Isn’t this really about a “Willful Taught Mental Illness?” The Triggers are All there & ; they were & are being PLANTED by the “Satanic Bastards” that Rule over Us….


Let’s try to be Realistic & Practical for a moment…..GUNS just like our Hands, our Minds & our Dreams are but TOOLS…WHAT We choose to do with them is “SUPPOSED” to be up to us….Michelangelo had a Brush & a Canvas, Mozart & Beethoven had their Piano’s…..The Gun, just like the Brush, the Canvas & the Piano do not Dictate….They do not Control & they do not control the Thought…..We in America can no longer have an “Honest Conversation” about Anything & specifically about Guns, Sex or Muslims….all Forbidden….The TRUTH is AMERICA has Raised a GENERATION of Narcissistic Ignorant Liberal Haters who are as “Mentally Ill” as Most of those Locked away in the So-Called “Insane Asylum” & it was ALL by INTENT….

Do you Really think this Nightmare will go Away? I Do Not! This is either the “Beginning Of The End or The End Of The Beginning!” When The HAMMER FALLS will you be Prepared? LIBERALISM is & Has Destroyed AMERICA…They With the Help of the Rothschild’s, George Soros & others are ready to Spill Blood & End this…They WANT THE WORLD, Guns had Nothing to do with it, it was a Smokescreen needed to HIDE the WAR of our now Mindless Bodies ….IMO They will Assassinate Whoever is in their way & if that means WAR so-be-it…that’s what the Muslims are for anyway….To Kill Us!





To use an old line, “It Good To Be King” to make up the Rules as you “Seem or Deem Fit” to use in Your Narrative…And when the POWER Runs to your then Self-Righteous Hypocritical Narcissistic Brain or is it Hemorrhoids they go INSANE….I don’t take ISSUE with RULES but when you “Make Them Up On The Fly”it not only looks Suspicious it looks like a Cover up…What I don’t understand is that other than MONEY how did these Spoiled Rotten Narcissistic Little HITLERS come into so much POWER…These Little Bastards ought to be in a “Metal Institution” & being Spoon Fed Opium …..

What’s going on here, Really? Little Boys who think they are Girls, Little Girls who want to be Boys & then they Decide they want to be BOTH at the Same Time or whatever their MOOD tells them to be…And they Then take on the Grandiose Notion of Being King, Queen, Prince, Princess evolving into Savants & Messiahs …..Why are we PUTTING Up with all this Mental Illness? Who Opened up the Gates To Hell & let these Fruitcakes From HADES “Run This Show? My question would be this; Isn’t that like Giving a “Full Blown Alcoholic the Key to the “WINE CELLAR” or a Drug Addict…”FREE SCRIPTS” for life….To me this is BEYOND CRAZY its Suicidal!!! And Yet we Tolerate it, even though they Do Not tolerate anyone else, any challenges or any TRUE Debate over ANY Issue….

Apparently under the guise of “Political Correctness” no more PUBLIC Debate about anything will be permitted….FREEDOM OF SPEECH is DOA….It is now ‘All but Forbidden” to Talk about Islam, Homosexuality, Transsexuals & coming soon Pedophile’s…..We can’t talk about Ethnic Races or without some Liberal Pervert getting their BOWELS is an Uproar…..But they can & will SLANDER any Christian Conservative, Black, White, Asian or Spanish at will….Yet when they do it it not only “Suits Their Purpose” it come under the heading of “The Ends Justify The Means”…They HATE Us Completely yet that’s what they Accuses us for doing!!! We are the TARGETS & we seem Helpless to STOP them….They Have the MONEY, they Have the POWER, therefore they have the MEANS….


Let me ask a SIMPLE DIRECT Question; what happens to your “Objectivity when you SURROUND Yourself with People who have EXACTLY the Same “BIAS & PREJUDICES” you have? Do I need to answer that? But Few if any ever Challenge them & when they do they RIG the Debate with PLANTS in the Room to create disharmony….I find all of the Dealings with the “Liberal Self-Righteous Partisans” very “Disingenuous!” Isn’t this like Playing POKER & the HOUSE has all of the Cards Marked & Crooked Dealers?

Let’s get to the Heart Of The Matter what is this REALLY All About? I don’t Deny there there are “SOME (FEW)” that need a bit of Protection from BULLYING…..And I will also admit that Everyone (And I Mean EVERYONE including LIBERALS) could Ramp Down with the HATE SPEECH….But who is it that’s ALWAYS 100% of the Time, throwing the “First Hate Bombs?” And its like we are ALL supposed to #1 Forgive them & # 2 Say Nothing But “Sweet Things” to them….People that ACTUALLY Learn to Talk & Communicate with Each Other can & will LEARN, but that is “Virtually Impossible” when all you have is either ENFORCED SILENCE or Outside Agitators throwing HATE BOMBS every Second…..

I would Maintain this that “Political Correctness ” & “Community Standards,”have made a Problem 100% WORSE than it was!! I will also say this , “That Was The INTENTION All Along” The Mentally Ill Zealots MUST & HAVE Created a almost “Permanent Divide” between all of us In America & Europe both….Do you know the History about how “Political Correctness” was devised….Go read some Tolstoy, Marx & Lenin stories…It was Devised to CONTROL BEHAVIOR….It worked & it still does


All of the COMMUNISTS that came to this Country came from Europe & Russia & they Brought with them the TEACHINGS of MARX…They’ve been here in some form since the Civil War but especially the WWI Ear on till today! Today I Read that “Karl Marx” is the Most Assigned Economist in US Colleges! What does that Tell you or Suggest to You…INDOCTRINATION has been the “Name of the Game” for now MANY Decades…It’s one thing to STUDY, but its another to “Revere” & they do….We all ALL Products of our Teachers & Teachings….And they ALL have Flaws, but what if I said Those with the KNOWLEDGE Know EXACTLY What they are Doing…”.Permanently Altering Behavior” And in the End who is it that’s getting the Advantage or Leverage….You cannot fight a Battle of the Heart, Mind & Soul without the “Correct Tools & Information!” Let’s put it this Way, if you are Given a Gun with NO REAL BULLETS, than it’s really not eve a Fair Fight….And That’s My Point!

To me all of this “Hyperbole” about “Community Standards” that are Employed by FascistBook, Twitter, Google,, Yahoo & YouTube all arbitrary & they are all Bull Shit! It all Comes Down to “Censorship”….If you are a Writer they want your Pen, If you have an Opinion that’s Contrary to theirs, shut-up….If your View & Dreams differ, they will Blind you & if you Speak Differently they will “Cut Your Tongue Out….Individuality for all Practical Porpoises does NOT Exist Under Communism or Dictatorships….And that Is EXACTLY where we are Heading….Doesn’t anyone care?


How many of you know about “Saul Alinsky” the Communist , Satan Worshiper from Chicago? He Wrote the Playbook that today’s Liberal Communists play by (Rules For Radicals) Obama knew him, Hillary Clinton wrote her College “Thesis” about him…They were Friends….His Book was more or less Plagiarized from MARX’S “Communist Manifesto” he also dedicated his book to SATAN….Nice Fellow….A few of his Thoughts were; “Pick the Target, Freeze it & Polarize it, “Ridicule is Man’s most Potent Weapon, The Threat is Usually More Terrifying than the Thing Itself, If you Push a Negative Hard & Deep Enough it will Break Through into its Counter side, Power is Not only what you have but what the Enemy Thinks you have & Keep the Pressure On….any of that “RING A BELL?

The OLIGARCHS know that they MUST Sell Fear to Control us….So they Give us Enemies that they know we will Fear & later Hate….That’s is what WAR is all about…Wars & Rumors of Wars on every level…Today we have the same old Russia , China thing, but we have MUSLIMS & their Invasions of other Countries, Israel,Europe and now AMERICA & they openly HATE us….But we are NOT allowed to PUSH Back …..We’ve Seem what OPEN BORDERS did for Europe, now it’s knocking on our own door….We also have a HUGE Illegal Immigration Problem here, but NO ONE really wants a Solution, they want the Chaos…And again don’t “Bad Mouth Them!”….Our MORALS are also under Direct Attack….Its many things all at once here…It’s Drugs & Alcohol addiction & Enabling by Liberalism….It’s also Homosexuality, the New Trend Transsexuals & Pedophilia….It’s One thing to say “Live & Let Live” but it’s entirely another when you have to Literally Pay for it ….And Again “DO Not Dare To SLANDER the New “In Crowd”

All of these ISSUES are being Hurled at us to “Make Us Relent”& To Piss us Off, to make us Fear & to PUNISH Us when we Reject the Plan…And it is Indeed a Plan…One for Our Demise,…Despite our AGE most of Us “Do Not Fit In with the LIBERALS World Plan….Essentially this is WWII being Fought & Continued but on another Stage….The Blood we see in the Streets are Staged, The War was Fought & LOST for the Mind of the Youth…Schools are Useless & only used for BEHAVIOR Training….Debt has Murdered the Middle Class….Did the SAME with the FAMILY…. The Big Brother Police State can See & Hear every Conversation we have…They Know where we are & they THINK they Know What, When & Where about everything….They Damn Near Do too!


There IS NO LIFE unless there is FREEDOM! Is there still Freedom?.Well, not really…Do we really have Choices anymore, well not good ones! Is this a Better America than the One we were Born into? How many of you still hear from people that “America Is Still The Greatest Place In The World To Live? Is that REALLY Still True & if so, for how much longer? This was NEVER supposed to be a “One Size Fits All World”yet it seems Totalitarianism (Communism) is knocking on the Door!

The Clock continues to Tic, has our time come & gone? If the SICK little Spoiled Bastards like FakeBook & their Messianic Spoiled Brats continue with their CONTROL , then there is Little Hope to believe in….I am Ashamed of today’s AMERICA…This is a Sick Soulless Heartless Calloused Conniving World we Live in..I honestly want NO PART of it,..If it wasn’t for my Friends & Family I would Gladly Depart….This is going to get UGLY, the LEFT is Losing it’s Patience & they Want Blood….You best be & stay aware




If you start with a Question as Premise you want or expect an answer, but it might not be the Answer you Want to Hear or much less “Willing” to believe!And in Truth in today’s Shame Filled Worlds we have Been PRIMED with “All The Answers That Are 100% False!”…Remember the old line: “You Can’t Handle The Truth,” spoken by Jack Nicholson….In many ways it speaks VOLUMES about the “Human-less Condition we All seem to EXIST in …I could have used the TERM “LIVE” but I’m not so sure it is “Applicable” any longer!! Mark Twain said this: “Its Easier To Fool People Than It Is To Convince Them Of The Truth” to that I say BINGO, he nailed it

We now live in a World where “Propaganda Television” RUNS 24 Hours a day…The Circus Clowns, Side Show Barkers & Pick Pockets are everywhere….You’d Have to be Dead & Deaf not to hear them “Spinning, Grinning, Using Slight Of Hand Magic Tricks & Singing the “Hook Lines” From Every Pop-Slop Song you’ve ever heard….It this a Demonstration of “Salesmanship” at it’s finest of what…..Hell for an Extra Dollar you can get the Extra Plays Added to your New Favorites List. Wait or is it “Lisp” well I digress…

In addition to all the “Hyperbole Channels, we have a “New Companion” (no it’s not from the Prairie Home Companion Series) called Computer Algorithms, I wonder if they can Sinc up & Keep Time to our “FAV’S LIST” I mean doesn’t EVERYONE these days have a “Soft Spot” for their “Top 40 HATE or HATERS List?’…..Ready or Not the COMPUTER AGE is Here….It doesn’t however come with the “Disclaimer” like all the other “Poison Pills” We all Take….The Programing is Performed By Clueless, Useless, Speechless, Gas less Ignorant Liberal Imbeciles who Don’t even Know what SEX they are…But there they are Performing their Blow Jobs for their Pedophile Buddies….


There is almost NOTHING in todays WORLD that isn’t “Regulated”…Will LIBERAL Government workers start assigning “Sexual Assignments” at Birth…..I’d take BETS on that one Rolling down the Expressway…I mean the TRUTH is that “LIBERALISM” is now the “Religion Of Choice (Satanic) & LIBERALS see themselves as GODS, just ask them…They think the are Smarter, Better, More Sophisticated, Suave & Prepared than ANYONE that SATAN ever Created….If you haven’t Figured it out Yet “SLAVERY & IGNORANCE” are where we’re headed at the “Speed of Light!”

Realizing I am a useless “Old Turd” to the World that is approaching but might I remind you of where were heading with a thought or two? Garbage in is Garbage out & we are only as Strong as our WEAKEST Link….The Oligarchs of this WORLD have used LIBERALISM to Destroy their Enemies….Christians are Targets, Conservatives are Targets & the MALE Species is the Target also…I’m sorry I do Not see Solderers & Army’s of the Being “Gay or Transsexual!” you can do Battle with that kind of Mindset….They Won’t Fight, they Can’t be Prepared to Fight…So my #1 point here is that there will be “Little To No Residence!”. Now ISN”T that Exactly what a Police State Wants? A Population EASY to CONTROL….The Rest of the Behavior Modification was done via Televisions/Computers (Orwell) & Drugs legal or not (Huxley)….

We are constantly being reminded of the “War Drums” that are playing on every “Blue Tooth Speaker” the Government can Highjack….Fear is the Crescendo you feel as your heart is racing….The Staged Gun Violence is picking up, More & More PAID Protesters are Staging Events Everywhere….Cops Are Still getting SHOT & they are also getting BLAMED for “Racial Profiling” Minorities….People are Protesting just for the sake of Protesting & also because many of them are being paid….The Actors & Stages sometimes change, but its still some type “De arrangement Syndrome” at play here…..”You See Something Happening Here But You Don’t Know What It Is, Do You” (Dylan) ….


This World is coming Unhinged & many don’t Bat an Eye, why? Have we been so Conditioned that we Look the other Way? Seems so to me! When you become Indifferent, Calloused, Apathetic or even Confused by the Chaos & Anarchy you’ve Been Primed or Set-Up for the “Finale!”…Is it that People Just want to Get It Over With & Hopefully Move On? But do they REALLY think this NIGHTMARE will End & Life will Resume, because it will NOT! I took a lot of Sociology & Psychology Classes in College as I recall “Deviant Behavior” like Homosexuality were maybe 2-4%/…Understand I’m not trying to be Accurate as much as to STATE it Was Not COMMONPLACE like we are Being Told it is today….That forces me to ask this Question or Distinction; is this a Normal Evolution or is this “Recruitment?” I tend to think they are “Recruiting!” Having Said that NO ONE ever Spoke of TRANSSEXUALS & Pedophilia was a TABOO never to be Accepted-ever! However that Is Changing….There are Pedophiles Everywhere & It’s IMO a Mental Illness that Government will FORCE us to Accept ….Having said that they are not only All Over HollyWeird , they are all over Washington DC

We can DENY that we are Dying of Cancer, but it will not Stop DEATH….We could GROUP Together & Force Change, but we have been Divided to the Point that Every statement is Turned in to a HATE Expose’ And for the Most Part the YOUTH seem to be in Love with Marx, Stalin & Socialism…. They are Brain Dead & haven’t a Clue……Today Most Ignorance is Willful & I will add it has been Taught …How do you save a society that has so much “Self Hate/ Loathing has put us on a Death March to Suicide…..Depression I understand but the SELF HATE is Different…Depression comes From Failures or Self Esteem issues….SELF HATE goes WAY beyond that….Are we a Country of Cowards or is it LEMMINGS Running off a Cliff?

What does Thais Really say about our TRUE Character? Many Watched & did nothing but Accept it in the End…..Well DEATH will be one the Last Page of Our Last Chapter…But the Time from BIRTH to DEATH was one we were Supposed to Enjoy, Learn & Grow From…..Many Have FAILED Miserably I might Add! Some Enjoyed the Ride, as they should have…Most of the REST have Been Played For Ignorant Fools…..As the Saying goes “If The Shoe Fits Wear It!” Truth is usually “Self Evident” & also Simple…We make it harder than it Should be to understand….We Believe Lies because that are Convenient & we SHUN Truth because it Requires Thought & Reason…Apparently no one wants anything to do with that anymore, that’s sad & telling….The Human Condition is “Pathetic!”


From the chaos & confusion
Springs forth the Liberal Delusion
That they will conquer all
They stand at hells gates
Overflowing with their hate
As they make plans for our fall
They crucify & yet deny
That all this is but a pack of lies
No heart, no souls their only cruel
They will take the dagger & run it deep
They will slaughter us all in our sleep
They se the world as theirs only to rules
As their master builds damnation’s fires
They stalk, they await the dawning hour
Will their darkness bring eternal,doom
Will the ignorant fools flee
And will Satan be now pleased
As now our final hours loom
Just look at all this decay
There’s no time left to make a play
And the dark clouds hover over our dawn
Life could have been a simple melody
But  then again just what was the key
Because no one knows right or wrong
Why do fools fall like sparrows
Are they all now filled with poisoned arrows
And just what will the epitaph read
Your ignorance & hate, the Sins of Sins
Your scatter ashes now blow in the wind
Heartless bastards cannot bleed
The fool, the pawn you felt put upon
You made your bed, you got it wrong
Was it your willful blindness that did you in
But you were the fool playing a losers game
And even now you have no shame
And you don’t even understand your sins
The Fool, the Loser