Why is it that no one “Honestly Asks Questions” about our tomorrow’s, what’s next or what are our “True Options?” Is it because of “Cowardice” or is it NO ONE either has ANSWERS, is it IGNORANCE or is it no one Dares to Answer? It doesn’t say much about the “Human Race” does it…If we can’t Speak & have Conversations we will NEVER “Solve Our Problems” & maybe that’s the point…Seems we ALL been “Programmed” to NOT want to Solve our own PROBLEMS? Is that the Reasoning behind the “Welfare Slave Liberal State” that’s being FORCED upon us? To wher they ANSWER All our Problems? It seems to me to be it’s a “Slow Death Spiral or Suicide!” Yes, when it comes to “Totalitarian Governments” I am a SKEPTIC & CYNIC …I do Not TRUST any of them…

The TRAP that we’ve all in some form, All Fallen into, was being Baited well over 100 years ago & again after WORLD WAR II with the “False Promises” of a “Superficial Peace” & the “Good Life Con!” Don’t misunderstand me now, we all Wanted & Desired for the “Good Days & Peace Filled Days” but the SELLERS of the “Lie, Line, Spiel or Fake Illusion” knew it would NEVER EVER Be True & therefore become a reality….And the more Society became “Brainwashed, Slaves to Debt, Used Drugs, Alcohol & Adhered to “Peer Pressure & Group Think” the Easier it became to be “Programmed” like a “RHESUS MONKEY” in a College or Science Lab”

And let’s be honest here, some People are just Lazy, Ignorant & Fools” & have “No intention Whatsoever in Changing”…But there are Still (for how long) some that seek “Adventure, Knowledge & while maintaining a Healthy amount of Curiosity enjoy the CRAFTS of “Creation” be that Building Houses, Business Owner, being a Musician or a Sculptor…What is WRONG with the IDEA that “I Did It All Myself?” What’s WRONG with it is, that in today’s “LIBERAL FASCIST WORLD” that is not “Sanctioned, Desired or Allowed”…The State Decides Everything…The STATE will decide when your born & it will therefore decide when you die, it decides what you Eat, if you Eat & when you Relieve yourself! It Programs you to REACT & never to Think! You Speak their Words, you Recite & Live by their “Dogmas” or “Liberal Commandments!” You/we are not LIVING our Life, we are Living Their IDIOTIC LIVES “VICARIOUSLY” for them…We are SLAVES or TOYS for them to Play With, Make War With, have Sex With & Destroy when they get Bored with us…


As a child we were told & taught we would have Choices to make along this Road or River called Life, but do we really, at least anymore? If the High Road & the Low Road are BOTH “Controlled” by the same BEAST but Wearing”TWO Different MASKS” so then it seems to me to be a Charade! If your Choices are to “Jump or Fall” is there really a difference? Same can be said about what I See as the New “Ultimatum” called “Comply or Die” because that is where this is All Heading…Pathological Losers, Zealots, Haters & Criminals control this almost 100% Corrupt land!..

What I see happening today is by & large a Repeat of “Hitler’s Germany” & the “Bolshevik Revolution” which will END with the “Slaughter or Genocide” of MILLIONS that the “NEW WORLD ORDER Liberal Army” sees as the Enemy…This time it will be CHRISTIANS & CONSERVATIVES” in the “Gas Chambers” …Let’s use the Term “Population Control”…Yes, the Liberals Plan on CONTROLLING our Every Move, Grunt & Thought but it much easier to Control a “Smaller” more Manageable Population that Lives in FEAR of the “Surveillance Police State” that Washington & Silicon Valley is PARTNERED in…

Asking the Question when it’s “Too Damn Late” solves nothing & Washington DC is as EVIL & CORRUPT as any Government in History…We were Played for Fools…………




We were all taught & told that we were all “Born into this world with innocence” & this life was not only a Gift but a Road All Must Travel on their Own & for Knowledge & Meaning…I do not discount any of those thoughts, but do they now in this “Orwellian World” still hold true? The Point of Life as I was taught was for the “Enlightenment” of the Spirit & Soul that runs through us…Regardless of what the “New World Order Architects & Oligarchs” state this was not meant to be their Playground to do as they wish & Pretend they are the “Messiahs of this Police State Hell Hole!”

I have no problem with the idea that we are all “Apprentices” in a Craft Most Never Master, but what bothers me is ‘So Very Few’ even Try much less ‘Give A Damn’ anymore…Everyone seems to Meanderer from one False Notion, Premise, Illusion or Delusion anymore…Problems are ‘Seemingly’ never SOLVED “Intentionally!” In another world or words, FAILURE was the GOAL! I thought the IDEA of being “Deaf, Dumb & Blind” was one we all wanted to avoid! Boy was I wrong, it seems like it’s almost a “Sought Hidden Treasure!” I guess we must give the Cresit to the “Indoctration Schools & Brain Washing Media!

In school, we were Given Problems to SOLVE & thereby Learn. That notion seems to be “Forbidden & Illegal Now!” If you can think for yourself, come by Reason to your own Opinions & Conclusions you are now an “ENEMY of LIBERALISM!” Ignorance is Rewarded & Excellence is Punished…And thus They All by & large do their best to “Rain, Shit, Piss or Puke” on our “Staged Parade” every damn day of our now meaningless Life in this Police State, isn’t “Servitude” wonderful?”

Washington DC is as Corrupt a City as any in History will ever know…There are THOUSANDS of “Bureaucrats” in this Septic Tank Wasteland & there are 537 THINGS we Elect Supposedly to Serve the Peoples Needs…Well with that in Mind “Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth” they for the most part “Serve Themselves, their Addictions, their Fancies & their GOD, that I suspect is SATAN! These People are not people who Meant Well but Got it WRONG, they Knew EXACTLY What they were Doing & Who they were SCREWING the Whole Time…And before you Start Screaming, there are a FEW (Very Few) that are Honest…They are NOT Enough to “Right This SINKING SHIP” of Excrement !!!


I therefore ask this Question; If this is all about Punishment, when is enough, enough? Do we or they HOLD GRUDGES now Forever? Are we now being DAMNED Forever? And while we STILL have SOME ABILITY to FIGHT Back, why aren’t we? And while I’m just a “Simple Man” with NO Real Answers, I know that we are All being LED To SLAUGHTER…And nothing GOOD will or Can come from that…It will give a “Permanent Power to the Insane Bastards that RULE this now “Damned World!” And we should be honest in assessing the or that Fact or Truth as being; “We Helped Make The Bed (Coffin) that we now Sleep In!

We were told & taught we were all “Born Free” but is that still True? Is the American Dream even “Achievable” today or is it now Extinct…I would use the Term MYTHICAL but in this “Orwellian World” all History will die, fade & the reality is, it will be like WE NEVER HAPPENED or EXISTED!…The Police State only allows what t seems as “Acceptable or Entertainment” everything else will & must DIE! And I Guarantee you that that is the VIEW Taken by the “New World Order Pigs” like the Rothschild’s, George Soros, the Big Bankers & Their Billionaire BUDDIE$!

Sooner or later they will take Our Existence & do with it Exactly What the Smelly Sadist Lesbo Cunt HILLARY did with Her Email’s & Computers, Take a Hammer & some “Bleach Bit” & Destroy ALL! So what’s the Point of all of this? The only answer must be in the Next Lifetime, although I take no Satisfaction in that thought…What we NEED is to “Destroy Our Enemies” & you can forget the Forgiving part, that ain’t Happening!




We have all known & had our share of good days, bad days  or days when we were bored as well as days when we were almost ‘overwhelmed with fright or anxiety…And somehow we survived them, to the relief of some & the ‘chagrin’ of our enemies..most of the people my age, the “Baby Boomers” grew up in a World now “Foreign” to the so-called “Inhabitants” of today’s version of America…And for the record, it was not a “Perfect Fair World!” There were Rich People, there were Poor People & there was a “Working Class” of people who actually through their “Sacrifices & Efforts” made this Land & the “American Dream” achievable…They were our “Role Models” & they Spoke through their Actions, not “High Minded Delusional Speeches’ full of “Hyperbole” about a “Utopian World!” I believe it’s safe to surmise that most of these folks never “Recovered or Crashed” from their last “LSD TRIP!”

And while there may well be exceptions to the “Rule Of Fools” in Washington DC, they are by any stretch of “Imagination” what anyone could call “The Best or the Brightest” this County or World has ever seen…I don’t know “How Low, The Low Road Goes” but I don’t think we’re even “Driving In The Ditch!” I think this is the “Deep Dark Abyss!” The Problem as I see it is, these days no one Gives a Damn because of “Institutional Ignorance” or they live “Permanently” in a “State Of Fear!” We should give LIBERALISM the Credit for learning how to “Breed Ignorance & Cowardice!” In fact, you could argue they have created a World, a Stage & a Play that will END Every freedom we ever heard about….I’m not so sure if we ever really understood it, but as they say, “It’s All Over But The Shouting!”

For the record I do remember; “Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, the Korean War, The German Wall, the Assassination of JFK , Viet Nam , Eisenhower sending “Illegals back to Mexico!’ I remember “Drills at School” where we’d Crawl under our Desks or All go to the School Basement to prepare for a “Nuclear Attack” from Russia….Yet somehow we kept moving right along, trying to Find our way through the Forest we call Life for our own Needs, Deeds & Happiness…I went to College, supported myself at times playing in “Rock & Roll Bands!” And yes I did love chasing the Girls as well, life was still Fun & we lived Life at a Pace we chose…It was NOT “Dictated” by the Forthcoming “Totalitarian Control State” Yet!

Little did I know or realize, that Growing up on a Farm, Family of 6, Old Frame House, No Air conditioning, One TV, a Few Radios, Space Heaters for the Cold Winters, One Used Car, One Used Pickup, Guns in the Closets for shooting Skunks, Snakes & Wolves that those were likely the “Best Damn Days Of My Life” …We were All Loved, Taken care of, Fed, Clothed, we Went to Church every Sunday & we road a School Bus to School every day…Yet it was still Fun, it was an Adventure, we had Imagination, we had Dreams & we said Prayers every night & at every Meal…You know all of the above is “damn Near ILLEGAL, not in this Police State…


Think about it, we Weren’t “Confused about our Genders” we weren’t naive about “Homosexuality” either & the term “Pedophilia” was rarely mentioned…And might I add none of this was TAUGHT in SCHOOL either…Yet, we survived, WOW can you Imagine that???? Today’s world is more about “Indoctrination”& controlling one’s behavior & that is the STATES #1 Objective…. “Once Upon A Time” we let the Child grow up to become a “Man or a Woman” it was not TAUGHT….Once we embraced the Idea that the Child was born into Innocence, that is Now Forbidden…They must be Corrupted almost from the “Point of Conception!’ In today’s World the very Idea of “Being Your On Man” or “Being True To Oneself” is now considered a “Blasphemy” inside the Liberal Dogma & Covenants…

Liberalism is a “Mental Illness” it starts with a Narcissism that makes them believe they are “Better, Smarter, more Deserving & as well as have Messianic Qualities that any other man, woman or IT can have or possess but Them!… It’s Good to be King & even better if you are a GOD! The Masters of this World are 100% Certifiably INSANE…Yet we allow then total “Impunity” to do as they wish…They answer to no one because we don’t DARE ever to Question or even to Speak to them…We helped “Make The Bed” in which we Sleep & it will soon, I’m afraid, become our “Death Bed”…Too many Cowards walk amongst us, now! Yes, we could Change the TIDE, but will we? Every Keystroke I make is or can be recorded by one of the “Surveillance State Big Brothers, be it the CIA, FB, GOOGLE or TWITTER…How do we fight a WAR against the MEDIA that George Orwell spoke of in ” 1984?” I am not saying it’s impossible, but I am waiting for your answers!!!!

LIBERALISM the Religion apparently requires one to not only Convert, you must, if you have Children “Sacrifice” them ALL to the “Pedophile Gods” You must also embrace Hate as well as Mediocrity…You will live your life not only in IGNORANCE, but you will Live it as Decreed by the “Overlords!” The Master Plan is one of Slavery or Servitude. You are 100% OWNED even though your IGNORANCE isn’t aware of it…

There is always a tendency to look at our past as sometimes something it was not…But allow me to say this, I will take those days on the farm & the Simple Times over this LIBERAL SHITHOLE any time…Life is indeed precious but once we had the “Opportunity” to make our Lives into a Heaven or Hell by our own merits & deeds, now its “Decreed” by the State…May they all burn in hell!



© Robby Bowling

Sometimes we listen to the silence
Sometimes it turns into a prayer
The winds of change are always telling
But do we understand what is there

Why is it that the tides seem to beckon
Is it the current that holds sway
Why is it that truth is in denial
Will we understand it one day

There are forces called good & evil
Why do so many choose to ignore
It’s not always about temptation
It’s about the ignorant fools along the shore

Our mothers & fathers helped build our homes
They taught us lessons straight from the heart
They shined the light the traveled roads
And that truth was our start

We’ve known storms & wars through the ages
And many were merely staged
Yet good men died in battles
Why is it that ignorance is played

Our heroes are now just names some mutter
Why have we forgotten their sacrifice
What have we done to their promise
Why is it that lies entice

Believing a lie never makes a truth
Denying what is real makes no sense
Wasn’t there once a deep meaning
It takes a fool rides the fence

No one ever said the journey was easy
Yet we only have our hands & clay
We once could shape & form our destiny
And there was still a prayer for another day

We’ve thrown it away, but for what
The fool’s errand was but a lie
They sell the line & try to close the deal
The masters don’t even want us to try

Cowards & thieves sell illusions
The Utopian Dream is but a myth
The trick is to draw us into their darkness
This fools comfort is just an abyss

Why didn’t we question
Why has apathy destroyed again
What happened to the real treasures
Why is honesty now a sin

This was a day to celebrate
But the truth is it’s almost lost
Cowards live in fear & hatred
And Reality comes at too high a cost

Some of us still understand the reason
And why America was once free & strong
We wanted that & prayed for our children
And now we see, so many got it wrong

Till our last breath, we seek salvation
And in our dreams, we still roam free
But take a look at your surroundings
It takes faith to still believe

I am an old man & my best days are past
But I still rememberer a cause & time
When there were people dancing
When Freedoms Bells did chime

Freedom’s Bells



How many times have we heard or told ourselves that “Tomorrow Is Another Day” & perhaps we will see a ‘Changing Of The Guard’ & find a new fresh beginning? And while I will never disagree with the Idea that, putting everything on hold till some time passes does or can Help, sometimes we know or feel its all in vain!

Let’s be honest here, everyone has a ‘Point Of View’ or ‘Perspective’ that they’d like to Make & Reap the Rewards of! It’s really nothing more than SELLING ‘Oneself, an Idea or even a Product or Service!’ Or I guess another way to describe the point is to “Prove It!” This World was “Once Upon A Time” based on simple ideas like, “Give & Take”  and or “Reaping What We Sow!” That is Sadly no longer TRUE! Everything in Today’s “Mentally Ill Liberal Messianic World” it’s about “FORCING” Your Will on everyone else! CHOICES are nothing but ‘Illusions’ meant to ”Deceive & Distract” us from what is Really Going on Behind the “Closed Doors, In the Shadows or Behind the Drawn Curtains!”

Unless you are “Brain-Dead” you have to be aware that MOST of this Worlds LEADERS & Those who Aspire to be ‘Leaders’ are “Communists” trying to Usher In a 100% TOTALITARIAN STATE where they CONTROL Everything from “Birth to Death!” And the Biggest Percent of these “Whore Mongers” are all MILLIONAIRE$… Just like Drug Addicts with Mental Illness, Compulsive Behavior Issues they will & can Never have enough ‘Power, Gold or Control!’ Just like any other ‘Low-Class Whore’ they will “Screw, Steal, Kill, Swindle, Extort or Bribe” to GET their FIX of POWER!


For Example; Liberals are trying to Sell the Con of “Slave Reparations” as well as “Guaranteed Universal Income!” HONESTLY, are you STUPID Enough or Desperate to Fall for that SCAM! And let’s be honest here, even if they Took MONEY Away from one Group, they’d just KEEP the MONEY for themselves to Buy ‘Drugs, Alcohol, Prostitutes & Toys’ for themselves! To a Liberal Politician, a Promise is just a TOOL to use as a Con to Perpetuate their Frauds! And being honest here, ‘Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths’ are “incapable’ of “Empathy, True Emotion, Honestly, Understanding the Difference between a LIE or the TRUTH….”The Ends Justifies The Means” for their “Coveted Addictions!”

According to the “Covenants or Gospels of Liberalism,” this WORLD would not EXIST if it weren’t for them…They BELIEVE that they are in fact; “The Father, The Son & the Holy Ghost (of Satan)! Gee ain’t it Great to be a ‘Self-Anointed “God, Messiah, Creator, King or Queen” & KNOW Everything there is ‘Worth Knowing’ in the Universe! If LIFE is so Wonderful for these “Fruit Flies” that is “Sucking The Balls of Frankenstein” why are they so damn “Miserable?”

After they Take All the Money, All the Gold, All the Land, All the Resources & the “Dictate to Us Terms Like “Death, Birth, Slavery, Servitude” what will they do NEXT for their “Delusional ARCHAIC Encores? KILL EVERYONE & then Rebuild their “Empire of Lies, Flies & Brainless Fruitcakes?” Hell, you Tell Me…This is “Beyond the Pale of Ridiculous or Absurd!” We were told we could make this World into a Heaven or Hell, it was our Choice! Well I have NEWS for you, we have Little or No Choice at all…We are now nothing but “Pawns” on a Chessboard! THE WHORES OF LIBERALISM RULE!

America & Europe are really noting more than “Shithole’s’ full of Rabid Rats, Haters, Ignorant Fools & Cowards fighting over the ‘Road kill’ left Floating on the Top of a “Septic Tank” & no the Smell of Excrmentntdoes not Mask the Smell of Our Own Death…



As an old Musician & one who still writes Music & Lyrics, there is a recurring term that we can use to describe many things, the term is ‘Pretending!’ Is Pretending just another term for ‘Denial’ or is it about our ‘Inability’ to act because of Apathy or Fear? Do we not understand Reality? Yes we can make our Dreams come true but not through ‘Pretending’ but by ‘Action!’ But we live in a WORLD where apparently the only acceptable actions are those that include ‘Chaos, Anarchy & Hate!’ I hate to ask, but does that BUILD Anything or DESTROY Everything?

You know it’s one thing to FIGHT, but it’s totally different when you are FORCED to take Punishment that is not Deserved…But then again LIBERALS being Sadists love to cause PAIN to everyone…What is it about these Messianic Bastards that have nothing less than a ‘Masturbation Fantasy’ about “Totalitarianism Police States Dictatorships? This is a mental Illness that no one seems to want to recognize…So again we PRETEND it isn’t Truth!

Whether we admit it or not the MEDIA & Specifically the “CIA Controlled Social Media Sites like’Google, FuckBook & Twitter’ influence our every thought…They HATE, therefore we must be instructed to HATE as well & so it is…or Let it Be! Schools do the ””Indoctrination & the Media does the Brain Washing or Manipulation..And Everything continues with everyone WEARING BLINDERS into the “Suicidal Path” we’ve been TOLD to follow, Blindly!

We can’t even have ‘Conversations’ anymore..Everything is Screened, Analyzed & when needed Censored…Yes, we can STILL ‘Speak Our Minds” but will “ANYONE HEAR IT” or will “ANYONE EVEN SEE IT?” And some actually think this is a WAR we can WIN without SPILLING BLOOD? Well, Not Hardly! Have we Learned the ‘Art Of Telepathy?’ Let’s Get Real, the LIBERAL POLICE STATE is a Reality, you can Deny it if you wish, but it’s still nonetheless TRUE! Artificial Intelligence, Cameras & Microphones Everywhere, notwithstanding our STUPID “Cell Phones, Computers & Smart tvs! Privacy is DOA just like our FREEDOMS…We are apparently only DREE to Commit Suicide Fast or Slow…Dead is Dead is Dead ..And BTW so is STUPID IGNORANCE!


AMERICA was in the Process of being Sold Out to What we Call the ‘New World Order” during the “Civil War” & they gained more Power with Wilson & WWI via the “Fed” & later with the IRS being formed…Woodrow Wilson also tried to Give Us ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT via the “League Of Nations!” Then later, we Have the Narcissistic Ass FDR, “The New Deal & WWII…Later we had JFK who we are TOLD was Killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, which I believe is horse shit…How about LBJ & the FAKE “War On Poverty” which KILLED the Minority Family…

I dare anyone to go read the BOOKS Written by “Huxley, Orwell or Ayn Rand” & if you do you will understand what the term “Deja vu” means & yes we were warned but we took the BAIT & allowed Corruption to Kill us like the Cancer it really is! Do we enjoy the idea of “Servitude?” Are we so Lazy & Apathetic that we need someone to Tell Us Everything from “Birth To Institutional Death?” It’s beginning to look like it!  Lets wake up…Wars are Mostily RIGGED & STAGED by the Powerful to SELL FEAR…Therefore our Slavery to a Welfare State becomes real!

Well, we were a generation that thought we’d change the World, well that sure as hell didn’t happen …The Corruption, the Sewers, the Stench & the Cancer was not Reversible, there is no CURE except Blood Sacrifice …There are too many Cowards in this World to STOP this TRAIN WRECK & I’m at the Point where I am WILLING to Die Fighting the Bastards …This is not a Fable or Fairytale with a HAPPY Ending, when we are DEAD it is OVER!

I will not live in a World that TELLS me what to Think & What to do…or How to Act & who’s Fucking ass to Kiss, that being George Soros, the Rothschilds & the Mark Fuckerbergegs can all burn in HELL ASAP




If you are a Hunter, how easy is it to hit a moving Target?…How easy is it, if the Target knows the game? What if the Target was an ‘Illusion’ meant to ”Disguise’ or ‘Masquerade’ the real intent? What if I said that was the ‘REAL INTENT’ of All of the ”Problem’s & Issues” in GOVERNMENT….There is not ONE PROBLEM that we have that they haven’t ‘Invented’ & as for their so-called ‘Solution’s they’re Worse then the ‘Original Issue”‘ & I might add ”Intentionally So!” Have you ever HEARD the term “They’re Jerking Our Chains?” Well they are Jerking more than that…

This world is filled with LIARS that ‘Masquerade’ as ‘Illusionists, Media Fake Personalities, Politicians, Professors, Preachers, Teachers & Planted Parasite Fake-Friends…If they say Go Left you should Go Right, If they say Look at this, you should Look Elsewhere, if they say ‘This is Good’ its Likely a Scam & If they say ACCEPT you should REJECT & QUESTION every damn thing they say…LIARS do not tell the TRUTH except by ‘Accident or Omission!’ Do you remember the old JOHN LENNON Song; “Strawberry Fields Forever?” The line Where “Nothing Is Real & Nothing You Should Care About” is telling except today is Literally an “Orwellian World” we are Looking, Living or Existing in!

Let’s use a now ‘Absurd Term’ “Living A Good Life” is that even possible anymore, that is to say WITHOUT “Liberal Government Nanny State Intervention?” Answer: Hell No! To wit, I now ask this Question; “Is There in REALITY a such thing/monster as a ‘Good & Honest Government? The Answer again is; ‘Hell No’ some are better than others, you can Trust some more than others, but should we TRUST ‘Our Everything, Our Prayers, Dreams , Fortunes, Wealth & our Treasured Memories to them? It’s all I can Do to Stop Giving a VULGAR Response so again the Answer is ; Hell No!

If Government was but a Small Nimble Vessel, like a Sailing Ship & if it gets ‘Off Course’ you CAN, that is if you Understand the ‘Mechanics’ & if you are Aware & True to the ‘Course & Journey’ “CORRECT THE COURSE!” However if you BUILD a MONSTER that ‘Consumes Everything’ much like the “Titanic” all it takes is a ‘Fatal Flaw & Apathy or Ignorance & then you will SINK to the Bottom Of Any Ocean ! We need to STOP, ‘Kidding Ourselves’ those who ‘Sold Us The Con that “BIG Government” was “BETTER than Small Government” was the thief! They are no better & different than the ‘Drug Pushers’ selling the Idea that ‘Cocaine & Heroin’ is HARMLESS & ‘Non-Addictive’ Know & Hoping you’d FALL for the LIE & become a ‘User, Loser, Slave, Prisoner or Addict!’


In today’s ‘Clueless & Useless World’ because of Television, Computers & Drugs’ PEOPLE have ‘Little if Any Ability ‘ to LEARN! There is ‘NO’ Attention Span! Today ‘Fake Communications’ are done in ‘Sound Bites’ & ‘Subliminal Messages or Triggers!’ Do you remember the Book;”FAHRENHEIT 451″ Written by ‘Ray Bradbury, it was about BURNING BOOKS of Knowledge, he later lamented that GOVERNMENTS wouldn’t have to Literally Burn Books because all they really Needed to do ‘Keep You From Reading Them’ to Accomplish the Governments Quest for ‘Total, Willing Ignorance from their Slaves!

Do you remember as a child watching the ‘Cartoons’ on Saturday morning & there would be in the ‘Finale’ the “Follow The Little Red Bouncing Ball” Routines? Our Ability to Think, Solve, Reason or Learn has been ‘Totally 100% Neutered’ INTENTIONALLY & with a Purpose by those who “Run This Not So Great Show of All No-Show!’ The ‘Liberal Masturbation Fantasy’ is to Make ”Slaves, Toys & Prostitutes’ of Everyone they DECIDE to Let Live…In Effect we will become ‘Pet Rocks’ with the same Intelligence of ZERO!

How do you form a ‘Resistance or Revolution’ when no one has the ability to Think? How can we ‘Form Coalitions’ when the ‘Totalitarian Police State’ is Spying, Recording & Censoring our Every Move? Do you Remember ‘Hal The Computer’ from the Movie;”2001 A Space Odyssey?” In My Opinion ALL ‘Programing’ has a ‘Fatal Flaw’ it’s basically “Garbage In Garbage Out” therefore the WEAK LINK always gets exposed…Problem is, will it be ‘Too Damn Late/’


Hitting or focusing on a Moving Target becomes almost impossible when when the Governments,it’s Propaganda Media & Social Media’s do nothing but ‘Shine Mirrors’ on Every Foreign Object to ADD to our Already ‘Institutionalized Ignorance & Confusion! Growing up ‘most of us’ were told & taught that ‘Education’ would shine the Light on our Future but little did any of us Realize it would be ‘Used Against Us’ to Brainwash, Program our Behaviors & Help make us SLAVES to our own Ignorance & Government….How do we then ”Rehabilitate a Planned Ignorance’ or can we even? How do we stop our Death Spiral or Suicide? The Instinctive behavior left is not one of ‘Self Preservation’ but one of ‘Absolute Total Hate’ of Everything..

It’s not that our ‘Holier than Thou.’ Washington DC Government would or wouldn’t LIE to us, it’s that it’s becoming apparent that they haven’t ‘Told The Truth’ about Anything in over 100 years! WORLD WAR I & WORLD WAR !! Were both Started over “False-Flag Operations”…What were the REAL Reasons for the “Civil War?” Hint, it was not Slavery! Who really Killed ‘John F Kennedy?’ What really Happened to Hitler? Who Really ‘Flew The Planes’ on ” 9-11?” Why Wouldn’t our Government LIE to Us? Why wouldn’t the ‘Deep State & the NWO Boys’ set up Donald Trump because they FAILED to 100% RIG the ‘2016 Election?’ Hell Stranger things than that have happened… . Why can’t we ACCEPT the FACT that ”Washington DC’ is the ENEMY for anyone who Loved FREEDOMS? And so Few even Question, anything!!!

The Parasite Politician Cancers that RULE this World & over all of us have no ‘Accountability’ to anyone…They Script their own Lines, Create their own Plays, Build their own Stages & Start their own Wars that only they can Win…And they want us to ‘Worship’ them as if they were All Messiahs…They are ALL ‘Mentally Ill & Insane’ yet here we are, little Ignorant Sheep being led to Slaughter! Or maybe the Better Term is being TOLD to Slaughter Ourselves in the Name of ‘Entertainment For The NWO Oligarchs like the’Rothschild’s, Soros & Mark Go-Fuck-YourselBerg…Lying SOB’s! And I will state this, if you are one that Believes this will All Blow over & the Ship will right itself, you are a ‘Damn Ignorant Fool’ ADDICTS Rarely CURE themselves of the ADDICTION they Love & Covet…But remember what the Government Propaganda Suggests is that it’s ‘Every Man For Himself’ & only They can CURE the ILL they Poisoned us with to begin with!…




I am not one to ever apologize for just “Being Myself” & why should I? As a child I was Taught to ‘Discover, Enjoy, Seek, Share & show my Emotions be they Happy or Sad….As I look around the ‘Imagined Room or World’ I see that “Individualism & Trying to be Honest or Truthful” has been ‘Totally 100% Destroyed!’ As a Child this world still ‘Enjoyed the Illusions of Freedoms’ we thought was the ‘Founding Principles of America!’ All the while growing up I understood there were in fact ‘People Of Privilege’ most of us never really paid that much attention to it…We were to busy ‘Enjoying the Bounties” of real Friendships, real Loves & real Families that understood what ‘Togetherness’ really meant…And yes there was a ”’Hierarchical System in place it was NOT an ‘Absolute!’

Between Parents or Families & Schools we were Taught & Given enough basic Skills to Survive while were were still learning the ‘Lessons & Paths Life’ had to show us..In other words, we were Given the ‘Canvas, the Pallet, the Brush & maybe some of the Paints to “Create Our Dreams’ with!..Life was ‘Celebrated’ in those days it was not taken for ‘Granted’ as it is today! We were still seemingly FREE to ‘Explore & Fine Tune’ our Talents through ”Work & Sacrifice… And ‘If & When’ we ‘Achieved’ our GOALS they were ‘Ours to Cherish & Share’ with those who Helped Shine the Light on Our Journey!

While that ERA was far from perfect, Emotional Things like ‘Hate, Envy & Jealousy only PLAYED a Very Small Part…Most of us were too busy Learning, Playing, Looking for Love & Enjoying Our Moments to get that “Hung-Up & Obsessive’ over things that we had Little if Any Control Over…Simplistically ,we Tried our best to ‘Live & Let Live’ & Move-On Down the Line…And I will Remind you that I am not trying to ‘Gloss’ over the.’Jim Crow Lars or Segregation, we were taught they were WRONG & I will leave it at that! The Mentally Ill did not Run this Land!

In that ERA we still were allowed to ‘Celebrate History’ the Good & the Bad…It does one Little Good to ‘Enjoy The Spoils’ unless we Understood the ‘Sacrifice of Others!’ The Grand Father that ‘Tilled & Plowed’ the Land was a HERO to most of us…The Mom & Pop ‘Dry Good Stores, the Country Markets , Preachers & Teacher were all part of that World…BIG was not CONSIDERED , BETTER , it was what it was…And Some of us Even took the View that the BIGGER as being ‘Not Always The Better’ We were Still allowed to QUESTION in those years….And Believe me when I say,”I Questioned Almost Everything’ but for what its worth I Thought ‘Everyone Else Did’ as well to one degree or another…


If I can’t QUESTION, then how am I to Learn? And if all we do is BLAME others for Failures then that just ‘Adds Insult to Our Injury!’ That is a ””Proposition’ with a 100% Chance of Failure! Can one REALLY Enjoy the ‘Spoils Of Life’ if they Haven’t REALLY ‘Earned It’, I don’t think so…But then again THINKING is almost ‘Forbidden’ in this now “Orwellian World!” Lets be honest here, when one is nothing more than a “Circus Monkey or Lab Rat’ to to the STATE & then if you Can’t Think, you Can’t Solve Problems, Ask Questions or You Have Opinions NOR hold Any ‘Liberal Parasite’ Accountable for ANY ACTION Whatsoever!

And while I am not going to get into the “Meaning Of Life” thing, I’m sorry, but being a ‘Ward’ to/of the State or being ‘Entertainment ‘ for the “Messianic Bastard Oligarchs” like the ‘Rothschild’s, George Soros & the Mark Fuckinbergs is not my Idea of an “Aspirational Goal or Career!” I’m sorry but ‘Leave My Ass Alone’ I will ‘Rise of Fall’ on my own Accord & I don’t Need your ‘Not Good Intentional Help’ Please ‘GO TO HELL!”

We’ve entered the “Twilight Hell Zone” where Kids are being TAUGHT to be Another SEX & be Sex Toys for the Pervert Liberal Nation! Mental Illness is now the “In Thing” Apparently….What in the Hell is Really Going on Here…And Believe Me there is Much more too this “Suicidal Game” than our Forthcoming  Death? We Apparently can’t be or do Anything without the STATE’S Permission!….And Telling them to ”Shove It Up Their Ass’, is a PLEASURE To the Weirdo Liberals….


What was Wrong about being a Real Hero, or actually Accomplishing something on our own? HELL the STATE Takes Credit for it anyway…I cant even Put or Post a Picture about the Historical Facts around Hitler & His Merry Men, without Paying a PRICE for it on ‘Socialist Media Sites!” There is Something ‘Rotten In Denmark’ & nobody wants to know What Smells Like DEATH (our own)! And Just For The Record, this POST is Not & Will Not be ‘Approved’ by the ‘Fascists At FakeBook’ now will I EVER ‘Buy’ one bit of their new ‘Fake Crypto Currency’ the ‘Messianic Zionist FuckerSpermTurd’ can Jump off his Drug Induced Comfortable Cloud into HELL…

As far as it goes, I may very well burn in Hell, but my Failures or Rewards will be of my own making…I Still TRY to DRIVE this Car down the Road that I choose & at the Speed I Desire….I will Listen to What I want, not what was SHOVED at me…I will Have Conversations that I want or I will Walk Away…I will Pick My own Friends & I will Slam the Door on my Enemies..I will Lock my Door & if I need I will LOAD & ARM my Guns, if they Trespass…SO, Kill me if you Want but meanwhile ‘I’m Just Trying To Be Myself’ can you say the Same?

Before I go allow me this one thought…While I enjoy the ‘Delusional Freedoms’ the INTERNET brought us…I can Record & Mix Music here, I can Create many things, but What have we Sacrificed? ‘We have No Privacy Whatsoever, Nothing is really ours anymore…We can be & are ”Censored’ with every ‘Keystroke’ was it worth it? Well,  we should know we CANNOT TRUST the ‘State nor the Socialist Fascists of ‘Silicon Valley’ they are the ENEMY of Everyone, including the Fools…




We now live in an “Orwellian World” full of ‘Lies, Deceptions, Illusions & Theater’ all designed to ‘Occupy Our Functionless Minds’ while the REAL CRIMINALS get away with the “Crime Of The Century!” Washington DC has Turned America into a ‘Joke & Wasteland” for which the ONLY RESULT will be the ‘Total Destruction of America” it’s Freedoms, its Dreams, its Foundations & its TOMORROWS (that is if there is One)! They Think they FOOLED Everyone with their Crimes, but they Did Not! They Think they’ve Gotton Away with the “Theft, Murder, Extortion, the Bribe” & The “CON of All CONS” for the Benefit of their Own MASTERS, the Satanic Bastards we call ‘The New World Order” that is Funded by the likes of the ‘Rothschild Family & George Soros…The Best that SATAN has to Offer!

It was ‘Obvious’ to most of us that the LIBERALS did everything they could to ‘RIG the 2016 ELECTION’ for the ‘Lesbian Cocaine Smoking Alcoholic Hillary Clinton’ & most of us are not SURPRISED to find out the ‘Soros Inspired & Obama Weaponized CIA, FBI, DOJ & the MEDIA were in the THICK of the “Conspiracy To Defraud” us of the TRUTH….From the Beginning, it has been “One Cover-Up” after another & another to “Sweep It All Under The RUG” as if it never, ever happened…And let’s be HONEST Here, being that ‘95% of the MEDIA’ are Liberal Communists & that NEARLY Everyone in “Washington DC, Has Something To Hide” they are Getting Away With it…Extortion Rules!

The “Russian Hoax” & the Subsequent ‘Mueller Investigation’ is nothing more than a MODERN DAY VERSION of ‘Follow The Little Red Bouncing Ball, Stupid Game! We paid MILLION$ for that “Badly Produced” ‘Diarrhea’ laced with Cocaine Laden EXCREMENT!…I wonder realistically how many “Gay, Lesbian & Transsexual Prostitutes” were on the Payroll as well…Do I need to go into Washington DC’s History of “PEDOPHILIA?” Well if you don’t know about these issues, you actually don’t ‘Give A Damn’ anyway…

Let me make this ”Perfectly Clear” AMERICA is NOT being ”’Persuaded & Lusting for Liberal Socialism’ it’s being “SHOVED UP OUR ASS!” We are either looking at ‘Accepting, being Forced or going into a CIVIL WAR’ to Compleat the ‘Rothschild/Soros New World Order’ where we are FREE to OBEY or DIE & that is likely at the Hands of the ‘Religion of Peace-ISLAM!’ In other words ‘Submit’ or get your damn ‘Head Lopped Of!!’


Let’s be Honest here, this has very little or nothing really to do with DONALD TRUMP …It’s just that ‘He Is NOT One Of Them” & he is in their way of Completing the Liberal Sanctioned “Coup d’état!” We apparently (this Society)No Longer CARE about the “Who, Why’s & Where’s & the ANSWERS therein! All we do anymore is ‘BLAME’ Someone Else & Continue with the Crime or the Cover-up!

Some of you may know this but ‘HITLER’ created what some of is called a ‘False Flag Incident” & BURNED the city of ‘Reichstag’ to use as an EXCUSE to enter into WORLD WAR II…Is this ‘False Flag Russian Collusion Excrement’ a step Towards the ‘Last American Civil War?’ Looks like it to me…Everyone Loses EXCEPT the ”Elite’s, the Oligarchs & their Masters!” Why Are we DENYING what should be Obvious, that WASHINGTON DC is ‘Second To None’ when it comes to CORRUPTION!

I guess you can make the ‘Argument’ that they are just Continuing the ‘Traditions’ that ‘Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Castro, Mussolini & all the other “Banana Republic, Third World Shit holes’ have set as Examples before…Doesn’t It Bring a Little LUMP to your Throat or a Tear to your Eyes…Ain’t nothing in this WORLD that can Match ‘Liberal Love’ unless it’s ‘Satanic Hate!’

The Sad thing is we’ve been ‘Taken to the Cleaners & it seems no one (Too Few) gives a damn Where do we go from here, Hell & Back? What is this Excrement Hole Reality? Some of us had Parents who ‘Worked this Land, Raised a Family, Gave to their Communities & Never Ever Questioned the Sacrifice & the Whys…We didn’t Just Lose our Way, or Lose America we Lost Everything worth Living for!




Some days as I look into the now “Empty Prism” I try to do my best to “Focus” on what used to be America, I feel we are somewhere between ‘Edward Albee’s,  “Theater Of The Absurd” & Rod Steiger’s; “Twilight Zone” because this World has gone totally 100% Insane! Nothing makes any sense anymore…Chaos & Anarchy are the Norm & the few left with the ”’Capsity” to still think & possess Ideas like ‘Reason, Logic, See, Hear’ for themselves will soon be ‘Rounded Up’ as if they were ‘Loaded Guns’ & put into the Deepest, Darkest Abyss & Prison the ‘Parasite Liberal” can Build out of BRICKS made it’s own Excrement…WOW, is this what they meant by ‘Living The High Life’ of the other term ‘The Champagne of Life’! Hell, does it get any better than this,’Nevermind’, I don’t wish to hear the answer…An “Excrement Hole” is the New Normal!

The Realm we seem to have entered into is one ‘Totally Dominated’ by LIBERALS & their ‘Brain Farts’! It’s one thing to try to ‘Figure Out’ how these “Lunatics” Fleeced everyone but to ‘Put up with this “Life Of Total Misery” is another, altogether…It’s become a ‘Do Unto Other’s Before they Do unto You’, World! On any given Moment or Occasion LIBERALS are Offended by EVERYTHING…It’s gotten to the Point where to even ‘Dare To Speak To A Liberal’ requires a permit…And, “If I May’ it’s usually “Declined!”

If you are a ‘Christian Conservative’ everything you say will be ‘Scrutinized, Analyzed, Dissected & Censored!” Yet LIBERALS sell the MYTH Daily that because of ‘White Privilege’ they are the ones being “Discriminated Against!’ LIBERALS Control 95% of the MEDIA in the World & most of them are just ‘Trojan Horses’ for Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism or Liberalism & BTW some still try to pass themselves off as ‘DemoRatz’ & believe me, that’s anything but True…

Think about it, LIBERALS can ‘Say, Belch, Fart, Screw, Infer & State’ or proclaim their Own Personal Gospel, Dogma, Covenant & Lies as ‘Absolute Truth’ & you have no Right To Question their ‘Authority’ It’s a “Facts Be Damned” system they have Totally Rigged for Themselves! How can we Fight, let alone defeat that Insanity? While some of you Still haven’t figured out how we got here, I just want to get the HELL Out!


Sooner or later the LIBERALS will “Purge & Exterminate” anyone who Challenges them & ‘All of Those They Protect!’ If you are a Muslim, a Minority, a Homosexual, a Pedophile or One of the ‘101 Versions of Transsexuals’ you are PROTECTED, forever & if you are Not One or even if you QUESTION them, you are as good as Dead, Go To Jail & Do Not Pass Go! Narcissistic Sanctimonious Bastards have always “Walked Amongst Us” but hell, did we have to Give them the POWER to “Change anything they want on a Whelm?”

If this ‘Wayward Wind & Course’ continues the STATE will Take everything we’Were, Are, Own, Think & Believe’ away fromUs so as to BRIBE their Slaves with…I guess we will all live in ’10 x 10 Cells or Cubical’s” & once a day be ‘Fed Pig Slop’ & once a day be allowed to “CRAP (only if it’s not full of Flatulence) with Written Permission only!”Think about it; LIBERALS are Both ”Enabler’s & Addicts both” They have QUARANTINED & FORBIDDEN  Everything we once believed as Wrong, Immoral & call us the Enemy…Can this ‘Cycle of Ever-Present EVIL be Broken? Do we have the will? It’s very hard to know that answer when you are not ALLOWED to ‘Communicate via Censorship’! The Google’s, FascistBooks, the Rothschild’s, the Mark Fuckerturds & the Rest of the “Liberal Fascist Owned Media CONTROLS or KNOWS our every Move.

Why do we put up with ‘Lies , Propaganda & Liberal Myths,’ have we all become Cowards? White Privilege is BS, so is ‘Islam Religion of Peace!’ Socialism is Better than Capitalism, that one is BS Too! Both Systems are Corrupt but Sooner rather than Later Socialism turns into a “Total Dictatorship & Police State!” What don’t they just “State for the Record’ that ‘Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini & Mohammed were all just ‘Misunderstood & Products From ‘Global Warming/’ That goes right along with the lies & propaganda ‘Liberal Logic & its Doctrines!’

We’ve had a problem with Immigration for decades & there was Money ‘Supposedly Allocated’ to build a Wall, but it never happened! Hell, what happened to the money? Did Nancy, Hillary, Maxine, Debbie, Schiff all ‘Waist it on Prostitutes, Cocaine & Booze, not to mention increasing their “Slum Lord Property Ownership’s” in Deluded, Doped, Groped Clueless California where every “Perversion & Addiction is Applauded, Sanctioned & Protected!” Liberals want the Illegals to not only ‘Demonize us, but for Votes!…If I May, using that same Logic, will we start Sending ‘Absentee Voting Forms’ out to RUSSIA, CHINA, NORTH KOREA, IRAN, MEXICO, EL SALVADOR, VENEZUELA & All of EUROPE to Boot? It fits the liberal Norm & Logic Standard!


We can no longer use the terms “Male Or Female, Black, Brown, Yellow & I guess Purple too…Will we soon start a “Campaign against those Prejudiced against ‘Right Handers & Left-Handers’? Maybe they don’t really know what Hand they are Supposed to use to ‘Masturbate’ with!… Lord Knows we can’t have that kind of Confusion, not in “Liberal Amerika” why hell, all the LIBERALS will in effect “Shit A Brick or a Kelo!” We can’t have that kind of “Global Harming Hazardous Waste Smelling Up Our Ozone!”

What is it about the ‘Liberal Leaders’ other than their ‘Egos & Narcissism’ that makes them believe they are ‘Messiahs’ & therefore more ”Privldged, Smarter, Wiser, more Cunning, more Creative, Better & Prettier’ than the rest of us…When was the last time you got a good Look at ‘Satan’s Prince GEORGE SOROS?’ I’m sorry but that is ‘One Ugly Bastard that’s also ROTTEN to the Core!’ You know, if we could ‘isolate the Maggots’ sooner or later, if we were lucky they’d “Cannibalize each Other” & We might get Lucky they’d become ‘Extinct’ but that ain’t going to happen, is it!

Today’s version of Washington DC is almost a ‘Perfect Replica of Hitler’s Germany’! We have our own versions of the “Gestapo, SS & even the Hitler Youth” with ANTIFA, BLM & even the MUSLIMS… For the Few who don’t know it “HITLER” had several ‘Muslim Battalions,” you can infer the rest! The Cancer I see as Liberalism never ‘Sleeps or Rests’ it gets Deadlier with every passing moment…The ‘New World Order’ or ‘Agenda 21’ is a Reality & its here now… We are Looking  at ‘Death In its Face’ & because of our Apathy, Ignorance & Fear we do Little to nothing about it …Have we in effect accepted defeat, I haven’t because they will KILL me or put me in a Prison because I know Too Damn Much to Shut up about their EVIL…

Before I end this RANT let me say this; “We Supposedly Were Born into a Land With a Few ‘Inalienable Rights or Privileges’ & I consider ALL MEN EQUAL…One May very well have more Money than Me, More Material Possessions than me, Be Younger, Better Looking, Better Educated or Wiser, but at the “End Of The Day & the End of This Life” I Do Not Think you are Necessary the Better Man & as I recall there is an old line that goes like this; “There Are No Pockets In Shrouds!” when its over, it’s over! I will let GOD be the Judge & to the ‘Ignorant Pigs, I Call LIBERALS’ while I believe Most of you are ‘Atheists’ when the ‘Curtain Falls’ will you still be? You Liberals are all Cowards & you’re on your own…Today you can take your ‘LIBERAL PRIVILEGE’ & Shove it…