The Requiem Of A Fool

The Requiem Of A Fool

Another day, another verse
Another moment & goal to squander
Just join in, hear the liars spin
There is just so much Pain to ponder
We find our faith, has turned to hate
As the “Black Widows” Web surrounds
I see darkened days as the Devil Plays
And happiness cannot be found

We hear a lie, no questions to why
Seems we accept & move right along
And will the knife cut through the strife
That we all know is wrong
Have we all dented our selfless pride
To become prisoners of our fears
It’s not enough to just call a bluff
In a world now seen through tears

Who is this fool who acts so cool
Who knows the answers for nothingness
What lies in wait, is ignorance our fate
Is this what fools call bliss
Are we telling tales or selling dark spells
Have we squandered our only chance
Too numb to feel what is real
The Requiem Of A Fool

If you went to the trouble to read the above, suffice to say I’m not in an “Overjoyed Celebrating Mode or Mood” ….The Worlds on Fire, I smell Gas, I see Torches, I see Fools, I the Brain Dead Zombie like Creatures that DR Frankenstein(SOROS) has TRAINED in MASS to “Burn, Pillage, Rape, Murder, Extort & Bribe in mass….What say you? I’m sorry, but it’s very hard to be Optimistic when for all practical purposes the WHOLE DAMN WORLD has Been Torched by either LIBERALISM of MUSLIMS…In my book, they are “One & The Same” …

Have we reached the LOW POINT in this seemingly “Useless Journey” where the People (LOL) are too “DAMN STUPID or IGNORANT to know better? Children once assumed to be “Innocent” are “Indoctrinated into “Sexual Perversion’s?” It’s one thing to QUESTION, but it’s entirely another thing to be “Coached, Persuaded, Encouraged, Brain-Washed & Bombarded” with “Preposterous Propaganda-BS…

How many of you KNOW that the German (Hitler) Put Fluoride in the “DRINKING WATER” because is had the effect of a “Sedative”….By that “I MEAN” it took the EDGE OFF or to use a modern term it could help make you “Comfortably Numb!” How many of you KNOW that the CIA experimented with PEOPLE mush like the German Dr. Death (JOSEF MENGELE) In the 1960’s with “LSD” do I need to spell it out…What BUSINESS is BOOMING in the “Health-Care Area?” Answer: “PHARMACEUTICALS”

LET ME say it this way….It’s one thing to be STUPID (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) but if you’re Trained like an “Organ Grinder’s Monkey” to do “Stupid Pet Tricks” and “NUMBED” via Drugs (Legal or Otherwise) what Chance in HELL do you have in being :”The Best You Can Be?” This was once a “Completive World” you lesson you ODDS at winning if you are “STONED” in one form or fashion all the time…

The POINT I’m trying to make here is that this WASHINGTON DC Government has been for DECADES trying to “RIG THE GAME” in such a way they can NEVER Be caught…What better way than to INSURE a Silent “Coup d’état” ….Unlike the JFK Assassination, Kennedy was a Media Darling. & the Deep State (Rothschilds) killed him anyway…TRUMP is HATED by the “Fat Cats of the Washington DC “Oligarchy”.It’s My Opinion the Deep State (Still Controlled by the Soros/Rothschild Satanic Bastards) figure they can KILL this President TRUMP & no one will give a damn …Hell, they CONTROL 95% MEDIA & Likely 90% of Washington DC…What do they have to FEAR?.And like Hitler, they have the MUSLIMS & The IGNORANT FOOLS doing the “Dirty Work” …Hell, how can they miss?

Ever since the JFK Assassination, this government has continually taken a STEP BACKWARDS & we ALLOWED IT!…We listened to one Outlandish lie after another & did NOTHING….We Voted for Corruption at almost Every Turn….We Knowingly Took Bribes, we allowed ourselves to be compromised so we were then Extorted until they Bankrupted what Few Damn Morals We Had Left…..We once had a Legacy that we could have been PROUD of…I Am ASHAMED of what we’ve become….We Down-Graded at every opportunity…WE HAVE BEEN PLAYING THE GAME TO LOSE & we have indeed done that

Every “Civilization” has a “Rise & Fall”…America will be no different as HISTORY Records it truthful or not! Most people have no real CLUE we are “Skating on Thin Ice Now” & Actually Most could “CARE-LESS!” STUPIDITY & NARCISSISM Killed AMERICA …This world now full of “Bottom Feeders” will soon be “Forever Prisoners” to those who “Run This Rotten Show” Will they ever “Wake-Up to the TRUTH?” I have my doubts…Most can’t even change their own “Soiled Underwear” without HELP….Some don’t even know what Sex they are (Regardless of Plumbing)…Many can’t Write, Add or Subtract, they need “Safe Rooms” to hide from the “Boogie Man”…They haven had an ORIGINAL THOUGHT in their USELESS at TITS on a BULL Lifetime….If they SURVIVE it will only be for “Entertainment Purposes” ….Instead of being “Fed to the Lyons” for Sport, they’ll be FED to the MUSLIMS to use, abuse & Eat for food…

This life can be hell & it can be heaven but let’s not call or confuse one for the other like LIBERALISM has…Liberals Love to Hate, but Hate is not Love…This is not a “Fairytale” that has a “Tear in your Eye Happy Ending!” This is a NIGHTMARE, but it’s now becoming REALITY….If this is UTOPIA…I’ll take a pass…And to those few out there that still are “Optimistic” about our Tomorrows…I will only say “Good Luck” the World does need Believers…The Realist in me says..YES this is all FIXABLE, but not likely…To FIX this SINKING SHIP will require “Sacrifice- like most are Not Even PREPARED to Pay…BLOOD & DEATH! Now if a WAR does, in fact, come & “WE” are “PREPARED” to fight (Ready) we have a shot…

Washington DC is full of Cowards, they may well destroy themselves FLEEING a WAR ZONE….That does not speak to the “Multitudes of FOOLS” out there that “Do What They’re Told” without question…They will fight, burn, destroy what they can….that is to say, what they haven’t already!… The MUSLIMS will play the ROLL as BUZZARDS eating the “Road Kill!” Sadly as in every WAR, the Innocents & those who deserved better will DIE….Personally, I’m tired of living in what’s become an “EXCREMENT HOLE” for Liberals & their ANAL brothers MUSLIMS…It’s almost like we need a PERMIT to BREATHE, let alone Speak, Live, Love, Think (not allowed) Reason (not allowed) & Die (that’s encouraged)!

What comes to your mind when I use the old line,”When Fools Rush In?” Do you see a “Cavalry of Bravado,” I think not…Maybe a “Cavalcade of Maggots” going out to eat “Road Kill” & spread “Disease!” Have we all Built “Fortresses” that have become “PRISONS?”….Seems so to me…If the Enemy doesn’t kill us, Fear will…Brilliant deduction & Rationale! HELL, it seems to me we can’t even play a game of POKER let alone one of WAR…

Think about it this way: we’ve all heard & used the “Cliche”-“It’s The Blind Leading The Blind”….What if I said that was ALL part of the CON? The Evil Bastards that HIDE behind the Curtain want & need you to believe this is just a road & ALL of these “Miscues & Mistakes” are just “Growing Pains” …That my friend is a Blatant LIE….SATAN Plays for KEEPS… This is NOT a Damn Stupid Child-like Game…this is LIFE & DEATH…of America, your Family & your Friends…If you don’t CARE, who will? If you don’t QUESTION, who will? If you don’t Believe, why would anyone else? If you won’t make a STAND, why should anyone else? Again another “Cliche-“You are either part o the Problem or you are part of the Solution!” Either one may very well get you/us Killed…But you don’t accomplish anything by “Playing The Game To Lose, Much Less Surrendering!”

It’s almost as if we are in “A Race To The Bottom!” Where are the “Best & Brightest?” Where are the “Over-Achievers & I don’t mean Messiah- want to be’s either? Are we following the INCA’S (DoDo Birds) into Extinction? Are we at that POINT that HUXLEY Describes in his Book, “Brave New World” where the Elite’s & Fools no longer Reproduce from the WOMB but “TEST TUBES,”we’re getting damn close to that IMO….Isn’t that like”Sterilizing The Whole World” to get a “DUMBED DOWN CONFORMITY? The more we try to “Play God” the more we “SCREW IT UP” good intentions or not…

While I seem to be on a rant here, we do need to look at history to see where we just may be going…I believe AMERICA in a Steep Decline & where the “End Game” takes us is a matter of Opinion & Perspective, I guess we will find out in “Due Time”…however it may well be TRUE that AMERICA -Survives all of this, but to become WHAT? Some of us know that ROME fell & we know that the Greek Civilization fell too…YET, they SURVIVE today as WHAT?–The only thing they have I COMMON with the prior Civilization (Incarnation) is the NAME ONLY….the only thing to remind them of their PAST is the RUINS left behind….Now tell me is that a “Comforting Thought? I hardly think so unless you are one of the “Liberalized Hate Filled HYENA Turds” that spend all their time Crapping, Burning, Puking while destroying everything that was HONEST & TRUTHFUL….And I ask, what the HELL do Liberals get in return for this?

AND FOR WHAT IT WORTH, The old term :”We can agree to disagree is Dead, Extinct or Passe’..take your pick…Anymore Disagreements just lead to another version of “ROAD RAGE”…Agree to live another day, disagree & Die…This thing called “Tolerance” is a MYTH at best…LIBERALISM has already KILLED Millions & there are yet Millions to go & be sacrificed in the name of the “Satanic Liberal God-lessness…

PS For what it’ worth “Anger Management Classes” ain’t going to cut it now or ever with me…And I’ll let it be KNOWN, now! “I DON’T FORGIVE MY ENEMIES” I’ll leave that to a better man or God…But I’m “Sick & Tired” of Self-Righteous Blowhards telling me How to Live my Damn Life! It takes a hell of “Audacity to tell me What to Eat, Drink, Smoke, Drive, Think, Say, Worship,Like, Dislike, Love, Respect , Friend , have as an Enemy, where to go, when to go , the reasons why, to cry, decry, , blame, shame, play the game, fart, depart, act smart, play dumb, relent, repent, time spent, waste, waste not, shelter, hide, stand, demand or even TRY to tell me “IF I CAN” you can all go to HELL & take ever Soros Owned Cock-Suckers with you….Have a good Day in Hell, you deserve it…

The Legacy of the CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments on America



Once upon a time there was a “Functioning Brain” that became a “Child” that became an “Adult” that became a useful “knowledgeable & prosperous” member of the Family, the Community the Society, the Culture & it was good, it was progress, it was evaluation, it was “Learning to adapt!”There was a TIME when this LIFE, when being an American or European had Meaning, had Opportunity, it had Goals & it also had Dreams or Aspirations…We knew WHO we were, we knew our Past, our History because it was Taught to us as a GIFT, as a LESSON as well as a TESTAMENT & AS GUIDE to take with us as we go about our Travels from Sea to Shore & back again…

That world as we knew it is where most of us started this Journey! In those “DAYS OF YESTERYEAR” the “Family was still intact! And Society nearly always Mirrored the Family Unit, it was HIERARCHICAL! The Child respected the Parent the Adult, they both respected the ELDERS, those that were considered the Wise, the Learned & those with Insight & Vision! It was not a Perfect system but somehow FLAWS & ALL we survived a few Thousand years…And some of that was RECORDED HISTORY! That recorded History is what gave us documents like the “Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, the Magna Carta & every countries version (or lack of) a “Constitution!” When I grew up my Mother kept a Family Bible & along with that Bible was the FAMILY NAMES that we all heard countless stories about …The Names, the Memories of the Grand Fathers, the Grand Mothers, the Aunts, the Uncles, the Cousins, the Brothers, the Sisters, perhaps a “Birth Certificate” & even a small Locket of Hair or a Babies shoe or sock…I think those Memories & Moments are .what we Cherish the most…You could call the “Family Heirlooms” after a fashion…

That is the AMERICA I grew up in! My roots come from “Small Town Rural America” & mine started on the “Family Farm!” It was just the way it was…We went to Church on Wednesday Nights, Sunday Mornings & Sunday Evenings…I rode the School Bus to Town for most of my Schooling Years…My life was not that much different than others in that Community! I played Sports, I was on the “Debate Team” & later on I was in a “Teenage High School ROCK & ROLL BAND…..However “LIFE IN THE FAST LANE ” it was not….I went to College, paid my own way, raised hell, drank a lot of beer & SOMEHOW Survived! How about that? You don’t think for one Moment, one minute it could have had anything to do with a FAMILY (not perfect) that actually Loved & Cared about each other do you? Heavens Forbid that thought,,, How could it be POSSIBLE that a FAMILY could do BETTER than what this now this ‘Self-Righteous Evil Greedy GOVERNMENT in Washington DC Claims to do “Miserably” while Failing at every level….Could it be that that was the INTENT all along?

Have we all forgotten that “Sometimes” it is the “Simple Things in Life” that separate most of us….Contentment is actually “Perspective” & a little bit of “Attitude.” When I was the young child growing into the teenager some of my FONDEST Memories are literally grabbing a “Fishing Pole” & going to the Creek to catch Fish! The only thing we had to Worry about were Poisonous SNAKES…And we were usually Prepared for that VARMINT with an old 22 Rifle or shotgun….And much to the “Chagrin of Liberalism” we didn’t Kill, Maim, Rape or Pillage a Village of Idiots either…HOW COULD THAT BE POSSIBLE that is Without Government Supervision & Liberalism??

“Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end
We’d sing & dance forever and a day
We’d live the life we choose
We thought we’d never lose
For we were young & sure to have our way
Those were the days, oh yes those were the days”-Paul McCartney

I’m not trying to HARP or go on a Nostalgia Trip, but come on, those days were HEAVENLY compared to the “RAT RACE EXISTENCE” I see now… Fears were Real & Genuine in that ERA but so were Friendships & the Family (at least for most of us)…LBJ started the (FAKE) “War On Poverty” & all it did is Create “Ghettos & Projects” it “KILLED the African Families …They NEVER Recovered…but that was the RESULT the Communist Liberal Democrats WANTED & LUSTED for…A WELFARE STATE that would KEEP the COMMIES in POWER FOREVER….Hell, it is working…

That was also the ERA when Drug Addiction & Alcoholics started RAMPING UP…Activist Lawyers like the ACLU started doing their thing…And we CAN’T leave out or forget about The COMMUNIST Professes like “Saul Alinsky”- “RULES FOR RADICALS” got their FOOT-HOLD in the AMERICAN School & College system….And there has literally BEEN “No Looking Back” from those thoughts from that bunch of Evil Bastards!

The IRONY is thus: those Communist Liberal Deluded, Delusional, Sick, Perverted Snakes took what is PROBABLY the Only “Freedom” that was uniquely ours-“Freedom Of Speech” & used it to DESTROY the very “Foundations or Tenets (if you will) that our Constitution Allowed & Cherished…. Think about it LIBERALS & MUSLIMS are the only ones allowed to Have & Use “Freedom Of Speech”…It is slowly FADING away(for Us) into “Obscurity”

America is in the MIDDLE of a “Cultural Revolution or War” call it what you wish…the Next Step will be “Civil War”…But allow me to make ‘One Big Point” here…the Solderers ( the People) on BOTH SIDES are the REAL LOSERS…Ask yourself this, who are the Winners? ANSWER” the ELITES of this World….The Vermin Poisonous Bastards that are “One Step Removed” from being SATAN Himself are the WINNERS…That’s the “NEW WORLD ORDER” -Soros-Rothschilds-(the Bilderberg Group)….They want it ALL & right now there is Little anyone can do to STOP this “Avalanche” it seems to be cascading & moving on its Own Inertia …Kind of like Quicksand!

These same HEATHENS have now fairly well Destroyed EUROPE…We have no NEED to speak about the MUSLIM Nations they were already “Excrement Holes” that Smell & Look like “Death Warmed Over”.Their Job in AMERICA is moving into the NEXT Phase! They were Brought here 1st to introduce the CANCER of ISLAM…Then SECONDLY to sell FEAR….That one is Nearing its Crescendo…the Next Phase will be to become “Enforcers” for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…..For those WHO Don’t know History—–HITLER had MANY –“Muslim Battalions”…HITLER was also a “Rothschild”

There was a TIME, apparently a very long time ago when the “Rule Of Law” was Respected, not ignored. And now it’s Ignored TOTALLY if-if fits the “New American Communist Liberal Progressive Manifesto” If we ELECT 537 Partisan Parasites ROM Both sides of the FAKE, FAUX or PHONY Aisle & the Republicans are “Supposedly” the “Party In Power” & they DO NOTHING whatsoever to reinforce that POINT….Then what WAS the POINT in ELECTING them to begin with….Or just MAYBE they aren’t Republicans at ALL, just Frauds, Crooks, Cons, Swindlers & Perverts just like all the others & also work for the Globalist SOROS (BINGO)…Isn’t there something that’s getting lost here….Isn’t this actually LIFE or DEATH….Or do we continue with our Bad Habits & go out & get “Sedated” like all the other JUNKIES & DRUNKS? And PRETEND it will all get better tomorrow….I guess OBAMA & SOROS can KISS your little HURT & make it all Better….Damn…what planet was it that brought us all these Ignorant Frigging Fools? NEVERMIND –I Needed To VENT!

It’s gotten hard, actually Impossible to see this SHIP & the SEAS we are Sailing on getting BETTER-anytime soon, if ever! How do you RISE above the DEATH STENCH that’s now in the air? I sure as hell don’t know!…DOING NOTHING is Suicidal! And taking ACTION before we can Organize may well be Futile also…

Feel free to argue with me, but I think we are getting very close to being HISTORY….Liberals have already started Tearing down & Destroying all our History…Monuments one by one are being town down & History books haven’t been HONEST or TRUTHFUL in DECADES….Remember the VICTORS of WAR write all History with a Prejudice….There will be no one here to Correct them ….Go back and read the Books & the Movies made from “Fahrenheit 451” & “Logan Run”…Maybe those will be insightful? You also should read the Books by Huxley, Orwell & Ayn Rand before they are BURNED too…

As we speak the “Fear Mongers” from the CIA controlled Media are SPINNING….WAR with “Russia” one moment & War with North Korea” the next… Which begs me to ask this QUESTION….If TRUMP is in BED with Russia why the Charade? Forget it, LOGIC died a Slow Ugly Death Decades ago! “PARDONED MOI” but the “Coup d’état” continues, just as the CANCER, we call LIBERALISM continues to eat Brain Cells better than any “Lobotomy” ever could…We should be ASHAMED of what we’ve come to, but sadly a “Willful Ignorance” is killing that shot….For the LIBERAL Lunatics out there, “how could you EVER think this could EVER have a “Happy Ending?” Somethings have no Bounds …Stupidity is apparently one of them….

So go on about your day, numb yourself into submission if you wish, but the Sword or the Guillotine will still Sever your HEAD off, Brain or Not….The Liberals in this WORLD & the Empty Headed IDIOTS that believe this “UTOPIA HOG-SLOP” will eventually Pay the PRICE for their INFINITE STUPIDITY… BECAUSE of their Willful Idiocy & the Cowards left in this WORLD ….FREEDOM is now “For All Practical Purposes DOE & EXTINCT…

Lest we remember LIBERALS are “Miserable Sadists” who get off by making People “Subservient” to them ..Their Dream goes like this, “Create A Welfare State” & make Everyone they “ALLOW” to survive “BEG THEM & WORSHIP THEM” as if they were the Messiah! They will Burn in Hell First!

Remember your Past that’s all we have left…Today is AIMLESS & Tomorrow…WELL, be my guest….just give it your best SHOT…FOOL!




It was Shakespeare that said in effect:
“All the world’s a stage:
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

I can read that & it makes me pause, stop for awhile & reflect about “many things” but primarily “My Life” & “My Observations”.. I am fairly well read & I was an “A” student in History…But to me the thing that JUMPS out at me is while the ABOVE was written for that Time & Stage, it could well apply to almost any time in our PAST (History, personal or otherwise)…That being said, I being always faithful to my past Doubts about TRUTH & what was REAL find myself (Eternally) asking the question: “HOW MUCH OF WHAT WE SEE IS REAL?” How much of this is just simply THEATER to keep you Amused, Abused, Occupied or Entertained while NOT REALIZING in the Background the Cunning Mischievous DEEDS going on in the Background!

It’s almost like we are being sold the IDEA that the “Circus Is Coming To Town” (and it is) so get your Money together, take a Shower, put on some Clean Clothes & GO…Go listen to the Side-Show Barkers, the Cons, Watch for the “Pick-Pockets” & make sure you get the PROPER CHANGE when you buy a “HOT DOG” (Pork one)….I MEAN TO SAY, “Ain’t life wonderful” we get wined, dined & fed non-stop…into infinity it seems like…

I guess every generation feels like what they are seeing, witnessing & living is UNIQUE …Well, it is to the point it’s your own STORY, but by & large it’s the Same “Con, Swindle or Scheme” we’ve seen throughout the “centuries & decades”.That’s the MYTH, the LIE & the 100% FRAUD we call GOVERNMENTS… The CON goes this way, they promise to “Make our Lives Better, more Fruitful, to Protect Us from EVIL ( the Boogie Man), to take care of our SAVINGS, our DREAMS, our MEMORIES, build our ROADS, CASTLES, RIVERS & DAMS, while we SLEEP Peacefully every night in The Arms of the “Nanny State” ….What they are SELLING is the myth of UTOPIA but all we are really getting (other than SCREWED) is at best a “Purgatory”

We had Dreamed of PEACE & what we got was Chaos, Anarchy & Pure Unadulterated Hate….But remember this the BONUS PACK is the Entertainment….The Washington DC Soap Opera is non-stop, never-ending but the INTENT is always the same…The Goals come in mini-steps, to amuse, to sidetrack, to sell propaganda & to Perpetuate the MYTH, that Government (Washington DC) is synonymous (Equated) with a now GOD-LIKE Status & Power….The reality is it’s just “The same old wine in a brand new bottle” I’m sorry but “Horse Piss is still Horse Piss…

Every day without FAIL we get UPDATES about HEARINGS & INVESTIGATIONS that seem to go on #1 forever & #2 with no REAL CONCLUSION….just Opinion ….And it’s sad, but the OPINIONS are 100% predictable & what’s worse most of it is SPUN as Not-Debatable or TRUTH…. Is it just me but I’m starting to BELIEVE may of the HOLLYWEIRD Screen-Writers are writing these “STAGED PLAYS”…

Doesn’t this make you want to CONSIDER what the “Final Act” or “End Game” is….And what & where (if any) will the “Sequel” take us…I’m starting to think it’s more akin to MILTON’S-“Paradise Lost” you tell me….This Culture (if you can call it one) Mirrors almost to exact detail Orwell’s- “1984” or Huxley’s -“Brave New World”

But it’s the OPTICS that tell the story….The “NEW WORLD ORDER” boys (Soros/Rothschilds) are pushing to KILL us all Off (America).They sell the Fear via the Government CIA Controlled MEDIA, War with Russia or North Korea, or Iran or Isis is imminent—It’s not a matter of IF but When! But the TRUTH is the “coup d’état” started DECADES AGO …They at least, in My Opinion, want & plan to TAKE the POTUS-TRUMP Down- whatever way they have to…infer what you wish with that! …

FDR a POS Socialist (in the closet) made a quote that seems fitting…”Nothing in Government Happens by Accident, you can bet it was planned that way” I will by that….I know what Hitler did to start WWII & I also know what FDR did to BAIT Japan into the “Pearl Harbor Tragedy” …Right or Wrong he wanted that WAR…IN MY OPINION, some of the SAME things are getting STAGED today

SOMEWHERE in Washington Dc, NYC, LA, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin or even Moscow, they are saying “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” ….lights, cameras, the stage is set 10 seconds to airtime ….But how much time do we have?…LITTLE if ANY!.

Remember while many of us are just FIGHTING to Survive (forget Prosper) the ONLY THING Washington DC cares about is AMASSING More Power, Control over our Lives (whatever is left of it) …They Like a DRUG or ALCOHOL ADDICT only care about the NEXT FIX, the Next Meal & their own Narcissistic Satanic Needs…Eventually, it will come down to either US or Them or we will either die fighting or we become Slaves…. I could say PRISONERS, but we are already that…

A certain amount of Dignity & Pride is HEALTHY, in fact, it can Save you or Drown you depending on the amount…Destructive BEHAVIOR is never Constructive…And all the Behavior I see from the LIBERAL SUB-SPECIES is Negative & therefore Destructive…There is a Lesson to be learned here, IF we stopped or put a STOP to that behavior—but we won’t will we….we will just continue to Let the INFECTION get Worse until we are on our “Death Bed” that’s STUPID thinking IMO…it’s SUICIDAL in Fact….I have my “Self-Esteem Issues” like any NORMAL Person does…But I will not be BULLIED into Submission or Death…It will be on MY TERMS if Possible

What I find “Baffling & Bewildering” is that LIBERALS make this Incredible False Claim that they are “Tolerant, Giving & want everyone in the “World Just To LOVE  One Another, Right Now” ….If you JUDGE Them by both their “WORDS & ACTIONS” nothing could be “Further From The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth…They are setting the STAGE to become Kings Queens, Emperors & Dictators ( I don’t know what the PROPER Term for Transsexual Perverted King/Queen/ It is!!!…Who the hell know or cares….

While trying not to get into a Metaphysical type argument…  Tomorrow is NOT Promised to anyone and we need to keep that in mind as we TRY to go about Our Life…Politicians,Lawyers & Crooks can Promise all they want & they get BY with is because ‘No One Dares” stand up to SATAN & not pay a PRICE…you know like your Death o someone you cared bouts Death or well-being..The Parasites that we’ve ALLOWED this Universe, this Country & whats Left of a Fragile Existence deserve the WRATH of Eternal Damnation…sooner rather than later …PREPARE!  It is going to “GET UGLY!”


We do an awful lot of TALKING about the “Freedoms” we supposedly have, but are they even Real, True or do they even Exist? And if you accept that they EXIST, then in what Form? Are they just Illusions, that “paint & reinforce the picture we’ve all been taught? Do they actually mean what they IMPLY? Everything has LIMITATIONS on it & Freedoms have a Starting point & a place they End….Sort of mirroring life…we are Born, we Live & then we Die! The Part we all get hung up on is the LIVING Part….Do we live a fulfilled life or didn’t we? We ALL measure ourselves up against the “Achievements” of others, whether that’s fair or not, we’ll leave that for another day…

For me an old MUSICIAN, much of this “Journey” starts with the “ART OF COMMUNICATIONS!” That’s where Parenting & Interactions with Friends comes into play! That’s how we Learn. We are all “APPRENTICES” in this thing we call Life…Parents & Teachers are people we “Empowered” with the DUTY to show us the way, show us the light & do it in such a way we Desire & Crave it!…The Minstrel tells his story, it may be enchanting, it may be harsh, it may be dreamy & it can even sound like a Nightmare! But we listened & if we understood we sometimes LEARNED…

At this “Moment In Time,” AMERICA is “Faltering, Failing & is overpopulated with Ignorant Fools who LISTEN to only WORDS OF HATE….They have NO “Gut Instinct” about Reality, Reason, Truth. Logic or even Learning! Learning has been replaced with TRAINING- better known as “Behavior Modification!” And this now MYTH of Living a Life of Substance has been replaced with a “Life Of Servitude”…QUALITY has been replaced with QUANTITY…I think you see where I’m taking this now…

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is actually a TERM that is Misunderstood & Taken for Granted time after time, after time! It’s almost like a Magicians “Now You See It Now You Don’t Game” today’s version goes haywire…”Now you Hear It Now You Don’t”-“You Can Speak It, But They Won’t Hear It”-or “You Can Say It & Be Scorned, Harmed or Murdered For It” ..Again might I remind you, “that if we can’t speak HONESTLY about what’s going on around us how are we going to LEARN? If I can’t be HONEST about my “Prejudices, my Fears, my Pains as well as my Aspirations” then how will we EVER Learn to live together on this DYING PLANET?

We now have SAFE ROOMS for COWARDS to hide in, we have Schools, Parents & the Media selling HATE & FEAR with every word they SPEAK, INFER, BLECH or FART….Everyone seems is living in a “Twilight Zone” type NIGHTMARE! PARDON, except for the Ignorant Fools who have no CLUE they have been fed PIG EXCREMENT… I mean, where is all this going or what is the “End Game?” Isn’t it “way the hell past the time” to ask those questions?…Who are we & where the hell are we going?

At this particular moment I’m LOCKED OUT of my FACEBOOK account, this time they said I offended the Community using a MUSLIM -Slur (After the LONDON BRIDGE thing)…the quote was “If the Muzzie’s were trying to Shut Down All the PUBS in England & Germany maybe Europe would have a Chance”….come on now….that’s rather benign IMO….I have said many more things much worse….I don’t get it, sorry!

The LIBERALS, the MEDIA & the LIBERAL Politicians have been SELLING Hate & Divide for DECADES…But now that they Lost, what they Thought WAS a 100% RIGGED ELECTION-their Barfing their Brains out, oh wait “Diarrhea” might be more appropriate! ..They got one of their “Manchurian Delusional Haters” to go after & try to KILL SOME “Republicans” at a Baseball Practice”…He shot 4 & had a “Hit List of others”….And many in the MEDIA said “Damn” wish he had killed them all….

The point I’m making is LIBERALS can Say, Threaten & Do pretty damn well as they PLEASE & suffer NO LOSS AT ALL….Kathy Griffith, Madonna & Cher all have said they want TRUMP DEAD…they to get a Free Pass…Why do Liberals & Muslims get RIGHTS all the rest of us are denied? If we were all playing by the Same Rules, it would be different…we are not, but still ask you, what is going on here?

Could this be the “Prelude To War”- that is a “Civil War?” We have allowed LIBERALS to do to us What we would not have allowed ANY other ENEMY to do to us….And Sadly we apparently SURRENDERED before “Real Action Took Place!” It’s been said, “Your Real Enemies Are Those You’re Not Allowed To Criticize”…I believe that to be true..especially now…”Political Correctness” is a MARXIST term…a way to control SPEECH ….Who decides who is the Enemy, isn’t that the real Question?

Most of our FREEDOMS are now Hogwash or Myth…If we aren’t Free to Question & Free to Listen we’re not Free at All…This is Absurd & Preposterous…AMERICA is DYING & we don’t even have the ability or wherewith all to QUESTION ….Is not Allowed….I have Bad News for the Idiots out there “Liberal Utopia” is actually ‘HELL in Disguise!”

All of these Imposters in Washington DC make the erroneous Claim we’re FREE, sure “Free To Say What?” -“Free To Question What?” “Free to Believe What?” Pay our TAXES or go to Jail—“Do as we are Told” sounds like a Prison Encampment to me….We are on the BRINK of a “Civil War” deny it if you wish, but the reality will take care of itself eventually…We’ve been going through a “SOCIAL Civil War” for decades…That’s where the Idiots came from…And let’s add the GROWTH of Homosexuality to the list….

This is NOT the world I was born into, nor grew up in & I can only “Construe or Ascertain” that the LIBERAL Messiahs or “Satan’s Little Helpers” will make damn sure we NEVER Rediscover the Old America & the Truth again….IMO they want every damn one of US that refuse to Comply to DIE….now not later…

Let’s be perfectly honest here “Apparently” American Christians, Conservatives or Libertarians are NOT “Allowed” to Criticize a MUSLIM Ever & you will pay a price for being Critical of LIBERALS as well…But they can WISH us all DEAD & everyone is Perfectly Happy with that! SOUNDS CRAZY to me…YET that is what is going on…Behavior Modification & Brainwashing will equate to  our DEATH-America’s Death sooner rather than later …And so FEW see it for what it is-“OUR DEATH SPIRAL”

I guess the new American Social Media Guidelines go like this: No NEGATIVE Muslim Posts,  No NEGATIVE Liberal Posts, No NEGATIVE Gay, Lesbian or Transsexual Posts, No NEGATIVE Obama, Hillary or Sanders post, but Christians, Law abiding Citizens & Conservatives are “FAIR GAME & SPORT” with a bounty!!!!

This world, this country is being “Inherited” by a “Generation of Ignorant Useful Fools & Tools  that will SERVE at the WHELM of the “New World Order” bastards Soros/Rothschild’s or the Bilderbergs ….We were not very good Stewards of the “Legacy we Inherited” were we? I am a CYNIC , yet I still believe we can OVERCOME….It starts with a Few BELIEVERS who will Sacrifice to do what is necessary…

Those who Control this WORLD & America are no different than those we Consider to be the WORST this Planet has ever seen…They do in fact deserve the FLAMES of HELL!


The cynic in me says that the “Liberalization of America” is at a tipping point…People know longer just have disagreements, they go to their prospective corners, pour fuel on the “Flames of Hate” and lash out…Every day it gets more Bazaar & Ugly…You are just about faced with the fact & reality that the only “Conclusion” is the ‘END GAME” of some sort is in progress..a CIVIL Society this is not….Everything theses days is “Divisive & pointed” with the main objective being PAIN in any sort or fashion one can Imagine or Construe…

The Communist Liberal Party “that still” for some reason calls itself the “Democrat Party” is staging one event after another to create a Permanent Strangle-Hold on Power..This is a play on a stage that Hitler would employ & IMO we are being set-up for an FALL…let’s just call it a “Coup d’état & Civil War!”….”Revolution is in the air” along with Gun Powder, Bombs & Gasoline!

If we TRUELY wanted to save this country we’d be Talking, not drawing “Battle lines” & planning the next move…It seems these days we have “Manchurian Assassins” just waiting for their “Subliminal Clue” to Kill & Sell Fear anyway it can…If you’re a Communist that easily done, they own all of the CIA Run Media Propaganda Channels…I mean on a second notice they have a “Sound Stage” set up & cameras rolling.

Today (Wednesday) a SNIPER open fire on a Practice Congressional Baseball Game…Shooting 4 people, one being a Republican Congressman…Think about it for a minute; This all comes after a week of “Over-Hyped” hearings with the FIRED “FBI” director Comey, with the Subject matter still centering around RUSSIA involvement in the USA Election, Trump’s ethics about Flynn’s investigation. Then we had another Hearing about the “Muslim Travel Ban,” in Europe, we saw the LONDON BRIDGE incident with Muslims & yesterday the Att. Gen. Sessions testimony yesterday…So the end effect is “EVERYONE IS BENT OUT OF SHAPE” especially liberals..

I don’t pretend to have any answers to the Problems on this FAKE STAGE, but I know that we “Are Not” dealing with RATIONAL People…Hate filled Delusional Idiots control the STAGE we watch every day All I see day in & day out is LIBERALS shooting everyone who “Disagrees” with them the collective FINGER, telling everyone to go to HELL & storming off Stage…That’s when the PRIMAL URGE hits the LIBERAL or MUSLIM STOOGE who then goes out & LASHES OUT…

By & Large everything a LIBERAL COMMUNIST does is Planned, at least to the point of “Predictable Results” …for them there is an END GAME, with them SEIZING POWER Permanently..They do not want to help the Poor, the Down Trodden, the Helpless or the Ignorant..they want to HELP THEMSELVES to everything you owned, you are or will ever be! POWER is where it’s at, “Accept No Substitutes!” Still, I wonder what kind of  VILE EVIL it is that runs through these Creatures from HELL,, they are literally the CANCER Consuming the world! Yet they have the audacity to act as if they were Messiahs & are “All-Knowing”

I’m not going to get into this “END TIMES PROPHECY” Game…matters not if you believe it or not if the result is the same…America is committing SUICIDE, contributing factors, self-loathing/hate, hatred of others (Race, Religion, Social Standing) & Ignorance…That ignorance killed off INDEPENDENT THINKING & Rational or Reasoning..this is, in fact, a “Runaway Train” but no one will call it what it is…no one wants the TRUTH to EVER BE KNOWN…

IMO we are now living a LIE, we are in Denial about the REALITY that Surrounds us & what do we do? All I see is people WAITING for the HAMMER to fall…Isn’t that what the Communists want? Are we so “Paralyzed with Fear” we do nothing? LIBERALS want all the Power & what do we do? We sit around & DESTROY Each other for them…”The best way to lose a WAR is to Surrender”-George Orwell—Isn’t that what we are really doing? If AMERICA goes down it will be because we allowed it. Why do we tolerate HATE like we see from Liberals & Muslims? They don’t TOLERATE it from us!

NO ONE ELSE WILL FIGHT YOUR BATTLES FOR YOU! If you/we don’t make a Stand & Statement who will, Historians? Not hardly, history usually carries a prejudice, from the VICTOR, not the Defeated! And the fact remains, MUCH of what we perceive as Truth/Factor History is Fictionalized! Sad to say!

Today’s world is FULL of SICK Pathetic Losers, who REACT to what’s around them, they are PROGRAMED to Respond, not THINK! Deductive Reasoning is a JOKE, a MYTH or EXTINCT…Chaos & Anarchy will be an EVERYDAY occurrence if we ALLOW it…Will we stop it, I sort of doubt it, fear rules! That’s what OWNERSHIP of the Media does for these Leaches, Parasites & Enemies …

Today after the shooting or assassination attempt I saw PLENTY of STAGED Emotions & Fake Tears from the LIBERALS & let’s be honest here the only thing LIBERALS are sorry about is the Shooting wasn’t a “Full Blown Massacre”…The SEEDS of HATE that they’ve now spent DECADES SOWING are full grown Haters now…One day it will come back & bite them in the ASS, but not soon enough…. If we aren’t Careful & Diligent AMERICA will b e in FLAMES & Out Of Control…They answer to NO-ONE except SATAN

When the FAMILY Died so did AMERICA, but we (SOME) are just now realizing it …Denial does that or is that Ignoring it? You tell me…dead is dead is dead & hopelessness leads the way..


There are days when I wonder if I haven’t lived out my usefulness in this world! I’m sure others feel that way themselves! Nothing seems real anymore, it seems artificial, fake almost like its a game, but a game of what…Charades only describes the OPTICS,it doesn’t even touch the Substance of what I see (and others) of what’s MISSING in this Scene, View,Snapshot or Moment in time..

It seems to me we are on the “Threshold” of some sort of change, but to what? By that I mean nothing is Logical or Rational, it’s anything but! Are we waiting in “Anticipation” of a Big Event, the Hammer Falling or some kind of Other World Event? And even though WORLD WAR II was fought “Decades ago” It seems like we’ve just been through a WAR & got the HELL beat out of us & now we’ve become PRISONERS…Well we certainly are PRISONERS of FEAR, thanks to the LIBERALS that have Taken Over The World…It would be easier to UNDERSTAND if we had been INVADED by “Little Green Men From Mars”but it was the Educated IDIOT that did it to us..

Most of us that grew up as “Baby Boomers” know how COMMUNISM started coming into this country via TWO WARS & Communist Infiltration of COLLEGES 1st, PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2nd & the MEDIA & HOLLYWOOD 3rd…I won’t waste you time with that Journey…But NEEDLESS to say those Little Bastard Boys Grew Up & are Holding the Reins to our WELFARE..”We should have know better”-famous last words..

Lets “State The Obvious”- STUPID PEOPLE Elect Crooked, Corrupt & Deadly Sociopaths as Congressman & they do it over & over & over again…It’s become almost INFINITE..The Wheel Keep On Turning but we aren’t going anywhere, well anywhere that’s good..OK I throw in the “Going To Hell In A Hand-Basket Thing” I did that, now let’s move on..

What I see when I look out my Window, turn on the Television or (Nowadays) the Computer the View or Images comes across like something “Ray Bradbury” would have Written for “The Twilight Zone”.60 years ago…crap its like all of that was Prophecy..And let me add I read ALL of the Books by Huxley, Orwell & Ayn Rand in the 60’s & 70’s…Their views & fears have all come to pass as well…

I was Pretty damn good with history & as I recall Hitler’s Propaganda General GOEBBELS said something to the effect,”Whoever Controls The Media Controls Public Opinion”..And I think you get the Drift, “Tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth”…

Lets be honest here, there are EVIL MEN in this World that want to horde all of the Gold, Minerals, Water, Food to Control everything we do…They WANT to OWN/CONTROL the Whole World…They aren’t exactly WAR LORDS but the result is the same…They Create Scenarios around the World that lead to Chaos & Anarchy & Profit from it…Death, Civil War, Murder, War Crimes, they don’t care..And then one day some of the remaining Sane people wake up & say, “How they hell did all this happen….Well the answer is actually SIMPLE…While you were busy Making a Living, Working, Feeding your Family & paying off Debt, your QUIT Paying attention to what was going on ALL AROUND YOU & by then it was ‘Too Damn Late”

Well, in my opinion it is TOO LATE in Europe! Great Briton, France, Germany , Italy, Greece & most of the Netherlands are knocking on Deaths door(at this moment)..By that I mean “The Point Of No Return!” Shouldn’t we be Honest & admit “America” will not be too far behind…

As I sit here with the IDIOT TUBE Running in the next room, there is a Concerted EFFORT to Destroy Donald Trump, the Presidency, the Rule of Law, all of our History & all of our Hopes & Dreams..they will do this ANYWAY they can…IMPEACHMENT is one they talk about but What Did He Actually Do that made every LIBERAL PARASITE in the Universe Mad…WELL (drum roll) He beat HILLARY CLINTON in an Election they thought they had 100% Rigged..And let me also state this TRUMP was an OUTSIDER…he wasn’t supposed to WIN ANYTHING he made 98% of the FAUX Political Class (Less) mad to boot…

The Media is now an ESTATE of the LIBERAL COMMUNIST PARTY…So they Handle all of the PROPAGANDA WARS, hey here’s no Competition…How many of you know about “Operation Mockingbird” it was a CIA Mission started after WWII to put the NEWS AGENCIES in the hands of the Federal Government & in essence become a “Disinformation News Service”…Well don’t look now but that sounds just like CNN,MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS & to a lesser extent FOX Broadcasting…

So what we have now is Information services providing Prejudiced Propaganda & Dogma for the Communist Party AKA Liberals, Progressives or Democrat…A Duck is a duck is a duck…And that’s one way they’ve RIGGED THE GAME… They’ve also for decades been creating a WELFARE STATE…Lets be honest here as far as ETHICS & MORALS go there is NO Difference between a “DRUG PUSHER” & a member of this Elected , Selected Privileged Member of Congress…You have a PRODUCT, you Create the Need, the Addiction & you have a Supply & Demand Business…

The other thing that many people overlook is the Oligarchy AKA the Banksters, they run the show from behind the Curtain…They are the ones who WANT the point of OBSESSION…They Manipulate economies..They are the ones who Instigate all of the Class, Race & Religion Warfare….They wanted open borders in Europe & what did the Europeans get in return MUSLIMS & I might add the WORST of the WORST…In all of these countries as well as AMERICA there are also AGING Populations, School Systems are Failures so Ignorance has exploded & people who have no SKILLS…Most jobs are Poorly paying ones & therefore People are Disenchanted ”

In Europe they Brought in Muslims, in America this Government (Liberal) wanted Cheap they Brought in Illegals from Mexico & South America to fill that servant role…So you may ask, what is the ROLE of the MUSLIMS, that have been ushered into this country, well lets break that one down (SOME)…not for Cheap Labor..they won’t Work, they Don’t Pay Taxes either, they don’t Assimilate into society, they hate the American Lifestyle, they Hate Homosexuals, the treat Women like Hell, they Bitch about everything, they want everything served up to them when they want it on a silver platter, they get Free healthcare, Food stamps & Housing….The liberals also wanted them here because for those of us who WORK OUR ASS OFF, it pisses us off.(To Have Freeloaders Living Off of us)..the other reason the BIGGEST is the NWO boys want the MUSLIMS to FIGHT a Civil War for them should they need one to “Put The Finale Nail In America’s Coffin…

The LIBERALS in Washington DC are some of the sorriest Bastards that have ever walked in this world…No Soul, no Heart, no Kindness-all EVIL…Hitler would MARVEL at their slime…These Bastard s are doing all they can to make sure TRUMP doesn’t finish his term…Impeach, Assassination, Civil War they don’t care..With them the “Ends Justify The Means”…they hate everything, it has consumed them Totally!

Whether you admit or not this Country is in DECLINE, a serious one at that..And the CYNIC in me says I don’t see how we “Pull out of this Nose-Dive” The “Old Country Boy” from Texas says, “not so fast & not without a fight!” And the “New World Order” boys Soros, Rothschild’s & all the rest of the Bilderberg “Satanic Bastards” who are the SHADOWY FIGURES IN THE DARK ALLEYS will employ every Trick KNOWN to SATAN to DESTROY AMERICA, that is their Goal. These VILE & PATHETIC URCHINS that come from the BOWELS of HELL are lurking at every corner,standing behind every curtain & contaminating everything they touch…

Passive Resistance has FAILED, Turning the other Cheek is seen as a weakness, Bitching at the TV Screen isn’t heard by anyone other than the NSA that is in fact listening & Voting the BASTARDS out is either a MYTH or it’s TOO DAMN LATE…take your pick…If you/we want to SAVE AMERICA we will have to get our hands very dirty & bloody..There needs to be a REVOLUTION & it Needs to Happen NOW, not later..The Washington DC cancer has no cure, it needs to be REMOVED…PERIOD..

I know those are UGLY THOUGHTS, well look at it this way, its either US of THEM, there is no Compromise..To deny reality is the same as EMBRACING our Demise..


There are days & moments when some of us just can’t contain ourselves anymore! You are forced to Laugh, Cry or throw a “Temper Tantrum” that even your “Anger Management Classes” could never contain….Speaking For Myself & Candidly, the “Liberalization Of America” & the Final Chapter are being Scripted, Choreographed & Plotted for a “Prime Slime Extravaganza” And if they had their way they’d offer a “Pay Per View” of the planned “Coup d’état & Civil War!” IF YOU KNOW HOW THE LIBERALS THINK & HATE you’d have to think “Cathy Griffith” would Host the Event….And of course playing in SYNC on all the CIA/SOROS Controlled MEDIA….They wouldn’t have it any other way…..

The part that Baffles me is WTH do people think they’re going to gain from this…Governments NEVER relinquish POWER after a “Coup d’état”, so what will they gain…More Freebies? More Freedoms? Ignorant Bastards…All Chaos creates is more chaos…Do you really think that George Soros would then VOID an Election & Appoint the Drug addict & acholic HILLARY CLINTON as the QUEEN OF MEAN…He’d have to have a LONG Cattle Prod stuffed up her smelly ass to control her Dysfunctional Blathering…

Isn’t it TIME for AMERICANS (IF there are any left) to honestly say, like it or not “this is what it is” nothing more nothing less…You/we kept ELECTING the Worst of the Worst, the most Corrupt, the biggest Liars, the biggest Frauds the WORLD HAS EVER SEEN Again, Again & Again…You gave the KEYS TO THE HIGHWAY to people who should be BEHIND PRISON BARS & you Blame it on ONE MAN….GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK…Actually, all they are trying to do with President TRUMP is make him the “FALL GUY”.

If you want to make him the FOOL-so be it, but you better wake up to the REALITY that EVERYTHING you’ve been taught to think, to believe in is the BIGGEST LIE this world has ever seen…We elect/select 537 people to take care of our BUSINESS & They sold you/me/we out like a JUDAS for 30 PIECES of Worthless SOROS/ROTHSCHILD Paper.

How many of you UNDERSTAND what Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Nazism or Dictatorships REALLY REALLY ARE? Well, let’s just “CUT TO THE MUSTARD” they don’t SERVE THE PEOPLE…What Do DRUG ADDICTS & Politicians have in common? Other than DRUGS that is! The LUST FOR MORE…Whatever that is..If they get off on SADISM they want to inflict MORE PAIN…With Politicians like we have today, I see most of them are THROW-BACKS to NERO &’s about HEDONISM, Pedophilia, Rape, Sadism, Narcissism, Control & Gold to the degree they see themselves as MESSIAHS, Savants or even SATAN himself…I’m not so sure of anything anymore..

The one thing people forget is that “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!” When this GOVERNMENT allowed the COMMUNISTS TO infiltrate our COLLEGES after Both World Wars, it was just a matter OF TIME…When Schools started Becoming “Behavior Modification Factories” the Drugs & Sexual Deviancy started..When you have an IGNORANT CULTURE they are much easier to CONTROL & MANIPULATE.

The Setup goes like this, use the FOOLS & TOOLS you control to ANGER & DIVIDE those you DON’T….IMO that is why we are LOOKING at another CIVIL WAR, soon I might add! The Oligarchs that Control Washington DC lust to OWN THE WORLD via what we call “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”.So Just as they did in EUROPE they PUSHED for OPEN BORDERS. they brought in MUSLIMS from War-Torn Countries…Didn’t matter if they HATED AMERICA or not, they only need a few to SPREAD the HATE….They Quit Deporting those who came here from MEXICO Illegally & they did this for TWO REASONS…#1 The Spanish aren’t lazy so they provide CHEAP LABOR & #2 you can put them ILLEGALLY on the VOTER ROLES & have Them VOTE DEMOCRAT… That sets the Stage for the “HATE & BLAME GAME” the Ignorant Liberals Play…

Regardless of what you see or think the LIBERALS “HOLD SWAY” in WASHINGTON DC…For the most Part there is but ONE POLITICAL PARTY…Prove me Wrong..yes there are a FEW…FEW is the operative Word though! The Liberal Progressive Communist Party WANTED to IMPEACH every Republican President // Reagan, both BUSH’s & now TRUMP…nothing is really new here except for TWO THINGS….THE MEDIA is now under CIA/Soros, Communist, Liberal Control & the DEEP State which has had 8 years of a SOROS Stooge Communist, Muslim & Homosexual OBAMA to put NEW WORLD ORDER Men in place…FYI it’s not like BUSH 2 was any good either…He & his FATHER were both Lousy Presidents…enough of that, I digress…

The 2016 election didn’t have the OUTCOME that they thought they had. They thought they had RIGGED it & let’s be honest here..#1 Hillary was a ROTTEN Candidate & #2 TRUMP won on an ANTI-WASHINGTON VOTE…they did not see the latter coming. Soros & the Communist Machine thought they could use TRUMPS Crudeness & Naivety against him…It didn’t work in the ELECTION but because the FAUX Republicans won’t back TRUMP at anything it’s taking a toll now…Having said that TRUMP is his own Worst Enemy, he does shoot himself in the Foot often…And I often wonder if he UNDERSTANDS the ROTHSCHILD’S “Killed Kennedy” & he is in the NWO’s Way to “World Domination”, while I am SURE he knows the NAZI BASTARD George Soros, “So What” you have to remember SOROS killed his own People in WWII…He is SATAN Reincarnated

SOROS has also stated his lifelong GOAL is to Destroy AMERICA…THINK about that a moment, SOROS comes to this Country after Breaking the “Bank Of England” there are Warrants out for him in many places/countries….PUTIN/Russia wants him DEAD & this COUNTRY & WASHINGTON DC welcomes him (MONEY) with “Open Arms” …He is now the SUGAR-DADDY to the Liberal Communist Party…Hillary Clinton calls him the WORLDS Greatest Entrepreneur….He Funds HATE GROUPS, is behind the PUSH to bring MUSLIMS to AMERICA…HELL, he’s our #1 Enemy & Washington DC loves him…HOW THE HELL DO WE WIN….

He is Paying for all of the Anarchy we see daily, this is actually “PLAN B” that the communists are using to perform their “Coup d’état”…we see it as just ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER FIRE & ANOTHER FALSE FLAG…The public is too STUPID to know or see the TRUTH…AMERICA is dying because of LIBERALISM…This has nothing to do with Fairness, Equality, Coexistence, Sexism or for that matter even MUSLIMS…the ENEMY has a WASHINGTON DC Address, it’s both Fake, Faux Political Parties.The other enemies we can or could have dealt with one at a time….COULD is the operative word, “Time Is Not On Our Side”


America has changed or evolved as many of you know & in my opinion “Not for the Better”…The Old America is Vanishing because Liberalism & Apathy have taken over…We ELECTED Corrupt Politicians Time & Time again…All that did is INVITE More & More Corruption….As we Reflect Today about our Past we should endeavor to Discern & Focus on where we are at & where we are going, if anywhere….I grew up Proudly in a different Era, not perfect but far more Honest than this one…What do you remember about your Past, your Yesterdays & your Memories & Reflections? Here are but a few of mine…

I grew up when there was still “Stay At Home Moms”
I grew up when the “FAMILY UNIT” was still alive
I grew up before DEBT made everyone SLAVES to the Banks & Tax Systems or Government
I grew up before “Drug Use & Alcoholism” was Everywhere & Encouraged
I grew up before “Sexual Deviancy” was Celebrated, Taught & Encouraged
I grew up when WORK wasn’t a “Four Letter Word”
I grew up when the Search for TRUTH & KNOWLEDGE weren’t clouded with Prejudices
I grew up when you actually got BOTH SIDES OF A STORY
I grew up before the MEDIA became an ESTATE of this Government
I grew up Watching the MLK Marches & we understood & we celebrated
I grew up when the CHURCH was still about “Saving Souls”
I grew up before CHURCHES turned to Greed & became only INTERESTED in MONEY
I grew up when “Charity” came from the HEART & wasn’t a “BIG BUSINESS” or “HUSTLE”
I grew up when we “ACTUALLY” could have “Honest Discussions * Honest Disagreements” & remain, FRIENDS
I grew up when HATE & PREJUDICES” weren’t Propagated by the MEDIA/SCHOOL & the GOVERNMENT
I grew up when SCHOOLS were still “Institutions Of Higher Learning” & Not “Behavior Modification Factories”
I grew up when our REAL HISTORY, flaws & all were taught, used as lessons & celebrated for the Good
I grew up when we could both “Laugh & Cry” & show REAL HONEST EMOTIONS, not faked ones
I grew up before the “War On Poverty” enslaved MINORITY’S to Housing Projects & One Parent Families
I grew up before Muslims were IMPORTED into America to help Destroy our Value System
I grew up before “Quantity” was substituted for “Quality”
I grew up when VALUE didn’t necessarily have a PRICE TAG on it
I grew up before People became “Calloused, Numb & Cold”
I grew up when we all had DREAMS of a Better, Fruitful Life with Family & Real Friends
I grew up in an ERA where your Dream & Goals could become Real if you Worked for them (no it wasn’t perfect)
I grew up before LIVING evolved into just EXISTING
I grew up before an “ELECTED GROUP (537) of Men/Women sold America out to SATAN for “37 PIECES OF SILVER”

Yes I am one of the “Old Disgruntled Bastards Of Yesteryear”
I saw JFK & MLK Murdered Live on Television, I saw us Put a Man on the Moon
We didn’t live in Fear of a scam some call “Global Warming”
We didn’t live in Fear of a “Muslim Caliphate” destroying & beheading Christians, Hindus or Buddhists
Yes, we did worry about a “Nuclear War” with Russia, but not IRAN or North Korea…
We did Worry about Communism invading our Borders…with a War
We never gave a second thought to Communism Taking over our Government “FROM WITHIN” & yet it did
At almost EVERY Juncture, Place & Time when Washington DC could be have been HONEST or TRUTHFUL, it DECEIVED US!
When we NEEDED Leadership the Most all we got was COWARDS & JUDAS’S
When we needed “Inclusive Spiritual Uplifting Moments” all we got was “Rhetorical Blathering Hate Filled Lies”
To use a cliche, “Stupid is as stupid does”
We needed builders, so what do we have & what do we see; Anarchy & Chaos
Do you see Progress, I DO NOT…
Do you see Hope, I see very little
All I see are SMALL MINDED MEN who Lust for Power & that SERVE no one but themselves
We are apparently losing a War without a Shot Being Fired

“The Best Way To Lose A War Is to Surrender”-George Orwell

Take a picture of your Past before this Damn Government takes it away from you for the last time & makes you BEG for Yourself….The Real HISTORY of AMERICA, the Good, the Bad, The Ugly & the Truth is being DESTROYED & Replaced by LIES…AMERICA is being “Dismantled one Piece & one Freedom at a time….Soon there will be nothing left but RUBBLE , much like Athens & Rome …History Repeats itself time & time again…Learning is hard enough when you KNOW the TRUTH, but If all you know is a LIE, what chance is there…

Russia, China, Iran & ISIS are in fact “Our Enemy” but the ENEMY that is Destroying AMERICA has WASHINGTON DC Addresses & is CLOAKED in LIBERALISM which is a TROJAN HORSE For Communism, Servitude & Slavery…


Well, here we go headed into the Weekend & not just any Weekend because it’s a Run up to “Memorial Day!” Sadly most People haven’t a CLUE what “Memorial Day” even is….To them is like a Holiday, an excuse to go Bargain Hunting for “Crap You Really Don’t Need” at Wally World, Target or the Grocery Stores….

While there are STILL Some “Land Dwellers” who understand what “Memorial Day” really means it will be completely OVER-SHADOWED by the HATE MANTRA from the Species “IGNORAMUS LIBERAL” A Parasite that EVOLVED from the Excrement of the “Three-Toed Sloth”….These talentless Ignorant Fools were Born, Bred & Raised to Hate EVERYTHING on Command.They have NO Capacity to Think, Reason or Understand Anything….Their only PURPOSE in life is Chaos, Anarchy, Destruction while having Perverted Sex with their own Gender (whatever the crap that is or isn’t)….They can’t work, they’ve no talent, but when the “STATE OF CHAOS” rings them up on their CELL-PHONES they go into action….Enough of that, some of us recognize it for what it is…

Have you ever asked yourself, what happened to “People Of Action?” The people that Knew “Right, Wrong or Indifferent” that Progress was only possible by “TAKING RISKS!” Those that SETTLED this Land knew there were “No Guarantees” or if you will ‘No Promises” …You Lived or you Perished by your own devices….Today’s IDIOTS don’t really understand that “DOING NOTHING” is a Negative ACTION that you ALLOW to control you….That is to say, being PASSIVE is almost a Death Wish or Suicide, take your pick……I’m sorry, but I’m not WIRED that way…I know I cannot control Everything, I understand that when I make a Decision, one that’s either Right or Wrong, I have to LIVE WITH IT….Period….

These Days everything is either “Superficial, Phony, Faux or Fake” & it’s simply an ILLUSION or DELUSION…Didn’t we all grow up KNOWING & UNDERSTANDING that the “Cartoon Characters” as well as Television Shows” were FICTION? They were & still are Illusions Of Fantasy, Sometimes based on a Reality (WHOS) or not…Apparently, people are no longer able to make that “Conclusion” obvious or not…WHY? And if you can’t ANSWER the WHY, then ask yourself this; what does this say about a FUTURE, that is if there is one?

MEMORIAL DAY, should be a day of Reflection & it still is with a Few & with Sadly Declining Numbers….At this MOMENT the LIBERAL FOOLS are totally dismantling our HISTORY! They’ve already Started Rewriting the Narrative, their Version of History & its not only based on a LIE, its actually nothing LESS that a TRAP….It’s easier to “Capture The Hearts & Minds” of a Sub-Species that Can’t Think, Can’t Reason or DO ANYTHING for themselves…

Throughout History you can make the argument that every Nation, every Civilization & every Species has done a Wretched Job f Learning from our Past Mistakes…Why did Rome or Athens Fall? What really Happened to the Inca’s & the Aztecs…Look at Egypt? It should be easy to see, We didn’t Learn Very Well! The Question remains WHY? Were we TOLD the Truth about it, or is it we were told a “Convenient Lie or Narrative?

If you were born an Indian & your Tribal Elder via one of his MUSHROOM or PEYOTE Visions came to some STUPID Conclusion that the SNAKES, ALLIGATORS & BEARS were not the “Natural Enemy” to be FEARED…And the old IDIOT Chief Johnny Kerry said, all we need to do is “Love Them, Hug Them & Give them Good Jobs & we call ALL BE HAPPY…..Well, how long would that Chief, that Village survive….

Why are we allowing ourselves to be treated like a Herd of Cattle or a Flock of Sheep by the WOLVES that will consume us….Isn’t that the REAL END GAME….This Society has Ceased to Function for the FEW WORKING CLASS People left….Now it works just Fine for the ELITES that Rule & Laugh at our STUPIDITY to go along with this scam….Time may well be a “Continuum” but into what….A Victory is a Victory…Learning from Mistakes is a Victory…You don’t Learn anything from a LIE….The Ignorance we see in AMERICA today is not what Men & Women Fought WARS for….

Darwin wrote the book on Evolution, what in the Hell have we EVOLVED into….I certainly don’t know…..I read all the Books by “Huxley, Orwell & Ann Rynd” they got it & they understood, but I’m starting to think their VISION of our Future was Too Optimistic ….There’s Certainly “Something Rotten in Denmark” & now there’s “SOMETHING’S ROTTEN IN WASHINGTON DC”


When I wake up every morning, I like everyone else have a ‘Routine” that I go through…Make a cup of coffee, take a shower & turn on either the radio or television, for news updates, weather & even a little humor to get away from the reality that “We All Live In Now!”…That being said, I find myself Asking & Wondering If I haven’t, in FACT, DIED & woke up in “NEVER NEVER LAND” or for that matter “HELL!” I don’t even recognize America anymore.Now admitting I’m no Einstein, I seem to be walking in a LAND where IGNORANCE Flourishes….And that’s from the MYTHICAL Top of this Society to the Sewers…The only thing that makes any sense is that some kind of PLAGUE has hit Planet EARTH…Was it Mushroom Spores, Green Men From Mars….Nah, couldn’t be that…Oh, hold on it was the RUSSIANS….It was a “STUPID BOMB”…hell it worked …

I guess there are just Some Things that are “STRANGER THAN FICTION”….As far as it goes I’m an “Old Man” now & I’ve made almost every MISTAKE Imaginable…I’ve been Burned, I’ve been Stung, there are People who HATE Me & there are even couple who “Almost Like Me” (I Question Why) but I have TRIED my Damnedest not to Make the Same Mistake TWICE….Isn’t that what we once CALLED the “LEARNING PROCESS?” And being a “Baby Boomer” I not only have seen America Change, I’ve seen what Wars, Greed & Starvation can do to People….Its Ugly & it’s deadly

Regardless of WHAT, everything in life is CAUSE & EFFECT, there are NO Exceptions….You do things that are Bad for your body, like Smoke Cigarettes, Do Drugs, Drink too muck Alcohol, consume too much Fat or Sugar in your Diet, you will DIE Sooner rather than Later….And that’s even with “Warning Labels” on everything… Some things like “Playing “Russian Roulette” with your Pistol shouldn’t really need one …But some things that Should be “More Than Obvious” seem to slip by today’s Semi-Conscious Semi-Humanoid …Again the only Explanation has to be IGNORANCE…

In my lifetime I have seen AMERICA drift away from its Founding Truths, all of them…Today this Government & the Oligarchy behind the Curtain promotes things & Lifestyles that are Contrary to how we were raised…Narcissism, Hedonism & Godlessness are Promoted or encouraged….The Thirst for Truths or Knowledge are SCORNED….Trying to Be The Best You Can Be is Frowned upon….The America which once stood for the Little Guy & Entrepreneurship is gone….Big is Better & One Size Fits All seems to be the Mantra….Socialism is IN, Capitalism is OUT! What we once was taught as TRUTH is now being Destroyed & replaced with LIES…

The BANKSTERS with the help of Washington DC decided to sell the CON-GAME of Keep Up With The Jones’s..that in effect made them RICH & Made all of us SLAVES to DEBT….It also Totally Destroyed what was left of the FAMILY…And that was the FIRST STEP in the Real Decline of AMERICA….That’s also when “Drug Use & Alcoholism” Started its accent….

It matters not to me Whether you believe in the “Biblical Last Days” or not, but let me remind you along with the WAR & RUMORS OF WAYS THING, it also speaks of a “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!” Isn’t that what is being Described by the Globalist vision most Call “THE NEW WORLD ORDER?” This is a Group with BILLIONAIRES who want to OWN & CONTROL This World as if they were MESSIAHS….To make this Plan WORK, you have to CREATE 1st a Welfare State…So GOVERNMENTS Created Parasites, Fools Useful Tools who only Function was to DO WHAT THEY WERE TRAINED TO DO.That means Bleed the System DRY! .They’ve become the Trained Monkey Anarchists…The Schools no longer teach anything, they’re just “Behavior Modification Factories” & The Media with its Propaganda & Brainwashing Function completes the CYCLE…..

The Sadist thing of all is that CHILDREN are being TRAINED by SICK DELUSIONAL INSANE People….Including the Faux Families who are just as SICK….For the NWO to win this WAR they had to KEEP this NATION (America) Divided…they did it too…With Hate….Class Warfare, Racism, Sexism, Homosexuality & Religion….Schools are encouraging & teaching (recruiting) these dementia’s & behaviors…When I was a Kid growing I had NEVER heard of Transgenders, now it’s a Household Conversation ….Muslims, hell there weren’t any to speak of….There were Rich & Poor People in those days, but not with all the HATE Attached to it

In my lifetime I witnessed a NATION that Legitimately Mourned the Assassination & Death of John Kennedy & Martin Luther King, we weren’t ASHAMED of our HISTORY…Good, Bad or Indifferent HISTORY was how we Learned…These days our “Founding Fathers” who built this Nation are Hated…Those who Fought in the “Civil War” are hated & the REASONS are ALL BASED on a Damn Liberal Lie…Those who Fought in WWII & WWI are hated, those who fought in Vietnam are Hated…Christians are now hated …..HATE is the Operative Word here, it is the LIBERAL OBJECTIVE, it will also be our DEATH…We have in EFFECT become our on Worst Enemy…

AS WE SLOWLY DESCEND INTO the Deep Abyss of the Apparent SUICIDE of AMERICA, I question why so many are Just Fine with that Solution?….Is our Self Hate that deep? I know I’m not the only one with this Observation, but why can we UNITE & do our own version of a “coup d’état ?” There is no reason to tolerate this

The still Liberal controlled Washington DC LOST an election they thought they had RIGGED 100%, they are Mad As Hell & they Will Not Allow this to ever happen again. They being Cowards, need the Muslims to fight their War, they themselves are Cowards…This is Far but over, prepare for the worst, pray for the best!